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Is it weird my first thought when it comes to my creativity is "I'm as creative as a lemming?" 
So I got an icon. I got it from this person. And personally I like it since it looks cute. Kinda like the exact opposite of me. XP

Also I should probably say they are doing emergency commissions. I know there are like what five people who watch me but I figured since I am posting about the icon might as well say that too.

Really happy with the cute icon! X3
I wonder if I'm the only one who has ever read pom pom as porn porn. Though I suppose it is fitting since the latter still got me excited. 
I wish I was an artist. That way I could do that meet the artist thing. I'd just draw myself being pelted by meat. Alas the dream of doing that is out of my reach. Then again maybe I can try to set up a meating with some artist. Hmm. Food for thought.
That awkward moment when you keep listening to The Longest Time by Billy Joel over and over again. The irony feels so strong! 
I hate to be that guy but I feel like I'm the only person that thinks the movie was just okay. I've tried to hold my tongue or fingers I guess but I can't do that anymore. I need to vent my frustrations with this movie.

One of the major problems with the movie are the characters. First lets look at the heroes. I feel like the hero gang were relegated to be symbolic rather than characters. This is most apparent in the love interest who is pulling for Wakanda to help other people but beyond that there is nothing to her. What was worse is all her scenes with T'Challa felt like they were designed to make him more generic. Not to mention their "romance" felt like background noise. I know people hated Thor 2 but at least Jane was relevant by having the ether in her. On to the next lady.

The warrior woman was fine. She at least had cool moments and fought in that big war thing so I can forgive her being bland. What I can't forgive is she felt inconsistent to me. She clearly was supposed to symbolize tradition but when T'Challa shows up dressed in the Black Panther suit mind you she doesn't bring up the "taking the Panther powers away" thing that was established before. I mean wouldn't anybody question T'Challa showing up like that. And the worst part of this is the idea of breaking free from tradition seems to be a big part of the movie so you would think she and T'Challa would come into conflict like Civil War style but no don't worry villain does evil so she can fight alongside the hero. Don't even get me started on her love who backstabbed T'Challa so fast he'd make Starscream blush! On to the "white boy".

Everett Ross was fine but he was glorified filler. Especially considering what could have been treated as a big character moment is undercut in like five minutes. Despite it acting like time is of the essence or he might die he has enough time to land on his ass and crawl away. The danger  he was in was so forced. But at least he wasn't HER.

T'Challa's sister is the worst. Pretty sure in her first scene she gives T'Challa the bird. A character that demanded respect in Civil War is disrespected in like ten minutes of this movie...great. Then there is the line that made me ASHAMED to be a marvel fan, "what are those". The worst part is in the same scene there was "sneakers" which was quite clever and then right into the trash. It felt like that "Hello my fellow kids" type shit. But then there was the "lets help the white boy" line which didn't feel out of place or unnecessary at all. I thought there couldn't be a worse line in the movie but Killmonger handed me his beer. Before I tear into that I feel I need to address T'Challa.

T'Challa was so disappointing. It felt like the purpose of this movie was to take everything that made him distinct and rip it off. Demanding authority purely by virtue of his voice Pfft lets have him be disrespected by his sister. His relatively calm head lets make him pursue an old flame he has no chemistry with and act like a lovesick puppy. Oh you liked how T'Challa's anger was portrayed subtle Well lets have him yell like an immature child. The strongest point of Marvel movies have ALWAYS been the main character and this movie took EVERYTHING compelling from Black Panther in Civil War and made him feel so bland. Okay now I will kill Killmonger.

Where do I even begin? His introduction is very weak making him just another villain but hey he has a love interest well maybe we can no wait he shot her. Oh a backstory and it looks so cool and it is ruined it with terrible dialogue. UGH. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO OPEN THEIR MOUTHS?! Why the fuck did he burn the ceremonial shit? What the fuck does that do? Oh wait he is evil that's why. Such a complex villain. And the final line basically amounts to "But slavery though". The movie acts like this is some complex shit but it isn't. And worst it comes out of fucking NOWHERE. Then there was him dying while looking at a sun setting which has no meaning beyond his dad said it was beautiful. It is so shallow it is painful.

I sincerely believe Black Panther is easily one of Marvel's worst films. Most Marvel movies have a GREAT scene. Some examples include Spiderman under rubble, Freya's death and Loki's reaction, the ending scene of The First Avenger, Mantis feeling Drax's pain, and I can go on. Beyond that the movie comes across very pretentious while never giving anything of real substance.


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