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John Anderson by MedronPryde John Anderson by MedronPryde

Movie star good looks. Top Gun recruiting poster material. Super hero proportions. Blessed son of the Star Kingdom of Hawaii. All of this and more has been said about John Anderson. He was the face of Wolfenheim’s fighter wing for years on New Earth. He was always the voice of the other pilots at every meeting with those outside the project. And he was always Mister Anderson. No rank given. I thought that was odd at first, but I began to understand in time. He could pull off the act of quiet confidence well enough that most people never questioned his authority, while maintaining a slight air of mystery. That encouraged speculations on who he was, and those speculations sparked investigations. The investigations uncovered his true identity. Hunter Roberts. Former commander of Captain Olivia Wyatt’s fighter squadron. Retired. He accepted those investigations and the questions they brought, courting public opinion and the press. And because they focused on him, none of them found out who the other pilots were. It was a masterful ploy of misdirection, and I heartily enjoyed watching the man in action. Almost as much as the newsies loved getting his photogenic face on their columns.

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August 5, 2017
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