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Rhiannon by MedronPryde Rhiannon by MedronPryde

It turns out that Rhiannon isn’t much older than I am. Maybe a few years at most, though nailing down exact times can get a bit tricky when birthplaces are the best part of five thousand lightyears apart. We decided to celebrate our birthdays at the same because…why not? Her people don’t celebrate them like we do, and she’d never had a real birthday party in her life. Not what we’d call one at least. So when my birthday came around, we went out on the town and put our superior metabolisms to serious work. That’s another way of saying we ate and drank a lot. It was a very merry time, I must say. I think the thing that surprised me the most that day was finding out just how much she looked forward to hitting the Hyades. She wasn’t bloodthirsty or anything, but she’d been literally bred, born, and trained for war. And seeing all the people just living on Sunnydale made her realize something. She wanted to end The War as soon as possible so she could enjoy the same life they did. I can think of worse reasons to fight.

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November 4, 2017
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