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John Jones by MedronPryde John Jones by MedronPryde

One of the reasons I’m fairly certain I know who John Jones was before he joined Wolfenheim is what he did after signing his new name on the dotted line. He analyzed the laws in the Alpha Centauri, looking for loopholes we could use. And I mean all the colonies of Alpha Centauri. American, Russian, Chinese, and Western Alliance. Every colony, by every government, corporation, or private organization. He studied every single one of them, and while in the middle of the largest War in human history, he used those laws to give us access to resources and venues we never would have been able to use otherwise. Most people still don’t realize that a sizable percentage of our budget and colonists come from non-Western Alliance citizens and organizations. Nearly a thousand of our people are Chinese or Russians who just want out of this mess, and they never would have joined if John Jones hadn’t reached out and looked for them. I’m very happy to have John Jones on my team.

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August 19, 2017
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