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★My new favourite badass woman :heart:
★Leggins, bags and more:…
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★ORIGINAL ART for sale!:

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Love this so much, one of my fave fanarts of her! Is there any chance to get it as a t-shirt? I missed it when you were selling it and have been regretting ever since, can't seem to find another Furiosa shirt with art as good as this. :flame:

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I love the mix of Steampunk and art deco poster styles. 
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Wow! What a meticulously crafted image. Keep up the fine work.
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Oh thank you very much!
Wow this work is so amazing! :D
Also will this design be put back up on redbubble?
I tried the link but it says that it no longer exists... :(
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Hi there! No sorry, it will not be available again in Redbubble.
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wow i love this work :love:
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I adore how you made elegant decorations out of her wheel and metal knives and wires! Bravo!
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I wish I could favorite this one a hundred times! Love it <3
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I wanted to let you know that the Facebook page Imperator Furiosa (link to page:…) has reposted this work without credit (link to post:…). I've commented and have asked them to credit artworks they repost, however my comment was deleted and it doesn't appear that you can message them. If you do decide to do something about it, I wish you the best of luck and I hope you have a good day.
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Ups! These people don't know how to share art :/ Thank you for let me know
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Yes! This is fantastic Heart 
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I truly love your hatching texture.
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Brilliant representation of a badass lady.
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Woooow. That's seriously awesome.
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(scrolling down) pleaseletitbeashirtpleaseletitbeashirt…
(sees link) WHOOO HOOO! Witnessed!
Thanks for being so awesome, and sharing such an amazing piece :heart:
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Hahaha thank you very much for EVERYTHING, you're welcome
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I like how the leaves in the background are made of metal, that's a cool detail. Furiosa is such an amazing character :)
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This is sick.  Well done!
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