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Universe: Transformers: Prime
Primary Characters: Schneesturm & Malocide
Secondary Characters: Generics
Genre: Action

Mediziner's Notes: Christmas pressie for HMB-BellyBomb ;u; I tried to keep Malocide as by the given personality the best I could, so I hope I haven't made him too OoC. ;; I haven't really done a lot of non-romantic stuff in quite a while even in discreet practise so I struggled with this quite a bit. Forgive me though, this is my first time writing about the awesome Malocide. x_x The plot was beyond difficult and more or less brainfarted as I'm not too happy with this, but I had fun regardless! 'n I think with this submission marks the last 2017 written piece I've made, and I'm looking forward to 2018!

Any characters mentioned if given a name excluding Schneesturm and Malocide are supposed to be generic and are not intended to be based off of anyone's OCs existing under said names, a quick warning for those that might become concerned. I often like to include generic names so my writings don't turn out shoddy.



It was a rough cycle in Cybertron as the war between the Autobots and Decepticons continue to destroy the planet fragment by fragment, while many fled with no intention of participating in the war or even fled under the planet's surface, all sorts of opportunities had opened up in all of the chaos, and such opportunities was that of Malocide's favour, a bounty hunter. He had just finished a contract he was given, but the Mech who hired him wasn't done yet, but rather had a new task for them that was different than what the Aerial was used to. Looking at the datapad, the hirer grinned as then gave new instructions to deal with a Femme who planned on murdering a bunch of adolescents, something normally Malocide wouldn't care less if they were adolescents, but if they were younger... "Instead of the usual payment, this Femme has made her skill known throughout the planet, and both sides want her taken out, and even going as far as to triple, no quadruple the bounty for presenting a message of having her helm on a pike. Will you take on this task?" Malocide thought for a moment... A Bounty where if he completed such a thing, would also meant that he would get quadruple the bounty than what he usually gets? 'Not sure how a Femme managed to make a name for herself, but it shouldn't be too difficult of a task...' He thought to himself. Thinking about it carefully, his ambitiousness would soon get the better of him. "Where should I start?" He asked with a greedy grin.

"Here are the coordinates, hopefully we can do business with you again, if you survive." With the coordinates given, Malocide then threw the datapad a few meters from him as it was one of those datapads packed with explosives device, more or less as a form of covering up tracks by deleting any and all info then proceeding to explode. The Aerial was extremely delighted, if he could complete this bounty, this meant that he could expand his work further out than just limited to Cybertron. Normally he could leave the planet if he wanted, but nowadays the Decepticons have been fortifying the airspace all around the planet since when news spread like wildfire that a small ship full of Cybertronian neutrals managed to sneak past their defences right from under their olfactory sensors, and he couldn't risk being shot out of the skies with the new fortification to their airspaces. His personal task was to use some of that bounty and get his servos on a Decepticon cloaking device, knowing that their equipment was far more advanced than the Autobots, and less flashy. Then with the device in servo, he would plan on using the cloak to get out and back in without being shot out of the skies... Of course he also had to consider that the Autobots had anti-air weaponry. But all in all, he was good at what he did as a bounty hunter.

Transforming, he flew in the direction of where the given target would most likely be spotted, but made sure to take plenty of detours whenever his sensors would pick up Autobot or Decepticon activity. Often he would take refuge in one of the destroyed skyscrapers and use a signal cloak to avoid most Decepticon Aerials, as he was aware that some units, especially the leaders of said squadron of Aerials often had more advanced technology than their fellow Seekers under their command, something he refused to deal with as most were often skilled Aerial fighters. Not that he couldn't fight back, but going up against a couple that could call over more Aerials to form almost an entire army was a bit too much, especially if it obstructs his path into completing his given contract. To the Mech, completing bounties was far more valuable than fights not related to them even if he was reckless about taking on fights he couldn't even take on without the high risk of going down and deactivated. Adjusting his cone-shaped helmet, he silently observed the Aerials seemingly hovering and scanning around the area as he quickly ducked behind a pillar to avoid the scans, and then under a large ruined desk. While he could cloak himself from the scanners, the Decepticons weren't stupid that their scans would detect those even uncloaked. Gritting his teeth, he patiently waited, and continued to switch hiding places until finally after about two kliks of searching, they finally began to leave.

With a relieved sigh, he scanned the area around him to make sure there were no other nearby Decepticon Aerials, but thankfully there were no others presently too close, and began to transform and leave the area, continuing on his given task.


Elsewhere, Schneesturm had just taken out her assigned assassination target that was apparently a defector of the Autobots, which she had no care for neither side despite that she was surprised that despite being forced to become a Decepticon, apparently her skill had reached the Autobots and while some had wanted her eliminated, there were some who had interest in hiring her do the dirty work they couldn't bother doing, primarily because she could get around most Decepticon controlled areas easily without being suspicious. Regardless, a contract's a contract no matter what to her. Just now, she had just finished communications with the mysterious Mech who'd been hiring her every now and then with new targets to assassinate, but however he had just given her a new assassination target who's intention was to murder a group of juvenile 'bots who apparently were marked for deactivation by an Aerial Mech who was hired to see them dead. This was something that got her full and complete attention. The Femme had her limits however on assassination targets but for someone to go and assassinating younglings? Unacceptable. Schneesturm took up the contract as she couldn't stand any 'bots who weren't full fledged Mechs or Femmes marked for deactivation, as she absolutely cannot stand the thought of a young 'bot's life being taken away by either bounty hunters, or other fellow assassins just for credits. The hybrid would always refuse assassination contracts in where she was to murder even an adolescent, but if they were contracts where they were in danger, she would take up the contract and protect them in a sparkbeat.

Destroying the datapad in her large servos, she threw it away and began to move towards her destination given to her as to where the target would be likely spotted. Transforming, she drove to get there faster, all while occasionally having to transform and scale up or down some fallen debris and other places to get around easier. Despite not being an Aerial, she was good at scaling most terrain with relative ease, something she had learned all while having worked hard to survive within this war torn planet. Along the way, what puzzled Schneesturm was that the given coordinates were never shown to have lead down below the surface, but it was possible that the young 'bots could've known they were beint targeted as she began to carefully scale down below the surface. The Femme couldn't help but feel that something wasn't right... She wasn't sure how to put her digit on it, but something was gnawing on the back of her processor to proceed with caution. Getting around under the surface was no easy task, as she was aware that the ground was often unpredictably unstable in some areas, especially if the Autobots and Decepticons keep throwing bombs at one another or even planting landmines packed with high explosives. On the bright side, the terrain down here wasn't smooth which meant it was a perfect advantage for her to climb and scale to get to her destination.

However, after a while into finally getting to her destination, her senses were right...

There was no one in sight, not even a single youngling... Unless they were hiding somewhere? Or did perhaps her audio receptors malfunctioned and didn't hear the Mech properly or gave her the wrong destination that was meant for another? No, this couldn't be right. The Femme was unaware that someone was watching her from within the darkness as she carefully looked around cautiously, sniper rifle in servos as she had summoned it out of her subspace. She would've called out, but being an assassin meant she had to keep quiet and in the shadows. There wasn't many places to hide underground, which prompt the hybrid to be careful. It was only when her audio receptors would soon pick up the soft clicking of a blaster and in the nick of time, managed to avoid a shot. Several shots soon followed as she sprinted out of the way and even stopping in the nick of time when she sensed a projectile was fired in front of her. Normally she could've used her Velocitronian speed, but because the terrain was uneven and jagged all around, it was what prevented her from using her full speed. Quickly twisting her frame, she pulled out her sniper rifle and fired, shooting the target's arm blaster, but not without them landing a shot on the side of her upper leg, grazing it as the Femme briefly looked at her wound, then saw the target, a blue Aerial Mech charging at her with his melee weapon, a spear.

Because of how close Malocide was, Schneesturm merely dodged but couldn't find an opening to kick him away. Thankfully it wasn't an energy based weapon so when the timing was right, she quickly brought out her dagger and blocked a few incoming shots, mainly if they were aimed at her spark. "Just... Hold... Still, damn you!" Growled Malocide, having been keeping himself off the ground due to how large the Femme was, and with her quickness displayed unlike any other bounty he's taken, remaining on the ground was a no go. However it wasn't until when he was caught off guard when the hybrid swiftly grabbed his spear and slammed it, with him still grabbing hold onto the ground. In the midst of it, the cone shaped detachable part of his helmet had flown off from the impact, which the Aerial immediately noticed and upon seeing where it went, sensed what was happening and all while oddly twisting his body just enough to swiftly train his other good blaster arm at the Femme just as she trained her sniper rifle on him, both went silent as neither moved. "Your loss, Mech." She stated. "Nobody's harming younglings under my watch."

At the statement, Malocide was puzzled. "Younglings!? I don't know where you got the wrong idea, Femme but I'm here to complete a bounty."

Schneesturm frowned, what the heck was this? So there were indeed no younglings being harmed? Was that it? However she wasn't convinced and didn't lower her guard on the spot, knowing that most targets often attempted to lie their way out of a situation even if both sides have a blaster trained on them cautiously. "Who sent you." She questioned, to which Malocide attempted to sneakily tried to call for backup, but because Schneesturm picked up on this, she managed to shoot out the small device he had concealed cleverly in his servo. "Don't even think about it." She warned him with a growl. It was where Malocide now knew what the 'bot that hired had told him. This Femme despite nothing like he's seen before hadn't made a name of herself for nothing, this was a highly experienced assassin with well trained senses. "Look here, I don't know where you got the idea, but it seems like whoever hired you could've tried to get rid of you if they've gone as far as to lie. Me? I'm just only doing my job, and eliminating you is what will expand my resources outside of Cybertron." The Mech told her, then continued. "I've been in your place before, multiple times, but now only one of us can leave."


'Damn, can't believe that I wasn't warned about the details on this Femme. For being... Whatever she is, she's good... No too good than what I've been told.' Thought Malocide, with no means of communicating to other fellow bounty hunters whom he's on good terms with, this was a very tricky situation he's gotten himself into. Immediately, that's when he realised. If he wasn't given information like the previous bounties he's been given, then that's when he immediately realised...

'Frag, he's trying to get rid of me now... I'm no further use to that Mech...'

Knowing the situation better and the answer to Schneesturm's claim as to why she thought he was plotting to eliminate a group of young small 'bots, it was obvious that they were both being tricked into tearing each other apart, it also meant that there were possibly some 'bots who were possibly on standby somewhere in the shadows, yet out of their sight... Beginning to speak, Malocide knew that he had to do something otherwise stay where they were for Primus knows how long. "Listen Femme, you probably may or may not have not been contacted by the same Mech who contacted me but you should know that if you think about this... Slowly... We were, to put it mildly... Both tricked." There was no immediate answer, but by how he briefly observed the assassin's audio receptors shifting, as if to mean that she was listening, he continued. "The 'bot behind the screen, large, bulky looking... Grounder I think? He wants to eliminate us both..." The Aerial then reverted his blaster arm back into a normal servo again, hands in front of him in a yielding manner as he no longer had any intention to fight Schneesturm anymore. "He probably sent me after you when he knows of your... Experienced skill while never giving me the details as usual, and then probably either after or before speaking to you, in return he contacts and sends you after me believing that I was going to kill some random young 'bots, doesn't this not make any sense? He never told me anything about you, nor did you find or sense any younglings here but only just me?"

Malocide nervously waited for Schneesturm to say anything, but dared not to move an inch despite that he had put away his weapon but all he could do is wait as the hybrid in front of him thought carefully. After what seems to be a few kliks, she began to pull away her sniper rifle. "Do not make me regret my actions." She warned him. Malocide was relieved, glad that he wasn't shot on the spot but this 'bot in front of him was definitely not someone to get on their bad side, especially with how she displayed skill far more experienced than any 'bots who may or may have not been assassins like her he's taken out in the past, but it did give him ideas that perhaps he could find a way to get on her good side and perhaps have her as a powerful ally to call on if something far more difficult than he could handle. "No, I swear to Primus I'm not making you regret anything, but we need to get back to the surface, who knows who or what could be down here if they've sent us both down below the surface..." Malocide then went over and gathered his cone helmet that had fallen off of him in their skirmish, putting it back on as he felt more comfortable, preferring to keep his optics concealed most of the time under it albeit irritated that it was slightly dented, but fixing that will come later. "Probably some defectors or assassins from both factions could be--" Immediately, Malocide noticed that on her left pauldron, albeit heavily scratched over, he spotted the Decepticon insignia to which he was alarmed. "Y-You're a Decepticon!"

"Not by choice." Schneesturm corrected Malocide bluntly. "Much like you, I'm Neutral but the only difference is that I am not from this planet." Schneesturm began to turn away, but of course while she did not trust the Mech at all, she was nonetheless still on high alert, and if he was going to try anything funny, she's prepared to take action.

"I propose an alliance... A temporary one if you want to see it that way, but it seems rather wise to remove the one who crosses our paths, right?" Malocide asked Schneesturm, having hovered over in front of her then landed back down on the ground, walking backwards as he realised she wasn't stopping. "Who knows, if we find this Mech, we could show them that we're not a force to be reckoned with? Personally it's a death wish of theirs for crossing me, while I may not know for you but it'd be better to avoid the feeling that someone's out to get you in your recharge?" There was no answer, to which he notices that Schneesturm suddenly stopped, which left him wondering if he struck a nerve. "Not much of a t--" Malocide didn't have the chance to finish his sentence as he had stepped off the edge of a large chasm, to which he instinctively activated his thrusters and hovered back up, completely shocked by the events. "You could've warned me!"

Schneesturm didn't answer, but rather looked ahead of what seemed to be the ground having collapsed partially into the chasm, to which she put her sniper rifle away in subspace, got on all fours and backed up as much as she could. Getting the idea of what she was doing, it didn't take a genius for the Aerial to quickly get out of the way, and as he did so, he watched the large Femme sprint in such an incredible speed that he had absolutely no words... Never having witnessed any Grounder having such speed to make it across such a chasm as large as the one they're in. Malocide watched in astonishment as she managed to reach the other side and was already starting to climb back up to the surface swiftly.

'How could a Grounder be almost as fast as an Aerial!? Is this something inherited from whatever she's from?'

Once he's seen that she was back up on the surface, he quickly flew after her. He knew that he had to keep trying to convince her into a temporary alliance into getting back at the 'bot who tried to rid them both. Having her as a powerful ally in this attack was a strong recommendation in his processor.

Neither were aware that someone had been monitoring them closely in the shadows.

As joors passed, Schneesturm wasn't sure why this Aerial Mech continued to follow and even kept on trying to convince her in the midst of random conversations into allying with him temporarily to work together to take the fight against the one that tried to rid them both. For the Femme, it wasn't too much of a big deal but she was beginning to miss her solitude. As she stopped, so did Malocide, and immediately went silent. "If this is what makes you be quiet and getting you off of my back, then I will accept your temporary alliance." At this, Malocide grinned, finally she had accepted. Not only would they team up and defeat the one who tricked them both, but he could also hopefully get his servos on the large amount of credits he had been originally promised. To him, Schneesturm didn't seem like the type who was heavily interested in being paid much, but couldn't wait to get to work. "My only condition: Once we're done, Malocide. we're going our separate ways for I work alone." She finished, having learned the Mech's designation from one of his conversations.

"Sure, that's a promise I can easily make. Wished I could've had you on the list of those I'd call for aid--" Immediately he saw the Femme's optics narrow. "Just kidding! Kidding..."

"I'm no bounty hunter. I'm are your kind often group up to take on a target, but I prefer solitude over groups."

"Right, Decepticons are loners."

"Not because I'm a Decepticon." It irritated the Femme that despite that Malocide was a bounty hunter, he was not like many that she have encountered while traveling around the planet. This Mech was a total goofball and extremely talkative much to her disgust. Too much talking was often an annoyance for her, and the display of his personality made her doubt that they would take on the one they're teaming up together to eliminate. His skill in charisma however proved to be extremely useful when they needed information on the location of where the hirer was. Malocide had told her to stay put while he did his magic, having flown off towards a lone Decepticon whom he tricked and knocked. When the coast was clear, Schneesturm moved in as Malocide began extracting the necessary information out of the unconscious 'Con. What she had noticed was that he wore a fake detachable Decepticon insignia that emitted the same exact signal of identification, it looked like the real deal despite that it was detachable, where as Decepticons brand their members permanently. For a bounty hunter with a less than serious personality, he possessed promising talent that may have slightly reduced her doubt. "There, got the information." Once the information needed was extracted, Malocide wasted no time in summoning his spear from subspace and deactivated them with a well placed stab through the spark. It didn't phase Schneesturm as this was necessary, lest they risk alerting the target of their approach. The colour fading from the deactivated 'bot, Malocide yanked the spear out of the dead 'bot.

"Shall we go?"


The two wasted no time in finding the location, but did not enter straight away as they thought of what to do. Both knew that it was far too unwise to go in and make a lot of noise as neither were sure if the target is really a Grounder or worse, an Aerial. Not only did they consider this, but it was possible they had followers who could also fly, should they end up as a Grounder in the end. Schneesturm thought of scaling the building, but despite most of the area around them is destroyed, this building in particular was rather largely intact and additionally, smooth... Leaving her no room to scale with relative ease. She knew Malocide couldn't fly as Aerials make quite a lot of noise even when hovering idly, which is still relatively noisy.

Both had to come up with a stealthy plan.

"We should only eliminate 'bots that are an obstacle, where as the rest we can sneak around and avoid." Advised Schneesturm, studying the area carefully. "Flying is ill-advised, I am aware your type can still create relatively lots of noise even when you're idly hovering. Using charismatic approaches will not work either, we are too well known for this type of approach and upon the sight of us, they will quickly put the area on high alert." Malocide frowned, flying would've saved them lots of time, but he hadn't thought that they'd have to resort to stealth as this was something he never really did too much unless a bounty he took strongly required it, which these types of bounties he's been given were extremely uncommon. "I'm not sure how I'll do this without flying... I'm more quick off the ground than I am on the ground." Frowned Malocide, he was up for challenges but to do something that didn't require any form of flying at all? To him it sounded ridiculous.

"There are times where you must improvise regardless if you're an assassin or even a bounty hunter." Schneesturm replied.

After having thought of what to do, they began their stealthy approach. Malocide used his personal signal cloaker on both of them so that they wouldn't be detected on radar, but in turn they had to make sure they weren't seen either by others, or security cameras. The two had a lot of floors to climb, and often they were forced to find another way up due to some 'bots would be coming down the stairs, blocking their path and while they could pick off a lone 'bot or two, there were often groups of 4 or 5 coming down and that would be bad if one managed to alert the area. For Malocide, it was frustrating as he wasn't used to being on the ground during a self-mission but he had to bear with it until when they get to the top. 'Just a few more floors left till we get to the top... I just need to wait a little more...' He thought uncomfortably, adjusting his cone hat slightly. For a bulky Femme, he was surprised that Schneesturm could use her speed to get through some tricky areas without being seen, as if she were just nothing but the wind. However he did remind her that if she went too far from him, she would be exposed to signal detection due to the limit his device had.

Now that they were nearing the top, it was where they were more or less forced to take out a few 'bots but were more or less knocked out. Fortunately the upper area didn't have too many 'bots compared to the middle and lower floors so they wouldn't be found out too quickly. For Malocide, it seemed like an eternity as they continued to climb more floors, as if it were like they were climbing up a skyscraper and into space. But with all the floors finally cleared and the last few 'bots knocked out or taken care of, they would find the main floor with large doors leading to where their hirer was. Eager to start some action, Malocide began to dash forward, firing one 'bot that guarded the large doors then summoned his spear from subspace and threw it into the other 'bot, killing them instantly when the spear landed into their chest. Schneesturm, flinching that the blaster shot would be heard, shook her helm, using her speed to catch up before she got too far out of the Aerial's cloaking range.

Kicking the large doors open, Malocide was eager to turn things around in his favour, walking towards the desk. Schneesturm didn't follow further in, but rather instinctively chose to hide. She wasn't on the charismatic side herself, not as much as Malocide, but she felt that it was more easier for the Mech to do the talking and then while they're distracted, take the shot.

"Hey, turn around so I can see you." Malocide stopped at the front of the desk, reaching to turn the chair around...


"You'd think I'd be that stupid cowering under my desk or something? I may have my way with words, but do not cross me thinking that I'm a defenceless Mech who does nothing but give contracts." The hirer boomed, a blaster trained on the back of Malocide's helm. "But I see you have survived, killing off the target who who has been a thorn in my side." That was when he realised that he still had his signal cloaker on, and Schneesturm was in range, believing that he killed her. He had to think of something fast, lest he be taken out if the Mech had so wanted. "Y-Yeah, I have. So uhh... What about the credits you owed me? You have it, right?"

"Why yes, I do..." With the snap of their digits, their two bodyguards summoned the credits out of their subspace, spilling all out until it was now a nice big pile which the Mech turned him around for him to see, not wanting Malocide to get any ideas and turn around.

'That's more than enough to expand my work outside of Cybertron!' Thought Malocide, though kept himself in check as this was a tricky situation he had gotten himself into, refusing to allow his greed to take over him lest he was the next 'bot eliminated all due to being tempted by the credits. "However..." Malocide listened, though struggled not to flinch when he felt the barrel of the blaster grazed softly against his detachable cone helmet, wobbling all so slightly.

"You aren't leaving here alive..."


Malocide had shut his optics preparing for the worse, but felt no pain or any other feeling of the sort. When he opened his optics and looked over, the hirer remaining still and seemingly spaced out from squiring out life force from the center of his helm, but then two more shots ripped his attention away to the front where he then as the bodyguards were taken out next within a few astroseconds before they could react. All three of them crumpling to the floor, lifeless and colourless. When all seems silent, Schneesturm came out of hiding, all while the barrel of her sniper rifle was heavily smoking, which meant that if she took another shot, her weapon would've overheated to being unusuable until a few joors later when it cools down completely to use again. "So uhh--"

"With this contract complete marks the end of our alliance." Schneesturm said flatly, though to Malocide's relief, showed no intention of assassinating him too.

"Where... Where the frag were you!?" Malocide demanded, somewhat irritated from the events despite he was glad he was still functioning. "Y-You just went and disappeared on me, leaving me to believe that you double crossed me and intended to leave me for dead!"

"An assassin's instinct is to remain in the shadows, Malocide." The hybrid reminded him calmly. "We do not leave ourselves exposed, I have told you this."

Her attention was now drawn towards the large pile of credits on the floor. While they may seem quite a lot, the credits didn't interest her too much. Sure they were used for all sorts of things, especially when walking into neutral-friendly towns that sold energon and other important supplies every Transformer needs, but to have this much credits... Would leave her with not having to worry about surviving for cyberweeks but it also could mean that it could help her get her servos on a ship to get off of the planet and back home. Of course she had no intentions of taking it all for herself, knowing that it was likely that much like her, Malocide could've been also rewarded with the same similar thing as she. Observing as Malocide approached, she could see the greed in his optics, a 'bot who'd snatch up any and all credits at the sight of them. But, at the same time she could see the hesitance. "So uhh, I guess I'll take half and you take the other half. I... don't think I need to take the whole thing, half is enough for me to expand my works and get out of Cybertron. I don't know what you'll do with your half but it surely ain't my business." Malocide then began to split apart the pile, and once in doing so, began gathering them in his subspace. Schneesturm hesitated, not used to having credits presented to her physically but rather being virtually transferred into her account, began to gather her half of the pile. Once the floor had been cleaned of the pile, save for the three dead 'bots, it was where Schneesturm decided to leave.

Before Malocide could say anything, Schneesturm managed to speak before he could even let one letter escape from his vocal processor. "Assassins never stay in one place."

"Well... Okay then. So uhh, you never told me your designation... You think we can work together again in the future?"

"Schneesturm, and assassins work alone." Replied the Femme flatly.

"Right..." Frowned the Aerial. He had hoped for this Femme to be one of his powerful allies whenever he needed to call for aid, but if that's how she wanted to be, then it was a huge loss in some form. But as she had told him, she's an Assassin, a 'bot who works alone, not a bounty hunter where they often work in groups depending on the given bounty. Turning around, he looked out towards the war torn world, most buildings barely standing while some were fairly intact. Something told him in the back of his processor that perhaps maybe... He could end up crossing paths with the Femme again either by given contracts from a new hirer, or perhaps from just normal passing. Regardless, he wouldn't know, but would the Femme consider him an ally even though their alliance was only temporary?

Only one way to find out if they ever do cross paths.

Malocide: TFP Malocide reference by HMB-BellyBomb

Schneesturm: Schneesturm (OC) by Mediziner

Malocide © :iconhmb-bellybomb:
Schneesturm & Literature Art © :iconmediziner:
Transformers © Hasbro
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I was grinning the whole time while reading this. I'm absolutely in love with the way you betrayed him.
This is perfect on multiple levels! Thank you so much, Medic.
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Finfjehifhcindcuejrbfunehfjd— I’m so happy you love it. ;u;

I’ll admit that I’ve been internally screaming at myself that I felt I haven’t portrayed Malocide good enough... XD... ‘Tis my pain when it comes to writing about specific OCs for the first time. ;o; But a very huge relief you love it to bits. :heart:

Also... Betrayed? XD
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*Snerk* <u< He's been both betrayed and portrayed. ;D *bricked* Malocide's probably gonna spii water at me like a sprinkler now. O:
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