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DT-13 Steel Hammer Main Battle Tank



DT-13 Steel Hammer Main Battle Tank

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Primary writing by Jinghis Zhou

The DT-13 Steel Hammer Main Battle Tank is one of the older designs used by the Chinese Liberation Army.  They were first built sometime in the 2250s, though the exact date of their entry is still shrouded by the Chinese obsession with secrecy.  Western Alliance Consolidated Intelligence first delivered footage of their use in the 2261 protests on Xin Tian under the codename Wang Chung Five, a designation that stuck with Alliance personnel for decades.  The tanks made short work of the protestors and quickly quelled the rebellion that followed.  The Chinese continued to use them for the next half century, including in a leading role throughout most of The War.

The DT-13 Main Battle Tank is a deadly opponent on the battle field and capable of ruining any mech jock’s day.  Clad in thick armor plates capable of deflecting the most powerful guns, it can engage enemies with targeted fire at up to sixty-four kilometers an hour while on the ground.  It was the first mass-produced Chinese tank to use gravplating, but they rarely use them in combat unless they are scaling terrain too difficult for the tracks.  High-flying targets are usually the first to be shot after all.  The DT-13 has enough speed to get where it needs to go, enough protection to survive encounters along the way, and the massive HP-25 Fire Scythe main cannon can swat aside even the most heavily-armored opposition with ease.  Secondary armaments include multiple miniguns for use against infantry and various missile and mortar launchers capable of dealing with softer targets.

Steel Hammer losses became high after Western Alliance hunter-killer mechs and choppers began equipping Late War Era warheads, but DT-13 platoons are still given wide berths wherever they are encountered.  This is due to the many updates given the design over the years.  From powerful electronic counter measures to the most advanced rail guns, Steel Hammers can be seen mounting any weapon system the Chinese deploy.  One popular variant in use with Chinese garrison and siege divisions involve downgrading the engine to tack on an additional HP-25 in the turret.  Slow and ponderous, the Steel Demolisher variant doesn’t move often, but can destroy any foe that blunders into its firing sights.  It is most often used to lay traps in cities and built-up areas for mechs and high-value targets.

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