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To far away times

By medli
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I spent about a million years on this drawing! Well... it seemed like that when I was inking/coloring, at least. (And then I went and did a really lazy background, but hey, I'm too tired to care about that at this point.)

Chrono Trigger is :heart:. Just listening to the music is enough to make me all nostalgic, so I did this during one of those times. :>
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Crono Trigger was an awesome RPG! But if I was either of those two, I'd be frightened.
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Was this the last great hurrah for the 16 bit era?
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cleris4everHobbyist Traditional Artist
They look so cute :iconawwloveplz:
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Chrono Trigger is indeed <3.

Love how it came out, especially the shading in their hair!
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queenzelda01Hobbyist General Artist
Wait. Wait. This isn't Akira Toryama style it's Don Bluth style!!! ... o.O
yumihappi's avatar
cute!!! ^.^
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FabiringHobbyist General Artist
The best RPG ever, 'nuff said. This was my favorite ending :D. I love how you colored this!
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nice. I found this picture as credited to "ishi" on RPGamer here: [link]
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Thanks! (ishi is my nickname; I go by Medli here only because it was taken.)
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SailorPhantomHobbyist General Artist
They look so cute. ^_^ CT is indeed :heart: Tis aweosme!
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Aw, Chrono Trigger is love. You've captured that so well.
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Man, this is so good. I was just replaying this game, too... Love how they look in your style.
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Ah, memories! I loved Chrono Trigger so much! I love how you've illustrated this scene! Marle especially looks adorable here, and the background is just right!
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RedMageMythrilHobbyist General Artist
Yay! Seeing this picture makes me nostalgic, too... oh... my youth.. ^^
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DucrozHobbyist Photographer
Very very cool! This is a good one about Chrono Trigger my favourite RPG, you did a splendid job, keep doing it!!!

Have you listen Chrono Symphonic? It's a tribute with all the songs of the original game and there is a song called "To far away times" I allmost cry the first time when I was listening that song, well that´s all, see ya!!!
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cesca-specsHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, I love that game. Such a cute picture! XD
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Ah the memorys. Back when Square Soft and Enix were rivals (not merged like now). Back when it was hard to go to a store and find awesome games all over. Back when fighting games were all over (my favorite genre), as well as arcades. Back before Final Fantasy games got true sequals (the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII was nothing but fanservice and disappointing, deal with it). Back when RPGs were awesome but unappreciated (Final Fantasy VII did make them popular worldwide, even though I find the game overrated compared to the SNES ones).

As for your picture, nice work. This is one of the many endings in Chrono Trigger (It has 11 if I'm not mistaking, 2 without Chrono).
EvilCatV7's avatar
yeah, meant to say when you could go to a store and find awesome games all over. Ignore that line above.
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Holy cow its Chrono Trigger! XD This is way too nice Medli. X3
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karnizHobbyist Digital Artist
so nostalgic~
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I really like this one. The colouring is different from a lot of your usual. Nice.

Plus, it's CT.
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Nice job! Wonderful shading.
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CT! XD! Nice Pic.

I wish they wouldve remade Chrono Trigger. THey were going to but somethin happend -_-
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Chrono Trigger is quite possibly the best RPG ever. Frog's theme music can bring me out of the deepest depression.

I love how Chrono and Nadia look in your art style. Personally, I think the background rocks.
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