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Major Tom Rogers
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Published: January 23, 2015
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Tom Rogers grew up in an era before gravtech.  He was in fact born into a United States of America that had only recently returned to space after the devastation of the Second Great Depression.  And if there was one thing he wanted to see it was space.  He joined NASA, and after numerous short range exploration missions to nearby star systems, he was picked to pilot one of the last NASA rocket ships ever built.  Independence Seven was part of the Vulcan Program, one of dozens of ships sent to examine The Wall.  Early hyperdrives could not pass through the gravitic disturbance caused by the bubble of debris caused by an ancient supernova, trapping us inside what we now call the Terran Bubble.

Major Tom Rogers was the first man to find a way through The Wall.  He landed on the planet now called Independence where he was quickly Contacted by a Peloran battleship.  The crew of Independence Seven and the colonists that have moved out there since claim to this day that this was First Contact.  The British squadron that met another Peloran battleship in Terran space do not agree, and to this day official records count that as First Contact.  The Peloran have so far declined to comment on which Contact was first, despite numerous requests from historians on both sides of the argument.  They say it is not their place to write out history.

What is not in question is that Tom Rogers became the first Terran pilot chosen by a cybernetic intelligence.  She took the name Juliet and has remained with him ever since, running every ship he has ever piloted.  Tom Rogers retired from NASA soon after that and stayed on Independence where he became the first planetary president.  He retired from that job and began to travel.  He loved the new gravtech ships and took them out for a nice little spin around the galaxy.  Or at least our little corner of it.

He volunteered when the Shang attacked and became part of Texas Marine Corps Fighter Attack Squadron 112, the Cowboys, when they received approval to seek their first round of replacement pilots at Alpha Centauri.  He remained a Cowboy throughout The War and long after when they transitioned into a paramilitary organization.  He was one of the guiding minds behind what the Cowboys became in the following decades, and became a proponent for the Pleiades Independence Movement of the following century.

Many Cowboys would answer his call.

Major Tom Rogers is shown here wearing the light armor Cowboys preferred and wielding old style slug throwers.  He has never been a fan of new fangled weapons, preferring to trust his life to proven technologies.
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