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Forestborn Peloran
The Forestborn Peloran were designed with plant DNA and chlorophyll so they could absorb energy from the sun. This was because the Peloran wished to have soldiers who could survive even when cut off from supplies for long periods of time. They also inserted a healing trance capability into the Peloran codex that could be triggered by a simple command at any time. That allows the Forestborn to sleep for hours, days, or however long it takes to heal their injuries via the energy they gain from the sun. It also allows them to go to sleep and simply remain in that position until they are needed. Days, months, or years later. Or more. Forests can and have grown up around them as they sleep. Which has led to legends of the very trees coming to life and engaging in battle. Not to worry. It is not the trees. That is the Forestborn waking up when they are called and going into battle.
Forestborn Peloran
There’s this common story idea for Forestborn Peloran. You see it in a lot of shows that come out of Hollywood. The fair Peloran maid basking in the sun on the forest floor with nothing but her green skin showing. An attractive young man walking through the forest and “accidentally” walking up on her. I’ll admit I may have fantasized about that as a teenager, but the truth is far less exotic. For one, not a lot of sunlight gets through a forest canopy. They’d starve. For another, they’d hear the young punk coming and cover up before he got in sight. And for the finale, clothing is wearable art that they love walking around in as much as the rest of us. So if you’re cosplaying Forestborn at a convention, don’t show up looking like an Orion slave girl and say you’re authentic. That’s science fiction. This is real life. And Forestborn are not Orions with pointy ears.
Forestborn Peloran
The Forestbord Peloran were one of the Albion’s more ambitious gengineering projects. They wished to have all of the physical advantages of the Peloran supersoldiers with the ability to stay in the field for extended periods of time even when resupply was impossible. The Peloran’s greatest weakness is their metabolism, you see. It takes a great amount of energy to run a body capable of everything the Peloran can do, and that translates into vast amounts of food and energy supplements. Sit next to a Peloran recovering from a major wound and you will see them shovel food into their mouths as quickly as they can and never grow satisfied. They needed soldiers who could get their energy from another source. They chose to splice plant DNA into the Peloran codex, including the chlorophyll aspects. That made them capable of gaining energy from the very suns that power every living planet’s biosphere. And that is where the green color of their skin comes in.
Forestborn Peloran
The common idea about Forestborn Peloran you see in the media is that they wear little to no clothing most of the time so they can absorb the light of their natural environment.  I mean, who would eat nasty food when you can bask in sunlight like you’re in some hippy socialist commune where everything is fuzzy bunnies and cute puppies?  Especially when the network executives can show off a little skin for ratings and say they’re being culturally sensitive.  The facts are far less exotic.  They eat food like the rest of us.  One mouthful at a time.  Yeah, they can survive on sunlight alone, but...I once had one tell me it was like cheesecake.  Just because you can survive without eating cheesecake, why would you?  It’s cheesecake.  They like good food as much as anyone else.  It’s also quicker to eat and run than lay or sit for hours waiting for the sun to charge them up.
Nightborn Peloran
The Nightborn Peloran were designed with chameleon-like skin that defaulted to a coal-black color at most times. They fully or partially absorb nearly all wavelengths of the visible spectrum and beyond, and can convert that energy into changing the actual wavelengths they radiate back out. Their color. Their heat. Everything they radiate through the skin or hair is adjustable through a simple matter of will and visualization exercises. This was designed to allow them to blend into the environment they would be fighting from. But when they proved to be poor soldiers, it became the camouflage they wore to look like the people whose groups they were infiltrating. This, along with their quick and ready willingness to learn things and adjust their ways of acting to conform with other groups, makes them human intelligence agents without peer in all of human space. And the literal fleet of small stealth scout ships they deploy throughout human space allows them to go anywhere they need to learn things.
Hello, my name is Medron Pryde.  I write Jack of Harts, a story of a future where we go into space, they make Contact with us, and then their enemies attack us.  Thus begins Jack of Harts.

I am beginning to add some of the art I have had commissioned to support the story here.  Some of you will recognize the artists.  Some of the artists are new.  Some are older.  They are all good.

If you are interested in reading, you can read the stories here:


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