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Niko Nakamura
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Published: June 26, 2018
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Niko Nakamura has amazing eyes, and a truly fantastic tail. Seriously. She just doesn’t wear it most of the time. She was the first time I saw her on Sunnydale though. She came in with one of the Earthbuilt Avenger squadrons. She’d signed up for service after Yosemite fell, you see, and found her way into the Navy. Spent most of her first years in service escorting capital ships around on long, boring patrols, and through short, terrifying battles. After arriving at Sunnydale, she decided to come prowling around and scouting us Cowboys out to see if we were worthy of our reputation. She was doubtful on that fact. So there I was, minding my own business…nah…who am I kidding? I was totally watching the pretty girls walk by. That was when she appeared at my elbow and asked if I enjoyed the view. Would you buy it if I said that I calmly turned to face her and said it was fantastic? No? Smart. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Once my heartbeat got back down into the living range and I noticed her squadron patch, I decided that the proper revenge for such a low-down, sneaky, and duplicitous act was to give her a ride on a real Peloranbuilt Avenger. Let her suck on those eggs and like them. Little did I know she liked that ride so much she decided to request a transfer. Showed up a week later wearing a told-me-so grin, a tail flicking in amusement, and genuine Kitsune Youth ears. That was the day she became a Cowboy. It was a strange day, all told.

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