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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Fate & Nightblade
Secondary Characters: Aileron, Generics
Genre: Romance/Drama

Mediziner's Notes: A piece that motivated me that I got from a horrible, horrible nightmare and needed to write this to distract myself and get the stress of it off... I really don't feel like going into details but all I can say was that I was just so scared that it was enough to make me very sick and cause my health issues to act up... OTL But I've decided to do a sort of... Weakness writing to sort of try and get it off of my mind... I just... I just wished that nightmare never existed, I'm just so frickin scared from it that I sometimes get these random outbursts... OTL And I'm making up some names for some characters and they're not meant to be related to anyone's OCs whatsoever should any exist with the names listed in the story, just a warning here before anyone starts lashing at me...

This isn't a good piece of mine since you guys would probably see some of the things I've written look a little off or wonky... Which it's this Medic trying to keep from losing himself and breaking down... I was also listening to some soothing ambient/yoga music to help me calm my nerves added with a few relaxing songs/video game songs I like. ...And I'll write part 2 next time when I get motivation but I did write a little on the 2nd part but not a whole lot...



Coming to this fancy party that Nightblade had been invited to by a couple professional racers felt like a grand honour, at least in Fate's opinion. He was rather happy to come himself, despite he felt a bit awkward in being such a place meant for only the wealthiest of 'bots as he had gotten to meet and talk to a few 'bots he's known from the few races he and his Sire, Careen had gone to a few times long ago. Fate knew that this was the kind of thing both Nightblade and her sisters had lived with their entire lives. Soon, he started to think to himself... On how different he and Nightblade were as a sad smile slowly formed. It was not that he was unhappy but... He felt like he didn't belong in such a place. He did not doubt his bonding to Nightblade but at times it had bothered him to how different they were from each other... Having lived in two separate worlds. Being in such a rich place, even though he had been together with Nightblade for many stellar cycles, was something he would probably never get used to completely. He did not dare to think about what would things be like if they swapped places or if they lived in an average life, neither poor or rich.

'I feel like I owe 'er so much...' He thought to himself, optics shifting towards Nightblade, then faintly chuckled to himself as he walked over towards the tall, glass windows with a drink of energon wine in tow. He continued to absorb himself in his thoughts, while commenting on how beautiful the stars were tonight. 'I need t' properly thank 'er... Fer everythin'...'

"Enjoying the party?" Almost nearly choking on his drink at being suddenly addressed, Fate turned around and was face to face with one of his favourite racers. "Fate, right? Nightblade back there told me that you were one of my fans. You're quite the lucky Mech to have bonded to a beautiful Aerial." The racer offered his servo to shake, which Fate responded as the two shook servos with a nod.

"Y-Yeah... I was one of your fans... You're Scorchmark, aren't you? I used to come to some of your races whenever my Sire could save up the credits... Heh..." Fate felt awkward at the Mech's words yet also flattered, he had never met one of his favourite racers up close as this was a first for him as he was losing the words to really speak, he had only seen Scorchmark and a few other racers he's been a fan of from afar. Though the thought of the racer commenting on him being with Nightblade had made him want to speak to his bondmate later after the party. Scorchmark seemed to beam at how one of his longtime fans had remembered him and was still a big fan of him as he grinned widely.

"You got that right, though I've retired a long time ago. Racing can be a dangerous gamble when you've decided to settle down with the love of your life." Replied Scorchmark, as he continued which Fate was astonished. He had known Scorchmark to not be the settling type as he was always on the move as due to the designation he had lived up to. "Hey, are you a fan of Trailglaze?" The Mech asked Fate, and he watched as his fan's optics had widened at the familiar designation. "Yep, she's my bondmate. We were still racing together until when she was carrying, and we both retired from there to live normal lives." Scorchmark turned to look out the window, staring at the skies, a frown surfacing as he looked to his own glass of energon wine. "It's a shame nowadays..."

"What do you mean?" Fate turned his focus on the window again, keeping his usual slang concealed as he listened silently.

"Some racers you might know, some of them had, like me, started families once they bonded with their loved ones. However, while some of them had retired to settle down, some chose not to retire and continue their career. Some were young and foolish enough to not know that racing is a gamble... You either make it to the end alive, or end up in a horrible accident where you might be deactivated." Scorchmark sighed as he began explaining some of the racers that had lost their lives, and Fate had recognized some of the names, immediately frowning as he couldn't believe it. "I had tried to warn them of the consequences with the choices they're making but... They did not listen. Some even had resorted to showing off whenever the camera drones would focus on them." The two remained in silence, then Scorchmark changed topic as he smiled. "But, let's not dwell in the past. Fate, what do you work as?"

The question took Fate by surprise and wasn't sure how to answer. He bit his lip as his profession was more or less a secret and did not want anyone else to know. 'Well frag...' He cursed to himself, antennas slightly lowering half-way as he tried to think of a little lie. Fate was not one for lying but such things were not appropriate to say around others. "I err... Was mostly an... Assistant mechanic...?" He replied slowly, hoping that the racer would take in his words. It wasn't too much of a lie which made him feel a bit relaxed at remembering how he used to help his Sire with a old rundown ship they owned. "I wasn't really too good though... Just apprentice skilled."

Scorchmarked listened as he grinned. "You're a lucky one, Fate. I don't know how you got together with Nightblade, but it shows that regardless of the two worlds you two lived, not even love could be blocked by such obstacles. Some of the retired racers who are still around have also bonded with those that lived normal lives with no statuses... Even though the paparazzis and media often harassed them after learning about them having lovers."

Fate knew about these things, which also meant that sometimes the other half often can't handle such invasive 'bots due to their partners being so famous. He knew that Nightblade often got attention due to her family's fame, but she was more of a private Femme compared to whoever was the current Matriarch and Patriarch of her family's clan. Though such a status was not enough to waver the Mech, not even by a little bit. He loved Nightblade with all his spark, and he was not going to let anything break them apart from each other.

Distracted from his thoughts, he looked down to his energon wine with a seemingly loving smile. Which Scorchmark caught as he chuckled.

"You're thinking about her, aren't you?"

Snapped back to reality as his antennas had perked up completely, Fate went red in the faceplates as he looked away as he tried to find his words but was still left in a stuttering mess, nearly dropping the glass of his energon wine.

At the reaction the former racer expected, Scorchmark let out a laugh. "No no, don't be ashamed. To show that you're devoted to the love of your life is very good. I can definitely tell that nothing would stop you two from being apart from each other." He grinned, this Mech was becoming one of his favourite fans as he's brightened up his night as he downed the rest of his energon wine. "Well, I better go see some of my friends, they're looking for me. Enjoy the rest of your night."

"Thanks, you too." Fate watched as Scorchmark left as he focused his gaze back to the beautiful night sky, finding calming peace within it as he smirked upon sensing a special someone who was approaching him from behind. He pretended to not notice as to not spoil the little fun he assumed was going to sneak up behind him. As Nightblade came around into view, he smirked. "Well, 'ya got me." He purred lovingly to her, though kept his voice quiet so that only she could hear. He looked behind him briefly before focusing to his bondmate again. "Hey Nightblade? Next time, I'll take 'ya out on a more real date. I think I'd prefer spendin' time alone with 'ya than mingle with a party. I'm not sayin' th' party's bad, it's great an' I'm happy to have met one of m'ah favourite racers but..." The Lamborghini slowly wrapped his arms around Nightblade lovingly, minding her wings. "Nothin' beats bein' alone with just th' two of us."

"Ah, sorry if this had to be in the way..." Came the quiet reply.

"N-No, not at all. I don't mind one bit. As long as 'yer happy, I'm happy too." He was about to move in for a kiss, when the sounds of an alarm and panicked 'bots assaulted his audio receptors, the two quickly separating from each other.

"Fire! There's a fire!" One guest cried out, and at the word, Fate froze on the spot as fire suddenly spread throughout the area as everyone scrambled to evacuate. Nightblade had known Fate's fear of fire and she tried to drag him with her, but he was remaining there like a statue, frozen in fear.

"Fate... Fate, let's get out of here before the burning fire takes us with it!" Called out Nightblade, fear surging through her frame as she tried to get Fate moving, but it was no use. Not wanting to leave her bondmate behind, she went to go get help, breaking through the glass as the exit had been blocked. She had no time to waste, she had to find help.

It was just a short flight as she made it towards where the others gathered, Nightblade tried to get firefighters to help Fate who was trapped, but they were occupied with putting out the fire and saving those trapped. Distressed, Nightblade wanted to fly back and help but she had been grabbed by an Aerial firefighter. "No ma'am, we're working as hard as we can to rescue everyone we find, I'm afraid you'll have to stay here." Alarmed at this, Nightblade tried to get herself free but others had to come and keep her from running back into the danger. This however had gone unnoticed as Scorchmark noticed the Aerial Femme being distressed.

'She's distressed about something...? It can't be because the flames are getting intense... Unless...' Thought Scorchmark, completely concerned as there might be others still trapped as well. He knew what he had to do as he sighed. 'I haven't raced in a very long time, I hope I'm still agile.' The former racer gave himself a moment to relax, then in the blink of an optic, he was gone saved for a small trail of fire that was left behind, and eventually died out.

Nightblade could hear firefighters calling out to someone about that a civilian has sped into the flaming building which made her cease any form of resistant, then noticed that one by one, many 'bots were being saved... Some were burnt severely or only suffered minor burns. A few rescued 'bots were unconscious too, and it was without fail that Nightblade's medical instincts kicked in as she managed to slip free of the firefighters' grasps and quickly came to the aid of the gathered 'bots that were rescued. She worked quick to at least help stabilize some of the 'bots while others were being loaded into large ambulance transport ships meant to carry multiple injured 'bots. By the time she managed to attend to everyone and they've all left in the medical ships, Nightblade stood up and stared at the blazing building as she noticed someone was coming out, and soon spotted Scorchmark with Fate. Both were badly burned and by the time they got closer, she immediately attended to them with what little supplies she had remaining.

"I'll help take Fate on over to the hospital, you should come too." Scorchmark addressed Nightblade as the Femme nodded silently, her expressionless feature indifferent.


By the time Nightblade arrived, the medical officers had already begun treatment on both Fate and Scorchmark not too long after as they seemed to be the most severely injured from the fire, Nightblade had waited for them to finish up. Sitting next to her was a Femme with a few sparklings with her. Soon after, she heard familiar heavy steps and soon a familiar face came into view.

"I came here as soon as I can... Is Father alright?" Inquired Aileron as he went over and sat down next to his carrier.

"I... Don't know..." Nightblade was very worried as it's been joors since the doctors had begun their work and she has not heard anything. "I want to help Fate, but there's a lot of medical officers already working on him and Scorchmark, so I can't..."

"I hope he's okay... Wish I could've been there to prevent what 'appened. I shouldn't have turned away joining 'ya..." Aileron's gaze fell to the floor. The young Mech hadn't gone to the party as it just wasn't his thing, he never liked attending big fancy parties as he always felt out of place, added that in Velocitron, Triple Changers were just about almost just of a rare sight as Six Changers are in Cybertron. His gaze then shifted to his forearm, then to his Carrier. "Sorry, just... Never thought..."

"He will be fine, Aileron. I can sense that he is stable and the medical officers are performing well." Said Nightblade, trying to soothe her son's worries. She could see Aileron was still unsure of her word but never daring to say anything about it. "Let's return home, we can visit him tomorrow in the morning and we cannot stay here 24 joors as we both have work to attend to." Nightblade stood up as Aileron reluctantly followed suit, not wanting to leave the hospital. On the way back, Aileron had been slowing in his flight speed which caused Nightblade to follow suit. "Aileron... Please, I know it's difficult but Fate is strong. The injuries he's suffered will take him a few cyberweeks to recover... Maybe less to about a single cyberweek if he's healing well."

There was no immediate response, but Aileron was starting to pick up regular speed again, pulling himself out of cruising speed. "Okay... Sorry I'm just not really paying attention."

The two flew back to their home as the rest of the way had been silent.

Nightblade and Aileron spent some of their free time visiting Fate as he hadn't awaken from his unconsciousness. Nightblade knew herself that if Fate fell unconscious from having confronted his very fears, it would often take him a few cycles to recover. The Femme would sometimes whisper to him, telling her bondmate that Aileron had been distressed since the incident while other things were being said, such as reminiscing precious memories they shared together. The visiting would continue until when it was just about a cyberweek and a half, that Fate finally regained consciousness, but it was something neither Aileron or Nightblade had expected... Much to the latter's complete fear.

"Who... Are 'ya?"

The words echoed in Nightblade's processor as if being replayed over and over. She couldn't believe her own audio receptors but it was real... Fate had truly said those words. Uncomfortable of what to say, she slowly replied. "Fate... I'm Nightblade, remember? Your... Bondmate..."

A frown surfaced on Fate's faceplates followed by an optic ridge rising as if he couldn't believe Nightblade's words, as if this was a completely new thing. "I don't remember being bonded t' anyone." This time Aileron tried to help, but even his own response was fruitless. "F-Father... You really don't remember?"

Turning his gaze to Aileron, he shook his head. "Am I supposed t' believe such a thing? And don't call me 'Father', and m'name's Fate." He then proceeded to try and get up, but his frame ached from the burns as he collapsed to the floor. Nightblade was immediately by his side, but he shrugged her away. "There are consequences if 'ya don't get away from me, Femme." Warned Fate in his rather threatening assassin tone which was enough to propel Nightblade away, as if she were hit by an invisible force field. This was enough to shatter her expressionless feature... Not very much but it was rather visible. Getting up, Nightblade left the room in a hurry to which Aileron watched in horror.

"D-... Fate, why'd 'ya say that!?" Aileron spluttered in disbelief, spark broken at having witnessed the entire scene.

"I hate repeating m'ahself, Triple Changer." Fate weakly stood, though wincing from the pain as he staggered slightly, his expression cold and irritated as he transformed an arm into a blaster. "I don't remember having a bondmate nor an offspring. Now leave before I shoot..." Aileron stood stern, he wasn't going to let amnesia beat him. The two stood in silence, but approaching footsteps was enough to make Fate conceal his weapon as he backed away, then slipped and collapsed, just as the medical officer came in. Aileron was quick to put up his servos as he did nothing to make Fate stand up as he did so on his own. Fate though was becoming more aggressive as he needed to get out of here...

Away from civilians...

"What's the meaning of this, Fate?" The medical officer asked, concerned.

"He's lost his memory..." Replied Aileron, to which Fate narrowed his optics.

"I did not 'lose' m'ah memory, Triple Changer..." Despite his injuries, Fate was not going to let them stop him as he began to break into a sprint, despite it was slightly off, he had been trained for these kinds of things, to be able to run regardless of his severe injuries. Feeling even more spark broken, Aileron wasn't sure what to do other than leave and find his Carrier, knowing she needed the comfort more than anything right now. The medical officer was completely shocked, not having suspected the amnesic Mech to have gone off in such a hurry. Aileron excused himself as he had to go, the Triple Changer wasting no time in finding his carrier's location. Aileron was completely crushed, having never seen Nightblade having completely broken out of her expressionless and silent feature... She was always so composed, never letting anything get to her nor would it be enough to break her expressionless trademark. It was all so... Unusual for Aileron.

He hoped that losing memories was not a permanent thing.

(To be continued.)
Meh... I still feel like crap...


Fate: Tfp oc: Fate (updated) by ForgottenHope547

Aileron: Adult Aileron (OC) by Mediziner

Nightblade: Nightblade (OC) by Mediziner

Fate © :iconforgottenhope547:
Aileron © :iconmediziner: & :iconforgottenhope547:
Nightblade & Literature Art © :iconmediziner:
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