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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Sea Storm & Wildfire
Secondary Characters: Skywire, Mistshifter, & Lockshut
Genre: General/Romance

Mediziner's Notes: Titles are my worst nightmare because it's the main thing I struggle with when I write things. 8I But anyways... On a more positive note, this'd be a Christmas pressie for spiketail94 ;u; ...I really should try to do more Wildfire x Sea Storm stuff. 8I I think that's what I'll start to do in 2018, hopefully my writing mojo doesn't die by then. This was quite a lot of fun to make! I also went through about roughly 10 title ideas which just didn't feel suited at all until I finally settled on one that I felt was suitable to the plot. x_x Additionally, in this fic, because it's not specified how many moons Velocitron has canonly, I'm going with three moons after having carefully looked it up... But I could be wrong since I looked as carefully as I could but please do correct me and I'll fix that. I also feel like I made a lot of turns and sidetracking more than I thought. 8I

Also for anyone asking why did I post this on the 24th rather than the 25th, is because Australia is 24h ahead of me so it'd be the 25th for them by the time Christmas Eve rolls here.

Sorry if Wildfire and/or her bodyguards turned out OoC. ;; Also some things be mainly brainfarted with what I could work with.

Any characters mentioned excluding
Sea Storm, Wildfire, Vex, Skywire, Mistshifter & Lockshut are supposed to be generic and are not intended to be based off of anyone's OCs existing under said names, a quick warning for those that might become concerned. I often like to include generic names so my writings don't turn out shoddy.



Having a day off from work, Sea Storm was idly doing his usual routine about his home keeping everything in order. While he would've gone out to naturally drive about or fly, unfortunately his Brother had given him some workload to do while he himself was currently out working. It hadn't bothered Sea Storm all that much, as he knew that his bondmate should be done with her race very soon so the given workload was a task he didn't mind for passing the time. Once he's moved some of the important temporary equipment to another location, he passed by the main room where Skywire was watching the news, looking very giddy as he paused and curiously approached her. "What are you so excited about? Did something good happen on the news?" Unfortunately Sea Storm happened to have missed what was talked about by the news reporter, to which Skywire turned to look at the young Triple Changer. "Sea Storm, this is a perfect idea!" She beamed, hopping off the Triple Changer sized sofa.

"A perfect idea...?" He bubbled curiously as he raised an optic ridge.

"Yes! Hopefully if Wildfire's not too busy, you could take her to go see the skies at night!"

Sea Storm looked puzzled, fin-like antennas lowering just a slight bit as he wasn't sure how such a thing could be so interesting, especially knowing how his Femme didn't like heights at all. "Skywire, the night skies aren't all that interesting other than just the many stars, and Velocitron's moons."

It was then the Aerial realised that he didn't see the conversation about the colourful lights that illuminate in the skies on the news. She then giggled and began to explain. "Sea Storm, tonight the three moons of Velocitron will be aligned in such a way that it lights up the night skies! It's absolutely beautiful, and romantic! Ashwheel would take me to see these back then but the only problem about this beautiful sight is that they only last throughout the night once every few stellar cycles. If you and Wildfire could find a good spot to look at them, it'll be romantic!" The whole explanation left Sea Storm thinking, he had never seen nor heard of such a thing, but if Skywire recommended taking Wildfire to look at them with him, it sounded like fun. However, reality hit him and he shook his helm sadly.

"Skywire... Wildfire's a celebrity, we can't do a lot of things like you and Ashwheel have done. If she's seen in public, she'll be swarmed by fans and never get any space..." He told her.

"Oh... Right." Skywire smiled sadly with a slight pause. "I sort of forget when I think about such wonderful romantic ideas like the lights in the skies. But why not take her up in the air where they can't get to her?"

Lowering his fin-like antennas, Sea Storm merely sighed as he shook his helm. "I can't. Wildfire... Hates heights... I doubt she'd focus on the sights because she prioritises her fears and whatever else is on her processor over others."

"You never know unless you try." Skywire smiled as she continued. "Because if Wildfire cherishes and loves you equally with all her spark, she would have her complete full trust in you." It saddened the Femme that their relationship was more complex than normal relationships, Sea Storm being a normal citizen of Velocitron where he could wander about freely without any issue while Wildfire lived high up in the celebrity life but if seen in public, she would be swarmed in a sparkbeat asking for autographs, pictures, or even asking her questions. At the same time it did leave her to thinking about all sorts of scenarios with their relationship that could happen in such a case like that. She thought of it as if Wildfire were from royalty, and Sea Storm a mere commoner. The Femme giggled as the more she thought about such things, the more it just seemed even more romantic. "You should go give her a call, or perhaps her bodyguards if she's not there, ask for their permission to take her out." That was when another thought came to her processor. 'Maybe her bodyguards are like protective knights!' She thought with a silent squeal, returning back to watching the holo-TV, but was interrupted when her little one was starting to feel sleepy.

"Okay..." Sea Storm knew that she was thinking about confusing things as usual, shaking his helm as he excused himself, needing to finish his jobs. On the topic of relationships, he was somewhat jealous of how Skywire and the late Ashwheel had a relationship without any complicated things in the way. But then again he was a Mech completely new to love, it was a foreign, alien thing. That was then while he resumed work, he had realised... Wildfire had been more or less holding his servo throughout a lot of the things that he hadn't known relationship wise and it made him feel like he was probably being such a heavy burden on that. It was then he decided that he needed to change that. 'When I finish the tasks Military Storm has given me, I'll make sure to look more into what a relationship is all supposed to be. No more being lead, I should try and walk side to side with Wildfire rather than have her explain things to me!' He thought, becoming very determined to fix things around. Sea Storm kicked up the pace with his work, but was still careful with some of the more fragile workload and knew to slow down on some of the things. By the time he had finished his jobs, he decided to leave the base and head to the library.


The afternoon hadn't gone too well for Wildfire as she had ended up in 2nd place in today's race. Vex had been pestering her about breaking up with Sea Storm but she wouldn't stand for it, and in the midst of her angry rantings, Vex had taken advantage of her snapping and had gone full speed at the end and stole 1st place from her in a sparkbeat. Normally she would've been unhappy with 2nd place but what really grinds her gears was Vex constantly pestering her to forget Sea Storm because to him he was a 'dangerous' Triple Changer that could eventually harm her either intentionally or unintentionally. It really hurt that nowadays Vex just kept mentioning that she should break up with him whenever they meet up. Normally after a race, she would've loved to run over and see Sea Storm, but she hadn't had the mood for it other than the company of her bodyguards. Relaxing in her home, she turned on the holo-TV and the first thing that came up were the news, currently talking about the aftermath of the race she had just finished in. "UGH!" She groaned, turning off the holo-TV and slumping more into the large sofa. Lockshut, who was currently relaxing with a cube of energon, heard her annoyed outburst and came out of the rec room looking at the Femme with a raised optic ridge. "You're still stressed with the race." She told her flatly.

"Not completely... Not this time..." Wildfire sat up, looking down at the floor with an annoyed pout. "It's just Vex, all he ever mentions when we meet up is all about breaking up with Sea! It's like... He doesn't approve of me of being in a relationship at all." Lockshut said nothing, she wasn't the type of 'bot who was into romantic things as she felt it was more or less a waste of time for her. Mistshifter would've definitely be more on the spot for something like this, someone who'd have better answers than she would. But right now... She was at the gate watching, leaving her to deal with an upset celebrity. Mentally sighing to herself, she then spoke again. "I don't know the Mech at all, but it could be that perhaps he's not used to you being in an actual relationship? I'm not the 'bot to talk about this stuff, it's a waste of time and is more of Mistshifter's thing." It was no lie that the no-nonsense Femme had no knowledge about the blue racer. She has seen him a few times, yes, but she never really got to know him at all, other than he had tried a few times to flirt with both her and Mistshifter, something that Lockshut herself did not stand for and warned him to not cross them. Not that she was looking for a fight, but she felt that any sorts of flirts or moves on her and Mistshifter were an absolute waste of time and energy. Despite on the strict side, Lockshut took her job as a bodyguard seriously which often was where she was partnered with Mistshifter, her complete opposite to balance her out into knowing that there is a time and reason to remember to relax once in a while.

"One astrosecond, I'm receiving a comm." Hearing the comm go off, celebrities being commed had to go through the bodyguards first, to make sure that it wasn't someone trying to mess with Wildfire and she immediately called them. It was a safety protocol for any and all celebrities among primarily high ranking racers. More or less a perfect distraction from the topic. "This is Lockshut." She answered flatly in private, already in her profession and element... As well as ready to beat someone down with mere words for trying to cross her but it wasn't the case, as it was Sea Storm who commed, his trademark bubbly ukrainian accent difficult to mistake for another's confirmed her well that it was him on the comm. "Very well, make sure you land in front of the gate, not the front lawn." She warned him sternly, the young Triple Changer often irritated her, but despite Wildfire didn't seem to mind him doing this due to the fact they were lovers, Sea Storm was no exception to landing inside the protected home without first going through the gate, despite being together with Wildfire. The body language that Lockshut portrayed as she privately spoke to Sea Storm was enough for the small hybrid Femme to know that it was Sea Storm she was talking to, often feeling bad that her lover gave her a hard time when it came to visiting but she always found Sea Storm's strange quirks unique compared to anyone else, and it's what she loves him for.

When it seemed Lockshut had calmed down, knowing she finished the comm, she couldn't help but ask, her mood seemingly lighting up a bit. "It was Sea, isn't it?"

"Yes, and he's on his way here. He better not be landing in the front lawn again." Lockshut struggled to keep her tone in check, trying not to get infuriated to which Wildfire shook her helm. "You need to relax, Lockshut. It's not like someone could steal his handsome looks and appearance and invade my place. Triple Changers are huge Transformers compared to the common 'bots." She told her bodyguard, though of course such things would fall on deaf ears. Not even she could even chip through the strong walls Lockshut had around herself, dedicated to her job to the very core of her spark. Of course, with no surprise, her words had fallen on deaf audio receptors.

It wasn't until a klik or two later that the sounds of familiar engines were heard that Wildfire got up and headed for the front door all while hearing Lockshut in the background yelling. 'Yep, sounds like Sea alright.' She thought, the front door opened with a silent hiss, and she could see that Sea Storm had landed in the lawn, again. Mistshifter wasn't phased at all despite that it was protocol that visitors must be at the gate, but figured that since Wildfire said that it was only fine with him. She hadn't allowed it, but eventually because it became more or less a common thing, she became used to it. Lockshut on the other hand... Who had just finished her explosive ranting all while Sea Storm tried to calm her down, that was when she knew that she needed to speak up. "Okay Lockshut, he gets it already." She used her speed to reappear at her Mech's side, though her words seemed to only further anger the Femme.

"Sea Storm cannot be allowed to keep breaking rules like this even if he claims he's 'not a civillian completely'! He needs to be properly mannered like his elder Brother who approaches the gate rather than fly over the gate and into the front lawn!!" She then looks over at her partner. "And you! You should be taking your job more seriously!!"

Mistshifter wasn't all that phased, though knew that Lockshut was on the verge of seemingly losing her processor. "Lockshut please, you need to calm down. I do take my job seriously." Turning her attention away from her partner, she then had her attention on Sea Storm, wondering what's the occasion for the visit. "You two have any plans?" When Sea Storm explained what Skywire had told him, it immediately caught her interest as she's never seen the skies lit up with colours before. Her previous job as a cop and having to recharge early often caused her to miss a lot of things and special events that would otherwise be at night. But now that she's no longer a cop but now a bodyguard to Wildfire, a celebrity racer... "If you're taking Wildfire to go see such things, you're taking us with you." Lockshut spoke up flatly, which snapped Mistshifter back to reality. "Lockshut, Wildfire will be fine with Sea Storm. we shouldn't intrude on their time together."

Lockshut grew more stubborn. "No, because he's broken the rules once again. He needs to take us along."

Wildfire frowned at the events unfolding. She felt the need to spend time with Sea Storm with just the two of them but with Lockshut stating that they need to come along with, she really could use the alone time with her Mech. Becoming more and more stressed as the conversation was becoming more and more conflicted, she then piped up and told everyone to shut up. Immediately Mistshifter, Lockshut, and Sea Storm all went silent and looked down at her. "Lockshut please, just let me go spend time with Sea, alone. I haven't had a great cycle today and I just need..." She began to pause, frowning as she looked at the ground. Lockshut was about to say something but when Mistshifter looked at her all while shaking her helm, it was when she decided against saying what she was about to say, but sighed and shook her helm. "Fine, but one condition." She looked up at Sea Storm, of course none too happy about this but began. "Since being a Triple Changer comes with flight like an Aerial, you're to remain off the ground so none of the fans come swarming her like a flock of angry Animatronian hives, understand?"

"Lockshut, we're not going into a public area to see them, but we're going to a secret place of mine where we won't get swarmed by my fans." Wildfire spoke, though it wasn't enough to convince Lockshut's condition otherwise, to which Sea Storm figured it out quickly and began speaking up saying that he promises he'll keep her up in the air, much to Wildfire's horror. She absolutely hated being high up in the air but if it meant Lockshut will let them go alone, she'll have to play along with the conditions... At least that once they were at her secret place, she wouldn't have to be worried about being brought up high into the air. The couple patiently waited for Lockshut's response, and when it seemed like almost a full klik, she turned around. "Fine, you better not make me regret this, Sea Storm." She flat out told them, heading towards the gate. Mistshifter shook her helm and told them via private comm that they shouldn't worry about her and just go. Nodding, Sea Storm carefully picked up Wildfire into her arms, slowly kicking off of the ground up into the air and flew off with her in tow securely.

Sea Storm didn't fly too high to the point where Wildfire would begin to panic, but kept close to the ground as they flew out of the city in the direction of Wildfire's secret place. Because of his large bulk, the Mech was careful to make sure that he kept her hidden when they flew so the public couldn't see her too well from either nearby in the skies, or down below on the ground. "Sea... I'm sorry about earlier. I don't know why Lockshut was acting a little too miffed today... I think it might've had to do when we went to the race this morning that I've had some crazy fans who tried to get past her and Mistshifter, and she sort of snapped at some point when one 'bot managed to wriggle around them and got to me..." She frowned, pausing for a moment. "I guess she's still on edge which could be why she looked angrier and strict than normal." Now knowing what had happened, Sea Storm frowned, so that was why Lockshut was being almost unreasonable. He began to feel bad that he had ended up triggering her into such a thing, fin-like antennas lowering.


They finally arrived at Wildfire's secret place, a cave that lead down below the surface as Sea Storm landed gracefully, putting Wildfire down gently as the two of them looked up at the skies. "It's still pretty early and a lot of daylight, but we can pass the time with exploring more of what lies underwater, see if we can find more secret beautiful places like that one large one you showed me." Nodding, Sea Storm followed Wildfire inside, though kept in mind to be careful when entering as the ground was a bit steep for him. It wasn't exactly all that steep but more or less that having flippers for feet made it feel pretty steep for him, otherwise if he made one wrong move and fell, he'd end up causing the cave to collapse on itself, something he doesn't want to happen. When he got to the bottom, the ground was more flat like on the surface, and easier to walk on again. The ceiling was high, but of course there were few stalactites that he had to walk around. The cave was dark as he continued down deeper, until he eventually could see the oasis itself, full of lush organic plants, unusual kinds that glow when disturbed such as nudging them or even stepping on them. A few small organic creatures flew and buzzed around, their bodies emitting warm glowing lights. "What took you so long?" Teased Wildfire as she was relaxing near the large oval shaped pool of water, a small gentle waterfall high above it. Sea Storm didn't say anything, knowing that it was often a common things Wildfire would sometimes say, or having also believed that it was a Velocitronian term for harmless teasing.

"As usual, the stalactites." Bubbled Sea Storm with a small smile, coming over to sit next to her. "I don't want to break any of them even if you've told me multiple times that it wouldn't affect the cave."

"It's not like breaking one or two would cause the cave to collapse on itself." Scoffed Wildfire, putting on a slight smug expression. "I've broken off some of those and plenty of stalagmites when I was younger. The clear path that we walk on to go in or out of the oasis? Used to be full of them from floor to ceiling. Blazetrail and I broke plenty of those enough to create a clear path stellar cycles ago, this cave's still intact without any single issues so don't fret if you broke one or two." For a Triple Changer, Wildfire had the impression back then that with the destruction that Darkscope displayed lunar cycles ago, she felt that all Triple Changers-- Sea Storm included didn't care if they broke something fragile-- At least as long as they weren't valuable but with the Mech being so ridiculously gentle, it often puzzled her but didn't judge openly. Knowing that they have joors to kill, she then stood up, patting the dust off of her armour. "Shall we go exploring underwater?"

Sea Storm nodded, but had to remind her about something important wanting to make sure it wouldn't happen again. "Sure, just don't go opening my hatch like last time, okay?"

At this reminder, Wildfire went red as she recalled how when she confessed to Sea Storm while they were underwater. Her emotions having gotten the best of her and she tried to escape, but having forgotten in the process that they were underwater did she get slammed down to the floor of his interior when the water rushed in, also giving her a stern lesson in the midst of the incident never to do that again when they're submerged. "I won't, not after when I made that idle mistake..." She replied, though more or less of a mutter as the situation had clearly embarrassed her. Sea Storm found this side of her adorable, deeply wishing she'd show this side more often than normal, but nonetheless scooted himself into the waters, having submerged. Deciding to be a slight tease, he then comms Wildfire as he speaks to her in such a crystal clear voice, saying a few things and it didn't take much for her to go into a blushing mess, despite mixed with a bit of irritation. "Seaaaaaaa-- You tease!" She replied in return. Unknown to the hybrid that Sea Storm could see her blushing face clearly underwater. Knowing not to overdo it, Sea Storm transformed into his Grounder mode, surfacing as he opened his hatch, wobbling over towards the edge of the shallow ground so that Wildfire could climb in as he waited for her to do so. Once she was securely inside, he shut his hatch and began to submerge himself underwater. Sea Storm was by no means quick and agile as an Aquatic in the waters, but he was relatively agile in the waters, his element and what his designation stood for.

"You know, I never understood how you do it."

"Do what?"

"This. I mean, I thought Triple Changers are only both Aerials and Grounders, not Aerial, Grounder, and Aquatic." It had puzzled Wildfire for a long time when she recalled Sea Storm explaining to her that Military Storm and Air Storm couldn't keep themselves from sinking. Was it something passed down by bloodlines that skipped over generations but he somehow inherited it and not his Brothers? She couldn't understand it, added how she could see the strong difference between both Sea Storm and Military Storm, were his creators Triple Changers too? Or were they plain Grounders and Aerials?

"Oh..." Sea Storm wasn't sure what to say, not expecting such a question to pop up. "Bro and I were told by our creators that we had ancestors who were Aquatics long ago, but we had more Grounders than Aquatics in the family when Military Storm asked about our ancestry. I couldn't remember much of it because I was still a young juvenile at the time but what I do recall is that I remember they said that the concept of Triple Changers isn't exactly explained too well, because it's not always a 100% chance that a Grounder and an Aerial or Aquatic end up with one together and we're... Strange because we're more or less all-terrain... Except not completely because there are some with Aquatic modes rather than Grounder modes, depending on the creator if they're either Grounder or Aquatic." He explained.

Wildfire found this knowledge rather interesting, and with her curiosity getting the best of her, she couldn't help but ask. "What about Triple Changers with other Triple Changers? Would the offspring come out as 100% Triple Changer?"

Sea Storm wasn't sure how to answer, this was something he never knew as the only Triple Changers he knew were his elder Brothers... And Military Storm's deceased arch-nemesis Darkscope.

"No, I don't know sadly. Elder Bro never had a Femme in his life since he prioritised caring for us long ago when we lost our creators. Sadly I was too young to know what happened, and I remember when I tried to ask my Bros about it, it was really sensitive for them to explain, so I never bothered to answer since never getting one."

"Don't you deserve to know?"

"Yeah, but I respect my Brothers too much, I don't want them to be upset so I chose not to. But maybe if Bro's ready, then maybe he'll talk about them but even if that's not the case, to me he's the only one left of my family. I swore that I would never leave him like how Air Storm left us alone when he deactivated by his own greed... This I remember when I was still an adolescent Mechling..."

Wildfire frowned, she couldn't understand why Military Storm wouldn't tell him what happened, but then again they were not the same. She had a feeling that her real creators-- Her Carrier primarily is still alive and somewhere in Velocitron. But Sea Storm's creators? No, they were long deactivated as he had said. Long before they left Cybertron and came to live here on Velocitron... That said, she knew what it meant when the Brothers were the only ones left of their family. When Leadback had been deactivated by a criminal or two when he was looking into the background of her stalker, both she and Blazetrail were left alone. But then again with Blazetrail having already been a full fledged Mech and she was still in her mid to late adolescent stellar cycles. As she thought about it all, she hadn't realised that Sea Storm had taken them both to a different underground oasis and had just surfaced. Unlike the oasis that Wildfire's known since she was a young juvenile, she never knew about this due to never knowing what lies beyond the crystal clear yet dark waters of her own oasis.


No answer.

Concerned, when he tried to get her attention again, she was deep in thought. Unsure of how to get her attention, he then decided to tilt himself to the left slowly, the floor of his interior becoming steep and it was then when he tilted himself more sharper and sharper to the left did she get jolted out of her thoughts, sliding down until she hit the side with a yelp. "S-Sea!? Why'd you do that?" She cried in surprise, getting up with Sea Storm slowly straightened himself as he opened the hatch to let her out. "I couldn't get your attention, even when I tried to call out to you through the comm..." As his Femme climbed out and got down safely, he submerged himself so that he could transform back into 'bot mode. Once transformed and he surfaced, Sea Storm casually climbed out as he stretched out his joints. Wildfire on the other hand, quickly zipped away from the Mech as he began to shiver out some of the water. 'I will never understand why he does that... He's not even an Animatronian... Must be an Aquatic thing in general probably...' She thought to herself. In the midst of having disturbed the flora on the ground, she made the organics leave a colourful trail on where she stepped upon zipping away from Sea Storm, but when she was sure he wasn't going to shiver again to get the water off, she approached him normally but not using her speed. Looking around, this place was a lot more beautiful despite that the ground had more flora than the one she's known.

"You know, I haven't seen the skies lit up in such a long time. When I lost Leadback-- My guardian, I... Never really paid much attention." She began, rubbing her arm slowly with a sad smile. "I-It's been way too long, but... Getting the chance to look at them again-- With you... It'll feel like a special moment, all over again." She finished, faceplates going slightly red as she reached to grab onto one of his servos. As Sea Storm listened quietly, he felt sad as he learned more about his Femme. He then knelt down and pulled Wildfire into a gentle hug, albeit having unintentionally startled her.

"I'm sorry..." He whispered.


"I brought up a bad memory... I should've known to think before I jumped to conclusions..."

"Sea, it's okay. I... I'm happy that you decided on a date to see the skies." Wildfire slowly pulled away to look at her Mech. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have taken the time to stop and look at the beauty of Velocitron at night or heck, other things especially when we're gonna see those lights together. I would've probably just been continuing to do nothing but just partying and clubbing all my life until Primus takes me aside. But no, it's because of you that I decided to race again, even though I couldn't with my original frame anymore. Besides..." She paused, putting on a smug expression. "With a frame like this, I can go even faster than I could. I'm like as if I were sparked a pure Velocit--" Before she could continue, Wildfire was interrupted when Sea Storm had sneakily removed her visor, revealing her sky blue optics as Wildfire pouted, looking away with an even more reddened expression but also playfully pouted. "You sneaky Mech." She managed to squeak out, though was tugging at his facemask slightly, which prompt Sea Storm to take it off.

"Been wanting to do that." Before Wildfire could say something, he then sneakily then caught his lips with hers for a brief moment. Wildfire, becoming overwhelmed, wasn't sure what to say as she was left completely speechless. But before she could finally find her words, he gently placed a digit over her lips. "I know I might be... Strange in many ways and narrow minded, but even as I'm still learning what it's like to be in a relationship, I always want to let you know that I love you with all of my spark." Sea Storm told her with a warm affectionate smile, albeit a hint of shyness was present. "E-Even if there are other 'bots out there who may not a-approve our relationship, it's not going to waver away the love that I have for you, and o-only you." He then leaned in closer, whispering into her audio receptor with a slight nuzzle. "Wildfire... You're everything to me." As Wildfire listened to his words of confession, she was overwhelmingly touched. She hadn't expected her Mech to say all these things, unsure of where all of this came from but she knew that his words weren't sparkless or meaningless words on a whim, but were the words of a Mech who really treasured her honestly and truthfully from the spark. All of this left her warm fuzzies and had ultimately left her in a heavily blushing mess that she looked away but remained close. "Dammit Sea, I-I wasn't expecting that." Spluttered Wildfire shyly, not wanting him to see her blushing face and energon tears of joy, but was nonetheless the happiest Femme in all of Velocitron. "B-But I love you too, with all of my spark."


Having spent most of the afternoon and early evening together to pass the time, it was when Sea Storm scanned for the time, and knowing that they'll begin soon, he then nuzzled his Femme lightly, whispering to her that it was time to head outside before they could miss the upcoming event, to which Wildfire giggled, reminding her Mech that they last throughout the entire night until dawn. Getting up, Wildfire got off and waited for Sea Storm to transform and get into the water. Once he resurfaced and opened his hatch, she wasted no time climbing in. Wildfire was in such a good mood, a very good mood that it seemed like nothing could break away that happiness she was feeling right now as she settled herself in the pilot seat as Sea Storm shut the hatch and submerged underwater and were on their way back to the main oasis. She didn't seem all that much interested in the skies as Sea Storm was, but didn't want to say anything about passing them aside otherwise she'd hurt his feelings.

It wasn't long until when they finally got back and as soon as they surfaced, Wildfire climbed out as soon as he began to open the hatch, then waited for him to transform and come out. Immediately she quickly kept her distance and waited for him to shiver off as much of the water as he could. As Sea Storm rejoined her as they climbed out of the cave, it was already dark. "Looks like we made it on time, the skies aren't lit up yet." Sea Storm told her as he sees her begin to climb up the top of the cave entrance. Concerned for his Femme, he carefully scooped her up and hovered upwards onto the top of the cave, where he landed softly, sat down, and carefully placed his Femme down gently. "That was dangerous, you could've gotten hurt."

"I'm used to climbing the top of the cave, did it a lot of times when I was a youngling." Wildfire smugly told him with pride, though it seemed to have all but melted away when she saw how concerned and sad Sea Storm looked.

"I guess even if you're used to it, I wouldn't want you to get hurt..." He told her slowly.

Wildfire wasn't sure what to say, but with such an expression her Mech had displayed, it left her with no words to counter. However she hadn't need to dwell on it as was starting to get completely bright from all around them, and that's when they knew.

The moons had aligned in such a way that the skies were lit with all sorts of beautiful colours. Sea Storm was absolutely astonished, having never seen such a thing even on Cybertron. The colours were so bright that not even light pollution could block it's beauty, and could be seen even within a city. 'I hope Bro can see what I'm seeing!' He thought to himself. He hadn't noticed that Wildfire began scooting herself closer to him, seeming to hesitate slightly before climbing into his lap, situating herself comfortably. It was where Sea Storm snapped back to reality and seeing his Femme snuggled against him. "It's pretty, isn't it?" She asked him, then another question followed by as she looked up at him. "Did you ever see anything like this on Cybertron?"

"Cybertron? No, unlike Velocitron, Cybertron is purely metallic, and has no traces of organics. Sadly I don't know what a peaceful world is like on there, but additionally not only is Cybertron completely metal, but also it's moons." Wildfire was astonished, having never learned about this before, though her attention would soon focus back onto the beautiful sights. "Well, I guess this means this is your first time seeing something like this." She told him, seeming mesmerized by it's beauty. Wildfire hadn't taken the time to look at such a thing in a very long time, and she was finding herself to enjoy the beautiful sights. While she was distracted, it was where Sea Storm had an idea, remembering Skywire's words about taking her up in the skies which left him nervous, but her reminding words of when she said that Wildfire would have complete trust in him and he prayed to Primus that she wasn't wrong. His Femme's distraction didn't last long, however, as by the time he carefully gathered her into his arms and stood up, Wildfire was about to ask if something was wrong, but gasped upon feeling Sea Storm ascend into the skies, clinging onto her Mech nervously as she shut her optics tightly. At the display, Sea Storm whispered gently to her to open her optics, but as expected, Wildfire was still feeling uncomfortable and unhappy. "Pl-Please put me down...!" She stammered in fear.

Sea Storm was about to nearly give up, but determined for his Femme to see the sights up close, he began to gently coax her with a few sweet words which took a few attempts. "Wildfire, please? For me...? I swear on my life that I'll never let you go, and you're secure in my arms, I promise you." When it seemed like his attempts fell on deaf audio receptors, Wildfire slowly began to open her optics, and when she saw that they were a lot closer to the colours, she was even more astonished. Colours danced and swirled all around them, not expecting to get the chance to see them up so close. "S-Sea... I..."

"Better up close?"

With a warm smile, Wildfire leaned against her Mech comfortably, having forgotten about all the fear of being so high up as the lights were distracting her all too well with it's beauty. "Yeah."

Delighted, Sea Storm was beaming that he managed to comfort and coax Wildfire into opening her optics. 'Skywire was right. She's trusting me.' He thought, feeling like he's the happiest Mech as he held her close with a nuzzle, keeping himself steady in flight as best as he could as the two of them watched the skies together.

To him, this was a moment to never forget and he swore to himself that he would never forget such a memory he's made with Wildfire under the lit skies at night.

Sea Storm: Sea Storm (OC) by Mediziner

Wildfire: Wildfire Ref by spiketail94

Lockshut: (No Image Available.)

Mistshifter: (No Image Available.)

Skywire: (No Image Available.)

Wildfire, Lockshut, Mistshifter, Vex (Mentioned), & Skywire © :iconspiketail94:
Sea Storm & Literature Art © :iconmediziner:
Transformers © Hasbro
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