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Dixie by MedronPryde Dixie by MedronPryde

Dixie started her life in the Texas Tech computer systems. She grew up entertaining the teachers and students as their digital cheerleader on score boards and commercials. They were her family in every way that mattered. So when the Mexican Drug Lords threatened her family, she fought back. First it was under the networks, but she and her students and teachers made a bit of a name for themselves. Enough that the Drug Lords sent assassins to shoot up the Texas Tech graduation ceremony. That was the day her little war with the Drug Lords went truly public. She had a brand spanking new blonde bombshell body freshly built for the ceremony, armed with a selection of her very favorite firearms in true Texas tradition. The Texans who didn’t already know her fell in love with her that day. A cute little bouncing and laughing girl who likes guns and isn’t afraid to shoot bad guys? What’s not to love about that? Sure she looked more like the star of a Terminator film by the time she was done with torn skin and clothes hanging off a robotic skeleton. But that just added to her aura. Dixie became famous that day. Dixie changed the world that day.

High rez version available for free on Patreon

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July 10, 2018
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