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June 3, 2011
Suggester said: "I've thought it was an amazing piece that has a very fluid animation. The shading has been done well and all the pixels have been placed to create a lot of detail; just look at the small patterns on the character's dresses! It's such a cheery artwork, I can't help but to keep staring and smile." Also suggested by MzzAzn Comm: You spin me right round by =medli20
Featured by vanmall
Suggested by GiniXD
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Comm: You spin me right round

Commission for ~Airyu.

:faint: oh my goodness, this took forever! I've never done pixel art of this size with such complex animation before. I don't think I'll do too many commissions like this in the future, and if I do, I'll charge based on the number of frames in the animation, lol. :XD: That aside, I'm really pleased with the way this turned out. <3

24 frames.

EDIT: Slowed it down a bit, so it looks a little better in Firefox and Chrome.
EDIT2: HOLY FUCK, WHAT THE HEEEELLLLLLLLL!? A DD!? Thanks so much to ~GiniXD, ^MzzAzn, and `vanmall for the feature ;w;

Commission info: [link]
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DJpony8's avatar
oh my goodness this is wonderfull it is like *dying* i am nothing in pixel i will always remeber this when i draw i really hoped  i could make somthing like this oh my good very good pixel and i love your art <3 :) *crying* Waaaah! 
HokkimaDesu's avatar
its like at first she's ugly ad then shes cute
Airyu's avatar
Excuse you, this is a pixel representation of me irl. :|
Premium-Puddles's avatar
erm, thats sorta rude.
AlwaysMowing's avatar
Agreeing with you!
Premium-Puddles's avatar
mangasockattack's avatar
Woah~ This is really cool!
decentraptor's avatar
you make really nice gifs
Cirbane's avatar
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bee97's avatar
You can tell how much work was put into this. Its mindblowingly breath taking.
medli20's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
bee97's avatar
No problem. You deserve it!
Florrosada12's avatar
She looks kinda like me! :)
medli20's avatar
Haha, that's awesome! :D
DeDani's avatar
I love your pixel art - this is very cute.
My sister had a doll that looks almost the same - reminds me a bit on that toy :-)
medli20's avatar
Thanks a bunch! Haha, that's a really cool coincidence xD
02Lei's avatar
The animation in this is amazing! I can't help but keep on looking at it. it changes very smoothly. Great pixel-art!
medli20's avatar
Thank you very much! :aww:
02Lei's avatar
SKRlLL3X's avatar
I love this so much, the animation is fluid, and the color and outfit change is perfect, this is adorable!

Although, I would have hoped the hair would, I don't know, flow more?
It seems with the speed she's twirling the hair would woosh more.

I don't know, that's just me.
But it's still FANTASTIC!
CloverWing's avatar
Wooooooow...this is amazing. Full turn around, colored, with clothes that look like they're moving. Great job ;w; I love the meta print ^^
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