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Jesse in light armor by MedronPryde Jesse in light armor by MedronPryde
Jesse was a typical Kansas farmer until the Shang dropped Yosemite Yards all over the western half of the United States of America.  Well.  Not entirely typical.  He was Ageless too, but he just wanted to farm the land his family had owned for hundreds of years.  After the Yosemite Fires finished burning his farm down, he volunteered for the Marine Corps and ended up in the Republic of Texas, training with a whole new class of Ageless volunteers.  He graduated with flying colors, got himself chosen by a cybernetic intelligence, and went off to the stars to kill as Shang as a founding member of the reactivated Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 112, the Cowboys.

Shown here in light armor typical of the Cowboys for the next century, Jesse James wields the standard Texas Marine Corps revolvers.

This is part of the new Card Heroes project I am working on right now, and will be one of many characters available for purchase for use as gaming tools for modern or sci-fi gamers.
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January 9, 2015
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