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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Schneesturm & Mistzapper
Secondary Characters: Generics
Genre: General

Mediziner's Notes: *GASP!* I did a thing! This'd be a little small gift for spiketail94, I've noticed something about Mistzapper and I couldn't resist spilling the contents of my brains onto this. XD Not very good though since I'm way out of practise. This had also resulted from a dream I had + sorry if Mistzapper might be a bit too much in this one-shot... XD... I completely brainfarted her personality from what's available. To those that wonder, this stems off from a RP between me and her but this is more of a what-if than an official thing since this came off of a dream after all!

It's always Sundays where I seem the most inspired. 8I



It had been a stressful lunar cycle for Mistzapper in Delta City. The Femme, Chief of the Delta Police Force on par with Counterwhirr had been dealing with a rather crafty criminal who kept striking inbetween either day or night, often putting a lot of stress on not just both of them but also her 2nd-In-Command and Counterwhirr's respectively. Criminals that escape during Mistzapper's shift often infuriated her to no ends which often made the other cops fearful of her whenever things never went right for her. That was what happened as she had returned back to the station, having seethed all the way while the cops who had joined her had well kept their distance and quiet, less their Chief explode with all the anger she's built up along the way. Gasmask, her 2nd-In-Command wasn't phased by her anger at all which left many surprised that he didn't fear the Femme, having gotten used to her personality rather quickly when he rose through the ranks quicker than others and had eventually replaced the previous 2nd-In-Command who apparently couldn't handle the no-nonsense Femme at all. Mistzapper wasn't known for her anger, but rather her stern harsh commands and how she does not tolerate any form of slacking off, as if she were a commanding soldier of an army. As the Aquatic greeted her through sign language, Mistzapper simply snorted and turned away from her 2nd-In-Command. "I'm going to be in the shooting gallery for a bit to refine my sharpshooting skills." She told him coldly, to which Gasmask simply nodded, optics closing happily as if he were silently saying 'alright'.

Elsewhere, Schneesturm had knocked out a few criminals alongside her partner Staredown, who had been blabbering along the way as they were making their way back to the police station. The Thylacine was rather pleased and complimented on how clever Schneesturm was on her quick thinking, but often fell to asking her questions about how was she able to both control her Velocitronian speed, and hone her heightened senses of smell and hearing like that of an Animatronian. While his constant talkative personality annoyed the Femme, she never bothered to say anything about it as what mattered to her most was the job's done. She idly listened and answered her partner's questions the best she could all through until they made it back at the station. At the sight, the cops knew that she had hauled in quite a few knocked out criminals. Normally the force would bring in the criminals conscious, but it became a common regular thing that when Schneesturm and Staredown had to deal with criminals-- Velocitronian criminals especially, their incredible speed had forced them to resort to ambush and knock out tactics which was understandable to many. Cybertronians, Animatronians, and especially mixed Transformers who may or may not have Velocitronian in them often had to mostly resort to other tactics when it came to the more speedier criminals. Without any delay, Schneesturm handed off the unconscious criminals over to a few fellow cops that stepped up and was free to go relax in the rec room once having done so. In truth the Femme wanted to get out more and hone her skill, but it wasn't unless she was told to patrol or investigate, if it's either direct orders from Mistzapper herself or Gasmask.

"So what do you think Mistzapper will give us next? I can't wait to get back to climbing and pouncing on those sneaky criminals!" Grinned Staredown, causing some nearby cops to suddenly choke on their energon when they saw his grin, fanged dentas exposed completely. Most cops were not surprisingly still on edge especially when there had been sudden Animatronian incidents that had resurfaced not too long ago. The hybrid only shook her helm. "We'll have to see what Mistzapper gives us when she contacts us upon learning of our completed task." She replied idly, having gotten herself a cube of energon, as did Staredown. Just as they were about to sit down at a vacant table, Schneesturm could overhear a few mutters from a group of cops chattering quietly to each other about someone.

"...She's still mad."

"No doubt, I heard the mission went bad from a couple buddies of mine who were with her earlier tonight."

"Do you think we'll ever see her smile?"

"Frag no, I doubt Mistzapper even knows how to smile or relax. Boss is always so angry... Though I don't get how Gasmask could handle her."

"I think I recall something about how the two of them have known each other since they first started working here many stellar cycles ago, but didn't see each other all that often due to their assigned jobs until when Mistzapper became the new night shift boss when the previous had been murdered by crafty criminals, then Gasmask replaced her previous 2nd-In-Command because she had left that one poor Femme before him overwhelmed... Wish she would've stuck around, she was a rather sweet Femme."

They all nodded sadly at this fact.

Not expecting to hear such things, Schneesturm kept to herself as she sat herself at the vacant table, all while Staredown began blabbering once again about all sorts of things. The Mech was still relatively new to Delta City after all, so not surprised from his personality always having to come with all sorts of questions, at times she found it childish that he'd ask so many yet what kept her from saying anything at all was how good he was at his job. Counterwhirr had told her personally that there aren't any other 'bots other than Staredown himself who'd suit as her partner perfectly, and had no choice... Not after when she had relied so much on instincts that left many of her previous partners behind whenever she needed to take 'alternate routes' which involved scaling buildings or obstacles. She idly sipped her cube, her processor elsewhere as it seemingly drowned out Staredown's rambles and constant talking, though didn't register that someone had told him to shut up. Though the sudden change of atmosphere brought her back to reality when some of the cops seemed to start talking. It wasn't the usual chatter she was listening to just a few astroseconds ago, but rather chatter of flirts and questions many of the Mechs were asking towards a rather beautiful sleek Femme that had just walked into the rec room. Schneesturm only raised an optic ridge, who was this Femme? What annoyed her was that why did she put so much effort into her beauty? To her, that was more of a walking target for criminals than common profession, which... Just left her unsure of how to properly understand this mysterious Femme.

Though it didn't take long before she finally learned their designation.

"I don't get why others would freely approach a taken Femme." Piped up Staredown as he frowned. "I mean, I guess I know Velocitronians--" He cut himself off, looking at his partner, and on instinct his animalistic audio receptors lowered. "N-No offence, of course..." He only got a shrug in response, which made him confused as to how passive his partner was about it, despite being Half-Velocitronian herself. "I guess since I know they don't have a heightened sense of smell like we do, but still... They need to know she's a taken Femme..."


"Yeah, to the Boss's 2nd-In-Command, the one who hired me... Uhh-- Counterwhirr I think. The other Mech has claimed her."

Schneesturm wasn't sure where Staredown was getting, and simply replied with. "You're referring to his 2nd-In-Command, Shifter?"

"YES!" Beamed Staredown which made heads turn, to which Staredown noticed he was a little too loud and simply sunk under the table slightly. Knowing he made a mistake, Schneesturm looked over at the staring crowd, not needing to say anything but simply made a small glare that made everyone else return to their own businesses. With a sigh, putting one of her large servos over her faceplates, she then spoke. "Staredown you need to know your limits on keeping your volume in check." Though her words seemed to have fallen on deaf audio receptors as Staredown had shifted into beast mode and seemingly dunked his face into the delicious energon, lapping it up like an animal. At times it irked Schneesturm as to why Animatronians do this, and it left her wondering if her Sire did this too, but sadly she couldn't remember much of him anymore other than a holo-picture she kept of him.

Just then, a couple of 'bots just entered the rec room. Schneesturm could sense their annoyed yet scared atmosphere, and hearing them talk about how Mistzapper's mood was a lot more volatile than the usual had been enough to excuse themselves from the shooting gallery. This then gave her an idea, to which she stood. "Schneesturm? You haven't even touched your cube!" Staredown perked up upon his partner's standing, to which Schneesturm pushed the cube in front of him. "Have it, I think I'm going to go practise in the shooting gallery for a bit. Let me know if Gasmask has a new task for us." Staredown, also having heard what the others had said about Mistzapper being in a heavy volatile mood made him fear for his partner, but he was well aware that, at least in his opinion, she was probably on a similar level with the Boss, perhaps not in rank, but in skill. He watched her until she disappeared, and went back to finishing his own energon.


The sounds of blasters firing echoed throughout the shooting gallery as Mistzapper shot at the target. With each shot being in a slightly different spot, it still didn't ease up her built up rage from the incident not too long ago. She kept firing and firing her handheld blaster until it overheated. As she waited for the blaster to cool down, she was about to seemingly break something until a voice made her cease all actions.

"Your shots are sloppy."

If Mistzapper had the strength of a Triple Changer, she would've crushed the blaster she was holding right this astrosecond. She turned to the one responsible for the voice, and the teeth-grinding comment thrown at her as she seethed, almost looking like she was glaring daggers at someone that could kill in an instant. "What do you--" Before she could finish, Schneesturm had cut her off and simply told her. "Job's done." The ex-SWAT was even more annoyed but knowing that a task was completed was somewhat enough to very slightly lower her anger, but she was still clearly fuming as the comment about her shots being sloppy more or less kept her anger still at the same level. Schneesturm walked over towards a vacant station, pulling out her own pistol blasters. Reaching to the side with her foot, she pressed a button to make a rectangular panel appear from the ceiling as it slowly lowered in place. With careful concentration, Schneesturm fired at the target, each shot remaining within the small circular ring expertly. While not exactly in the same spot, they remained within the zone she was aiming for carefully. Mistzapper watched carefully, having never seen how Schneesturm's skill was with firearms. The head of the night shift police force had only known about her skill in tracking and capturing criminals seemingly bare-handed but never had honestly thought that she could use a firearm, believing she was more connected to being an Animatronian more than a Velocitronian.

Schneesturm had made her eat her words, in a sense.

When the hybrid ceased her shots, Mistzapper didn't say anything, nor did the Femme herself. Both were silent until eventually they knew the silence had to eventually break, Mistzapper was the one who broke the silence first. "Don't think that your shots can justify your words, newbie." Turning on her heel, she turns to the 'bot at the weapons booth, intending to request a sniper rifle. She wasn't going to let a newbie to the force out skill her, and humiliate her in front of the force. Not on her watch. Technically, she wasn't one for challenging others, as she was always left unchallenged because everyone would just keep their distance when it came to her impressive sharpshooting skills. Without needing to turn or move her helm, her optics glanced to the right, in more of a manner of looking behind without needing to move. "Two snipers." She requested the 'bot and they immediately got up, only taking a few astroseconds to gather the requested items and handing them over to the Femme. Once Mistzapper had the snipers in tow, she then went over and gave one of them to Schneesturm. "We're going to take this to a more higher challenge. Let's see if you can keep up."

Not expecting this invitation of a friendly challenge, Schneesturm was more of a 'bot that didn't care for challenge at all, finding it a waste of time but knowing that her Boss wanted this, she accepted and seemingly reached out to the weapon, but only to cease.

"...I can't use this sniper rifle." She told Mistzapper with a slight shake of her helm.

"You're backing out of a challenge." She replied, seemingly pleased deep down.

"No, merely because the weapons here aren't designed for my servos. They're larger than normal." She then reached over and placed her clawed servo onto the sniper rifle, showing Mistzapper what she meant by how Schneesturm couldn't used the offered sniper rifle. They then looked at her own servo compared to the hybrid's.

She was about to say something about her still backing out, but when Schneesturm then summoned her own sniper rifle, far larger than the one she held and seemingly oddly shaped. Mistzapper wasn't stupid that this very weapon the hybrid was more of a weapon designed especially for her to use. Compared to how Schneesturm can't use the offered sniper rifle, she wouldn't be able to use it herself in return. Not only could she see herself being unable to use it, but not only would the weapon be far more stronger and have a lot of recoil if she fired it, but to fire it alone would mean she'd have to use her whole servo instead of just her index digit. To her it's... Insane, but as long as there's no obstructions that would prevent this large Femme from firing a weapon, then that's good enough for her. Before they could begin, Mistzapper returned the extra sniper rifle, then went back to her station. "Change the target panel for a regenerating panel. press the foot switch twice." Doing as told, Schneesturm did as instructed, and the panel rised back up into the ceiling and listened carefully as the machines whirred to follow the task it was requested to do, and not long after, a new target panel was lowered in sight. "You're thinking it looks the same as before, but no. Unlike the previous panel, after this gets damaged and allowed a few astroseconds, it regenerates back to normal as if brand new or never damaged in the first place." Mistzapper spoke, seemingly have read the hybrid's processor without any effort, but it was a common regular thing for the Femme as she was used to this so many times with newbies coming in to sharpen their skills in firearms.

Schneesturm remained silent, all while Mistzapper spoke to the 'bot at the booth again to enable a point counter. Now this was something she wasn't expecting and wasn't liking how it was feeling more of a game rather than a challenge... At least in her opinion.

"Let's see how you fare with a skill counter." Mistzapper told the hybrid and a countdown was then starting. Little did she know that the cameras were focused on them, and most of the cops behind the cameras were all watching curiously. As soon as a bell rang to indicate that both sharpshooters can start, they immediately began. The sound of their snipers firing echoed throughout the shooting gallery, and the 'bot at the booth watched through monitors on the sides of the desk, equally curious as to how it'll all end. The timer had been set for just one klik so it wouldn't take up a lot of time for many should they suddenly receive a task to go do whatever Gasmask would request them to do. Both Femmes were absorbed with concentration, not letting anything break that bubble as they focused on the target in front of them with each calculated shot. With each shot added points to the counter, it climbed rapidly until when eventually the bell rang again, having been a full klik into the shooting that they both ceased. Neither had their optics glancing at the counter, so neither had seen how many points they gathered throughout the whole thing, but after having let the target panel rest, it had already regenerated back to normal.

Switching to speaker mode, the 'bot at the booth wasn't sure how to say it, but after having kept track of the points on separate monitors, spoke.

"Schneesturm and Mistzapper..." They began.

"...You're both tied at an amazing 50 points."

Now this was unusual. Mistzapper hadn't expected to be tied with someone as many of the police members with excellent sharpshooting skills she'd manage to get the most points in where as some would be about a point or two behind, or less depending on whom she challenged, but to get tied with someone? It was an extremely new thing for her, and she wasn't angry about it at all as this unusual event having melted away back to neutrality. While she had no idea where Schneesturm got her impressive sharpshooting skills from, but it was without a doubt she was exceptionally good, far better than what she had seen up until now. However she wasn't going to praise the hybrid, she wasn't the type for praises and the sorts as she felt the effort was a waste of time, and knew how it often stroked others' egos or pride despite not knowing that Schneesturm had neither of these, but instead was relatively passive. Remaining silent, she returned the sniper back to the booth and was about to leave, until when she stopped near Schneesturm's station.

"Meet me in my office, I wish to speak to you, privately."

Once Mistzapper left, Schneesturm wasn't sure if the Boss was either mad but not showing it as the usual she saw her as, or if she was probably going to think she did something that would cost her greatly. She proceeded to put her sniper back into her sub-space and left. What she noticed was a few fellow cops were staring at her in astonishment, while at the same time she could hear murmurs about her and Mistzapper. The hybrid was extremely confused about this, did she do something wrong? Or perhaps did Mistzapper set something up to make the cops think ill of her? Some of that melted away when she overheard a cop she passed by murmur about how she tied with Mistzapper in the shooting gallery. 'That's right, cameras...' She thought to herself. The thought of those devices often irked her, being what she was before returning to Velocitron gave her shivers, thinking about how her every move was tracked when she was assigned to assassinate someone, whom was a lot more clever than she originally thought.

They had so many of those things...

Shaking the thought away, the past was the past and Schneesturm knew that very well. Cybertronians couldn't even win against the Velocitronians who constantly fight to keep their freedom and avoiding being involved with either side of the faction. Eventually, the Femme made her way to Mistzapper's office. She was just about to knock but before her knuckle joints could meet the door, she heard Mistzapper telling her to come in. As the door slid open and she stepped in, she seated herself on one of the two vacant seats. With no surprise, she could see that while Mistzapper wasn't angry anymore, but she seemed a bit irritated about something. Before she could inquire about why did she request to meet her in the office, she quickly spoke first. "I've decided that when the time comes, I may land you in a special part of the police force. I don't care if you accept or reject the offer, but it's there whenever you find the time to think about it." She then lightly tosses the datapad onto her desk, the thin rectangular device sliding just a slight bit as Schneesturm stopped it immediately, slowly removing her servo to glance at the bits of information that were for cops with impressive talent that had sharpshooting as a major requirement. "You don't have to fill it in now, but you show impressive skill back there and I felt that you earned this, so congratulations."

Of course, Schneesturm didn't have to choose to sign up or reject right away as she had been told she can take her time to think about it, which is what she planned on. For now, she put the datapad away in her sub-space as she was about to excuse herself, Mistzapper spoke again. "I also have with me a new task for you and Staredown." She told the hybrid idly, giving her a different datapad. "Now get out of my office and get to work, I have work to do." She then reached over and pressed a button which was meant to call her 2nd-In-Command over, needing to discuss something with him while Schneesturm made her leave. She was all too eager to get out of the station and get back to work, preferring the outdoors over indoors more than anything else, and she knew Staredown was like that as well.

Only time will tell what her answer to the offer on being part of a special area of the police force, making her way outside all while contacting her partner about more work given to them.

Schneesturm: Schneesturm (OC) by Mediziner

Mistzapper: (No image available)

Gasmask: (No image available)

Staredown (No image available)

Mistzapper & Gasmask © :iconspiketail94:
Schneesturm, Staredown, & Literature Art © :iconmediziner:
Transformers © Hasbro
spiketail94 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mistzapper blowing off steam with Schneesturm! In a weird way <3

I can't help but think that special part of the police force might be SWAT >u> Special Weapons and Tactics~
Mediziner Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yush! ;u; I kinda blame you for saying I haven't written something in ages, and then yeah. XD I started on this the day before I posted this, then I fell asleep 'n then woke up and worked on it again. +n+

Sorry again if she might've been a little too OoC. ;o;
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