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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Fate & Nightblade
Secondary Characters: Aileron, Generics
Genre: Romance/Drama

Mediziner's Notes: Part two of "From Fear to Loss". It's not really all that great since I've felt better from when I wrote Part 1 but I tried... + I wanted to try my attempt at a two-shot which I felt this one wasn't done any justice compared to the 1st one. Ehh, I'm not all too happy with it + I sorta cheesed it a bit with this story... As well as I had intended to finish this but felt it probably was more suitable enough for my forever OTP Fate x Nightblade's 3rd anniversary of when they were first paired together though I felt even worse that I definitely did not do these two justice, but what I had fun the most with this piece was making Fate his usual badass assassin self while he had lost his memory. I really should try to make chars more in their elemental instead of just writing mush. Might probably try planning on doing ATs with friends or probably take requests from them to help me a bit. Keep in mind that I know that this thing is not perfect, as I am merely a hobbyist, not a professional. I like writing as a fun thing, even if many would glare at me for saying such things... But yeah, very fun with this piece albeit I feel like I skewered it horribly while pleased with some parts... *Cough.* I don't know how amnesia works, never experienced it nor had anyone experienced it before, so oops... ^^; I feel like it's a tad bit cheesy or cliche in some parts... Bleh...

Despite it was quite fun to write this 2nd page to the 1st one, I still feel like I haven't done this piece justice at all... Also if you're reading this, and you haven't seen part 1, you might want to backtrack first if you want to understand this better. My first time at a two-shot since I don't want to make this any longer aaaaaand I suck at endings just as I suck at beginnings.



(Continued from Part 1)

It had been many lunar cycles since the incident from before. Nightblade had managed to get over from before but Aileron knew she hadn't gotten over it completely. Everytime she sometimes saw Fate whenever she went out to purchase necessary things, it was as if everything just crashed down altogether and was left unsure of what to do... Either to speak, flee, or just move along and pretend he wasn't even there. Fate had made no moves to approach or even talk to her, only look at her for a moment as if she were just a mere stranger then turn away and move on once he lost interest. For Aileron, it tore his spark into pieces to see his Carrier like this as he knew she was clearly hurting but never showed it. He knew how stubborn Nightblade was when it came to expressing that there was a problem. He glanced at the holo-clock, knowing that it was time for her to work as he tiredly got up from his seat, quietly making his way over to Nightblade's quarters, giving the door a few good knocks. "Mother, 'ya awake?" He called, waiting for an answer... But no answer came. Feeling worried, Aileron then spoke again after waiting a couple more astroseconds. "I'm comin' in." He reached for a button on the side, making the doors slide open to a hiss. The Triple Changer hadn't needed to look for Nightblade as she was sitting on the edge of her berth, eerily still as if she weren't moving... And seemingly staring down at the floor.

Antennas lowering at this, Aileron did not say a thing, other than he went over to her and sat down beside her. "I know it's hard... But..." He wasn't sure what to say, the young Mech at a complete loss for words.

"I know..." Nightblade spoke, looking to her son with a small weak smile. "I should prepare for work, I'll be ready in a few kliks." The small Femme kept away from the topic, not wanting to speak of it as she disappeared into the washroom to get ready. Aileron watched her, then thought to himself for a moment as he decided to take his chance, getting up as he spoke.

"Mother, do 'ya want to spend time flyin' tonight after work? I haven't been in th' air much lately, thought I'd spend time with 'ya." He figured perhaps this was a good way to help ease her pain, even if it meant a small amount but it was also him wanting to spend time with his Carrier, feeling like he hasn't really spent much time with her as he often hung around his Sire. "I-If 'ya don't want, it's okay... But 'ya should get some time in th' air after work too, I haven't seen 'ya flyin' around much and it's not healthy... 'Ya can give me a call, so I'm going to head on out to check a few places." After saying what needed to be said, Aileron left the room quietly and out into the skies. A part of him felt unsure if he should go, but he trusted her to be strong even if he knew she still needed time to recover. Reluctantly, he took his leave.

Nightblade sighed quietly to herself, hearing the sounds of a vehicle driving off into the distance. The Femme Seeker knew she couldn't remain like this forever, and she had needed to be strong. Not only had it effected her job performance, but to see the sparkbroken look on Aileron many times was enough to help motivate herself back up onto her feet. She reminded herself that amnesia was just a temporarily thing and not something that would remain forever but take a very slow amount of time to recover... She was fine with this. 'He would've wanted me to be strong for him...' She thought, looking at herself in the mirror. 'I can't keep doing this... I'm a medical officer, a place I've longed for and worked hard to get to where I am now for many stellar cycles... I can't just let myself stay like this.' Heavily sighing, Nightblade prepared herself for work in no time with a small quick buff then left towards the direction of her job.


'Where th' hell is m'ah ship!?' Growled Fate in his thoughts, having wandered all over Delta City and a few other nearby cities looking for the only thing that was left of him and his Sire. Everywhere he went, he couldn't find his beloved ship, not even the many shipyards he found had it. At the same time, he had no way of knowing if either Autobots or, primarily, Decepticons needed him for his line of work to remove someone permanently. Everything he had was gone, but why? Optics narrowing, he was even more infuriated as he remembered that one Femme he woke up back then in the hospital... Maybe she was responsible for committing such actions, but where was the proof? 'Complicated an' clever... But one cannot simply outsmart an Assassin 'fer long...' Despite what he said, it still didn't clear up the fact that he hadn't seen his ship nor a mostly important item of his: His beloved GrandSire's Sniper Rifle.

Not in gun shops nor displayed in museums, Fate couldn't believe that his old equipment was nowhere to be found wherever he searched... Just what exactly was an Assassin without their proper gear? 'I swear to Primus if I can't find m'ah stuff, there's going to be somebody marked on m'ah assassination list...' The Assassin balled his servos into fists, but soon afterwards relaxed. He continued on his search, keeping to the shadows as the night of the evening aided him in being more difficult to be seen, dimming his glows to further help better camouflage himself with the surrounding darkness. Fate was very light and nimble on his feet, whomever he passed without being seen, he was always left unheard as if only a mere breeze of the caressing cold wind. Fate never liked how nights were often cold, but it didn't stop him from doing what he trained himself to do. The Lamborghini resorted to secret gangs at some point when his search had become evident that he was getting nowhere. He needed to earn himself credits to keep himself going by selling his talented skill as an Assassin. Living on the poor road was no stranger to him, as he remembered the life he lived in when he was a young Mechling.

He sold his talented skills as an Assassin to many secret known gangs, and had been equipped with one of the most best weapons they had managed to acquire. Wherever the gear he had received, Fate did not question but merely did as was told, assassinating many of his assigned targets flawlessly while remaining undetected. Many targets he had taken the lives of were either well known 'bots or mere gang leaders, and Fate soon landed himself within an organization that paid him far better than any other places he's worked for. As long as Fate had source of income, nothing really mattered to him other than doing what he did to survive and avoid becoming too low on fuel. A condition had been placed on his helm however, that if he failed to assassinate the target and they managed to get away, the organization would punish him harshly for his failures and warned him to never let them escape again once they determined their next location. Fate knew that if he failed an assassination about twice on the same target, it would mean he would be hunted down until he was deactivated.

Having been allowed a break from a recent assassination, Fate had been spending most of his time going out for a walk then followed by one of the small cafes enjoying a cube or two. Clubs weren't for the Mech, as he was not a fan of large crowds as cafes were better for him, not too many 'bots crowding the places at night all that much which made him more of a happy Mech. He had caught a few Femmes' attention sometimes wherever he goes, but ignored it as he refused to get close to anyone as most jobs come with consequences... His job as an assassin being one of them. After finishing, he left the amount of credits needed to pay for his cubes on the table before departing from the cafe and resumed his walk. What Fate hadn't really had the time to take in was how beautiful Delta City was altogether, the place being so high tech, probably even more higher tech than Cybertron... Or at least it seemed like so because of how peaceful the planet had been all these stellar cycles. He hadn't really properly looked at the last time he came here as a young Mechling with his sire. The beauty of Velocitron's capital city made him feel content, a small smile surfacing on his faceplates. 'Hmm... Was Delta City th' same when I first came here as a young Mechling or had it changed since I last came here? Maybe I'll look up it's history...' He thought idly.

His train of thought did not last for long, for the sound of devious laughter nearby rang in his audio receptors.

Curious, Fate kept to the darkness, blending in as he located the source of the voices deep in an alleyway, listening in silently. "Heh, how much do you think this specific trinket would cost us? This was a nice catch from today's subspace pickpocket compared to the other things we've stolen." As Fate watched what they were showing, it was then that the item they held somehow triggered memories upon sight of it... Memories that he didn't specifically understand nor remembered, and why did they involve Nightblade in the midst of the memories? 'Maybe that's... What the frag was that just now?' He thought with a slight shake of his helm, though not really surprised if she seemed that foolish to really lose such a thing. The Lamborghini was confused, what exactly did those memories mean? Why him? Somehow, he felt that he should steal it from them... Get it back. He couldn't understand why, but something was telling him to steal it from them.

"Who knows, the material is rare and rich... We'd make a ton of credits off this beauty for sure even if it's just a small little thing. Think of how much we could make off of this!? We'd be a large step closer to being kings of riches!" The other Mech grinned excitedly, laughing rather hysterically as they licked their glossa hungrily, wanting their servos on the credits.

'Hmph, should th' both of 'ya have been on m'ah assassination list, this would've been quick an' easy... But I ain't feelin' in th' mood to spill life force, not right now.' Fate couldn't believe he was doing this, but waited for the opportunity to pickpocket back the item. The Mech hadn't really done a lot of pickpocketing in his life, nor would he claim that he's a master artist at it as it wasn't really something he would do. As he thought of the item and how much it would've weighed, it was possible that it might be just fairly light enough to help him avoid being noticed. 'I feel like a part of me's gonna regret it very quickly...' He frowned, watching as they began their move, and with the aid of the darkness, tailed them as silent as a glitch mouse while keeping his glows as dimmed down as possible while concealing his face with his mask. Multiple times have there been opportunities for him to quickly pickpocket but much to Fate's irritation, they always kept moving. He muttered to himself silently, more or less cursing to himself and repeatedly telling himself that he would never do something like this again and would rather prefer to assassinate targets than play a thieving game of pickpocket the target. During the tailing, he had thought of many other ways to make his job easier but after careful thinking, it also meant he would draw attention to himself. As he continued to tail the Mechs, he realised that they were leading him to a strange old warehouse, seemingly abandoned as indicated by its rickety appearance. Fate knew he had one last shot before they entered the building. He then eyed a nearby bright light, to which he quickly brought out his sniper rifle, and a silencer from subspace. He carefully fitted on the silencer and fired at the light, instantly blanketing the area with pitch black darkness.

"Hey, what happened?" One spoke, bringing out their blaster as it faintly glowed in the darkness, not enough to see what's in front or around them. "How am I supposed to know? The lights went out!" The other screeched silently. Now this was more of Fate's game, a smirk discreetly surfacing onto his faceplates as he made sure that his special silencers installed into his feet were on, as to avoid being heard. Before the Mechs could try anything or attempt to run, Fate sprinted forth, bringing a few quick brief blows to the Mechs. He was careful to avoid blaster shots that fired near him as to remain concealed in the darkness. No matter how much they tried, they couldn't see who their attacker was as they eventually began to retreat. Sprinting forth after them, Fate nimbly kicked away the one who didn't carry the trinket then swiftly tripped the other Mech. Front flipping in front of them, he landed a swift kick to the helm, enough to disorientate them for a bit as he quickly pickpockets the trinket, then disappears off without a trace left behind as the faint sounds of a frantic Mech telling their partner to get up and run.

"Success..." He spoke to himself in a quiet voice as he looked at the trinket. Upon closer look, it seemed to be just a plain boring thing but when he was just about to put it away, the trinket lit up, a small projectile revealing a small recording. 'Is th' voice... Me?' He thought bemusedly as it played a small recording of where he could see Nightblade, and hear his voice. Fate silently watched through it all until it finished, causing him to frown as he found it hard to believe he had been close to the one he now knew as Nightblade. 'I don't recall being this close to her... Assassins never build relationships as it's bad 'fer business.' He thought to himself with a snort, putting away the trinket in his subspace then proceeded to think of a way as to how he could find Nightblade.


Having finally finished her shift as she had been asked to work a little later than her usual time, Nightblade was exhausted. The night seemed like it would go on forever as she had lost track of time, she flinched slightly at the time, as it had been joors far past her time. Giving herself a few kliks to put everything she had on her desk away in organized files and then pack necessary ones in her sub space for later study reviews back at home, the aerial Femme then turned off her lights all the way, despite often keeping her office lights dim as bright lights were a major flaw to her, being unable to see in brightly lit areas. She then enabled her special visor and made her way out of the hospital. 'I wonder how's Aileron doing... Fate as well...' She thought to herself, using stairs heading down to the bottom floor as elevators weren't really her thing, having some sort of fear to them since she was a young Femling. After finally reaching the exit, she made her way onto the nearby landing pad. With the aid of her thrusters allowing her to jump high enough, she transformed and headed for home. Nightblade began to ascend, getting tired of the brightly lit city as she continued to fly higher and higher. The cool air at night felt so nice against her frame, mesmerizing even. Nightblade gave herself a few moments high in the skies, before picking up speed and flying as fast as she could.

The rushing breeze against her frame as she went faster was beyond exhilarating. Nightblade couldn't remember the last time she flew at her maximum mach speed as continued to gun her thrusters doing all sorts of things in the air, albeit not many fancy stunts as she never really liked doing those things nor were she good at them. The aerial Femme was different when it came to flying in the night skies, as if she were a completely different 'bot when she had a lot of adrenaline built up from her flights. She continued to ascend, descend, perform sharp turns, and even a few aileron rolls. Nightblade was becoming more and more excited as she flew, taking in the moments being in the skies with pure bliss and content. After a good few joors of flying, she soon began to tire and decided to return home just as Aileron called for her. The trip back home didn't take too long as she Transformed, landing on her home's landing pad. She was slightly shaking, still having a lot of excess adrenaline from her little moment in the skies. She gave herself a moment to relax until she made her way over towards home, but just before Nightblade entered her home, she felt someone harshly grab her wrist, pulling her back as she was also expertly twisted to face the one addressing her, colliding into their chest with a bit of a silent grunt.

Straightening herself, she looked to see that the one surprising her so sudden was Fate. But why? Nightblade's antennas lowered as she wanted to step back, but the firm grip on her wrist kept her from not really doing much.

As expected after waiting a few astroseconds, Fate saw that she didn't scream or cry for help, but instead just remained silent, staring at him with those reddish orange irisless optics as if patiently waiting for him to do something. Her expression was nothing like before, instead only an expressionless silent feature. "'Yer either brave or foolish that 'yer not screamin' for help." He commented, then brought out something from sub space with his free servo, then simply placed it in the Femme's servo, closing up her clawed digits then immediately let go as he backed up a few steps away from her but enough to remain in range of conversation. "On top of that, quit losin' 'yer things." Not needing to say anymore, Fate took his leave, scaling over the walls expertly and disappearing on the other side. Once he had gone, Nightblade looked to the item in her servos for a few moments, then pressed a small button that revealed a still hologram image of both her and Fate together. 'One cycle when you remember everything again... I'll be waiting for your return.' She thought to herself, turning it off as she headed on inside. Immediately, Aileron greeted her home with a hug though studied his carrier for a few moments, then seemed content as he let go.

"Had to stay a bit longer to work again?" He asked her, having glanced at the holo-clock.

Nightblade simply nodded, then looked up to her son. "Would you like to fly tomorrow night? I have a cycle off."

Grinning, Aileron nodded as he knelt down and gently pulled his carrier into a hug. "'Ya bet, I didn't do much flyin' around tonight, haven't been really in th' mood after a little bit since I'd rather fly with 'ya than by m'ahself." He replied, letting go as he stood up back to his full height again. He was just about to ask her a question until when the sound of two footsteps entered the room, to which it was none other than Tailcoat and his bondmate, Ebony. "Ah, welcome home Miss Nightblade." Greeted Tailcoat, giving a small bow as Ebony followed suit, doing the same. "Master Aileron requested we prepared some cubes, quite an almost accurate time he's calculated your arrival back home." The two then gave them their cubes, though Ebony was doing her best to hide her concerns about someone, which Aileron picked up on.

"Hey Ebony, is everythin' alright? 'Ya seem... Worried or uncomfortable about somethin'." He inquired her curiously.

"Well... If you don't mind me asking... Master Fate's been gone for some time now, did something happen to him?" She asked, feeling a little timid that it might've not been very wise to ask as she could see the expression shifting on not only Aileron but Nightblade as well, having ceased her movement completely. "I-I-It's okay, you two don't have to talk about it, I'm just a little concerned that he's been absent so sudden..." Tailcoat, knowing how this must have been a toll on Nightblade, sighed as he spoke to help ease Ebony's concern. "He might be perhaps visiting some friends of his, I'm sure Master Fate will return." Despite hating to lie, Tailcoat didn't want Ebony to know what exactly happened, as he had observed Nightblade's unusual silence and had kept noticed that Fate had been nowhere to be seen or heard of. He then stood up, seeing as everyone else had finished their cubes as he gathered them up. "I'll go put these away then I must retire for the night. Miss Nightblade, if you need someone to speak to, my door is always open." Said Tailcoat as he left the room with the cubes, while Ebony politely excused herself as she followed after Tailcoat, having wanted to ask him about something.

"We should recharge as well." Nightblade stood up as Aileron was concerned.

"'Ma, I'm sure Dad will remember us again, I just know it." He stood up as well, concerned for his carrier as she gave him a small yet slightly hinted sad smile.

"Of course..."


The next cycle, Fate was recharging most of the daytime away until when it was a little into the afternoon, his comm link sounded off, indicating that he was getting a call as he lazily woke up, answering it. "Yeah?" He rasped tiredly, trying to wake up more.

"Wake up, Fate." Began the mysterious Mech in a rather commanding tone. "I've got a new assassination target for you."

"Who's m'ah next target?" He asked, starting to feel more and more awake as he listened quietly.

"Check your datapad. I've sent you the details of the Femme you'll be assassinating." Doing as instructed, Fate onlined his datapad as he checked what he's been given. Pressing a button, he made it project a holoform so that he could see his target more clearly. For whom his target was, Fate couldn't believe his optics at whom he's seeing whom had been marked for deactivation.

'Nightblade...' He thought to himself, feeling uncertain about this.

"This Femme has very little detail as to why she had been marked for deactivation but we assume someone wants her out of the picture. She's been described as a very small and fast aerial who seemed to be irritatingly expressionless. As for if she's skilled, apparently it's been discovered she carries weapons but is no fighter so taking down this target should you fail to discreetly assassinate her should be no problem for you to make a swift kill. You'll need to find a way to break into her home late at night without being detected and assassinate her as it seems that she has a night off. Importantly, the target's place is well guarded and has tight security... But I'm sure you know very well that regardless of the tight security, it's the least of your worries." There was a brief pause, then they continued. "Take her out, Fate and in doing so, we'll reward you a large portion of the cut we get from our collected profit. She's apparently filthy rich, so we'll be simply taking her credits to help boost our cause." Fate slowly found himself not liking this all while asking himself why? He's only doing his job, and as an assassin, he doesn't need any friends. "Don't disappoint us, Fate. We'll be awaiting your report when she's assassinated." With that, the call had hung up before Fate could even ask any questions. He looked to the holographic picture of Nightblade again, then felt a memory wash over him as this surprised him upon seeing how Nightblade looked so distressed, in pain... Why? Reluctantly, he felt that before he could assassinate his target, he'd rattle some questions out of her first as he returned to recharge a bit more.

As nightfall fell on Velocitron, Fate woke up with a stretch, feeling a lot more alert and well rested than before. He gave himself a few kliks before preparing for his given mission, though hesitance kept washing over him constantly as he needed answers fast. Once he gathered the necessary things needed, he set off into the night. The trip to his destination took a few joors as her place was more on the opposite side of a specific section of the residential district, the city being just as big as Cyber City back on Cybertron. Standing in front of the gate as he took a moment to observe, the Lamborghini willed his visor on and scanned the area. Fate frowned as the security was indeed very tight, why would Nightblade need so much security? Was she some big star perhaps? Regardless, he needed to get in there no matter how tight security was, starting to go around the corner as he began scaling the high walls. Fate was surprised to find that there was no barrier should anyone have scaled the walls, though it made his job a little bit more easier. Carefully vaulting over to the other side, he did not get all the way down but instead just shifted over to a more safer spot where he could safely get down without triggering any alarms.

After carefully getting inside without making any noise, Fate carefully made his way up without being spotted by any of the others living in the household. Though each one he saw, they were strangely... Familiar to him despite not remembering meeting them. Shaking the thoughts aside, he focused on the task at hand, keeping to the shadows. Along the way, more memories kept flooding into his processor, he had so many questions to ask Nightblade once he's finally reached her all while he was hesitating more and more on having her assassinated. After having gone up to the top floor where she was, he remained quiet as he was about to crack the code to opening the door, but only for the door to slide open, Nightblade was there as he flinched backwards, instinctively getting a machete out and ready to attack if she made a sudden move. Nightblade herself wasn't moving an inch despite the tip of his machete was right at her neck wires. They remained in silence until Nightblade spoke, though quietly. "I know why you're here..." She began with a slight pause, then resumed. "You want questions answered before you assassinate me, is that right?"

"H-How'd 'ya--"

"Believe what you wish or not, we're bondmates... Through the bond, I've sensed you were coming."

Fate raised an optic ridge at this, though slowly eased his machete away from Nightblade and back into it's sheath. "Inside, I'd rather not leave my door open." At her very words, Fate entered without hesitation, as the door slid to a close behind him. The room was fairly dark, though he slowly started to remember a bit. He watched as Nightblade sat down on the edge of the berth, then expressionlessly looked to Fate. "Ask your questions, Fate. I will answer to the best that I can before you eliminate me..." Sensing the lingering sadness in the last part of her sentence, Fate felt a chilling guilt crawl down his spine. Not wanting to keep the silence, he began.

"First off... Why'd 'ya keep thinkin' that I'm 'yer bondmate? I don't... Remember... Meeting 'ya."

Nightblade didn't answer immediately, her antennas lowered at how to answer his question. She had the answer to it but what good would that do? He doesn't remember her at all, nor does he remember Aileron or anything else. With a silent sad sigh, Nightblade answered. "We met back on Earth when you crash landed... I helped you get to a safe place before you were seen by the dangers that the planet itself posed. These aren't your typical dangers though, these natives to the very planet had a lot of high tech dangers. I had been captured once before with another, someone who was once your friend, called Degrate." She observed Fate taking in this information, waiting patiently until when he seemed he wanted her to continue on, she did just that. "Degrate's insanity triggered off during when the humans had wanted to cut us apart... Or open... and nearly killed me, but you saved me... I can't quite remember why you two aren't friends anymore but... Overtime... The lunar cycles we spent together... How you've helped me get out of the sunlight that blinds me... And finally, we..." The Lamborghini listened carefully as he was strangely starting to remember those things, seemingly wanting to ask her something else but was caught off by her finishing her sentence as his optics widened.

"Accidentally kissed... When I put m'ah visor on 'ya t' help make things easier for 'ya to see..." He finished, surprised he remembered that. He saw Nightblade's expression shifting. Clearing his vocal processor, he had another question to ask. "Next, um... Who's th' Triple Changer who claimed I was his Sire...?"

"Aileron." She quickly replied, nervously seeing how he seemed... Disappointed? Surprised? She couldn't exactly tell. "He's our creation. We also have Spiralflare whom is our second creation, though I wish not to awaken her as she's recharging..." Thankfully she saw Fate understood, noting the slight nod he made. "Aileron... Looked up to you as his hero, always saying he wanted to just be like you..." She continued with a slight sad smile, as this seemed to trigger Fate a bit at this, feeling guilty for what he's done. "I think..." He whispered.


"I think... I have one more question..." He paused for a bit, seemingly hesitating but asked after a moment. "'Ya said I lost m'ah memory... What happened t' me? An'... I'm sorry I've caused 'ya harm..."

The question made Nightblade uncomfortable, she didn't want to remember that horrible incident. She wasn't sure if Fate retained his fear of fire when he lost his memories but knowing it was better to be honest completely regardless of the fear. She gave herself time to think, before speaking. "We were invited to a very special party by many of Velocitron's celebrities, mostly consisting of professional racers. Normally I never liked going to big parties but for a bit, you didn't want to go since you hated crowds since we did live different lives... Though I decided after thinking that because I'm not put on a leash by my creators like back then, I had decided to go all while this made you want to tag along." Nightblade briefly smiled at remembering it, though her smile eventually turned into a frown. "We had a great time at the party, until when a fire had started, and you froze right on the spot, I tried to get you to snap out of it and get going, but you wouldn't move... I-I flew out to get help and... Scorchmark brought you to safety but you had been unconscious. I've visited whenever I had the time off or if I--" Before she could finish, in the blink of an optic, she was suddenly brought into a hug, slightly dangling off the ground as she was rather short compared to the Lamborghini. The Mech had stood up to his full height after pulling her into a hug.

"Nightblade... I-I'm so sorry... I'm so very sorry I've caused 'ya so much pain..." He whispered into her audio receptor sadly.


"Y-Yes, I remember everythin' now... An' no..." He pulled away just enough to look into her optics with a teary smile, resting his crest upon hers. "I'm not going t' assassinate 'ya. How could I assassinate th' love of m'ah life?" Slowly, Nightblade brought a servo in which Fate instinctively nuzzled into it when it came close enough. However, their moment was interrupted when Fate had received a call, much to the Mech's annoyance as he listens briefly to whom was addressing him.

"You have been taking your time assassinating your designated target... I assumed you might have been caught and arrested." At this, Nightblade was alarmed at this and at instinct, Fate explained to her that it was a stupid mistake he's made when he lost his memory, then requested that she be quiet as he answered. "Nah, I'm here."

"Is the target assassinated?"

"No, an' I'm quittin'." Said Fate sternly.

"Quitting are we? You'll regret that you've quit the organization as we will hunt you down until you have been assassinated for your betrayal, mark our words." Came the cold response as the mysterious Mech's voice made Nightblade faintly shiver at this... They sent Fate to assassinate her? For whatever reason did she do to get on this mysterious organization's bad side? She listened quietly to the conversation as Fate was braving throughout the entire conversation, it made her smile that he was standing his ground no matter what kinds of dangers were thrown at him. A part of her did worry that whatever organization Fate landed himself into when he had his memories lost would cause everyone in the household to be targeted, but she kept strong about it. Nightblade had to be strong as well, and wasn't afraid to protect those she loved at Fate's side even if she wasn't a skilled fighter like him.

"...'Ya can send as many of 'yer assassins after me all 'ya want, but there'll be no way 'ya can assassinate me as easily as 'ya think." Smirked Fate, idly scribbling something down on a blank datapad as he kept the conversation going long enough, until deciding to hang up. With the comm link info written down, he'd turn the information in to the police force as he figured that they would have large bounties on their head the next time he headed out. 'All fair game, nothin' personal.' He thought deviously, reminding himself of other things he had been holding onto. He then turned to Nightblade, approaching her as he recalled a few things he had done, needing to come clean completely. "Nightblade I... I'm sorry 'fer roughly handlin' 'ya back then... It weighed on me heavily on recalling what I've done t' 'ya when I couldn't remember anythin' again... An'... Sorry 'fer makin' 'ya worry so much... I should've fought away th' fear just t' get away safely an' not having nearly put 'ya or Scorchmark into danger..." As he apologised, Fate lowered his antennas as he truly felt ashamed for what he's done to her, Aileron, and the others. A part of him wanted to run away from it all as every single negative act he had done to her and the others slowly weighed on him, but when he felt a small servo with his, he looked to Nightblade silently, though wanting to peel his optics away.

"Fate... I can't lose you again... I can tell what you're thinking." Whispered Nightblade.

The Mech remained silent, not really sure what to say, simply letting Nightblade hold onto his servo. After a few kliks into the silence, he sighed. "Nightblade... I don't know... I feel so guilty 'fer what I've done."

"Running away from it all doesn't solve anything, love. I'm happy to be reunited with you since you've regained your memory again but I don't want you to just... Leave me..." Nightblade felt even more sad at this, looking up at him with a completely heartbroken expression. Fate felt even more guilty at this, then gave himself a moment to think as he sighed, holding onto both servos.

"I..." He began, though not sure what he could say. "Nightblade, I..." He briefly looked away with a sigh, trying to find the words to say something, anything, then looked to her again. "I won't leave... But it'll take time 'fer me to heal 'fer what harm I've caused 'ya an' others... An', I need to give this datapad t' th' police station so they can find an' shut down th' organization. It's th' least that I could do while coming clean. I'll have to spend some time serving my sentence since what I've done... Memory loss or not, it would be better for me this way. You'll come visit, right? Aileron will keep 'ya safe in case the main boss of th' organization might try to send another Assassin to get 'ya..." Nightblade didn't like what choice he was making, but it was better than to hide it from the law as she reluctantly nodded, not wanting to part from him again when they've just reunited.

But once it's all over, they could live a more peaceful life again alongside with Aileron, and both Tailcoat and Ebony.
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