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Prismatic Pikachu by Medusa-the-Eternal, visual art


Bulbasaur (#001) by Medusa-the-Eternal, visual art

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Shiny Shinx by Medusa-the-Eternal, visual art


PMD: Crystal Caverns by Medusa-the-Eternal, visual art

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Sang by Medusa-the-Eternal, visual art


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My Bio

Greetings! My name is Inga, but you can call me Medusa if that's too forward. For the most part I'm just a freelance artist looking to improve her craft. I generally prefer drawing colorful video game fanart, but I'll occasionally post other stuff.

Feel free to make suggestions! I tend to like drawing cute pokemon, so if there's any you'd like to see please let me know. Nothing sexual, please.

Question Mark Still curious about me? Here's some bonus facts:

1.) Video games. I play them obsessively. If I seem to be on a long hiatus it's either because I'm sick (which has been known to happen a lot) or really wrapped up in a new RPG. Seriously, my friends, the addiction is real. :stare:

2.) I'm one of the last known goths on the planet. That's right, 20+ years into life and I can't bring myself to wear anything that isn't solid black or dark grey. Black nail polish, combat boots, pleated skirts, you get the picture.

3.) The only reason I draw such colorful images is to counteract my depression. It's weird, but it works. Colorful art makes me smile and black clothes keep me comfy. (Yet the color pink causes me to recoil for some reason...)

4.) I can't post WIPs without risking never finishing them. It takes a lot for me to stay focused on any art project no matter how small and probably the biggest motivator is thinking about how my audience will react to the finished product. If I got the praise I needed from the WIP, I'd lose the incentive to see it through.

5.) I'm also a fiction writer, but my pen is holstered for good until I get the nerve up to complete my last novel.

6.) I'm hooked on Dr. Pepper. Trying to cut back on the stuff, but I still can't eat anything without a DP to top it off. Nectar of the gods, it is.

7.) To date, I have never consumed a vegetable. I'm a straight up carnivore and that's not going to change. If you put me on a deserted island with only salads to eat, there better be croutons or I'm gonna starve. :grump:

8.) The study of word origins fascinates the hell out of me. I research a lot of languages just for fun so I can see which words relate to others. Japanese tends to rank highest in terms of interest for me.

9.) I exclusively use Autodesk Sketchbook to make my art. Partly because it's delightfully simple and partly because my old laptop can't even run FireAlpaca without trying to crash.

10.) Most importantly, I don't deal in any political or social issues. I prefer to stay out of all that stuff since it's nothing but a big fat headache. I'm not going to post a flag on my profile proudly stating my political inclination, sexual orientation, or mental health issues. You came here for my art, not my personal life.

11.) I may or may not have accidentally left the gate to my llama enclosure open. If one of the little guys finds his way to you, feel free to send him back home. (Or keep 'em if you like them. God knows I have more than enough.)

run llamas run

By the way, in case anyone feels like doing a random act of kindness, here's my Amazon wishlist. ^^;

Favourite Visual Artist
Tetsuya Nomura, Arin Hanson, Bret Helquist, and others that escape my memory at the moment.
Favourite Movies
The World's End, The Matrix Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Underworld, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
Happy!, Frasier, Pushing Daisies, Spaced, Red Dwarf, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Criminal Minds, Dexter, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: TNG, Stargate SG1 and SGU, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Shin Chan, Scrubs, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
90's to early 00's rock and alternative. (Depeche Mode too.) Most of what I listen to is game OSTs, though.
Favourite Books
The Drunken Botanist
Favourite Games
Lots and lots of RPGs and survival FPS games from SNES, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2 and PSP (Lots of games and lots to love.)
Tools of the Trade
Autodesk Sketchbook

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I see you're also a fan of Frasier and Monty Python I am too. One of my favorite episodes of Frasier is The Ski Lodge and also I like Monty Python and the Holy Grail it has a number of great moments like the cow on a catapult, the Trojan rabbit and the killer rabbit and Sir Robin's minstrels get eaten.

Thank you for the llama!

Nice colors and pokemon!

thanks for the llama ^^

Thanks for the llama

but what an honor that someone like you with tremendous badges has given me a llama, sorry for not having told you before but better late than never

Thank you for the llama! ❤️

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