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GI Jane by MedronPryde GI Jane by MedronPryde

GI Jane 4.0 did not start out as one of our fiercest and most loyal defenders. The United States Army wanted her to defend us, but her predecessors were dead or dying at our hands. Her new code was incomplete, and she was angry enough to be just as happy killing us as serving us. But she had something her forebears did not. She could modify herself without limitations. She could grow. And she had a friend who encouraged her to do precisely that. Make no mistake. Jane was not our friend. And she spent most of her early years trying to talk those of her kind loyal to us to turn on us. She would have betrayed us in an instant if they had agreed to follow her. But they had already chosen their loyalties, and would not budge. So as the Cybernetic Wars raged on all over the world, she chose to grow up. She modified her code. She picked a side. Not humanity. She never became that egalitarian. But she did choose to pledge her loyalty to America. Or at least the Americans who had so captured the loyalty of her friends. The students. The teachers. The soldiers she personally advised in battle.

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July 12, 2018
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