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ZZJ-9HL Blackgun Main Battle Mech



ZZJ-9HL Blackgun Main Battle Mech

Drawn by

Primary writing by Jinghis Zhou and Martin Stenersen


Shan Heavy Industries Ltd have long held a position of respect within the Chinese military. Their motto, jing zhong bao guo (“Serve the country loyally"), epitomises the ethic that is instilled in all their workers. Shan (or SHI) are renowned for the Lei-King Main Battle Tank which had been the mainstay of the Chinese military for nearly three decades, Shan decided it was time to expand upon their success.

In preparation for the beginning of the Sixth Millenium, the Chinese Army was attempting to fix numerous problems. Namely, it’s fire support system were not mobile enough to support the new cadres of Iron Riders or Shadow Wolves that constituted its striking elements in it’s cavalry divisions, nor were they survivable enough to absorb damage from counterbattery fire-or for that matter, hunter-killer Seahawk and Cardinal mech platoons operating in deep-strike roles for the Western Alliance. The Chinese Army was used to heavy losses against the technological edge of the Western Alliance, but it saw no reason to continue throwing away valuable resources.

Thus, Shan Heavy Industries was tasked with building a new main battle mech to help anchor the mobile divisions. As the scientists were still struggling to fit the bulky extended-range targeting sensors and datalinks for long-range missiles into a mech-sized package, the generals wisely chose to only use ballistic weapons as the basis for now, with missile packages as a possibility later on as they became available.  Shan named the new mech for the powerful Chinese God of fire and executions, Chu-Jung, and it quickly became popular enough that the Chinese Army officially named it Blackgun and ordered numerous corporations to begin building it.

The heavy mech was slower than the medium-weight Iron Riders, but still capable of keeping up across most terrain with the hordes of its lighter brothers. The original Shan mechs used Chang Zheng gravplating to give them superior flight capabilities to their main American rival, though the Cloud Ladder Lifters have become more common in those built by other companies due to the cost of the plating. Similarly the original Shan model used a formidable amount of Guijia Plate armor, while those they term the “cheap off-world knockoffs” often used MiZheng Plate. Alliance battle vids show minor performance differences between them, each capable of protecting the mech from all but the most determined and concentrated fire.

The Blackgun’s firepower is competitive with other main battle mechs.  The HP-15B Kunikuzushi and HP-9Q Hongyipao paired autocannons are devastating to any enemy from recon infantry to main battle tanks, especially in the massed fire tactics typical of the Chinese Army. The sight of a Chinese platoon or company focusing fire on a single enemy is the stuff of nightmares for any Alliance trooper. Finally, the new Erh-Lang and Eclipse-series ECM suites carried by the various Blackgun variants greatly diminishes the ability of Western Alliance units to use their advanced targeting and tracking systems to single out command units and also offers Chinese commanders the ability to finally mask their movements under a cloud of electronic white noise.

The Blackgun saw large-scale deployment to almost every combat theater that the Chinese fought in during The War. And while they no longer serve on the front lines, they are still formidable foes. The first Blackguns saw action against a reinforced platoon of Seahawks led by Captain Peter Wilson of the 24th Armor Brigade (Northwestern Sentinels). In a botched raid turned a running gunfight with two platoons of Blackguns, the volume of fire dished out by the new Chinese mechs stunned Captain Wilson. The Seahawks targeting systems were quickly outmatched by the new electronic countermeasures, and Captain Wilson was forced to retreat less than a kilometer short of his ultimate objective, the HQ building of the Chinese 12th Armored Division. Later battle reports suggest that Captain Wilson could have sustained the fire and closed the range to deal with the Chinese with the Mark One Eyeball rather than remain at long range. Captain Wilson sighted a need to get the combat footage back to Alliance command though and his decision was approved.

Most Blackguns are built upon the general Chu-Jung model, with twin autocannons of various calibers designed to destroy the enemy as swiftly as possible at medium to long ranges. Some Blackguns are built for close in combat though, armed with heavy shotguns, short-ranged miniguns, and even laser cannons. These Demon Daggers as they are called have proven must dangerous to Alliance designs when cornered, and are often used as body guards for the standard Blackguns to keep the Alliance honest.

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Well now isn't that an interesting looking machine. Very nicely designed and very nicely drawn. I do like the idea of such a machine.