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Random from Brave Police J-Decker

bravepolice's backup by zibanitu6969 bravepolice's backup :iconzibanitu6969:zibanitu6969 319 22 GORETOBER - Burning by SuzyLin GORETOBER - Burning :iconsuzylin:SuzyLin 15 4 GORETOBER - Death by glas  by SuzyLin GORETOBER - Death by glas :iconsuzylin:SuzyLin 14 7 Brave Police Character Profiles - Fire J-Decker by Erilmadith-Everyoung Brave Police Character Profiles - Fire J-Decker :iconerilmadith-everyoung:Erilmadith-Everyoung 18 2 Brave Police J-Decker by SuzyLin Brave Police J-Decker :iconsuzylin:SuzyLin 12 19 GORETOBER - Massacre by SuzyLin GORETOBER - Massacre :iconsuzylin:SuzyLin 17 8
Something You're Not
The four mechs smashed into each other with a loud metallic bang.
Bishop slowly uncurled from where he’d hit the floor trying avoid the on-coming mass of red, yellow and green. He cringed when he saw Rook, Pawn, Jack and Ten trying to sort themselves out from a tangle of limbs.
“Bloody hell!” Jack cursed as he wriggled out from under Ten. “Bishop, you useless sot, get off the field!”
“I … I’m … I’m sorry!” Bishop stuttered, flinching away from the glare Jack was leveling him with.
“For once, I’m agreeing with Jack.” Pawn growled. The yellow and red mech quickly glanced over at his twin to make sure Rook wasn’t hurt. This training exercise was supposed to be an easy thing and it usually was … whenever Bishop wasn’t involved. “You can’t use a sword or an axe, your hand-to-hand is abysmal, you can barely shoot straight. Face it, you’re absolute rubbish in a fight.”
:iconerilmadith-everyoung:Erilmadith-Everyoung 15 54
What a Day
Title: What a Day
Fandom: J-Decker
Rating: K
Genre: Romance, fluff
Characters: Ayako, Dumpson, cameo of Yuuta
Warnings: None
Summary: A forgotten date causes a lovers' argument.
He should have realized today was somehow different. Ayako, who always was happy when they arranged a date, had sounded even a little more so two days ago over the telephone.
He saw her, clad in a beautiful green sun-dress with white hem, wristlets glittering in the sun when she waved at him when he reached the park. Still they dimmed against the sparkle in her green eyes as they greeted each other and it warmed Dumpson he was the cause of it.
Unfortunately, the sparkle didn't last. The conversation went on and from one point on Ayako's elation dimmed – only little that he didn't notice it at first. He tried his best to cheer her up again, complimented her, but it didn't work.
Her face instead morphed even faster into one of disbelief, then into disappointment the same speed his anxiety grew proportiona
:iconpriestess-shauni:Priestess-Shauni 17 2
Together we rise
Title: Together we rise
Fandom: J-Decker
Rating: K
Genre: General
Characters: Kagero, Shadowmaru
Warnings: None
Summary: Pre-series, nod to episode 11. Kagero and Shadowmaru shared many secrets. What Kagero wanted to show his friend would become another.
"Useless! Absolutely useless!"
The last training dummy fell as any of the previous had – cleanly cut in half through the diagonal. The destroyed dummies littered the floor, surrounding the purple form in the middle of the room.
Shadowmaru's hand holding his sword was trembling, just another sign of the turmoil inside. He hated his body betraying him, he hated feeling angry, feeling helpless, feeling at all. It was the sum of the paradox his existence was cursed with he also HATED that he hated to feel.
Tension. How long had he been standing there?
Straightening up, the trembling vanished as he sheathed his sword back in a practiced move with a snick. Then he turned around. Kagero was watching him with cross
:iconpriestess-shauni:Priestess-Shauni 19 2
HOLD UP by Ridel HOLD UP :iconridel:Ridel 50 37 BP: warmup by flutterjet BP: warmup :iconflutterjet:flutterjet 60 11 Power Joe by xWidespreadPanicx Power Joe :iconxwidespreadpanicx:xWidespreadPanicx 25 2 Stargazers by Erilmadith-Everyoung Stargazers :iconerilmadith-everyoung:Erilmadith-Everyoung 35 10 Deckerd first try by deadbro Deckerd first try :icondeadbro:deadbro 39 7 Gifty Deckerd by Jazz935 Gifty Deckerd :iconjazz935:Jazz935 33 23 Shadowmaru Sketch by Jazz935 Shadowmaru Sketch :iconjazz935:Jazz935 47 8
:love::heart: I am Brave Police J-Decker trash. :heart::love:


What's a toilet?

Chain of things I found pretty funny.


Quake 3 Player Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Quake 3 Arena Stamp by manuss I've played Quake 3 Arena since the day it came out.

Spyro the Dragon stamp by 5-3-10-4 Crash Bandicoot Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by StampPKU Quake 3 Arena Stamp by manuss Donkey Kong 64 S.T.A.M.P by 4EverYoungKid Tomb Raider 1 Stamp by jenniferlaura Tomb Raider II by SanAkira Gex Stamp by Creepiest
My Childhood games!

ENERGON STAMP by Metallikato Mmm, Energon!

Discord Stamp by Ninja-Puppy
I don't do Skype anymore but I do Discord. Though please don't hound or ask me about it, I don't like randomly adding people unless I know someone enough. :U

Team Mystic Badge by Arialli
I am Team Mystic in Pokemon GO.

Team Mystic stamp by babykttn Team Mystic - Pokemon Go! by TehAngelsCry
Brave Police McCrane stamp by Imber-Noctis Brave Police Stamp [Scrap] by whitenoize
Kangaroo Stamp by cynders-song Nox Arcana by black-cat16-stamps Demolishor stamp by StarryTiger
Taurus Stamp by Xhilyn Love to read by Claire-stamps Decepticon Stamp by KillboxGraphics
Protected by Vampires stamp by purgatori MS Ghost Lewis Stamp by TwilightProwler Anti-Canon x OC Stamp by Insector-Hagako
TF:War for Cybertron stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl //attempt// Fate stamp by ForgottenHope547
lxk ship stamp by boltun Kurtis stamp. by boltun I Support...My Friends - Stamp by Zooky
Armada Wheeljack by higher-flyer Armada Starscream by higher-flyer Nighthawk Stamp by One-For-Sorrow
Skyrim Stamp by SuperFlash1980 I love bats stamp by BullTerrierKa I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk
STAMP - Viscera Cleanup Detail by AniWhichWay Assassin's Creed by Desaesed Reconnaissance stamp //attempt// by ForgottenHope547
Classic Spyro Club Stamp by OldSpyroClub The power of flight by prosaix Classic Spyro Club Stamp 4 by OldSpyroClub
Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine STAMP: British Accents by Ellamenopea Picard PLZ by Warp-Speed
Proud Twilight hater stamp. by Little-Shad0w Cybersix Stamp by new-moon-night Rain Stamp by Stamp221
Anti-OCxCanon Groups by Konata101 137-2 Porygon Stamp by Pokestamps McCrane Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed
Power Joe Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed Shadowmaru Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed


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Mediziner's Profile Picture
aka Medic
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Season Icons/Avatars are all done by: :iconstarrytiger:
Current DeviantID done by: BlackOwlE

My friends in no order:
:iconspiketail94: :iconchronosabyss: :iconsuzylin: :iconerilmadith-everyoung:

You're looking at the wrong artist for visual art, I'm a writer.

Please do not ask me to RP. I don't RP with random people I don't know.

I'm also part of an LP with WWEdeadman in an LPT we're doing together.
(I'm not a YouTuber however.)…

NIGHT PERSON by Loulou13
Taurus Stamp by mylastel
I cannot draw by prosaix I Write Literature stamp by BlondeFromHell Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts
Steam Stamp by badtrane PC Gamer Stamp by 3enzo Anti-Canon x OC Stamp by Insector-Hagako

Stamp: German Language Expert by MafiaVamp BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design French 3 by Faeth-design

Well hallo there, 'n danke for visiting my profil! Name's Mediziner, The Nocturnal Prince of the Medics! But you can call me "Medic", "Doctor", or "Doc" as my short name, since it's also the Englisch translations to my name. (The introduction's often both my catchphrase and signature in notes/etc so don't worry, I don't demand people to address me in such a way.) I'm a 27 year old Medic who loves nothing more than to game, write, commission, and befriend others. I'm a goofball in a nutshell basically, even though perhaps it may sound weird for someone my age, but I'm one of those types who's only serious if necessary. Anyways, not much really to say about me other than I'm just a complete nobody who stalks the TF Fandom hoping to catch juicy news on TF stuff 'n whatnot, lol.


I don't have anything much I can really say, other than that I love to cook, study medical stuff (Inspired by some relatives who are doctors/other in hospitals.) and write fanfics. Literature is more or less a hobby though, not a profession, same with cooking. I'm also a bit of a nerd on dogs, my family having had dogs for generations. I'm a huge fan of the Transformers franchise since 2002 and still strong! I'm sort of also a bit old school, not really a big fan of most new things and prefer old retro things more but ehh, don't say I didn't warn you that I'm a very picky Medic. ^^; But anywaysssssss-- People say I have an endless fountain of ideas but I don't know if I can say it's true or not, but I do always have constant ideas to share with other artists if they want to rattle something out of me, ahaa! XD

I'm a HUGE fan of Brave Police J-Decker :heart:

Feel free to drop this Medic a note if you wish, they won't bite... Unless you are being rather impolitely cruel... >_>

Current Game Activity:

Warframe (PC)
The Elder Scrolls Online (PC - European Megaserver)
Killing Floor 2 (PC)
Viscera Cleanup Detail (Doing an LPT with a streamer.)


Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine If You Don't Know Me... by Vootoo Know Me Better Stamp by mylastel Truly Friends by Sedma German Pride by CrimsonLegacy Taurus by mysage
Monster cat Stamp (UPDATED 2018) by SexualBreadNinja Synthwave by black-cat16-stamps Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman Techno base love by ARTic-Weather Taurus Stamp by SparkLum NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz

Straight Stamp by slipzen-stamp Agender stamp by babykttn STAMP: Heterosexual Pride by FlameExorcist 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps They/Them Pronouns by babykttn Autistic stamp by babykttn

Stargazer Stamp by PixieDust01 I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain Nocturnal Stamp by Clockwerk-chan




My friend spiketail94's doing a thing involving a lot of Transformer OCs being stuffed into a big picture of clubbing as the theme, come drop by. Link above. Can multistream with her too if you want. Though requests please follow her rules.

:ambulance: ~Mediziner

Pretty late with this... E3

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 11, 2019, 6:50 PM
Yo, Medziner here!

I know I'm late with this but I literally hours ago stayed up a bit longer than expected to watch Nintendo's E3 with WWEdeadman, whom I'm one of his LPT gaming partners and I'm pretty hyped for some of the things.

(This one's gonna take a while that much I know but BotW Sequel? Defs yum!)
Maaaaaybe the Link's Awakening remake? I dunno...
Luigi's Mansion 3... I'm honestly more of a Luigi fan than a Mario fan. XD I dunno, to me I like how Luigi has more personality than Mario who's... More or less flat compared to his lil bro.




DAEMON X MACHINA <3 Normally I've never really played a Mecha game other than Transformers, but after playing the demo last year, I've been hooked thanks to WWEdeadman and his pals suggesting the game to me. XD Normally I DON'T at all whatsoever like it when people suggest me a game because I'm picky as all hell, but this has been pretty much a rare occasion. BUT THE BLOODY GAME FINALLY HAS A RELEASE DATE!! ...Oh and did I mention that apparently it was made by the people behind another Mecha series called "Armoured Core" I think? Not sure if I got the name right, but yeah. ...Possible spiritual successor? I dunno.

Delicious music too, a mix of orchestra and heavy metal. Normally I'm pretty neutral about heavy metal unless it's really catchy for me, but these beautiful people behind the game... They've stolen my heart already with the music you can hear from the demo. :love:

(Honestly I'm more of a Synthwave/Retrowave fan. I like oldies stuff more.)

I'm so ready for September 13th... (The game's release date.)

...Any other E3's, I'm kinda ehh about... Nothing else really tickles my fancy. :U I more or less only cared for Nintendo's stuff.

:ambulance: ~Mediziner
Nocturnal Prince of the Medics

It's hot out...

*Get a drink of water.*

*Feels something weird in mouth.*

*Spit it out...*

*Discovers a spider was in the frikkin nozzle of the water bottle. ._.*

*Immediately mouthwashed about 16 frikkin times...* :dead:

Frag me... ;n;

:ambulance: ~Mediziner
Season icons are fun, nuff said. :love: As you see, I've got one of them on. :D Le Spring icon! Will change to Summer on the 21st of June which is Summer for the Northern Hemisphere. They've been something I've been wanting to do for the longest time but I never got around getting to them since I kept prioritising other things... ^^; Whups...

But yep! Seasonsssss!! ...Gotta be careful with Summer for health reasons. D:

:ambulance: ~Mediziner


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Proud to be a Warframe Player! (PC)

Warframe Nerd by Raverick Warframe Simple Stamp by Raverick Warframe Stamp by Raverick


Leader of the Stealth Vipers.

Eeeeeeey, Silverfang's finally caught up with Nightblade 'n Sunblade 'n finally turned 6 years old! 

2 deviants said :party::party::dance: (I swear I'll have her bio reworked, but I need to get the twins' revamp first! Silverfang's staying as she is but bio needs tweaking!)
1 deviant said Now back to working on the next chapter of TLW... 8I I have no idea what I'm doing, lol...

A Box of Waiting List!

Yes, I love to commish a lot of artists. :D It's not just for the art but to support the artist! I usually commission once a month, depending on the price of what I'm getting, I usually commonly get one, but uncommonly to rare, I usually grab two. Keep in mind that I'm an extremely picky commissioner, so I often will turn away people who want me to do invoices with them because of the sake of my own privacy, I've done payment through the manual way so I know what I'm doing.

The reason I prefer to do the payment manually instead of invoices is so this way people don't force me to put my address on. I am strongly aware that invoice is safer to do, but to me I find it a danger due to forcing exposed addresses on people which explains why, and even with the settings and people say that they don't get other peoples' address, I feel that it's a considerate danger because Paypal would think I'm buying a physical thing from someone which could risk not only the danger to myself but to the artist I commission as well, where as if I pay manually to Goods/Services, I have the option to exclude my address so this way Paypal knows it's a digital thing I'm getting. I know some of you who read this may find it weird of me, but it's how I prefer to purchase commissions. I am, again, a very private Medic.

A payment is still a payment regardless if it's invoices or manually.

Waiting For:

Listed here is what I'm waiting for... This is to remind myself for what I'm waiting for and no, it won't throw mentions at other people so this is completely safe. It's pretty obvious that I really love to Commission artists. :D However many forget that not only do I love to commission artists but I also love to help support them.

:iconstarrytiger: Dosh Commission - Season Themed Icons (Part 2: Autumn & Winter themed.) ~ NOT PAID YET
:iconchronosabyss: Dosh Commission - 3D Schneesturm!


Please don't spam my comments section with a multitude of emotes because I don't like seeing people spam 30+ emotes on them, thanks.


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