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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Careen, Fate & Nightblade
Secondary Characters: Generics
Genre: General/Family

Mediziner's Notes: Inspired by an art piece of the same name from ForgottenHope547 while it was then further motivated when I had a dream of it a long while back. Sadly I had been working on this on and off as motivation is a dick like that, but hey, this was fun to write. + I think I'm rather happy with this one, at least half of it as my brain decided to stop being productive since I brainfarted this out pretty late at night. Anyways, this piece in particular isn't canon with Fate x Nightblade, but more or less a what-if instead that was, as said before, incredibly fun to write. I had thought of a possible sequel, but because this took me so damn long, I'm scrapping that idea. :/

+ I have something else in mind that I'm hoping it'll come out very special. In this one-shot, I feel like I haven't done Careen justice since there wasn't a lot of info on his personality but I tried to work with what I could...

There's no lovely mush in this one, but yes Fate still speaks with that British assassin-ish slang as I feel it was possible that he caught the accent off of Careen when he was growin' up. I think it's safe to say that this is instead maybe... Cuteness? Most of this has happened in my dream while the rest was mostly just brainfarted! This was meant to be a tad bit short, but then it began to grow... And grow... And grow.

"If they met when they had been younger."



It was another evening in New Kaon. Everything around him and in the shop being just a usual repeat after the same past cycles. Fate, a young Mechling was upstairs in his room idly looking out the window, watching as 'bots passed by left and right, some approaching the shop and leaving. Because of the notorious rep the city he lived in, alongside being in a poor part of Cybertron, things called friends and allies were hard to come by, even for someone around his mental age. Because of this, little Fate had become very shy and closed off, even becoming very cautious when there were very rare moments of meeting optic to optic with another whom often were brought into the shop alongside their sires, carriers, or maybe even both their creators. The ones he encountered would rather want to fight than be friends, which showed that the city was even known for 'bots that were dangerous... Others around his age upgrading to become dangerous 'bots themselves that would even go as far as to kill to survive. He knew Careen, his sire, worked hard cycle after cycle exhaustively struggling to keep them both going, even if making credits here in this rundown place was extremely scarce. For a young Mechling his age, he was smart enough to know that he wanted to raise him in a more thriving place where it was far less dangerous.

For once, he'd like to meet a friendly faceplate, someone to play with instead of being challenged to fight.


Antennas perked, the young Mechling's attention turned away from the window to his Sire. Without hesitation, he got off his berth and ran over to him.

"'Yeah, Dad? Do 'ya need help with somethin'?" He asked his Sire curiously.

"Not really, but..." Careen thought for a moment. "Well, perhaps I just have one thing. I need to get some things that arrived in th' mail organized, got stuff to restock 'fer th' shop since I closed up 'fer tonight. Want to give 'yer old Mech a helping servo sorting 'em out?"

Immediately nodding, Fate was always eager to help. He never liked how hard his Sire worked himself to the core and wanted to always help get some of that weight off of his shoulders, even if it wasn't much. Most would expect Fate to be just like any other typical youngling; Mostly Mechlings in New Kaon that were always more or less independent, wanting to fight, wanting to make enemies. Fate, on the other hand, wasn't like any of them but did not mean that he was not well aware of the dangers New Kaon posed. It didn't even phase him when others, even full fledged Mechs and Femmes called him a worthless little weakling. He knew that most creators never really cared for their own younglings, something that drives them to be violent towards anyone they think they can best in a fight. Of course Fate himself had gotten into a few fights here and there, but primarily because he was given no choice, and he hated it. Fate, on the other hand, was well loved by both his creations, even though he never had met his Carrier, who had deactivated from nasty infections that were similar variants to cosmic rust not too long after he was sparked. "I can sort 'em out on m'ah own, 'ya should rest instead." He spoke, concerned bright purple optics locking onto his Sire's golden ones.

"A-Are 'ya sure, son?" Careen's expressions immediately shifted to being that of uncertainty, not wanting to give him too much to do or something that could take joors. "It's better if--"

"Dad, 'yer exhausted..." Interrupted Fate, a clear worried expression surfacing on his little faceplate. "I know that I take th' highest priority to 'ya but... I want 'ya to get proper refuelin' an' rest too. It... Pains me to see 'ya just..." Fate bit his lip, head lowering as his gaze averted to the ground. "I don't want 'ya to ruin 'yer health just because of me..." He finished, voice slowly wavering into a whisper. Careen frowned as he knew his creation was right, but due to how difficult it was to make credits, he had forced this upon himself. It was hard enough already even before he had met the love of his life, before their creation together. Careen was far used to it already, and knowing how he had made his creation worry, he felt bad to make him look so upset. Then, what Fate said next made him freeze up in shock.

"I don't... want 'ya to go too--"

Immediately, Careen embraced his creation in a tight yet gentle hug, voice stuttering in fear as his optics shut tight. "N-No, I won't go a-away... I promise 'y-ya Fate." It was enough to make the old Mech tear up. The thought of leaving Fate all alone was his greatest fear. Losing his bondmate was very sparkbreaking enough but losing his own creation or if anything happened happened to himself was even worse... Just enough to shatter his spark into a billion fragments. The Bugatti backed up slightly, just enough to look at Fate. "All I ask is... Don't strain 'yerself, yeah?" His response was a simple nod, slowly letting go of his creation, standing up to his full height again. "I'll be in m'ah quarters, give me a holler if 'ya need me." With what needed to be said, Careen took his leave, Fate's optics following him until he was not in sight. He gave himself a moment before heading downstairs, finding a rather large package sitting in the back of the counter. The little Lamborghini approached it, inspected for a bit first before opening it, albeit it proved a bit of trouble, as this was a kind of package that wasn't like the usual, but opened in a different way. Fate, being rather intelligent, solved it no problem like a simple puzzle. The contents inside were lots of ammo boxes, small blaster pistols, and a few miscellaneous things such as scopes, silencers, and other things. A part of him regretted this, but he did want his Sire to refuel properly and get plenty of rest.

This was going to be a rather long night.

Fate decided to start organizing through the miscellaneous things first, making sure they went in the correct sections of the store and in the proper storage in case they would run out of the things displayed on the shelves for purchase. As joors went by, he was starting to get tired himself, but he wasn't going to recharge until he's emptied the entire package completely. He took a moment to glance out the window, seeing a bit of light up in the skies. An Aerial, not really all that surprising but when he heard a muffled shot, it looked like it intended for the Aerial as Fate immediately stood up and ran to the window to get a more better look. Antennas perked up all the way when he saw that the Aerial that was falling was... A Femling? Looking away, the little Lamborghini bit his lip, should he risk going out and inspect where they crash landed, or should he stay? In new Kaon, it was always about survival, and younglings when they're in tip top condition were known to sell for high amounts of credits. 'I'm gonna regret this... But I didn't see her anywhere near anyone responsible 'fer her...' He thought, reaching to grab the spare key for the shop and rushing out, though was careful not to set off the alarms.


Running from hiding spot to hiding spot, Fate slowly made his way towards the spot of where he saw the Aerial fall. It was quite a bit away from the safety of his home but he wasn't going to let all these shady 'bots that were lurking around in the darkness scare him. When he finally stopped at the sight, he saw the fallen Femling was unconscious, not seemingly hurt too much but she was a little mentally younger than her. Weird enough to him, she was also rather... Smaller than the average size of an Aerial youngling. Slowly, he approached the little Aerial, curiously giving her one poke. Immediately yet also instinctively, Fate stood and backed up a bit, in case they were feigning unconsciousness. Seeming that she wasn't, he poked her a few times, even calling out to her silently. "Hey, wake up. 'Yer not safe here." After a bit of gentle prodding, the Femling stirred, slowly sitting up as she opened her optics.

"Where... What happened...?" She mumbled to herself, though was shot into alert when she heard someone talk to her.

"'Ya got shot down." Frowned Fate, though keeping a small bit of distance, ready for any form of attack. He looked her up and down as he realised that she wasn't from around here, judging from her shiny buffed and well polished paint job, albeit most of it now scratched up and covered in soot from being shot out of the skies. 'It's no doubt...' He thought, then heard shuffling in the background. "Uh, we gotta go... Now. 'Ya can walk, right?" He spoke, his voice more hastily as the Femling wondered why but nodded. She was about to take to the skies but then yelped, which was due to her badly damaged left wing. Knowing this was not a good time to hang around anymore, Fate grabbed her wrist and had her follow, though despite seeing that she was tearing up from the pain in her wing. "D-Dad can fix 'ya, we just need to get there safely." Fate hoped at least his Sire could fix up the Femling, it wasn't safe for her to be here in New Kaon by herself. He wanted to ask her why she flew around this part of Cybertron in particular but dared not upset her any further. From around and behind were shady 'bots trying to get their servos on the two younglings. The Aerial was trying her best not to trip, Aerials had equilibrium sensors half built into their heels and in their wings. With her wing all banged up, it was hard for her to run or let alone even walk without feeling like she's being clumsy or about to fall over.

"Look out!" She squeaked, tightening her grip on Fate's servo as she used her thrusters to propel herself and Fate off the ground in a big jump, though because she couldn't fly, they made a bit of a landing, though decreased the danger of the fall with her thrusters. The Lamborghini himself was caught off guard by her move, but it did make a more clear path as they continued to run. now nearing close to the shop and stepping into the light, most began to shy away and back out, while only very few were still determined on the credits they could make off the two younglings. The Aerial noticed where he was taking her as she became hesitant, Fate quickly picking up on it. "Shield your optics." At an instinct, they did so as the young Mechling threw a flashbang grenade, blinding them. Wasting no time, Fate managed to unlock the store, grabbed a hold of the Femling's wrist and pulled her in with him as he quickly shut the store gate once they were safely inside, just as they recovered from the flash of the grenade. One of them was still determined to just break into the store to kidnap the two younglings but another grabbed a firm hold on their pauldron, telling them it's no use unless they're foolish enough to get arrested.

Both Fate and the Aerial Femling watched as they left, cursing at them silently.

Soon, they weren't alone, as the sound of racing footsteps soon came into the room as Careen stood, ready with a weapon. "I swear if I have to shoot someone I'll-- Fate? What happened and--" Fate quickly jumped in front of the Aerial Femling who had cowered at the sight of the armed blue Bugatti. He observed as their little guest seemed to do nothing but cower, he lowered his weapon, putting it away as he felt guilty for scaring her so suddenly. "Alright, explain why 'ya brought her in." He watched as his creation relaxed, no longer in defence position as he began to explain as told, stepping aside.

"While I was clearin' out th' package, puttin' everythin' away as I promised, I saw her flyin' in th' skies while giving m'ahself a short break. She wasn't too far from here when I saw her got shot outta th' skies. I thought it was just a random Mech or Femme just goin' out 'fer a flight or somethin' but... Well... I decided to risk m'ahself and check out what happened." Fate knew he shouldn't have done such a thing, but seeing as the Aerial Femling was completely harmless, and the fact she wasn't around from here, he had to help her. "She's hurt too, nobody else was with her when I came to where she crashed... S-She's not from around here." Fate silently waited for what his Sire to say something, as he watched him approach slowly, wanting to get a better look at the Femling but she cowered away. "N-No it's okay, he's my Sire, he won't hurt you." Fate told her. Slowly, she nodded and trusted what he was going to do, though felt a bit nervous with the older Mech observing until he found the source.

"I'm Nightblade..." She managed to say, feeling more comfortable as Careen stood.

"M'name's Careen. Aside from 'yer wing lookin' in pretty bad shape, 'yer in good health at least." The Mech smiled as he moved them upstairs into the main house as Nightblade looked around. The two younglings sat on the battered looking sofa as he smiled to himself, seeing how there was someone for once that didn't want to fight Fate. "I'll be back in a bit, I'm going to get the first aid supplies." The two watched as the Bugatti disappeared into another room, now focusing to each other as Fate figured out how he could talk to Nightblade without boring her. "M'name's Fate by th' way. Sorry 'fer th' late introduction, I'm just... Not really much of a 'bot of words 'ya could say." Curiously, he looked to her wings, seemingly the most interesting thing to him as he'd never really seen an Aerial around his mental age, mostly having met other Grounders. "So umm... Why did 'ya fly all th' way out here? It was pretty dangerous to come around here..." He asked her.

"Well..." Began Nightblade, feeling guilty for having flown to this place. "I wanted to have more free time in the air, since I never really get a lot of time flying. I became a little-- No, too adventurous and wanted to explore more before I went back home, I told Sunblade to go ahead of me." She paused, glancing up at the ceiling. "Where I'm from... We don't really get a lot of air time, and both me and my twin sister are often locked up in our homes, since... We're... My family are big important 'bots, but I don't care about it, I just wanted to feel more free, see more of the world. Make new friends, too..." Fate seemingly looked at her in confusion, his own audio receptors seemingly refusing to believe her words, or at least some of it... But judging from remembering how her paint job had a more fancy buff to it followed by further polishing, it seemed to make sense as that kind of treatment for armour was rather greatly expensive. "You must be really lucky though, Fate. Being able to go out freely as you please, never having all these rules about silly reasons as to why one can't go outside..." Nightblade added, giving him a bit of a sad smile.

Fate wasn't sure what to say, he had never been too much of a talker and usually only kept to short sentences, he thought about how he could respond as his antennas lowered slightly.

"Not really... New Kaon-- This city is really dangerous, so 'ya could say that I'm always mostly stayin' in here with m'ah Dad." Replied Fate, trying his best to talk more as he was really trying to. "Only times I ever really get out is when he needs to go out an' run errands, so I tag along unless the business is a bit... Shady." He added in after a pause.


"Yeah, around here? As younglings, we're extremely valuable... Which is why those 'bots earlier wanted to catch us an' sell us to bad 'bots."

Frowning yet also intimidated by his words, Nightblade felt bad that Fate couldn't go out and play with others without the dangers that loom about in the shadows, though looked out the window with her own antennas completely lowered. "So that's why I never saw any other Aerials flying around... Why I was shot down..."


The sound of footsteps returned as Careen came back with the first aid supplies in tow. Careen carefully hid his concern as he didn't want to worry the young Femling. Deep down, the Bugatti had never repaired an Aerial's wing before, only having used to tend to his own injuries and Fate's if they ended up in a nasty skirmish with customers. He wasn't a genius at first aid but he only knew the basics, though he knew that Aerial anatomy was far different from a Grounder's. He noted to himself at how thin and fragile wings were. "Alright, I have th' first aid supplies, ready to get 'yer wing repaired, Nightblade?" The young Femling nodded as she slid off the battered sofa, limping up to him quickly. "Come on, I'll fix 'yer injury on m'ah berth." Fate got off the sofa as well, following the two into his Sire's quarters. As he got inside, he saw how Nightblade struggled to climb up onto his berth, finding it amusing until when Careen gave her a little help up.

"Alright, Nightblade I'll need 'ya to hold still when I begin repairin' 'yer wing, okay? I don't want to cause any injuries to 'ya when I'm tryin' to fix 'ya." There was a pause when the Femling gave him a nod. "Lay down, this should take a klik or two, or less dependin' on how well 'ya keep still while I fix th' injury." Fate came around the opposite side curiously, watching as his Sire began repairing Nightblade's wing the best that he could, noticing how Nightblade kept flinching slightly inbetween repairs, or even slightly squirmed despite trying her best not to squirm too much from the pain.

A short amount of time passed and Careen finished his work, relaxing as he put the soiled tools onto the side so that he could go clean them. "Alright, it's not th' best but I've tried since I'm no medic... But hopefully 'ya should be able to fly again without too much problems, since I'm gonna take 'ya home safely in th' morning. It's too dangerous to go out in the night." Sitting up, Nightblade looked over her wing curiously. Even if Careen wasn't a medic, her wing looked, or even felt good as new regardless. She then looked back to Careen again, giving him a nod. Her wing still stung from the procedure as they relocated themselves back into the main living room. Nightblade was then shortly afterwards distracted by Careen's question when she sat back down on the battered sofa. "Nightblade, so I know where I can get 'ya home safely, where exactly do 'ya live?"

Antennas perking at this, Nightblade replied quickly. "My home? It's in Cyber City, it's not too far from here, or at least from how I usually travel." Careen became shocked at this, even perhaps... Intimidated? Nightblade wasn't sure what was wrong with the Bugatti as she saw his coloured antennas lowering but noticed that Fate seemed like the same way. This was then starting to make her feel scared at the reaction they were flashing at her. "What did I do? D-Did I do something wrong?" She asked nervously, feeling scared that they were giving her the same look, causing her to curl up into a ball. They soon recovered, knowing it wasn't nice to stare as Careen cleared his vocal processor. "Sorry 'bout that, it's just... Well..." He wasn't sure how to explain it to the Femling, but he definitely kept his fear hidden as to not frighten Nightblade further. Should he perhaps find a spot nearby so she could just fly up and go back to them? He didn't want to risk the consequences of what the two main heads of the family would think, knowing their hatred for Grounders and Aquatics alike.

"What is it?" Asked Nightblade, worried that she might not be able to get back home.

"Ah, it's nothin'. Nothin' at all, I promise 'ya." Lied Careen as he quickly spoke up. "It's just... Shocking-- 'Fer both of us, since Cyber City's an incredibly expensive place to live in, most 'bots there avoid places like this small city. But anyways, I should get some recharge, it's pretty late already and I need to get up early to take 'ya home." The Bugatti was about to head on over to his quarters but stopped in his tracks as a thought struck his processor... Where would Nightblade recharge? He hadn't prepared for friendly guests as he seemed stumped on where she could recharge. Fate noticed this immediately, he stood forth as to break the silence.

"She could recharge in m'ah room, I guess I could just recharge with 'ya for th' night?"

Perking her antennas at this, Nightblade's antennas lowered, hesitating. "Are you really okay with that, Fate?"

"Yeah, Aerials need a proper berth to recharge on, an' th' sofa's not really good 'fer 'ya. We... Weren't really prepared 'fer guests, 'ya could say." The young Mechling bit his lip, not really sure what else he could say, but he knew that Nightblade would get too sore to fly if she didn't sleep on a berth. Then again his own was more constructed for a Grounder's, not wide enough for an Aerial but since she seemed pretty small, it was possible that she could still fit nicely without her wings getting too sore, maybe her tips would feel a little sore, but not all that much hopefully. He watched as Nightblade's attention turned to their holo clock, which it wasn't all that late out yet, and her attention soon turned back to him again, confused as to why she then suddenly seemed happy.

"Could we play a game together? It's not too late." She asked him with a small fanged smile.

Fate didn't answer right away, glancing at the holo clock as well. The night was indeed still young but he still had a job to do. Biting his lip, he then nodded. "Sure but can it wait? I still have to finish sortin' out stuff for m'ah Sire's shop. When I first saw 'ya got shot down, I didn't finish unpacking the stuff we got in th' mail." At his words, Nightblade nodded as she watched the Mechling head back downstairs. While she was waiting, what could she just do? Becoming curious, Nightblade hopped off the sofa as she began to explore the place, though didn't enter any rooms as she remained in the living room, but simply peeked through rooms that were left open, while ignoring closed off rooms and the likes. 'I think I now know why some 'bots are uneasy in... Places they're not used to...' She thought to herself, having grown more and more uncomfortable being in such a poor environment, but kept it to herself regardless, not wanting to be a rude house guest. Nightblade began to wonder if this is how many would feel being in such a fancy high quality environment, like her family clan's skyscraper. The young Aerial Femling had found that most of the rooms she peeked at were also very small and cramped, unlike the more large and spacey environments she had grown used to almost all her life. Compared to what she's seen, it seems like the living room's space was sufficient enough for her to move around freely without her wings being in the way.

It wasn't long before Fate came back upstairs. Nightblade's antennas immediately perked when she saw him come back upstairs with the crate in tow. "Let me just put this away an' we'll play a game." He told her, disappearing momentarily into one of the rooms to put said crate away, then came back out with something in his servo. "Um... Dad an' I don't have a lot of games, but I hope 'ya might like this one. It's called chess." He then gestured her to follow into the rec room where there was a nice big table for them to sit at. "Sit on th' opposite side of me, I'll get the game ready." Doing as told, Nightblade climbed up in the chair on the other side, and just as Fate sat down, putting the game down in the center of the table. "Fate?" The little Lamborghini's attention turned to Nightblade before he could set up the game, seeing how Nightblade isn't exactly tall enough for the table made him snicker silently a bit, yet at the same time felt bad as he couldn't really see the Femling, save for a little bit of her helmet. 'She's really small... I better find something for her to sit on.' He thought, thinking for a moment before getting off and looking for something that could help.

Squirming in the chair a bit until she was on her knees, Nightblade silently mumbled to herself silently, irritated about how she hated being so small. Her reddish orange optics were then glued to the slightly open game, which appeared to be a game she's never even seen before. Footsteps soon filled her audio receptors when Fate returned with something, gesturing her to get off. "Here, I'm gonna put this on th' chair so you can see an' reach better." Nightblade felt bad that because of her height, she found herself becoming a terrible house guest with how small she was despite it wasn't her fault that she was unusually smaller than normal. Being sparked of a runt, life was often difficult for her, even though her younger twin sister Sunblade never really found it a problem, Nightblade was self-conscious about her own height, wishing she was just an average sized Femling instead of being sparked smaller than normal.

She hated her small size.


Jolting out of her ranting thoughts, her antennas perked upon seeing Fate having returned with a small crate. "Here, 'ya can sit on this, it's sturdy enough to hold 'yer weight." Nightblade then got off, letting Fate set it down, when he gave her the okay to sit back down, she climbed up without any issue, sitting comfortably on top of the crate, now she could see better. Satisfied with this, Fate went back to his seat again as he began setting up the game. He noticed that Nightblade was watching with genuine curiosity, which was a little strange to him but once it was set up, he then spoke. "Do 'ya want me to go first, or do 'ya wanna go first?" Biting her lip slightly, Nightblade lowered her antennas, looking at Fate, not sure how she could answer as this was a kind of game she's never seen nor played before.

"Um... How do you play?"

Antennas flicking slightly, Fate felt guilty that he had forgotten that this specific game was foreign, and not something that could be bought out of most stores in Cybertron. "Sorry, I forgot that this is a foreign game. Let me go over th' rules an' explain how this game is played..." Fate began explaining every detail of the game of chess as much as possible, though observing Nightblade's expressions, she looked like she was understanding well, taking every single word in and soaking it up. As he finished explaining, Nightblade gave a nod as she was ready to begin. "Since this is 'yer first time playin' this game, I'll let 'ya go first." Sometime later, round after round as time passed. Fate was amazed that after explaining the rules of how chess worked, she was rather good at it for her first time playing the game. The two younglings had been tied multiple times, and that streak had never been broken throughout the whole time. After one round had been finally completed, still remaining at a tie, Nightblade began to yawn tiredly, which Fate relaxed back in his chair.

"We should get some recharge, 'yer gettin' pretty tired." He told her.

"Yeah..." Nightblade groggily replied, slowly sliding off of the chair, though slightly stumbling as she nearly lost her footing. Fate quickly yet neatly put away the chess game back into the box, then helped Nightblade to his little quarters as he could see her starting to stumble, just about ready to pass out on the floor. Once she was all snugged up in the berth, Fate silently took his leave, first going to put the game back where he last found it, then join his sire in recharging. Deep down, he felt happy to have a guest, even though it was in the form of a small little Femling that he brought in to get repairs. It might be a once in a lifetime chance that Primus might've given him but he wouldn't forget that he had finally met a friendly faceplate instead of a hostile one.


It was morning and Nightblade had slowly woken up a bit early, something that her own creators had forced her to do as it was part of being the future matriarch of her family's clan. With a long yawn, she began to scoot off of the berth, moving back into the living room as she sat down on the sofa, remaining there as she was trying to wake up. When a bit of time had passed, she slid off to see if Fate or Careen was awake, but still found them still recharging... Or at least until when Careen began to shift, then sat up as he was now awake. The Bugatti stretched as he yawned, seeming to stare out into space until when his golden optic spotted slight movement at the door. "Mornin' Nightblade. Did 'ya recharge okay?" He was met with a silent nod as a response, carefully scooting away from Fate, who was still recharging as he silently got up, ready to get himself some energon. Nightblade backed up out of Careen's way when he was coming out, then followed him into the rec room as she was also in need of refueling. The old Mech watched as he found it adorable that Nightblade was trying to get herself a cube of energon, yet at the same time feeling bad that she couldn't quite reach, so he helped her get a cube, to which she thanked rather politely as she began to take a sip, though scrunching her face in disgust a bit, which Careen frowned.

"Sorry if th' energon's not really that great, Nightblade." He apologized. "We try to get th' best that we could afford, but getting more filtered energon here is more expensive which is quite unfortunate..." He sighed, mentally hoping that Nightblade doesn't get sick when she gets back into the safety of her home. He glanced at the holo clock, it wasn't going to be until a few joors until he had to open shop, but his pain priority first was to get Nightblade back home before he had to open up. If he kept her longer here in New Kaon, many shady 'bots would begin to eventually catch wind of the young Aerial Femling. Everything would quickly stat falling into the deepest pits of Unicron's realm mercilessly. He shuddered at what would've happened if it came true, but he was determined to not let that happen.

Having finished her cube, Nightblade tried to put it back but was unable to since she was smaller. Careen had already finished his cube as he helped put hers away while he put his own away. He then heard silent footsteps, similar to Nightblade's but just a tad bit heavier. "Mornin' Fate." Grinned Careen.

"Mornin' Dad." Yawned Fate as he rubbed his optics, trying to wake himself up completely as he idly went over to get himself some energon, reaching the dispenser and getting his cube without any problems.

"We'll have to get ready soon, we're goin' to Cyber City to drop off Nightblade back to where she lives. it's too dangerous to just let her fly back on her own as it's possible she'll get shot down again unless she's out of New Kaon safely." At his Sire's words, Fate frowned, he wasn't too big of a fan of crowds as he was not used to such a thing. Normally he would back out of most things his Sire would go, but knowing how far Cyber City was... He felt he had no choice. The young Mechling nodded reluctantly.

As they refueled and gave themselves a bit more time to wake up properly, they were already beginning to leave as Nightblade kept close to Fate and Careen. The Bugatti locking up his shop and enabling the security. Once everything was secure, Careen gave himself space and transformed despite grunting a bit at some clicking noises that occurred in his joints, which meant that he never really had much of a chance to shift to his alt mode all that much due to how he always kept focusing on both caring for his creation and attending to the weapon shop. "Hop on m'ah back, Nightblade." He told her, the Femling briefly distracted from seeing Fate also transforming. "I can't risk 'ya flyin' until we're out of New Kaon, okay?" The Femling gave a nod, climbing up onto the Bugatti's back as her clawed digits dug slightly into his roof. The sharp digits impaling into his roof hurt, but there wasn't much that Careen could do, there was nothing for her to hold unfortunately... Despite his spoiler would support her back a bit.

The drive was quite long, and Careen himself could sense Fate becoming uneasy going through cities that were a lot more popular than where they lived. It also was slightly uncomfortable for him, but knew that these 'bots were nothing like the ones in New Kaon at least. Traffic had often stunned the approximate time they were getting closer to Nightblade's home, but at least when they were well enough away from New Kaon, Nightblade was able to take to the skies. "Your roof..." Fate Frowned as Careen chuckled slightly. "I'll be fine, son. There wasn't anythin' 'fer her to hold onto, so there wasn't much else I could do to help her feel comfortable." When Nightblade had let go and taken to the skies, the puncture wounds left by her clawed servos had slightly began to leak energon, but it wasn't too bad. Careen would often glance his visuals to the skies, making sure Nightblade was near as she seemed to fly rather low to stay close to his side, which often meant that a few Grounders were uneasy that it was possible she might fall, so he had to gently tell her to ascend higher as she was making others nervous. When they got to Cyber City, both he and Fate were completely amazed. While they've seen holo pictures and recordings of Cyber City, seeing the beautiful large city with their own optics was a whole new experience to them.

The city was extremely beautiful when one saw the place for themselves.

To Fate, it was also slightly intimidating how there were swarms of 'bots all over the place wherever he looked, and even the skies were filled with many various Aerials.

When Nightblade told him and Careen that they were close, they decided to find a place suitable to transform out of their alt modes and resume taking her by foot. The young Femling was a bit sad that she had to head back home, but at the same time she didn't want her creators and her sister worrying. Though it might be possible she had supposedly 'disappeared' when she couldn't get home safely that night. As she stopped, Careen asked her if something was wrong, but when his gaze followed hers, up to a fancy looking skyscraper, he felt slightly intimidated by it. This was her home? It looked like it could be a skyscraper that was owned by a business company or something, but seeing the symbol displayed of a sun united with a crescent moon was enough to confirm him somewhat.

"I have to fly there on my own now, if you two were to get close, the guards might want to hurt you... They... Don't like Grounders and Aquatics alike since they find them as 'filthy 'bots'..." Frowned Nightblade when she turned to face them, though gave a small smile. "Thank you for helping me Fate, and Careen."

"It's alright. Long as 'yer home safely, it's enough 'fer me. Try not to wander off into cities that aren't as bright as Cyber City, alright?"

Nodding, Nightblade was about to take off, but stopped as she looked to Fate. "I hope we'll meet again in the future, Fate. It was fun to play with someone even though a lot of stuff was still new to me." She told him, then took off towards the skyscraper after Fate gave a silent nod. Careen and Fate watched for a bit longer as Nightblade was going further away from them, at least making sure that nothing happened. The Bugatti then spoke up.

"Ready to head home, Fate?"


Turning around, the two made their way back towards a spot where they could transform and safely enter the roads. Before Fate could transform, he turned to look back at the skyscraper again for a few moments, then heard his Sire call for him, quickly joining him by his side as he transformed.

It was nice to befriend a friendly faceplate, and play with them.
A small thing in the story was brainfarted since I was running out of ideas and needed something.


Careen: TF oc: careen by ForgottenHope547

Fate: Tfp oc: Fate (updated) by ForgottenHope547

Nightblade: Nightblade (OC) by Mediziner

Fate & Careen © :iconforgottenhope547:
Nightblade & Literature Art © :iconmediziner:
Transformers © Hasbro
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