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Universe: Elder Scrolls Online
Primary Characters: Pupperup
Secondary Characters: Ryzler
Genre: General, Supernatural

Mediziner's Notes: It's been a loooooooong time since I last produced any type of art, eh? This is a birthday gift for m'ah bestie spiketail94 who's been one of the most awesome friends I've ever had. ;u; While normally I would've posted her birthday gift on the 4th of July, I have one good reason to seemingly post it super early: Australians are a full on 24h timezone ahead of everybody, so no complaints there as it's the 4th for her despite being the 3rd as I upload this. ;P So it had to be done otherwise it'd feel like I gave a belated gift instead of a proper birthday gift. Truth be told, I did this little one-shot in one full frikkin day. XD Happened on a whim when I was panicking on what I could squeeze outta my brain and this happened. 8I I'm aware that I've gotten extremely rusty since my last post, but this was fun regardless though, I'm quite pleased with this piece.

Excuse me that my lore on TES is also a bit rusty as well. ^^; + Sorry if Pupperup might be a bit or too much OoC. OTL



Having crossed the border from Elsweyr and into Valenwood, Ryzler and Pupperup went from travelling into a fairly hot province to a more humid province. While Elsweyr wasn't as hot as Hammerfell, home of the Redguards, it was still pretty hot... But something made it different between the two, though Ryzler himself thought that perhaps maybe Valenwood's cooler temperatures perhaps would always blow into Elsweyr, keeping it from seeming like it would be as hot as Hammerfell? He wouldn't know, nor was he an expert at telling these things. The two had been traveling through Valenwood's towering jungles for some time and due to how it dominated the land, it was often hard to find land flat enough to walk on without having to climb up or down areas. Additionally, it often rained which would often forced them to find shelter. When it was pouring, the roads were often very muddy and extremely slippery, making travel difficult until it stopped. Currently, the two of them were under a hollowed fallen tree, large enough to seemingly provide shelter for roughly around 50 people if not more, as it was currently pouring. Pupperup meanwhile was freezing and seeing how he was casually reading a book, she couldn't help but blurt out. "Ryzler, aren't you going to get a fire started!? It's freezing!" She couldn't understand how he didn't seem to be so cold and yet here she was, albeit being a Khajiit and her fur would've kept her warm, the rain made the air seem a lot more colder...

"Do you know about the Green Pact?"

"...Green Pact? Are you sure you're not talking about the Alliance with a dragon for a banner?"

Right... She didn't study at all, other than the basic things such as needs and then taught to steal things.

Shutting the book, Ryzler set it down next to his side as he began to explain. "The Green Pact not an alliance, but is something the Bosmer Elves have made a pact with this large jungle. From what I've read in the book, they have some rules, and if you violate those rules, they'll come after you as transformed beasts and punish you. Sadly I doubt that I could just go and easily pick up fallen branches or chop wood without getting a Bosmer or two coming out to attack, so we'll have to make do with our bedrolls and blankets we brought along for travel."

"What are... These rules?" Asked Pupperup, thinking that this was all a silly

"One: Never harm the forest. Two: Do not eat any plant life. Three--" Immediately he cut himself off, whole he would've told her more of the Green Pact's rules, some of them were... Very strange which involved the Green Pact that perhaps say if one managed to deal with a bandit or two and kill them, the Green Pact would want the one standing to eat them, never letting it remain rotted or wasted which gave him a sickening knot in his stomach. He wasn't sure how Pupperup would react to this, but he simply cut it short and continued. "Three: We can only eat meat. So if the rain dies down a little, I'll go and hunt us something to eat." While Ryzler preferred eating fruits and vegetables, he wasn't going to violate the Green Pact and be picky and wouldn't mind eating venison or two if there were any Deer or other edible animals living in the province. Pupperup groaned, not wanting to wait but then stood up and walked over near Ryzler.

"This one is going to set up her tent, since we'll be here I guess until morning since it's getting late, it's best this one set up camp."

However by the time Pupperup got near, Ryzler's expression went from a casual uninterested expression to pure disgust.

"By the Eight, when did you last took a bath!?" He cried out, pinching his nose as the smell coming off of Pupperup was horrendously overwhelming. The Khajiit looked at him in confusion and wasn't sure what the big deal was, feeling that his crying out was unnecessary.

"What's your problem?"

"When did you last took a bath...?" The Dunmer repeated his question once more.

"Why do you want to know?" Pupperup asked bemusedly.

Ryzler on the other hand... Just completely lost it...

"WHY DO I WANT TO KNOW!?-- WHY DO I WANT TO KNOW!? DON'T YOU KNOW THAT'S DISGUSTING, PUPPERUP!? IF YOU DON'T BATHE DAILY, YOU COULD BE LITTERED WITH BUGS THAT BECOME ATTRACTED TO THE SMELL YOUR BODY IS RADIATING LEST BE INFESTED TO THE POINT THAT OVERTIME YOU WOULD GET SICK AND DIE! I DON'T KNOW WHEN YOU LAST BATHED BUT YOU SHOULD GO AND GET PROPERLY CLEANED UP!!" Bellowed Ryzler, fuming with disgust and anger, having completely lost it. While he would often keep his cool and temper in check, for someone to lack proper hygiene care, it was flat out ridiculous and in his opinion, childish that a fully grown adult Khajiit would not even bathe! He reached into one of the backpacks and threw a bather's towel and some bathing soap. "Here! there should be a small river not too far from here, go bathe!"

Annoyed let alone even irritated from how he yelled at her, she stubbornly hmphed and dropped the items on the floor. "This one had no problems throughout my life needing to get washed. Do you know how long it will take for my fur to dry off and let alone wear clothes!?"

"Listen, Khajiits also get cleaned. I know plenty that hate water just as you do, but one of my friends J'zanno knows how important being clean is, he would certainly not approve of you if you came to visit our place and stinking it up. It doesn't take an Argonian or a Khajiit to know how smelly you are right now." He told her sternly, then pointed towards the exit. "Now, go get cleaned."


This was getting nowhere.

Ryzler had to come up with a plan, lately before they crossed into the border between Elsweyr and Valenwood, he recalled how she made a bit of a ruckus back in the city of Dune, where if he was correct, heard about how a citizen was talking to a couple guards about a smelly Khajiit thief, maybe they were referring to Pupperup when she was out and about stealing things behind his back as what she always did when they got to a city or small village. 'Hmm... I hate to do this, but perhaps maybe this might work...' Blackmail wasn't something he would do, but if it was to get her to do the right thing... If it did worked. He had a gut feeling it wouldn't work, but he then tried to do this trick regardless. "Oh, well I assumed that when I overheard a conversation that they were referring to how bad you stink, that they could sniff you right out of your little hiding places." He paused, seeing how Pupperup was simply staring at him wondering what he was talking about. "If you don't believe me, could it be that you had a struggle getting away from the guards when you stole something...?" Immediately he knew he hit the nail when he saw her flinch a bit, added that her tail was puffing out like an Alfiq variant of the Khajiit that didn't like something or knew was in trouble, additionally thrashing about slightly as she grew more and more irritated. This was working, good...

"Or maybe you want to put--"

"Okay, OKAY! This one will go bathe, sheesh... No need to rub it in." Reluctantly, Pupperup gave up in defeat and picked up the bather's tower and bathing soap, leaving out in a huff as if on cue, the rain had died down to light sprinkles.

Ryzler had never believed that his little blackmail would work, though it made him feel disgusted that he had to resort to such a thing. He was smart enough to know that Blackmailing would eventually backfire and it was certainly not his way of persuading people to do the right thing. The Dunmer got back to reading books, but did cut the reading short to set up his own tent and bedroll. He looked outside, seeing how it was still raining but it remained a light sprinkle.

Some time later, he realised that it was getting dark and Pupperup hadn't returned yet. He was also preparing to go out to hunt but because she hadn't returned yet, he wasn't sure what to think of. '...Don't tell me that she either got lost, or found a small village to plunder like a game.' He thought, feeling annoyed that it was possible that it was definitely the latter that could have happened.

However, there was another problem on his hands.

Just as he was preparing to go and find Pupperup, Ryzler's senses were lit up, the smell of living prey was suddenly overwhelming him more powerful than how stinky Pupperup was. 'Oh no, the twin Moons... Tonight they're full moons...!' He thought, having forgotten that tonight were full moons, which was often a bad time for many living with Lycanthropy. The wolf within had to-- No, must come out, and it was only those very nights that they're stuck in werewolf form as if shackles were placed on them until dawn blankets the skies, which they would then be released from said shackles. Some, like himself, felt it was a nasty curse by Hircine, the father of Werewolves and Daedric Prince of the hunt. "I swear when I find her I'll-- Argh!" Quickly, the Dunmer stripped himself down to just his underwear, not wanting his clothes to rip upon his forced transformation. He immediately began giving himself space so that he didn't transform and get himself stuck. Quickly running out of the camp as his transformation began to commence, he heard the sound of two wolves howling, having made their appearance from out of thin air to join their pack leader as Ryzler cried out in agony, which would soon be drowned out into a howl as he transformed.


Meanwhile, Pupperup was washing herself down. She hated to be in water but she did find a small river not too far from camp to bathe in as she grumbled to herself. Additionally there was a slaughterfish or two that she caught, one having bitten the tip of her tail that she flicked off onto the ground, letting it flop about until it was deprived of water to keep it going and another that had also bitten her in the tail, having also tossed it onto the ground and letting it flop about until it was also dead from being deprived of water but knew that they could be brought back to be cooked, not really believing the whole Green Pact deal was real if they just gathered dead branches having fallen off the trees and perhaps maybe use a few dead bushes for firewood. The Khajiit continued to scrub herself down, annoyed with having to do this but wouldn't want to deal with Ryzler giving her more wise words, and she certainly wouldn't want to be sniffed out by a Guard and thrown in jail for it. Living as a thief was the life she knew and grew up with, and even if Ryzler was paying for a lot of things instead of simply just going and stealing it, to her it was pure killjoy. But she did have sense to avoid large things otherwise one: It would slow her down and two: It's often hard to hide carrying a huge valuable item.

"Stupid Ryzler, it doesn't matter since this one has had no problems with such things! This is just silly, they could still smell this one's fur even if cleaned!" She ranted to herself aloud.

She continued to rant about him aloud, as if talking to someone but then she could hear a wolf's howl in the background which made her stiffen, uneasy and perhaps maybe regret she left the camp site. '...I didn't know wolves lived here.' She thought, knowing she had to finish up and get back before she could be sniffed out as prey and attacked while she's vulnerable. She glanced to her nearby clothes, all piled up messily while her maces were right next to them. At least she did the smart choice in bringing a weapon with her in case of anything.

Another howl was heard, Pupperup turned in the direction of where the howl came, and she saw a white wolf. Icy blue eyes stared her down, though the Khajiit herself wasn't sure what to think if it was hungry or perhaps it was just curiously observing her. It didn't seemed to attack but then another howl was heard, this time a black wolf with eyes as yellow as gold joined the white wolf and both curiously looked at her. The two of them looked then leapt forth... But soon a growl was heard, and the wolves quickly stopped in their tracks, backing off just as Pupperup scrambled for her mace and quickly put on her bather's towel. She was confused however, that they stopped their advance... Why? Then, at the corner of her eyes, she saw a werewolf. However, this werewolf was... Unusual. While she's never had encountered werewolves at all, she had seen them drawn or painted by artists on some occasions she'd actually steal paintings, one of the ones she remembered stealing was that of a werewolf as white as the snow. The two wolves were eager to give Pupperup the jump and shred her to pieces until she no longer lived, but the werewolf-- Their pack leader, had told them to stand down.

The werewolf made it's cautious approach on Pupperup, making her uneasy but strange that it wasn't pouncing at her nor showing any signs of attacking. "D-Don't come any further! This one... This one will not show mercy!" Pupperup warned shakily, knowing on a whim that they were stronger than normal wolves judging from their body and posture. A beast that could walk on either two legs, or all four.

What Pupperup was unaware of, was that her back was to a figure creeping behind her silently.

The werewolf saw this and immediately began to growl, going on all fours which made Pupperup tense, but knowing that there was no way for it to go away nor did she have anything but to give them the caught slaughterfish she unintentionally caught-- But as she looked to where they were, it was then she noticed it was now just bones, seeing how one of the wolves had sneakily made it's move when she wasn't looking and eaten them. Knowing that this was suicide, she charged at the werewolf with a small battlecry, eyes slowly shutting but enough to see her target... But only for the werewolf to leap right over her and came crashing down on something behind her. Turning around, Pupperup could see that the werewolf had pounced on a crocodile as it thrashed fruitlessly to get the attacker off, even going as far as to do the death roll. all while it did so, the werewolf quickly bit into the throat of the crocodile, clinging onto it with all it's might until it no longer moved. Ensuring that it's truly dead, the werewolf then howled, calling to it's pack to feast with him as he dragged it out of the river and onto the muddy ground. The wolves quickly joined the werewolf and feasted on the leftovers when their pack leader had finished.

"It... Saved me..." Pupperup having witnessed the whole thing, she wasn't sure what to say. But it didn't seem to want to attack her... Maybe she could trust the beast... Maybe.

She had no idea that her unusual saviour was actually her companion in disguise, but because Ryzler was transformed, his ability to speak was taken away and could only respond with howls, growls, small barks, and the likes. He couldn't even say a single word even if he tried hard enough like a trained dog who could say only very few words it would be taught.

But what he could do was some gestures... With his arms and hands.

'Well, since I'm cleaned up, I'll just--' Just as she reached for her clothes, the werewolf broke into a sprint and took them and shred them up with his claws and teeth. "Hey!" She called out angrily. "Those were my clothes! Now I have nothing to wear you stupid beast!" Ryzler reply however was a simple snort. No was was he going to let her wear the same clothes he's been seeing her wear every single time. Pupperup never really had any clothes other than a pair she's been wearing for who knows how long, but now that this werewolf tore them to shreds, now she had no other clothes she had... Save for the showy light Redguard traditional garments women would wear for traditional ceremonies or performances that he bought her when they were in Hammerfell months ago. "...Maybe I'll just head back to camp and borrow one of Ryzler's clothing, he did let me do that one time when I had a different pair that was way older than the ones you tore up." She muttered aloud, and began heading back towards camp. Throughout the whole incident, she hadn't realised that the rain had completely stopped.

Back at the camp, the first thing that Pupperup noticed was that Ryzler wasn't present. She wondered where he was, but then quickly remembered that he had told her that he was going to go out and hunt to get them something to eat. He had also had his own tent set up, and thus also set hers up since she didn't get the chance to due to being yelled at for being stinky, but quickly found one of Ryzler's robes and put them on despite that they were a little big on her all while the werewolf watched curiously, his wolf companions playing about with each other to pass time, having no interest in what their pack leader and the Khajiit were doing. The werewolf's ears flickered when he heard a stomach growl, albeit it was quiet, he knew that she hadn't eaten yet. "Well, Ryzler will come back with freshly caught food, so you can stay here and this..." Just as Pupperup turned around, the werewolf was gone. "One... Okay..."

Having to use pins to keep some folded parts of the robe in place so they weren't messily flowing about, Pupperup had gone out to find some wood to use for a small campfire as she was getting cold. Though the nighttime was rather creepy, not sure what creatures Valenwood housed but wasn't going to linger in one place for too long, running about as silent as a snake gathering as many branches and wood as she could, knowing that Ryzler would give her an earful if she brought back something she cut, but she also hadn't brought with her anything that was meant to chop wood or even chip at it. When she finally got enough to have a fairly big fire but not too big to burn the entire thing, she returned to camp and prepared it accordingly as she would've always seen Ryzler prepare the campfire. Once that was done, she searched through their supplies for a tinderbox. Once having found it, she began starting up the fire, knowing that since they didn't have any wood they could use and that since her companion had told her that they cannot go around chopping wood as they please in Valenwood, but she'd rather avoid having an earful.

Soon she heard rustling, then the sound of a twig snapping as she was on high alert, grabbing her mace as she turned to see that the white werewolf brought back with it a freshly killed antelope. Knowing it was the same werewolf, she put her mace away though was irritated slightly. "This one thought you were a crocodile or whatever else this jungle has, be glad you were not struck by my mace." The Khajiit watched as the werewolf approached her more closely, then dropped the corpse in front of her. Frowning, she wasn't sure how to cook it, even if she cut delicious chunks of venison out of it as Ryzler was often the one cooking the stuff while she had often burned hers commonly, not to complete charcoal but because she wasn't familiar with living outdoors and having to hunt for food due to having had to steal her own food rather than go out and hunt. "Anyways, this one was just thinking about how long Ryzler's taking to get back and I doubt you'd get along well with him." She began to ramble as she observed the werewolf biting into the corpse and ripping off a good chunk of it, then carefully moving the piece in it's jaws, the beast held it over the fire carefully yet evenly cooking it. 'So the beast knows how to use a fire... How unusual, do other werewolves do the same like this strange white werewolf?' She thought.

"For one thing, Ryzler's a Dunmer... This one may not know if you're a real person inside or just a wolf with a bigger body, but sometimes the Dunmer can be annoying at times. While he does not enslave this one's people and the Argonian's people, he instead pretends to buy slaves, then when they're far enough, he frees them. This one may never understand why he goes to such great lengths to do what no other Dunmer could do, but many slaves that were freed are very grateful to be released." She paused for a bit to think, then continued as she stared at the fire, but soon found the carefully cooked piece being given to her. The werewolf's face was close to her, and was astonished when it reached with one of it's intimidating clawed hands to position her hands as if ready to catch something, then slowly dropped the slab of cooked venison onto her own hands. Backing up, the werewolf began to rip another piece all while Pupperup looked at the cooked venison, then the beast a few times then began eating into it, and it was rather tasty. "Though Dunmer sometimes even enslaved other elves, or even their own people. This one has also seen they enslaved others like Redguards, Nords, Imperials... Even Bretons, but very uncommon as Ryzler's people prefer Khajiit or Argonian slaves." She added. "But most of the time he can be annoying and thinks that stealing is wrong to do. Yes, thievery isn't good but it's my life, I cannot stop and it's how I survive. This one has taught sternly by those who raised me said: "Either you steal, or you die." It's how Khajiit has been living since then."

Ryzler could hear everything she said about him, most of the things she said weren't very nice but he learned to ignore it. But a part of him made him wonder if he should tell her that he's the white werewolf, or let her ramble to him whenever he appears in werewolf form. Though when he thought more on it, it seemed like she had no idea that he had a werewolf form to begin with, so perhaps maybe this way he could abuse his werewolf form to hear her ramble about herself more, even though it meant also hearing her ramble to him like a diary about all the 'annoying things' he did to her or told her not to do. As Pupperup continued to ramble about him. The two of them continued to eat and eventually knowing it was almost done, the werewolf took away the mostly eaten carcass as if knowing that Pupperup was full, having taken out of the shelter and gone to eat the leftovers outside with his pack and away so it wouldn't stink up the place.

As time passed, Pupperup had spent most of her time waiting in the shelter in hopes Ryzler got back, but he didn't. Knowing she needed to sleep, she did just that though believed probably that he either got lost or was attacked. However Ryzler himself, having been stuck in werewolf form, began to sleep once the fire had eventually gone out. Though he knew that she should've made the campfire a little further away from their gear, the Khajiit having set it just a tad too close but at least nothing caught fire or was lost to fire. Having eaten a lot of the antelope with his pack made him rather sleepy, and perhaps even his fellow wolves were just about as sleepy as he was with full bellies. He couldn't blame them. With a yawn, he eventually drifted off into a deep sleep.

Being an early riser, Ryzler woke up when he knew that dawn was going to blanket Nirn in just a few minutes, he needed to make sure that his clothes were intact and ready, still secured in one of the backpacks that held his other clothes, one being a newly bought pair that he got back in Elsweyr when shopping for a new outfit to wear. Grabbing his backpack in his jaws, he instructed his wolves to pick up his bather's robes, showing them what they were and one of them did as told. Ryzler fled towards the river, knowing that he needed to bathe due to starting to stink like a rotting carcass, something he despised. Setting the stuff down, one wolf yipped in warning that dawn was almost upon him and he'll be back in his original form in mere seconds. Nodding, Ryzler took the bather's robe and sets it down next to his backpack of clean clothes and soon the wolves howled as they disappeared all while Ryzler felt immense pain shooting through his entire body as he changed back into a normal Dunmer again. "By the Eight I'm never going to get used to the pain of transforming in and out of my form..." He groaned to himself, feeling sore all over as he moved himself into the river.

Thankfully, Ryzler had some bathing soap in his pack that was stored with his clean clothes, having taken that before getting in the river, he flinched at the coldness nipping his skin, but there was no choice as they weren't at an inn where they had warm baths. "Hopefully there is at least a village nearby to stay for a bit to make a few purchases for more supplies..." He murmured to himself, though couldn't get last night out of his head, it was one of the most oddest things he's ever encountered with Pupperup... The Khajiit more or less closed off about herself when asked, opens up when alone and he's not exactly 'there' when he is, but little would she know that he's the werewolf.

'...Maybe I'll not tell her.' He thought, deciding that this might be an easier way to get to know his traveling companion better than false info she'd given him. Ryzler wasn't someone who liked to lie, but he didn't like how Pupperup often closed herself off by giving him obvious false information about herself.

He always liked to get to know his friends better.

Ryzler: Ryzler (OC) by Mediziner

Pupperup: Gift - Almost by spiketail94 (On the left)

Pupperup © :iconspiketail94:
Ryzler & Literature Art © :iconmediziner:
The Elder Scrolls © Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios
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Mediziner Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yays! ;u; + Oops... XD... You really should have a full written bio of Pupperup somewhere so I'll know for that next time whenever I get inspiration to do more written stuff on them. ;;

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spiketail94 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she speaks like a Nord, that's pretty much it XD everything else is spot on :dummy:

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