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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Aqua Dash
Secondary Characters: Overwhelm & Generics
Genre: General/Family

Mediziner's Notes: I'm not dead! I've actually been working on this on and off and I've been suffering multiple writer's block left and right... I'd come back to this many many times but then after about a minute, I lose interest and crave to do something else. OTL I still suffer from writer's block and I'm working at a snail's pace nowadays and I've pretty much zero inspiration to do anything. I'm trying my best though... *Waves a tiny white flag.*

Anyways, a special treat for two awesome friends of mine, ForgottenHope547 and spiketail94 :heart: I've been wanting to write about the two cousins for a long time now since Aqua Dash was created, and then I felt Overwhelm needed some much needed attention too! Hope you guys like, I'm not really happy with how this went since I feel like I haven't done this one-shot justice nor some of the OCs due to the constant writer's block I've been suffering... I can't say for sure that I'll write more at my usual speed, but I'll try. And erm... This Medic is not sure how to rate the genre. >_>



It was late in the evening and Aqua Dash was hot on a suspect's wheels. Many times had this criminal, known as Jawdent eluded the law and many attempts had been made to lure, trick, bait, trap, and even ambush them but they were just as slippery and cunning which made so many determined to capture and put them behind bars. Aqua Dash was irritated, she wasn't sure if Chief Counterwhirr was sending new recruits but to her it felt like he was making a grave mistake if they keep letting the criminal escape over and over. 'I'm not going to let you escape, Jawdent. You've hurt and stolen so many...' She thought to herself determinedly. She would've used her built in alt mode firearms but she wouldn't want to risk scaring citizens or accidentally hurting them. Cunning, very cunning... Aqua Dash mentally cursed to herself as the chase continued, everywhere they went, she was at a complete loss as the areas they've made her chase through were filled with crowds of citizens.

"Heh, you're a stubborn Femme, aren't 'ya?" Snorted Jawdent, proceeding to spray oil onto the streets but Aqua Dash was quick to notice this and quickly swerved out of the way of the blots of oil. After about six attempts, the suspect knew that this cop in particular wasn't like any of the other ones he'd manage to break the line of sight from. This didn't meant he ran out of ideas, as he had quite a few tricks left. "Not bad, but how about THIS!?" With no time to think, Aqua Dash wasn't prepared for what the suspect had prepared and suddenly found herself being covered in tazer wire and she immediately lost control from the jolts of electricity coursing through her frame, and was forced to transform back into her bot mode as she crashed into the wall of a building, the tazer still stunning her until it subsided after a few astroseconds, leaving the Triple Changer still spazzing out from the tazer's electricity still coursing through her body. A citizen who witnessed this was quick to call for an ambulance to take her in and from the sudden crash, some of the citizens had been hurt while others had fled out of the way in time. Aqua Dash tried to get back up and continue her pursuit but had grown weak, and soon passed out.

Some time had passed by the time she had regained consciousness, she found herself surrounded by some of her family members, her Sire Sea Storm mostly as he had been concerned about her.

"Aqua Dash!" Fretted Sea Storm in complete worry as he was quick to his daughter's side. His voice was not too loud, as to not worsen his daughter's headache in case she might have one.


"You're in the hospital, Nightrider called me up and told me what happened." Wildfire joined in with a concerned expression on her faceplates.

"Contacted all of us." Corrected Military Storm, this caused the little red Femme to glare at her brother-in-law.

Overwhelm, shaking her helm at this as she quickly returned back to the subject. "So Aqua Dash, if I may ask, what happened that caused your current condition?" Both Overwhelm and Aqua Dash were close. Albeit being cousins, the two saw each other more as sisters over the years they've been visiting and were inseparable. Aqua Dash then remembered what happened as she sighed, looking away in disappointment. She berated silently to herself angrily for losing the criminal Jawdent.

"Tazered..." The word was silent.

"Come again?"

"I've been tazered, okay!? I shouldn't have let that damn criminal get the best of me--!!" Snapped Aqua Dash, though flinched when she cut her sentence short, her body was sore from the impact of crashing and still did not exactly have all feeling in her frame returned yet from the tazer attack. The sudden burst made her cousin back up, primarily Sea Storm as the latter did not expect her to get mad at her own error. Seeing this, the Triple Changer Femme looked away. "Sorry, I just feel like I'm a failure for letting the criminal get away. I don't know what the chief was thinking when he sent others to try and capture them, but only to let them slip away like letting sand slither in between your digits." Aqua Dash's stubbornness was out, a trait caught from her Carrier. The Femme hated the thought of being unsuccessful in her work, especially being a part of the law.

There was a bit of silence, many unsure what to say. The silence was enough to cause Wildfire to break it as she tried to change the subject, hoping to cheer up her daughter. "Hey, don't sweat it. If it makes you happy, I can treat you to wherever you want to go." She disliked seeing Aqua Dash like this, regardless of if her job wasn't going too well or if things weren't much of a great cycle for her. She took pride in her daughter no matter what and wasn't going to let most things go until she got her smiling again. "Or maybe I could--"

"Aqua Dash." Spoke Military Storm as he made Wildfire glare at him again. However before she could snap at the former war veteran for interrupting her, Killswitch, his bondmate, raised her servo up slowly, and immediately Wildfire herself went dead silent at this gesture. Since before Military Storm's and Killswitch's bonding when she first met the latter, Wildfire had mysteriously held this battle scarred Femme in some form of high respect. In truth, it would take a lot for the small Femme to grow to respect someone. But Killswitch herself was different-- No, far different than Military Storm which slightly made her uncomfortable that she sometimes felt like this around her. There had been at times where she often found her eerie or just about as annoying as Military Storm but never dared to snap at her. Unlike Military Storm, Killswitch's expressive features were far more difficult to read compared to the previous, which she had eventually learned overtime. Her respect for Killswitch wasn't forced nor demanded, but somehow just instinctively developed in a short amount of time with little to no effort needed.

Killswitch's attention focused to Aqua Dash, blank expression slowly wavering to a soft, neutral expression.

"Aqua Dash, I understand your frustrations, but you should not let them cloud your processor. If you let your own mistakes consume you, your performance will gradually decrease and you'll find that you're not performing your job as normally as you would. Know that nobody is perfect, not me, not Military Storm, Sea Storm, Overwhelm, or Wildfire." Began Killswitch, bringing her servo to hold her niece's servo. "Each and every one of us makes mistakes but we learn from them." Aqua Dash bit her lip as she let all of her aunt's words sink in, feeling uncomfortable at this as it made her feel even more guilty of her own faults and errors. For so long, she had thought of her family as perfect and flawless, not daring to make any form of mistakes. But, she had been wrong... Very wrong.

She never liked it when she was wrong.

"But, you and everyone else seem to do everything so flawlessly, and I've failed you all..." She frowned, lowering her head.

Sea Storm's fin-like antennas perked in surprise at her response. "What? No! Absolutely not!" He bubbled, continuing. "You should've seen me whenever I train with Military Storm, both of us make mistakes but we learn from them. Wildfire and Killswitch make mistakes too. We never expected you to be flawless, just that you do your best regardless of accidents, mistakes, flaws, you name it!"

"H-Hey! I don't make mistakes." Puffed up Wildfire as she crossed her arms over her chest with some slight irritation, but looking at Aqua Dash, she then looked away in defeat as she hated to wreck her pride even if it's a little bit and for family. The look her daughter gave her was enough to put her in defeat as she sighed. "Okay, sometimes I do make mistakes, but not like most of you guys do. Besides..." She stubbornly admitted, slowly putting on a smile. "Like Sea Storm said, none of us asked for you to be flawless and perfect. We love you the way you are."

Taking this all in, Aqua Dash fought back the tears that threaten to surface. Her grip on Killswitch's servo was tight, but controlled as to not accidentally destroy it. On the inside, she berated herself up for having thought she believed her family expected from her. She had thought, all this time as she upgraded and upgraded, her family would scorn her for any and all mistakes she'd make. She grew believing that their loving kindness masked away high expectations to be perfect, to never disappoint and would have to make sure it stayed that way.

"Let it out, do not feel ashamed." fin-like antennas twitching at her uncle's voice, it was enough for her to, reluctantly, break into tears. It was as if she was awaiting permission and had been permitted to. All of her protective stubborn walls crumbled as she wept her spark out as everyone comforted her. It was clear to everyone that she had expected to always keep impressing her family for a long, long time without showing any form of flaws and mistakes.

There was a faint knock at the door that went unheard but the sound of the door opening was enough to turn some heads. A dark purple and black Seeker Femme peeked in, but slowly withdrew and the door quietly went shut, figuring she should come back in a few minutes when the patient was calm again. It took a few kliks until Aqua Dash finished, and she felt much better after knowing how she didn't have to put on such a strong faceplate around her family anymore and could just about approach them normally like family instead of an invaluable resource she had thought herself to be to others. "Th-Thanks..." She rasped, using her forearm to wipe away more of her energon tears. "I'm so sorry that I... I thought that... You guys expected a lot from me..."

"You no longer have to worry about any of that anymore, dear cousin. Now that you know." Smiled Overwhelm. Her older cousin never really smiled that much, especially when she saw her around her creators as she knew how more disciplined her side of the family was.

"Thanks, Overwhelm..."

There was a knock, and it was the same dark purple and black Seeker.

"Forgive me for intruding, but visiting hours are over and Aqua Dash needs to rest. She will be discharged tomorrow."

Aqua Dash frowned, hoping she would be up and out to resume work. But no, instead she had to stay here until the next day. Her attention focused when her family told her to call any of them should she want to talk until she's discharged and she gave a nod at this as everyone, one by one, left for the rest of the night.


The next cycle, Aqua Dash was finally glad to be out of the hospital. She still felt a few sores here and there but she had felt far better than before. The first thing she did after leaving the building was head back to her family's place to spend some time with them. Wildfire wanted her to go out on a run with her but sadly she had to decline as she had work to do soon after their visit. The Femme Triple Changer was eager to get back to work right away but soon received a call from none other than Counterwhirr. "Good morning, Chief. I'm on my way so I'll be th-- Wait, what? No, I am well enough to-- Yes... Alright, then..." Displeased at this as the call had been hung up, Sea Storm's fin-like antennas perked at seeing his daughter seeming so gloomy as he came up to her.

"Hey Aqua Dash, what's gotten you so down? You seemed pretty happy earlier but what's bringing you down?" He spoke to her gently, getting her to look at him.

"It's nothing, just the Chief telling me I need to take a few cycles off to rest." Sighed Aqua Dash irritatingly, turning to walk about idly all while remaining within conversation range. "But, how can I rest when there's a dangerous and slippery criminal out on the loose? They need me... How can I just sit here and do nothing while the police force fail at every turn they attempt? I'm their best cop in Delta City and I won't rest until they're behind bars..." The Femme Triple Changer puffed her cheekplates slightly, crossing her arms over her chest, looking out the window. "I mean, I understand the Chief's concern but I'm far more durable than any Aerial, Grounder, and Aquatic living. I'm a Triple Changer for Primus' sake, and I feel like he doesn't understand our kind."

"I understand how you feel, Aqua Dash, but you need to know that even we have limits too." Replied Sea Storm calmly as Aqua Dash looked at her Sire, seemingly in disbelief at his words as she listened to the thing he had to say. "We're not indestructible Transformers, something I've learned the hard way. When I didn't listen to your Uncle about that we also have limits many stellar cycles ago, I paid the ultimate price for ignoring his advice." The blue camouflage Triple Changer's optics shifted from soft and calming to more serious and strict. The two stood in complete silence until when Wildfire called out saying she'll return later, breaking the silence completely. Sighing, Aqua Dash looked away.

"I think I'm going to go spend some air time then go see Uncle Military Storm."

"Alright, just don't overdo yourself on the way."

"I won't."

Aqua Dash headed over towards the door and left, shutting it closed behind her. She made her way over towards the rooftop, briefly looking up at the skies as she then leapt gracefully into the air as she transformed into her Aerial mode. Normally she would have taken off just about anywhere she pleased, but due to Velocitron's aerial rules, she had to use specific places that had take off or landing pads as to avoid issues from others. For Aqua Dash, it was annoying, but she understood after having witnessed many times how Aerials in the past had often broke these safety rules and even had hurt others in the process. She flew about peacefully, making sure to not use her full thruster power as she knew to remain taking things easy.

By air, it was much easier and safer than heading to her destination by ground which meant avoiding any quicksand. The sand was more unstable the more distance one was from any form of city or motorways, which sometimes left Aqua Dash puzzled as to why Velocitronians always had these dangers when they could just fly and avoid them altogether without having to drive into unexpecting dangers. It was a short flight before she was now within range of Military Storm and Killswitch's place. Sometimes there had been thoughts as to why her uncle had chosen to live so far away out in the middle of nowhere, but she could take a wild guess that maybe it could be because of how armed and battle scarred he was. She made careful landing at the front as she made her way over to knock on the door.

While waiting, she thought of the place from before she just landed.

'Why did Uncle decide to make his home look like a military base anyways... It could draw unwanted attention to criminals.' She thought, before hearing the door quietly opening with a hiss as Killswitch had answered.

"Good morning, Aqua Dash. Please, come inside." The Femme gestured her niece in as Aqua Dash thanked her and came in. "How are you feeling?" She inquired after a slight pause, preparing two cubes of energon as she made her way over to the sofa, inviting her to sit down with her.

"I'm still feeling a little faintly sore, but it's nothing. But I'm completely glad to be out of that hospital." Aqua Dash rubbed her arm slightly in discomfort.

"It's common many dislike hospitals." Replied Killswitch in understanding, disabling her visor as she felt more comfortable showing her faceplates around family than of those outside of them.

"N-No it's... It's just I hate being in one place, I just get the feeling of needing to move if I stay in one place for too long... You know how I am, heh... Added that I'm a huge workaholic and all..." Replied Aqua Dash nervously, feeling awkward about some of the things but quickly changed the subject as she noticed no one else was in the room. "So where's Uncle and Overwhelm?"

"Military Storm and Overwhelm are in the sparring room, training." Replied Killswitch after taking a sip of her cube. "Overwhelm seemed determined to train a little extra this morning."

"Really? Did she say why?"

The only response Killswitch gave was a shake of her helm.

"Oh, well... I sort of need to have a talk with her about something. I need her help with something." Aqua Dash explained, not really sure where to begin. After having left the hospital and had been given a few cycles off to rest. "Normally I don't really like asking for outside help since I have my own partner and all but... This criminal... Jawdent's his name. He's been giving many of us a hard time and I felt that maybe if I asked for Overwhelm's help, we'd be able to finally catch them and--"

"No." Came the quick and stern response.


There was no immediate answer, other than a moment of pause. Killswitch stared at her cube, having only drank half of the contents. She held strong as Aqua Dash's words were crawling up her spine. Then, she spoke. "We may be trained to deal with difficult situations but this is only the job of the Velocitronian police. None of us in the family is to get involved and we wish to live peacefully without the past coming back to life to get us." Having lost interest in finishing her cube, the battle scarred Femme frowned, antennas lowering. "We're merely citizens and nothing more. We are not a part of the Velocitronian Police nor the Velocitronian Military and as such, we must let them handle dangerous situations."

"But Overwhelm could--"

"Enough." Killswitch stood up, stern in her voice as it was enough to cease Aqua Dash from saying anything further. "You and the rest of the force will eventually catch your target in time. Your impatience can cause unnecessary disasters. Now, please excuse me..." She then left the room, needing time to herself as the built up stress was threatening to make her panic, struggling to keep herself in check. Aqua Dash watched with a frown, mentally berating herself for making her uncomfortable as she couldn't finish her cube. She got up and placed the cube back in the dispenser then went towards the sparring building where Overwhelm and Military Storm were.


Absorbed deeply in concentration, Military Storm and Overwhelm were indeed sparring. Having not kept track of time themselves, they had been sparring for almost a joor and a half. Additionally, they didn't register that the door creaked to an open, now being watched by a familiar presence. Neither of them were letting each other spot an opening and defeat them, but knew that whoever came in posed no threat. The two sparring Triple Changers were at a stalemate, but eventually knew that one of them had to go down at some point. Suddenly, Overwhelm made a quick swift move as she caught her Sire off guard. Despite his best efforts of trying to recover, he had ended up crashing to the floor with a heavy thud. A brief moment of silence filled the air, then Military Storm stood up as he was offered assistance to get back up and he took it. "You've been improving wonderfully, Overwhelm. I'm proud of you."

Aqua Dash watched and wondered why her uncle wasn't really smiling all that much. His expression seemed rather stern, as if perhaps thinking that expressing kindness or smiling altogether would've been a weakness. She recalled Overwhelm had told her that Military Storm compared to the others was different as he didn't express all that much, but did not mean that he doesn't altogether. She waited patiently until they were done, eager to approach and greet them.

"Good Morning, Aqua Dash."

"Morning, Uncle. Morning Overwhelm, how are you two?" Greeted Aqua Dash warmly.

"We're faring well."

"How are you Aqua Dash? It's good that you've been discharged." Overwhelm replied. Aqua Dash sometimes felt that Overwhelm was... Different... In some form compared to her not-so-very-expressive strict family. Overwhelm despite having her family's etiquette nature, she seemed to express her feelings more physically. What did bother her was that she wondered if it was forced by her family or on her own accord. Regardless, she loved her cousin dearly as if she were an older sister to her.

"Yeah, glad to be out of a tiny room and out into the open again. Anyways, you want to go check out a new place that just opened? I think today it's the grand opening and it's supposed to be a buffing spa." Aqua Dash much like her Carrier liked having her armour buffed. Unlike her carrier, however, was that she wasn't afraid to get a little dirt here and there as sometimes her job required to get a little dirty when handling dangerous situations.

"A buffing spa?" Repeated Overwhelm, feeling unsure of this as she frowned. "I... I don't know, I've always spent most of my time training than polishing my armour. I'm not sure if I'll be up for such an opportunity. And if I'm correct, most places you take me are also incredibly expensive..."

"Hey, you don't have to worry, besides it's my treat so I'll be paying for the both of us. And when you think about it, it's been some time since we've spent time together so we should take the time to have a little family time." Smiled Aqua Dash as she looked over to her uncle, Overwhelm following suit as they waited for an answer from him, as if requesting permission. "Besides, I want to spend time with my cousin since I don't have anything to do since I can't work for a few cycles."

The old Mech looked between the two Femmes, before sighing with a small, kind smile as memories flooded into his processor. "Alright, you two can go. I trust you two will stay out of danger...?"

"Aw, you worry too much, Uncle Military Storm. Of course we'll stay out of danger." The response from the purple Triple Changer made Military Storm raise an optic ridge at her response, as if her response was so carefree, enough to get him worried that she may not keep her word on staying out of danger. With a silent sigh, he would politely dismiss them as he watched them leave. He briefly caught the hesitant and reluctant look clashing together within Overwhelm's optics, but gave her a nod that she can go spend time with Aqua Dash. Once they had left, Military Storm would go to do something else to occupy himself.

Having already taken off and heading back towards Delta City, the two Femmes were chatting along the way as they thought of some places to go after the buffing spa which most were suggested by Aqua Dash herself. Overwhelm herself wasn't all that fond of wanting to go places like Aqua Dash would but this did not meant she wanted to shut herself away from most things, even if there are some things that her cousin takes her to that she never really... Understood as much as her younger cousin did or let alone liked. From Overwhelm's point of view, almost every place she was taken to was expensive, while from Aqua Dash's point of view, it was like she could go anywhere she wanted without worrying about the price all that much. The differences between the two, deep down, have had made Overwhelm a little worried and at some point, scared, mainly for the fact that wealth often makes 'bots think differently from the norm. But she wouldn't even dare lose faith in her cousin, not one bit.

After less than half a joor, they managed to make it back to Delta City, then flew in the direction of where the buffing spa was located.

"Here it is, Overwhelm, the buffing spa. It's been a while since I've gotten my armour buffed, let's go." Aqua Dash looked for a landing pad which was just a few steps away from where the building was, easily making her land after checking if any other Aerials nearby might be wanting to land. Once she stepped off, she waited for Overwhelm to do the same and land.

Once the Green Triple Changer landed, she began voicing her change of opinion on thinking maybe they could try a different place, but only for Aqua Dash to raise an optic ridge at this. "Overwhelm... I mean no offence but... You really should try more things than spend all cycle training. You gotta unwind a little more, try to relax and try something for a change instead of feeling sore afterwards from your training with Uncle Military Storm." The two made their way over to the building and stepped inside. After being greeted by some of the staff, Aqua Dash then noticed that there seemed to be a lot of 'bots today waiting for their turn to get buffed and polished. Annoyed but didn't show it, she and Overwhelm took their seats over at a vacant spot. After some time had passed, Aqua Dash was tired of waiting as she told Overwhelm she's going to walk about a little just in front of the place and they simply nodded in silence.

Once outside, Aqua Dash jolted faintly at being called. Knowing this was a private call, she looked around for a place of privacy she could use and immediately noticed a nearby alleyway just to the left of the buffing spa building as she took the chance to use it as a private space to make her call. She made sure to be out of audio receptor range and began making her call, but only to hear a blaster shot as a careful precise shot hit her, damaging her communications.

"Hmph, you fell for my trap, foolish mutt." The sneering voice belonging to none but one: Jawdent. "Don't even bother trying to call for reinforcements, I've been wanting to deal with you... Personally." The Mech smirked as he watched Aqua Dash struggle to try and call for backup, but to no avail. Aqua Dash, on the other hand, curiously wondered to herself on why he wasn't running. Had he forgotten that it was foolish to engage Triple Changers head on? Keeping herself on guard, she prepared for whatever tricks Jackdaw had in store for her. "You've become a thorn in my side one too many times, and it's time to put you out permanently." A cocky grin surfaced as he began making his move, lunging with a punch. Aqua Dash spotted this and tried to take to the skies, but was suddenly couldn't move as she then took the blow of the punch, falling backwards as she felt her frame being able to move again freely. She quickly tried to get up but her frame went stiff again.

"What the frag did you do to me!?" She snarled, trying to move.

"Lost your memory I presume? Well, you could say I needed to make... Improvements to penetrate through stubbornly thick armour, be more prepared for mutts like you." Jawdent continued, though Aqua Dash was growing irritated at this, attempting to flinch away when he loomed in closer as he talked. "To put it bluntly, these tazer wires aren't your ordinary ones. I've specifically rigged and coated them with artificial nanobits, the same kind that flows throughout our circuits... Except these ones are rigged to do my every command." Jawdent then backed up, snapping his digits.

Aqua Dash was in a bind, she wasn't sure what to do and if she tried to get away or go on the offence, it was useless and everytime the Mech snapped his digits, it meant she would freeze up again and she had no way of contacting help thanks to a careful shot from Jawdent. She was becoming more stubborn, not giving up to such a clever trick and would keep going until who knows how long, even though it could possibly send the Mech into landing the fatal attack on her. Blow after blow, Aqua Dash became more dented and damaged when the criminal resorted to using firearms and melee weapons. Her frame was covered in her own energon, she wasn't sure how long it's been but she was starting to feel pretty groggy and weak but remained strong. Gritting her teeth, she tried to go for the attack, but the snapping of their digits stopped her in place. "I grow tired of this game. But now, it's time to end the fun and eliminate you once and for all." Raising up his sword, Aqua Dash watched the weapon rise then closed her optics as she remained silent.

Then, she heard colliding, with Jawdent crying out from the impact as he was sent a few meters away. Opening her optics as she saw her cousin, Overwhelm.

"Cous, get away... He's--"

"Negative, Aqua Dash. I'm not leaving you behind." Interrupted Overwhelm, shifting her position to be on alert as Jawdent scrambled back up onto his feet. Another Triple Changer? Though he didn't seem to display fear, but was confident that the other Femme could be unarmed. With quick reflexes, he fired his rigged tazer at Overwhelm, but only for her to instinctively react, leaping into the air fluently, flawlessly dodging the incoming wires. "So, you must be the criminal Aqua Dash talked about." She spoke to the Mech, posture remaining stern and fearless. Infuriated, Jawdent tried again and again, firing his many tazer wires at Overwhelm but with each attempt, she easily dodged as if they were nothing. Aqua Dash watched her cousin challenge Jawdent, mentally screaming to herself that she was going to get seriously hurt as she began to worry but tried not to move too much.

When the criminal ran out of his special tazer wires, he resorted to his firearms and Overwhelm dodged as many as she could, minimizing the damage taken. The purple camouflage Femme then saw why her elder cousin always trained. Not that she wasn't aware of how strong and independent her uncle's family were, but to always train nearly everyday... To prepare themselves for any difficult situation they may end up stepping in or being approached by danger.

Jawdent was enraged more than ever, this Femme wasn't going down and they were unusually... Agile for a Triple Changer. He had a gut feeling that this Femme might be a part of the military judging from the strange stripes and star markings decorating her frame, but noticed she hadn't displayed any weapons to him as he found this false. Not wanting to risk a chance of being defeated since he had come so close to eliminating Aqua Dash, the Mech charged with his sword with full Velocitronian speed. As he had run through her with his weapon.

But then, he felt a sharp pain surge throughout his frame.

Before he could even register what happened, he felt himself hitting the walls hard, breaking into a coughing fit as if his intakes were clogged up. Jawdent couldn't believe what happened. A mere Cybertronian Triple Changer, having hit him while in his Velocitronian speed? He had always beaten Cybertronians before let alone saw them as mere easy targets but this very Femme that had managed to send him-- No, caught up with his speed and managed to land a hit on him so fluently... But how? She was no Velocitronian. Jawdent collapsed to the floor, severely weak from the blow. His optics scanned about, then noticed the slightly decimated ground on the floor... How did this happen? He was certain he'd run the Femme over with his weapon. The question as to how did this happen started to reignite the enraging fury within his very spark. Slowly, but sluggishly, the Mech got back up again. "How... How did you do it!?" He rasped harshly, trying to steady himself but the coursing pain was excruciating. Standing up was becoming more and more difficult. "How can you, a stupid Cybertronian, managed to land that cheap shot!?"

Aqua Dash watched with complete amazement, just how did Overwhelm do that? Velocitronians were far too fast, even for her. But somehow her cousin had managed to repel whatever attack Jawdent planned to do as she couldn't see clearly what he did. But to see Overwhelm do nothing but forward a punch, then see the criminal go flying into a wall... This was all difficult to digest into her processor, biting her lip nervously as she looked away. She had much to learn handling criminals, and it was proof of what Overwhelm did despite she didn't need for her to risk her life. Her attention came back when she heard Overwhelm approach Jawdent as this made her hesitant, struggling to move but to no avail. "N-No, Overwhelm let me handle it, he's dangerous!" Worry and fear flooded her processor and was severely alarmed that she kept approaching them, and as she saw the Mech attempting to swing his sword, Overwhelm had caught it...

Without giving the Mech a chance, the Femme snapped the blade in half. Aqua Dash saw the change in Jawdent going from cockyness and threatening to plain fear. 'Primus' mercy... I've never seen anyone inflict fear into a dangerous criminal...' She thought to herself in amazement. By the time Overwhelm grabbed the weak suspect, suspending them by their chest armour as voices were heard.

"Stop right there, criminal! Put your servos up where we can see them!" It was no doubt to Aqua Dash that they could've heard the small fight that escalated. Struggling to move as this prompted Overwhelm to quietly and eerily whisper to Jawdent. Aqua Dash herself didn't hear what she said but felt herself being able to move again once she heard the Mech's digits snap. Finally glad to be able to move, Aqua Dash stood up and held out her badge.

"Stop, my cousin Overwhelm isn't the one you want, it's the one in her servos and I will explain everything." She spoke stern, to which the cops lowered their weapons. She approached while at the same time gestured Overwhelm to follow suit, though the strong iron grip she had was enough to make escape impossible for Jawdent.

"Aqua Dash, I thought you were given cycles off as ordered by Chief Counterwhirr." One of them said as the Femme braced herself to explain, hoping it was enough for the officers to not arrest her cousin. "I was following orders and wanted to spend time with my cousin, getting her to try something new so then I received a call that seemed urgent, so I came back to this alleyway and... I was jumped, turns out that the tazer wire Jawdent fired at me was rigged, containing nanobits that could stop and control the 'bot, even freeze them to a mere statue." She began, pausing for a bit to let them digest. "I wouldn't have been here if it weren't for my cousin. I honestly never intended for her to get involved, but she risked her own life to save mine, and I thank her for that." She watched as Overwhelm presented the criminal to the cops as they were quick to bring out some cuffs and arrest the Mech right on the spot.

"Chief Counterwhirr's not going to like this, a civilian intervening in a dangerous fight." The same cop replied, knowing the consequences when a civilian jumps in to be a hero.

"Whatever the consequences, I'll take the entire punishment but nobody touches my cousin. To arrest her on the spot for saving my life is a pretty nasty move even if it's not right any civilian jumps in and I'll pay whatever fine you throw at her." Replied Aqua Dash, leaning on the side as she crossed her arms over her chest as she wouldn't dare let anything happen to Overwhelm, and swore on her life that she'd make sure that Chief Counterwhirr lets this slide. The cop looked at Aqua Dash, the look of how one thinks the other as foolish or brave. After a small staring contest between the two, the cop sighed in defeat and backed down.

"Very well, I'll inform the Chief about it, while in the meantime you should head over to the hospital so that they can flush out the controlling nanobits from your system."

"I intend on doing that."

With the criminal secured completely, they left, leaving the two Femmes alone as Overwhelm turned to face her cousin, concern in her expressions.

"Aqua Dash, why did you do this?" She asked slowly.

"You did nothing wrong, it wasn't fair if they would arrest you on the spot just because you saved me. I'll pay for the fine and everything, so you should probably head home. I need to fly in the direction of the hospital anyways." Aqua Dash explained, having remained serious instead of her usual. Sluggishly heading out and towards the nearby landing pad. But instead of Overwhelm leaving back to her home, she was immediately by her cousin's side and helping her.

"You can't fly... At least, technically not in this condition. I need to fly there too myself as I'm aware Mother's not going to like seeing me looking like this. I'm helping you get there." Overwhelm pointed out worriedly.

"Thanks..." Aqua Dash nodded in understanding. "And after this, want to go out somewhere to get a cube of energon? I still want to spend lots of time with my cous once I'm fully recovered." The Femme's usual self resurfaceing once again as she relaxed, despite wishing she wasn't in this state to begin with otherwise they would've had a wonderfully grand time.

There was no immediate response, but Overwhelm then smiled after a brief pause as this brightened up Aqua Dash's cycle.

"I'd like that. I also want to spend time with my cousin too."

Overwhelm: Overwhelm's Bio RefDesignation: Overwhelm
Alt: Cybertronian Jet & Tank
Gender: Femme
Sexuality: Straight
Age(mental age): 24
Faction: Neutral
Nationality: Cybertronian (Cybertron)
Function: Combat Trainer
Nicknames: None.


- Standard blasters & swords. (Built-in & portable.)
Sparkmate: N/A
Quotes: "Oh, would you like help?", "I'm not afraid to prove myself if it comes to that!", "I find it fun to train."
Personality: She can come off a bit distant much like her Carrier but is more open than her instead all while she inherits her polite etiquette nature from her Sire. Independent, disciplined, strong-willed, and determined. She's very active and athletic, not afraid to get her servos dirty when the situation gets bad. She's also rather tame for a Triple Changer her mental age and is the opposite about showing off her strength like most do. Much like both of her parents, she's incredibly l
(No image available.)

Aqua Dash: (No image available.)

Wildfire: Wildfire Ref by spiketail94

Killswitch: TF oc: Killswitch by ForgottenHope547

Military Storm:  Military Storm (OC) by Mediziner

Sea Storm: Sea Storm's Bio RefDesignation: Sea Storm
Alt: Cybertronian Sea Plane & Tank (Modified to also travel underwater.)
Gender: Mech
Sexuality: Straight
Age(mental age): Late 20s
Faction: Neutral
Nationality: Cybertronian (Cybertron)
Function: Underwater Scouting
Nicknames: None.


- Harpoon energy blaster. (Energy projectiles look like miniature harpoons. This is also used in either robot or tank alt mode.)
- Retractable longsword. (Right arm.)
- Standard mini blasters. (Aerial alt mode only.)
- Standard blasters. (Robot mode, both forearms.)
Sparkmate: Wildfire (Owned by spiketail94)
Quotes: "I enjoy being underwater more than on land, it's like an adventure.", "I do what I can for my big brother!", "I may not be a great fighter like Military Storm, but I can put up quite a fight against my foes!"
Personality: Optimistic, curious and laid back, Sea Storm is not as serious as his elder brother,
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Wildfire © :iconspiketail94:
Killswitch © :iconforgottenhope547:
Overwhelm © :iconforgottenhope547: & :iconmediziner:
Aqua Dash © :iconspiketail94: & :iconmediziner:
Military Storm, Sea Storm & Literature Art © :iconmediziner:
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