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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Fate & Nightblade
Secondary Characters: Generics
Genre: Romance

Mediziner's Notes: This piece is rather special despite half of me feels like this isn't my best work while the other half it does. Anyways hey guys, how've y'all been doin'!? Hopefully everyone's staying healthy! Really sorry I haven't written any fics in such a long time, motivation to write died after writing the recent one I made back on the 20th of August so I guess that told me to take a bit of a hiatus or something... Regardless, I'm going to try and write more often since I might as well try to use a lot of the ideas I endlessly produce into some of the fics, despite it's a lot more trickier to do than to imagine it in visual art. (I tend to have a ton of ideas that fly into my mind which I can imagine it primarily in visual art, but to find the right words to flesh it out right in writing form is really, really hard.) No promises sadly... But onto the fic here, the reason this one in particular is special is because I used a combination of 3 inspirations. The first inspiration came from an old incomplete art piece from years ago that may never see the light, the second is from a specific scene from the old Fate x Nightblade RP, and then the third came from either another art piece. + I'm not good with words, so I think I might've made some hiccups in writing this. Heh...

On another note, I was hesitant to finish this due to reasons I'd rather not talk about. Additionally, this sadly might be the last Fate x Nightblade work this Medic will write, but in the end I decided to finish this. Again, please don't ask me why as I'd rather not talk about it. But what I will talk about is that since most of my other OCs have revamped refs, I plan on giving them attention in the future once I figure out plans for them. I've also been pretty addicted to a new game I bought a month or two back. Yup, so gaming's sucking up my time again aside from also trying to get more involved with activities alongside family + I've also been addicted to watching Air Crash Investigation (Or better known as Mayday to the Americans). Been working on this piece on and off. Fate and Nightblade will always be my forever OTP, even if they haven't received a lot of attention in a long, long time...

This one's pretty much butchered since I haven't written in such a long time, please excuse my horrid written stories in the future if I make more stuff since it may take me a while to get my groove back to it's full glory again... OTL But, I really missed these two.



It was evening when Nightblade had just woken up from her recharge, sitting up as she yawned lazily. It was always nice to wake up to greet the darkness as she was more of a night owl, finding the night time to bring a lot of peace and quiet, or at least reduced noise and activity added that she also did not have to wear her protective visor. With a tired stretch as she was ready to get up, she paused for a moment, to the other side of the berth was her bondmate, Fate, whom was still recharging peacefully. With a small smile, she silently made her way out towards the patio, taking in the serene night skies as what little remained of the sunset had just faded completely, she had gotten up rather early tonight as she wasn't much of a 'early night' type. As she took in the wonderful sights, she then began to space out, lost in her thoughts. Not long after, she felt strong, gentle arms wrap around her slowly from behind, snapping her back to reality. "Beautiful night, isn't it?" Purred Fate, kneeling a bit to nuzzle his bondmate lightly. His bright purple optics had followed Nightblade's own solid red-orange optics to the night starry skies, a few stars were starting to show themselves.

"Very..." Came the Femme's quiet response, leaning lightly against the Lamborghini's with content. Her optics shifted away from the skies, now looking towards Fate as the Mech looked back down to her as their optics lock in a gaze for a few moments, then they both broke away. Nightblade spoke again, turning around to face him. "We should refuel." She told him. Earning a nod in response, the two made their way downstairs towards the rec room, finding Silverfang and Reconnaissance occupied with a small simple game they had set up. Upon hearing footsteps, they looked up from their game, Silverfang greeting while Reconnaissance silently gave them a nod, his own way of greeting. After greeting them back, the two went into the rec room, but just before they could grab themselves a cube of energon, Tailcoat was already inside having prepared their cubes for them. "Ah, good evening Lady Nightblade and Master Fate, here are your cubes." He greeted, coming over to give them their cubes. Once they had their cubes in hand, thanking Tailcoat, the two went over to sit down as Nightblade could see Fate seemed to have something on his processor, noticing him seemingly spaced out. Remaining silent, it was Nightblade's way of telling him that she's listening to whatever was on his processor, keeping optic contact. The Lamborghini's antennas lower a bit, slight shyness creeping up on him as he cleared his vocal processor. "Nightblade, I... Are 'ya free tonight?" He asked with a hesitant pause, slowly bringing a servo to Nightblade's as their digits entwined slowly. "I... Would like to spend time with 'ya if there's nothin' goin' on at th' hospital. It's been so long since we've had time together alone, so I thought... Maybe just at least 'fer tonight if possible?" He finished through their spark bond, smiling shyly. For some time, Fate had wanted to show her something he had been wanting to show her as thanks for everything, a special memory that would never be forgotten. He patiently waited for her to reply, knowing she was deep in thoughts on his response.

"It has been a long time, yes... I do wish to spend time with just the two of us. Fortunately, I do have a few cycles off so we could spend time together." Replied Nightblade, giving a nod as she briefly glanced at their entwined digits, a small smile surfaced on her faceplates. Times at the hospital were often demanding, especially when there were emergencies. Her boss had been happy she was greatly devoted to her job, always immediately getting to work once she arrived or was sent to assist others, ready to help out her fellow co-workers. But now, she had been given a vacation for a few cycles off for all her hard work. Her boss had told her that while they were proud to have seen her work wonderfully, but it was also important that she also give herself breaks otherwise she would shut down and become unresponsive from the lack of recharge, despite she felt that she did not need the break. The Femme was a heavy workaholic when it came to her job, and always felt in her element when she was attending to her medical duties. Though a part of her berated on not spending time with her bondmate or their family members, taking a guess that he might have wanted to get a chance to spend more time with her when she's not working or finished work, but unfortunately she had always at times come back from work always exhausted to the core.

She realised that what she had done during the times she was home was selfish, guilt crawling along her back that she had been so neglecting of her time with not just Fate, but everyone in the household. She had always spent her entire free time studying and working from home, shut away from everyone else and was even berated strongly by Sunblade for seemingly shutting herself away. But with the given vacation off from work for a few cycles, she could spend it with not only her bondmate, but also the rest of her family members. If only she could've reversed the damage she had done, never having had time for them as they let go, focusing back on their cubes. Fate frowned as he had sensed her thoughts through the bond, but gently gripping her servo, he assured her that he was not upset with her. The Mech was well aware of how demanding working at the hospital can be. Despite even the demands can come unexpectedly when she's needed, he was especially proud of her for saving the injured that are brought to the hospital, and even saving the lives of many critical 'bots to the best of hers and her co-workers' abilities. A life was an invaluable thing, far more valuable than anything else in the world. If something tragic happened, there was nothing anyone could do, not even the best medic in the world existing could do anything, but only for Primus - The god of all Transformers, to call them to the All-Spark when extinguished.

Finished with their cubes as they only had a small portion, they returned said cubes back to the dispenser, both were ready to head on out but Fate spoke. "Nightblade." He turned to face her as Nightblade turned to face him as well, listening quietly with antennas perked. "There's a few places I'd like to spend th' evenin' with 'ya. However..." He paused for a moment, a teasing smirk surfacing as he finishes. "It's a surprise, you'll just have to follow me." The Lamborghini snuck a sneaky brief kiss then walked out of the rec room, heading on down and out while Nightblade followed, curious to know where he would take her for their date in such a long time.

Nightblade could almost sense Fate smirking, knowing he was planning something, but what would he have planned? Once they were out and away from their home, they gave each other space to Transform. Fate allowed her to first Transform and take off into the skies, then transformed himself. "Follow me." He told her through their bond, then drove ahead at a reasonable speed, but not too fast as to avoid attracting attention of the law. Nightblade followed from high in the skies, the eerie purple underglow from his alt mode made him stand out from the others around him. She remained at a slow cruising speed. They soon reached the main part of Delta City, Fate stopping at a specific spot while Nightblade had to turn around, descending to his location as she transformed, landing gracefully by his side. Nightblade began to wonder if somewhere around here, was where they would begin their date, patiently waiting for what Fate had to say.

"Heh... We're not there yet but... L-Let's walk 'fer a bit?" Asked Fate shyly, extending his servo in offer to walk with servos held. Nightblade accepted this as she brought her own with his, coming to his side as they walked together side by side. With each occasional turn made as they walked throughout Delta City as they neared closer to their destination, Fate was starting to remember some old memories. Some places he remembered as from long ago as they walked, while some no longer existed, other things having taken it's place. 'Damn... So much has really changed since I last came here with m'ah Sire...' He thought to himself, briefly glancing towards the various buildings with a small smile. He remembered his sire once telling him long ago that one of these cycles, he'd try to scrape up enough credits to move out and live in Velocitron, the planet being far more peaceful, more hospitable than Cybertron, especially since neither Autobots or Decepticons could conquer the planet, it's natives keeping them out with little to no effort on their part, especially since the planet's natives had far more advanced technology, even far more than the Decepticons' own technology. But what Fate never understood is why both factions wanted to conquer the peaceful neutral planet as a means to expand their territories. 'I'll never understand them at all...' He wouldn't know for sure why, even if he had been involving himself in the war, despite slightly as being a hired assassin never really landed him in any faction, though had known the Autobots saw or accuse him more as a Decepticon due to the latter always paying him a large sum of credits-- Far more than what the Autobots offered when he was being hired as an Assassin to do their dirty work.

Now that was the past, his function as an Assassin still remained, but he couldn't see himself no longer being for hire as he couldn't stand the thought of being unable to return to Nightblade if something had gone horribly wrong in a mission he would be assigned to. Even now, sometimes Fate would get some shady 'bots willing to hire him even here on Velocitron, even though he made it clear that he was no longer an assassin for hire anymore. At times, a part of him feared for Nightblade's safety, and the others included as he wouldn't want anyone to get hurt because of what he had been doing for so long, but wasn't about to just go and run off, disappearing without a trace. He wasn't afraid even the slightest to protect both his bondmate, and both family and friends alike. "Fate?" Nightblade's silent voice pulling him out of his thoughts as his antennas perked. "Oh, S-Sorry, was deep in m'ah thoughts, I was just thinkin' about how it's hard for me to... Really believe that I'm really livin' here." The two came to a, taking their seat on a nearby bench.

"What do you mean?" She replied, bemused.

"Well... Long ago when I was a little Mechling, I used to come here a few times with m'ah sire, Careen to watch th' city's Speedia 500 Grand Prix. I was happy to know that he's workin' hard to get us moved from Cybertron to Velocitron, but... Well... Heh..." Fate tilted his helm, antennas lowered as he felt the horrible memory sending chills down his spinal strut, though Nightblade held onto his servo with both of her own clawed servos. "When... I was all alone, when that ship was all I had before Velocitron was it's last stop... I would've gone to Velocitron myself, find a job there and live peacefully back then... But no, I chose th' difficult path of becoming an Assassin for hire to survive. I had been aware that any neutral ship was seen leaving th' planet, they'd be shot down on sight, an' I've seen that happened before when a neutral was desperate to leave, no choice anyways." The Mech let out a sigh, leaning against the back rest of the bench. "I still have a hard time believin' all of this is real, feels more like a dream that I haven't awakened from yet, or maybe never awakening from if I was hunted down in m'ah recharge." A sheepish smile surfaced on the Mech's faceplates, scratching the back of his helm as his antennas lowered further.

"But ever since 'ya first stepped into m'ah life, Nightblade... Not only am I th' happiest Mech alive, but 'ya also helped prevent me from bein' someone who would've done nothin' but harm, someone who would've chosen to walk down th' path that they can't... Walk out of." An affectionate, sweet smile appearing on the Mech's faceplates, leaning in for a brief shy kiss followed by a whisper near her audio receptors. "Nightblade... Th-Thank you. Thank you, for everything... 'Yer th' best thing that's happened in m'ah life."

Another small smile surfacing, Nightblade wasn't sure what she could say, being so touched that her only response was slowly pulling her Mech into a hug. The latter returning the hug as they embraced for a few moments, before parting as Fate got up to stand, turning to face his Femme with an extended servo. "Let's keep goin', we still have to go to our little... 'Mysterious' destination." He teased her with a smirk. It was then Nightblade's curiosity had been reignited in an instant, once again curious about where they were going as she took his servo. Getting up with his help, the two continued to walk together, heading to their destination. Throughout the entire walk, Nightblade had been spacing out, thinking on what the surprise was while keeping alert not to bump into anyone along the way while looking at nearby buildings. "Here it is." The Lamborghini announced to her, knocking her back to reality as she looked at a rather tall building. At first, it seemed like the type of thing for stuff like companies and the likes, but this one was swarming with a ton of people-- A large cafe. Nightblade was, deep down, astonished. The Femme had never seen such a tall cafe before, only having known that even in Cyber City, the cafes there were always small and simple.

"Is... This the surprise?" She asked slowly, looking to Fate.

The Mech nodded. "Yeah, I saw this while I was out on a drive durin' th' cycles 'ya were workin'. An' from there, I thought I'd bring 'ya here for our date."

"Fate... I don't know what to say..." A small smile, albeit barely visible revealed itself, to which Fate could see, let alone sense she was happy about the surprise. Feeling content, he then gently walked forward, Nightblade matching his pace as they entered the building. Thankfully there was no line, aside from one 'bot who was there first was escorted to a vacant seat, then soon it was Fate and Nightblade's turn to be escorted to a seat, to which Fate bit his lip slightly and whispered to the waitress if they would have a floor on one of the upper floors, to which she nodded, first going to check if there was a vacant seat. "Fate? What did you whisper to the waitress about?"

"Be patient, Nightblade." He purred to her softly through the bond with a chuckle. The Lamborghini was about to lean in for a brief kiss, but ceased when he heard incoming footsteps, pulling away as the waitress had returned. They were told that they had one vacant spot on the 3rd floor and were now escorted upstairs then a second time until they were now on the 3rd floor. They were lead to a vacant booth, which was right next to the bar. Fate, however did not sit down but looked to Nightblade with an affectionate smile. "Femmes first." Nightblade shyly nodded, letting go of his servo as she took her seat, then saw that Fate was coming to sit at her side, which she scooted closer towards the end to give her Mech room to sit down with her. Once the two were both seated, the waitress took her leave after another waitress came to take their orders, which they seemed interested in Fate but the Lamborghini quickly dismissed her after ordering medium-grade energon, while Nightblade ordered energon wine. Watching as the Femme leave, Nightblade focused her attention to the table, but Fate soon told her to look out the window, and as Nightblade looked, she was completely astonished.

"I know 'ya can see th' view more from up in th' skies but... I thought 'ya might like th' view more from a grounder's view." He said, though hesitated as he felt silly that it probably wasn't the best view for her since she could see things far better from high up, but Nightblade leaned lightly into his frame.

"Sunblade told me that Brakelight always said to her that sometimes specific sights are better than from high above..." The Femme replied through their bond, then looked up to Fate with a small smile "Both of them are right, and you too."

They spent most of their time talking about a lot of things that happened in their lives, even reminiscing on their first meeting and how they eventually became mates... Then eventually bondmates. They hadn't realised that the waitress had returned to give them their ordered energon, but silently huffed that she was ignored, leaving them be once setting the energon drinks down and wandered off to take someone's order nearby. Fate was about to lean in for a kiss, but Nightblade backed up slightly in embarrassment, telling him that she doesn't like kissing in public, shying away to her energon wine she had then seen afterwards. Feeling bad he made her uncomfortable, he then focused to his medium-grade cube. 'I was right, this place is rather good.' He thought, brightened up at how delicious the medium-grade energon was here. The Mech decided he'd come here often whenever he had nothing else to do or needed space to himself.

Antennas flickering slightly, he felt a small servo onto his own, distracting him from his cube as he noticed Nightblade having scooted closer, leaning on him lightly once again as she silently sipped her glass. It was then he recalled that he had one last thing to surprise her after they were done. The two spent a lot of time chatting, even sneaking glances out the window. The brightly lit city of Delta City was an incredible sight especially at night. The two then decided it was time to go, Fate putting down the credits on the table to pay for the energon they ordered before he left, following after Nightblade. Once outside, he knew that it was time for him to show Nightblade what he had been wanting to show her for so long, having just perfected it many times when everyone else was out or busy doing their own things. With a silent relaxed sigh, he then spoke. "Nightblade, can 'ya fly to these coordinates? I'll meet up with 'ya there." He asked her, sending her the coordinates of the place where his main surprise will be.

"These are..." The Femme was unsure, the coordinates she was given were on the outskirts of the big city as this puzzled her greatly.

"This is where m'ah main surprise for 'ya will be. I decided this specific spot where there isn't too many 'bots or noise." He told her gently, then began transforming and driving onto the main busy road. Nightblade watched for a brief moment until he was no longer in sight, then took to the skies herself once she found a spot where she could take off without startling or hurting others by accident and transformed. From within the air, it only took Nightblade a few nanokliks to arrive at the location. The area was abandoned, an old warehouse or two was what was left of whatever the area used to be. At first, she tried landing on top of the warehouse itself, uncertain if there were any shady grounders lurking about but just as she had placed one foot and attempted to completely land on it, she heard the warehouse start to creak and groan under her weight, quickly reigniting her thrusters before she could put any further weight on it. 'That might have alerted anyone possibly nearby...' She thought as her antennas lowered, remaining airborne. Nightblade waited a bit longer, until she finally could hear the familiar purring engines of her bondmate driving towards her location.

Turning around, she sees Fate Transforming out of his alt mode. "You can get down Nightblade." He called out to her through their bond. "There's no one around, I scanned the area as I got here."

At his words, Nightblade immediately descended as Fate approached. Though noticed how very glowy Fate was now that they were in an area far away from any form of light pollution, making the Mech seem like a walking glowstick as if he were going to a night club. The Femme couldn't help but faintly laugh at this, to which left her Mech confused, but then realised that he was rather bright. "Right... Forgot about that." He said with a smirk, he was ready more than ever to do what he had wanted to show her for so long. "Nightblade, I'm going to show 'ya something..." He paused for a bit, then teasingly finishes. "Head back up in the skies, and no peeking until I say I'm done." Antennas perked at this, Nightblade nodded, doing as told as she was just about to take off, she then felt Fate grab onto her gently, sneaking a light kiss on her cheekplate before truly letting her go to return to the skies. With a bit of a stretch, Fate knew he had to perform as he had practised many times before and he was going to put his skill to the test. Cycling air through his intakes, he transformed and began driving, pulling off stunts at the right moments.

Nightblade could hear Fate's engines purring and revving, followed by his tyres screeching as she wondered what he was doing. As promised, she hadn't looked up, but instead focused her attention to the many stars that littered the clear night skies. She had been mesmerized by the whole thing that she hadn't heard that the sound of tyres screeching had stopped after a few kliks.


No response, knowing that he was finished, he had to show her. The Mech tried again, calling out for her.

"Hey, Nightblade...?"

Still no response.

Fate thought about what could get her attention, thinking it all out carefully until when he finally knew one thing.

Suddenly, a loud rev of the Mech's engines were so loud that it echoed all around them, it was just enough to bring Nightblade back into reality as she looked to see where Fate was. Despite the smell of rubber and smoke, what Nightblade saw made her speechless. Along the cracked pavement, she saw not one but two hearts. Familiar memories of back when she and Fate were still back on earth came flooding to her in an instant, remembering how he had done the same thing. To complete the tyre artwork he had made, were careful skidmarks on the sides of the two hearts that made an arrow. Fate's underglow adding to the drawing while eerie, yet it was beautiful.

"Fate... This..."

"Heh... 'Ya like...?" He purred shyly.

"Like? Correction, I love it."

Nightblade then began to descend down towards Fate, in which the Mech responds by transforming just as soon as she touched the ground. Approaching, she brought her servos with his, looking up to meet his optics with hers. "Fate, thank you for this wonderful night. I really enjoyed our date together very much." Letting go of her Mech's servos, Nightblade slowly slipped into a hug, immediately feeling Fate's arms wrap around her gently in return.

Pulling back, the two met their optics once again for a moment, then Fate gently took one of her servos, pulling Nightblade closer to him gently as he knelt slightly at the same time to bring his Femme into a kiss.</small>
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