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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Military Storm & Killswitch
Secondary Characters: Sea Storm
Genre: General

Mediziner's Notes: I've had this idea in my mind for quite some time after a dream I've had of these two. It's probably really bad since I haven't written a thing since the x-mas gifts from last year but I've tried my hardest with this... Also who cares about the given titles, I can never come up with good ones anymore. I had thought of doing these in the form of drafts but it just didn't satisfy me enough to really upload them up to the public... So I decided I should just stick with (as best as I can) large chunky one-shots.

I can make an excuse that this Medic's brain slipped, yes? My ways of using Units of Time is different from many others, or can be similar which I'll write in the Artist Description as I wish to avoid using too much human terms as possible whenever I do TF fics. I'm also aware I've wrote something like this before, but I guess I like this one more than the previous.

Sorry this might be a bit short as well due to the fact that I have a completely new monitor compared to the picture that I took of when I first got my new PC so all my writings from the past feel pretty small, + I'm still trying to recover my writing mojo so bear with me here... OTL I'm not happy how this came out as well (I never really like how any of my works come out anyways, lol.) as I feel like I've butchered Killswitch writing this thanks to this heavy writer's block... ;; Sorry... Again...

Was going to have the universe be 2015 RiD instead of Prime but I changed it as I finished this thing... Maybe in the next one-shots I'll write I'll do that.

Enjoy, I guess...


It was a usual hot cycle on Velocitron. Military Storm was busy keeping himself occupied with modifying pieces of various portable firearms he had for sometime, either modding them to function differently from the original or make improvements. After many stellar cycles living here on this planet, they had managed to make enough credits to purchase some land, away from cities and towns alike, away from others as Triple Changers were both a rare sight and unfortunately intimidating to the common residents of the planet. For a long while, it had bothered the Mech that others would just distance themselves from him and Sea Storm whenever they came out of their homes or simply having just returned home but never said anything due to the outcome would only end in wasting his breath. It might have been seen by many that he only took the job of a rescue ranger just for the credits, but instead it was for two reasonable things: Large amounts of space, and the important needs of tending to both grounder and aerial needs.

The owned land of the Storm Brothers was massive, the appearance like that of a small military base. To many, it may seem as if the Triple Changers ran a boot camp instead of having a house, but this was merely the exterior. It never fooled one 'bot however, that being Killswitch. Even if she found it strange that the brothers live in a home that looked like a base, she had been living with the storm brothers for many stellar cycles which first started when her own home had been destroyed in a riot, and was offered to stay at their place until she could find a new place to live in. Overtime, that had changed since she made the decision to commit herself fully to the very Mech she loved a few stellar cycles later-- The one who looked past all her scars and injuries. While she was happy to no longer be treated like an expandable soldier like in the past by the brothers, there was something that had never gone away. Long ago, she had been wanting to prove to herself that she could be just as good as any Mech... Something she wanted to prove to her Father, but unfortunately had been killed before she could do so. The problem was how to approach Military Storm about her issue?

It would haunt her for eternal if she didn't prove herself.

She would begin to look around for Military Storm, though while looking for him, she ran into his younger brother, Sea Storm who was carrying a crate of spare parts.

"Morning, Killswitch!" He bubbled happily.

"Sea Storm." She greeted. "Do you know the location of Military Storm?"

"Bro? He's probably out for a flight, usually likes to start his mornings with some air time since it's an everyday thing in his schedule. But uhh, we can talk later after I get some of my work done so I'll see you later!" At that, Sea Storm took his leave in a slight hurry, all while Killswitch made her way outside and scanned the skies. It didn't take long before she noticed that Military Storm was high up in the air, and so she took off into the skies and Transformed, needing to tell him of her problem. However she began to cease when she got closer, slowly hovering in place as she watched the Mech at home in the skies, as if he were gracefully dancing in the skies. Many times had Killswitch wondered how Triple Changer altogether could be as graceful as an Aerial in the skies, they were light and less armoured than their grounder and even their Triple Changer counterparts... But for Military Storm, it amazed her how he could be just as graceful as one himself. He probably could fool many so easily when he's in one of his alt modes, as 'bot mode was mostly an easy way to identify what type of Transformer one was, except for those with skilled observation skills.

When the dance seemed like it had end, she heard his gentle voice.

"Join me at my side, if you wish."

Without any hesitation, Killswitch took to the skies and made her way over to his side, easily synchronizing with him as they flew together, performing various stunts that Aerial couples would perform... A powerful form of how they show affection for one another. The way how two Aerials remain synchronized together as they danced was also a sign of devotion and trust, proving their unbreakable bond. 'Triple Changers are shrouded in so much mystery... Being able to perform Aerial sky dances with their Aerial partners so easily as if they were merely only a pure Aerial...' She thought. It wasn't that it bothered her, but it was very impressive. The two danced in complete silence, until it was Killswitch herself as she broke the silence. "Military Storm, we must discuss something." She spoke, instinctively in her military tone. "Sir, I've wanted to... To prove myself I could be just as good as any Mech. I wish to engage in a friendly sparr."

The discussion was nothing that Military Storm expected before, and as such, wasn't sure what the Femme meant.

"Long ago I've wanted to prove to my sire that even if I wasn't the son he wanted, I could be just as strong as any Mech. I've... Never met my carrier since I was told she had deactivated in an accident, but I felt that she, too, was just as strong as any Mech. It was tradition that Mechs of my family would join the service, but I wanted to prove to him that Femmes could also follow this tradition. But I've never been able to show that I've met all the requirements and strengths, as he had been offlined in a raid, since he's a pilot for transporting goods." There was a slight pause, seeming to hesitate on what she wanted to say. "I've... Then since wished to prove myself to the Mech I've chosen as my bondmate... Additionally you are also strong like my sire."

"Killswitch..." Began Military Storm, unsure about what he could say. "It's inaccurate to say that I'm strong. There are times where even I myself feel weak, be it the past that haunts me to even personal issues which threaten to surface. Do not think of yourself as such things, it is not--"

"Please, if I don't prove myself... I wouldn't be able to live with the fact that I've been able to prove myself, even if my sire's been watching me from the all-spark..." The Mech could see how Killswitch was hellbent on wanting to prove herself, and as much as he didn't want her to do this, there seemed to be no other way other than to give her the duel she asked for.

"Alright." He sighed, reluctant at this but if it would put Killswitch at ease, then so be it. "But once again, there is no need for this. I have seen your impressive skills as you train each cycle, and you are nowhere near weak, but strong, beautiful, and independent." The sudden compliment was enough to briefly shake the Femme out of synchronize but quickly recovered back into it. "You are fine just the way you are. Know this as I would never think less of one's strength regardless of their gender programming."

They resumed their small dance, until it started to decrease as they neared the ground, transforming mid air as servos were held and thrusters activated immediately as to safely descend, still in the rhythm of dancing until they finally landed onto the ground gracefully. They soon let go, parting away from each other as they walked a few steps backwards to distance themselves. They remained there for a few moments facing each other and not moving a limb, optics locked onto each other seriously as all was silent but the gentle wind that lightly blew about some sand and dust. Military Storm wasn't comfortable with this, he enjoyed sparring as a sport or a form of exercise but not to show dominance or proof of strength.

There was a slight shift in movement, then both lunged at each other.

Right off the bat, Killswitch had engaged on the offensive while Military Storm simply defended himself. While he had the skill to turn the tables and go on the offensive, it would overwhelm the Femme, especially since that he was a Triple Changer of unusual strength thanks to his hybridism. As he continued to go along with the flow at a normal slow pace, each punch landed was rather strong, something he had noticed as not many other 'bots could make him feel much of a thing during a friendly spar except for when he engaged with dangerous foes such as Decepticons or Neutrals in an actual fight for when he had collided with a few heavily armoured 'bots. Her moves were swift and agile, having managed to go on the offensive but this only lasted a short time and had been quickly put back onto the defensive as he hadn't seen any other who could just about match his level, as the two would keep switching roles each time. For her status as a former drill sergeant, she was more skilled as a soldier.

Unknown to each other, Sea Storm had started watching them spar.

'Never really seen Bro and Sis-in-law engage in combat together before.' Thought Sea Storm idly, he was now sitting up on the roof of one of the buildings since he had got all his work done for the morning. For Sea Storm, it was often a weird feeling that he would see someone else spar with his Brother, as he's been mostly the one he always sparred with when it came to training. A part of him grew worried for Killswitch's health, but he was amazed at how well Military Storm had been balancing himself out for her so that the spar was more fair. 'But altogether, Killswitch is pretty good. I've only seen her train by herself.' Time had gone by as it seemed to have never end, until when he saw Military Storm made his attempt to go on the offensive, only for Killswitch to use that to her advantage, finding an opening and managed to take down the large Mech to the floor. Fin-like antennas perking up at this, he knew the fight ended whenever one of them goes down.

Getting off the rooftop, Sea Storm approached them. Killswitch helping her bondmate up to his feet again just as he had gotten within conversation range. "Wowee, it was impressive to see the both of you train! I've never seen you two train before!" He piped up rather excitedly.

"You've done well, Killswitch. Your combat skills were very impressive." Commented Military Storm as this made the Femme feel rather proud, not in the sense of ego or bragging, but as if she had finally finished a long time goal. Her moment was interrupted when she heard his voice again, after he had acknowledged his Brother's complement.

"I wish to request one thing from you."


"I wish for you to cease your formality with me. We are not in the military or at war anymore and we are far from Cybertron. We live peacefully here on Velocitron now, away from the destruction." He spoke, gently bringing the Femme into a hug. "Please, you have no need to address me as a superior rank among the army, but merely only my designation, Military Storm, just as I address you as your designation."

At this request, Killswitch felt embarrassed. For so long, she had been seen so many times as an expendable soldier in the war, and had been so used to following orders since having focused all her efforts on the military altogether. She had given up on everything since all of that. The request felt... Unusually strange to her, as it had been an old long time habit that stuck with her. Knowing that it would take a very long time for her to get used to this, she simply gave a nod though briefly got irritated with having a bit of a struggle returning her bondmate's hug as her right arm made it hard to hug thanks to it being a heavy gatling gun. "I will try my best... But please forgive me that this will take a lot of time and patience..."

"I am patient." The two separated enough to look into each others' optics, the Mech slowly holding onto her servo.

'Okay, I think I better leave them alone. I wonder if Wildfire's available to hang out or something. Kinda wish I could take her up high in the skies so that she and I could have time together... But she hates heights... But then if we remained on the ground, the media would be all over her since she's a celebrity... Kinda hate how we have to keep this whole thing secret since we can't be like Bro and Sis-in-law...' Sea Storm had been remaining there for a bit and felt embarrassed as he took his leave, heading over elsewhere as he seemed a bit disappointed.

He'll have to just remain with the fact that not everyone can have the same lives as one another, even if he wished that he and Wildfire were the same like both Military Storm and Killswitch.
spiketail94 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So much floof!!
and Killswitch finally gets some closure about proving herself ;u;
I love the idea of synchronised flying being a symbol of affection! It just works so well. I bet they'd spar together a lot more after this c:

Do you think Sea Storm could slowly help Wildfire get over her fear of flying? ;o;
Mediziner Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I've managed to temporarily kick the writer's block arse for a moment to finish this. :D... *Falls over slowly.* 'n yep, that took a bit longer than I expected since I had to reread over her info over and over. But yep, a lot of synchronized flying! I figured it was a common thing among Aerials, sorta like how I imagine this with wheel-type Grounders driving/drifting side by side together... I suppose tank-type Grounders have their own different version since they're different from their wheeled counterparts. :D Dunno what I'd think of their version in my head but yep! Aquatics, I like to think they swim together underwater or playfully race each other together side by side on the water. ^^

Sea Storm would offer this but if Wildfire doesn't enjoy being high up in the air and wants to get down, then he respects that and never brings up the subject again unless she herself wants to try again. He's too polite that way. ;;
spiketail94 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now I really want to figure out what tanks would do XD

Dammit >_<
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