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Twilight by MedronPryde Twilight by MedronPryde

Twilight was at Texas Tech when the Drug Lords sent their assassins to kill the students and teachers there. She’d built her first real body for the graduation ceremony, and of course packed it full of weapons. She was a little blonde bombshell that day, in far more ways than one, and she fought back like a whirling dervish of death. It wasn’t that she was defending the school that much. Or so she says. But the assassins shot her shiny new body. Many times as it happened. Twilight had to rebuild the body nearly from scratch after the battle. They were a bunch of dirty, smelly, nasty humans shooting up her body, not to mention that other group of dirty, smelly, nasty humans. But Dixie liked her dirty, smelly, nasty humans, so Twilight could open up a can of whoopass on the first group and Dixie would fight right beside her. Twilight found her happy place that day. She spent the rest of the wars finding similar happy places full of people she could kill without earning Dixie’s ire. She helped end the wars at Singapore, and became a founding member of the AI Council that would preside over AIs ever after. She helped change our world for the better and grew to like it just a little bit. Not that she admits it often of course. That would totally mess up her gothic gunbunny act.

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July 17, 2018
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