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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Swiftsteer, Crownmolt
Secondary Characters: Counterwhirr, generics
Genre: Action/Tragedy

Mediziner's Notes: Not much of a suitable title to this story but it was what came up immediately up the top of my head so... *Shrugs.* Another one-shot based on the RP between me and spiketail94 as this focuses on two characters who were before Counterwhirr and Shifter became the head chiefs of Delta City. Also why does it always seem like Sundays I get juiced up on my writing mojo? 8I I feel like an alternate title would be "Tragedy within the force." but I don't know... What title would you lovely readers think is best? I also feel like my dreams are at fault for giving me some pointers, since I dream quite a bit... I guess it's what many artists get when they have their mind running on a treadmill art-wise? I don't know, but I'm always letting my mind run on a treadmill. 8I With a screen so wide horizontally, I can't tell if I've made something too short compared to an old monitor I used to use long ago...

Also keep in mind the names used in this fic are not meant to be based off of anyone's OCs under said names, these are just brainfarted from my own imagination and I have no intentions of using other peoples' OCs and I recommend to strongly please keep this in mind. So if you see a character name written in this fic, please know that it's not yours or anyone else's OC name, it's merely just a generic character as part of the plot.

Got something else in the works but more or less this helped me build up my writing mojo sort of so this falls along the lines of random practise but I feel it's more or less half arsed since this was slightly rushed... I just hope my writing mojo doesn't die by the time December ends. ._.



It was a busy afternoon in Delta city as Swiftsteer and Crownmolt had just arrived to take over for the other two Chiefs who work throughout the night. They greeted and said farewells to both of them as they had been already on their way out by the time they came in. The four are rarely seen working together as it was due to their schedules to keep the police force working 24/7 as it was normal for some cops to take night shifts, and the rest on day shifts. "Swiftsteer, you and Crownmolt should investigate the files I left on the desk, we've got some info that requires attention from the both of you, have a good one!" Called out the 2nd-In-Command on par with Crownmolt through a private comm link. "Very well, we shall take a look in the contents, thanks!" Replied Crownmolt happily as the link ended. The Mech looking to his best friend as he seemed to be already curious as to what the file was about. They both knew that they had been tracking a very notorious and crafty criminal for stellar cycles now. The one they had been tracking was unlike any they've dealt with and every single move and plan they've conjured against the notorious criminal would leave them outsmarted and empty handed. Swiftsteer power walked into his office, with Crownmolt following behind as other cops quickly got out of his way in surprise, knowing that something has came up and he looked to be in a hurry to get on what's been found or provided by the night shift head chiefs.

Once Swiftsteer made his way into his office, Crownmolt had followed inside knowing that this was definitely an important case and he wasn't going to break away to his own office, if this needed his attention too, so be it.

Sitting at his seat, the old Mech looked through the file that had been laid in front of him neatly and with no surprise, it was a file on the criminal they've been chasing for a long time now. In his many stellar cycles of having outsmarted, tricked, and confused criminals in order to land the trap on them, not once had he dealt with such a criminal who could easily outwit him in skill. He had been working as the head chief for many, many stellar cycles without fail, knowing that his cops were well trained to handle any situation, along with the discreet Espionages who'd handle specific tasks that are out of reach among common police officers. But to know this criminal could outsmart them even with special gear only available to them left him in disbelief that this was going to be a challenging case that would go down in police history worldwide. However, he wasn't going to give up, never would he think about it as he wasn't going to let many cops die under this very 'bot.

"So they've spotted Trackrise near an old abandoned warehouse. I haven't been there in a long time, doesn't this bring back memories?" Crownmolt spoke, looking at a large datapad that contained a map, and from scrolling around, found a circled area that was a familiar area.

"Yes, many stellar cycles ago. We were still fairly new when we were promoted to Chiefs when the ones before us retired, this area was home to a filthy criminal market and one of our largest cases yet." Swiftsteer began sifting through the rest of the contents within the files, needing to learn more about why Trackrise was supposedly spotted or had activity within this area. "With the area having been torn down, it shouldn't be anything as to prevent the warehouse from becoming another safe haven for criminals and we have made sure of this... But why?" The old Mech looked around trying to find an answer... But the ones responsible for having gathered all the evident pieces together that was far out of their reach, it was truly up to him and Crownmolt to investigate this area once again. Setting the file down, he stood. "Crownmolt, assemble some cops for the both of us, we'll have to investigate why Trackrise has been spotted in this old area." With a nod, Crownmolt then took his leave as he knew that it was time to head on out.

Meanwhile, in the rec room, Counterwhirr was relaxing in the rec room chatting with a few fellow cops who were on break. The young Mech hasn't been given a direct shift yet and was still waiting on his partner who had run off to do something which made him annoyed, but the conversation with the other cops had been distracting him from letting his mood go down the drain. "Counterwhirr!" Called out another cop as they entered the rec room. "Crownmolt requests that you join as part of the two squads he's forming, we've got another lead on Trackrise again." While he hasn't been around as long as Swiftsteer, Counterwhirr had great respect for the older Mech and Crownmolt, seeing them as 'bots they idolised but never voiced this, both he and his best friend Shifter back during their academy cycles had wanted to become cops and be just as great as the both of them they had looked up long ago. It was those two Chiefs that made them decide what they wanted to be and they were both cops now, but his best friend however worked as a different part of the force due to having a special talent that caught attention to the special cops he became a part of, where as Counterwhirr himself remained just your average standard cop. "I'm on it." Getting up to put his almost emptied cube away back into the dispenser, Counterwhirr left in a hurry, quickly finding the selected 'bots as part of the squad in one of the vacant meeting rooms.

A few more afterwards had just come in and soon enough, not long after the last few cops entered, so did Swiftsteer and Crownmolt, everyone greeting them instinctively.

"We've got another lead on Trackrise and I believe that he could still be here if we're sneaky enough to not make any noise approaching this area." As he paused his sentence, Crownmolt took out a datapad from subspace and pressed a button on the side, making the map appear out of the screen like a hologram, eventually scrolling and moving about until it stopped on it's target. "As many of you haven't been around for this event, this was once an abandoned warehouse that was a safe haven for criminals, far out of prying eyes and soundproofed. But these cycles now it's been torn up and secret tunnels and pathways which have been created for them to travel undetected have been buried and left behind during the aftermath of the raid." The cops listened carefully as Swiftsteer and Crownmolt began to explain the situation, all while Counterwhirr frowned as he recalled the last time he's seen that area in particular, it was an unfinished skyscraper building, but was unsure what sort of company it belonged to as he hadn't seen any construction work on it for quite a long while whenever he and Shifter would past this area whenever they were on their way to work or coming back home. 'It's possible Trackrise must be doing something there... I'll have to keep a sharp optic out when we head there...' He thought to himself as he listened carefully.

He somehow felt that something in the back of his processor told him that something horribly wrong was going to happen.

It gave him chills down his spine...

"...Prepare yourselves for that we may not know what's going on, but the area should be empty regardless so it could be a mislead--"

"Chief Swiftsteer." Counterwhirr spoke as the cops all focused their optics on him.

"Counterwhirr, is there a problem?"

"No Chief, but I have seen this area a few times alongside Shifter, another fellow cop. But the area is no longer a warehouse but rather an unfinished skyscraper building belonging to some company." He paused, then seemingly hesitating to continue, but since it seems that everyone remained a few astroseconds of silence, he continued. "If I may shed some light on this situation, I have noticed for the past lunar cycle that there had not been any construction progress, which I assume it could have to do with Trackrise but I cannot say for sure, I only pass this area on the way to work or from coming home as it's the fastest route than anywhere else." Crownmolt looked to his friend, wondering what he's thinking. "If we investigate this area, we will have to be cautious as it's possible some parts of the area are still very much unstable." The 2nd-In-Command told Swiftsteer with great concern.

"Yes, we'll have to be careful." Replied the Swiftsteer sternly, as serious as ever. "Let's go, we should begin making our move."

At the order, everyone began heading outside and letting the Chiefs take the lead, one by one they all transformed and followed their Chief onto the roads. Traffic wasn't too crazy but they had to be careful due to the recent sandstorm that had recently passed Delta City. It wasn't too dangerous, but a lot of 'bots were a bit slower than normal due to sand was often slippery to some specific Velocitronian citizens, minus the types that take on the form of dune buggies, as their unusually natural grip to the sand made them have no worries for slipping or getting stuck in the sandy grounds.


A little while later, the cops had arrived at the area, but had to make sure they didn't draw too much attention to the public, due to seeing large groups of cops together often attracted attention, and to minimise attention, Swiftsteer had ordered some cops to take a few separate routes which weren't all that far from the location but it was better than risking a curious member of the public wandering into dangerous territory. Once they were past the tall private construction fences, they began to discuss their motives. "Crownmolt and I will split into two squads to make the search more quicker. But remember, this place could still be very much unstable as this is an unfinished area, so remember to stay alert and clear of unstable areas. Velocitronians I advise against using your speed." Naturally it was never a good idea to speed indoors, but it was even more dangerous with unfinished buildings as when Velocitronians used their unnatural speed, they're often pressing themselves off the ground quickly to keep their speed maintained and momentum steady, which means with the added weight pressed into their legs added with multiple 'bots speeding, it meant putting more stress on the weakened areas. "Let's begin our search. Crownmolt you search from the northern section and I'll search the southern section."

"On it." Crownmolt nodded as they began splitting up the squads. In the midst of it, Counterwhirr had meanwhile managed to shift himself over into Swiftsteer's squad and soon afterwards once the team was split, Crownmolt and his squad were already on their way towards the northern section of the building. Not long after that, Swiftsteer's squad moved towards the southern area. Both Chiefs would comm each other to make sure that neither of them lose contact every two kliks or at times less. The area was rather quiet. There wasn't much other than buckets of spraypaint, construction pieces such as I beams and other sorts such as work tables, tools, and the likes used by construction workers. The areas was strongly devoid of life, which only fueled their alertness to keep their optics peeled. Little did they know that they were being watched, but Counterwhirr picked up the feeling immediately. "We're not alone, Trackrise is nearby." He muttered to his fellow cops. Neither cop dared to make a sound, lest they miss hearing the sounds of footsteps or other sorts of noise the elusive criminal might make. Then, the sound of something shifting was soon heard, and a loud clang could be heard, and an I beam swinging towards their direction. "Move!" He barked, shoving a few cops out of the way of the dangerous beam as everyone else small enough managed to duck out of the way while others stepped to the side. The beam then harshly crashed into the wall, the area around them creaking slightly as then the sight of a barrage of more I beams coming down which forced the cops to retreat into another area, the sounds of each beam crashing into either each other, or the walls.

"Swiftsteer, what's going on?"

Answering the comm, Swiftsteer replied as he looked over his squad. "We're fine, but it seems our criminal was expecting us, we triggered a trap. There could be traps near your position as well, so be careful and stay alert."

"Understood, Crownmolt out." When the comm link was cut, some of the cops were rather shaken by the event, and even some commenting about how they nearly almost died when they saw all those beams, to which Counterwhirr shook his helm and spoke up. "We need to stay strong, this is something to expect when dealing with criminals like Trackrise." He told them sternly, having quickly recovered faster than others had, but while the others would say anything in response, they decided not to. "Indeed, this is where we will stop Trackrise and end his elusive era. We will put this Mech behind bars." Came Swiftsteer's voice, having spoken up after a few astroseconds of pause, then helped one cop back up to their feet. "We should keep moving."

Elsewhere, Crownmolt and his squad had been covering ground on their end but still no sign of Trackrise. So far, they haven't triggered any traps but they continued to keep their guard up. Crownmolt had told them that even if there weren't any traps triggered on their end, it wouldn't mean that they should relax, for that if they did, they could jinx themselves and set off a trap in a sparkbeat the moment they do. They were approaching the end of the corridor they were in that went left, which Crownmolt cautiously approached the area, weapon drawn as he paused near the edge. He gave himself a moment then gestured to his squad to jump out when he did. Upon doing so, he trained his weapon but didn't make a sound. Ahead, it lead to a dark part of the area, but couldn't tell if the lights weren't installed in this area or that power hadn't been connected yet. "Lights." Commanded Crownmolt as he and some of the cops had used their alt mode's vehicle lights to help them see what's ahead. A few glitch mice that were caught in the lights were spooked and skittered away.

Little did they know as they advanced into the dark area, were they in for a big surprise as Trackrise, who had been observing them, waited patiently with a malicious grin for them to walk further into a trap he had set right for them. Though a part of him was annoyed. 'Originally, this was meant for that annoying old Mech, Swiftsteer but taking out his pal would make the force crumble severely albeit not much in the sense of the more volatile effect it would've had if Swiftsteer were the one walking into my trap. But while they're dealing with his funeral, I can have a bit more freedom for a few cyberweeks.' He thought, but patiently waited as he pulled out a small device from subspace as the cops neared their doom. 'Tick tock... Tick tock...' He grinned.

"I don't like this one bit, Crownmolt..." A cop spoke up, becoming uneasy about how far they've gone into with no lights on the building. "We should probably turn back and look elsewhere, this is an easy way to get ambushed or worse..." The other cops agreed as this had been going on for a while when they began walking in, but the mention of that continuing to walk into the darkness would mean that it was easy to get ambushed made some cops cover from the back, uneasy to see the light of the building shrinking added that the sun was already beginning to set as time passed, making the area seem a lot more darker. Crownmolt then took it upon himself to contact Swiftsteer to check in with him, but mostly also hoping that his best friend would've found and arrested Trackrise by now. "Swiftsteer, have you found Trackrise yet?" He patiently awaited for his response as he could hear faint noises, trying to figure out what sorts of noises they were in the meantime.

"Swiftsteer here, no we haven't found him but we've discovered that there are some hints that it further confirmed that he's--"

Suddenly an explosion could be heard as rumbling could be heard, but what alarmed him was what he heard next from Crownmolt's end.

"The floor! The explosion's caused it to collapse!" The sound of rumbling was getting louder and louder, followed by faint echoing screams of some fellow cops. "Too much clutter, making it hard to--" Another explosion followed by and soon static could be heard on Crownmolt's end.

Then silence...

Heavily worried for his best friend, it didn't take him much to locate where Crownmolt's location was and he sternly ordered his cops to stay alert and began their move towards the 2nd-In-Command's location. Counterwhirr was especially worried, fearing the worst that something had happened to one of the 'bots he idolised, but prayed to Primus that it wasn't the case of what he believed had happened. After having ascended a couple stairs, they'd soon found the location where it was rather dusty and had a long drop at the bottom. "Crownmolt?" Called out Swiftsteer, but there was no answer, not even any of the cops had answered. "Crownmolt!" He called again, though began kneeling as he shone his alt mode's headlights down at the area, and to his horror, found the debris at the bottom a few floors away, and the horrifying sight of some arms and legs were seen of fellow cops, colourless.

They had died.

"No..." Muttered Swiftsteer as he and the others managed to find a way down safely to get to the debris, and by the time they did, Swiftsteer began immediately digging through the debris, having managed to uncover some fellow cops, but as they continued in doing so, they paused upon the sound of malicious laughter as they looked up, and about two floors above standing over the edge of the crumbled floor was none other than Trackrise. "We meet again, Swiftsteer. Looks like you and your cops have gotten yourselves in quite a... Dreadful situation." The criminal grinned as some cops trained their blasters on the Mech. "It's your fault Swiftsteer that you lead some of your very cops into a death sentence, but I'll ensure that you aren't so lucky. Mark my words that you will be joining the All-Spark alongside your precious buddy." Angered, Swiftsteer began to open fire, but Trackrise was quicker, having sped away before Swiftsteer could fire off the first projectile. Echoes of laughter could be heard and repeatedly echo a few more times until finally silence. The cops were distraught, and before they knew it, they saw Swiftsteer having dropped to his knees in despair.

Tragedy has struck within Delta City.


A few lunar cycles after the incident and with all the cops, especially Crownmolt having been recovered from the debris that killed them from explosions, darkness still loomed over the police force as one of the best Chiefs in Delta City was lost, and a new 2nd-In-Command hadn't been decided yet, everyone knowing all too well that Swiftsteer was still clearly in mourning of the loss of his best friend. A knock was heard and Swiftsteer, sighing heavily, spoke. "Come in." As the door slid open with a silent hiss, it was Counterwhirr who had stepped in. "Chief... Are you alright?" He was strongly concerned for the old Mech. The radio, at a low volume, talked about updates on the incident that happened. Swiftsteer himself hadn't said a thing, but it was when Counterwhirr spoke up again, feeling that he probably didn't hear him completely. The old Mech instead got up, facing his window without a peep. After a few kliks of silence, it was when Swiftsteer finally spoke.

"I think it's time I retire."

Alarmed at this, Counterwhirr was left speechless at this sudden announcement. "R-Retire!? But Chief, I doubt anyone would want to replace you! You're one of the most respected Chiefs in Velocitronian history, you shouldn't have to--"

"What else can I do, Counterwhirr? Do you think that I can find it in my spark to replace my best friend since we were little sparklings!? If you were Chief, and if your best friend happened to be your 2nd-In-Command, would you find it in your spark to replace him with someone else?" Immediately, the younger Mech shut himself up. If something like that had happened to him, he wouldn't know what to do but he would be just as crushed as Swiftsteer. "No, sir..." He muttered with a frown. Knowing that this was a decision that the old Mech had decided before he came up to talk to him like now, he then proceeded to excuse himself but had stopped upon hearing Swiftsteer speak. "Crownmolt and I have decided before all of this happened that we were to both retire when we finally arrest and lock up Trackrise, but with him gone... I feel that I can't keep the promise we both made anymore, and I feel that I'm not as quick as I used to be back in my prime, so I feel that I will hand over the title of Chief to a worthy 'bot who will hopefully bring down a criminal that I've failed to do over and over." There was a long pause of silence, but then he spoke again. "I've decided that, knowing your skill and heavy dedication to the force, I've decided that you will be the one to lead after me." Counterwhirr was left speechless, not having expected such a thing.

"Me!? I... I-I don't know if I can help maintain order-- In the way you've worked so hard in having kept everything in order for so very long." Spluttered the Mech, not sure what to say as becoming Chief was a huge responsibility, and to many, an honour. Counterwhirr had no idea what to say, he wasn't sure whether to accept or decline the offer to replace him. "Mistzapper, the night shift Chief can give you some pointers and advice if you don't mind lingering in the station to wait for her. I'll make sure that if this is the case, that she's to expect you if you decide to learn from her. Meanwhile, I think it's time that I announce my decision. I've left many wondering for a long time on what's my decision going to be." The two Mechs soon left the room afterwards, all while Counterwhirr was left very, very worried for what Swiftsteer had offered him. A mix of sadness, happiness, excitement, and hesitation. Later on, Swiftsteer had made his announcement, even requesting the 'bots who worked during the night to see him. Special forces included, everyone was sad for Swiftsteer's choice, but they understood and knew how close friends both he and Crownmolt were. Many thought about if they were chosen to be the new 2nd-In-Command, it probably wouldn't last or feel the same as before, especially since many greatly respected the positive Mech as equally as Swiftsteer, one of the oldest members of the police force. It was then in the midst of the old Mech's speech, that he announced Counterwhirr that he is to take over as the new Chief after him, and soon it was where he then requested Shifter, one of the members of a special part of the police force, to step forth and become Counterwhirr's 2nd-In-Command, an offer that he accepted with deep respect.

Even though Counterwhirr and Shifter replaced Swiftsteer and Crownmolt, it was difficult for everyone's spirits to pick back up. But having grown to accept his responsibilities as the new Chief, Counterwhirr ensured that the force will be making sure that nothing would disencourage the cops from anything, and had the special detectives and investigators work hard into locating Trackrise's whereabouts.

No one but Counterwhirr and Shifter themselves knew that while Swiftsteer was no longer a cop, he was still a part of the force in a different branch, but had been requested to keep it quiet to the public.

Swiftsteer: (No image available.)

Crownmolt: (No image available.)

Counterwhirr: (No image available.)

Counterwhirr, Crownmolt & Swiftsteer © :iconspiketail94:
Literature Art © :iconmediziner:
Transformers © Hasbro
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