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Well hallo there, 'n danke for visiting my profil! Name's Mediziner, The Nocturnal Prince of the Medics! But you can call me "Medic", "Doctor", or "Doc" as my short name, since it's also the Englisch translations to my name. (The introduction's often both my catchphrase and signature in notes/etc so don't worry, I don't demand people to address me in such a way.) I'm a 27 year old Medic who loves nothing more than to game, write, commission, and befriend others. I'm a goofball in a nutshell basically, even though perhaps it may sound weird for someone my age, but I'm one of those types who's only serious if necessary. Anyways, not much really to say about me other than I'm just a complete nobody who stalks the TF Fandom hoping to catch juicy news on TF stuff 'n whatnot, lol.


I don't have anything much I can really say, other than that I love to cook, study medical stuff (Inspired by some relatives who are doctors/other in hospitals.) and write fanfics. Literature is more or less a hobby though, not a profession, same with cooking. I'm also a bit of a nerd on dogs, my family having had dogs for generations. I'm a huge fan of the Transformers franchise since 2002 and still strong! I'm sort of also a bit old school, not really a big fan of most new things and prefer old retro things more but ehh, don't say I didn't warn you that I'm a very picky Medic. ^^; But anywaysssssss-- People say I have an endless fountain of ideas but I don't know if I can say it's true or not, but I do always have constant ideas to share with other artists if they want to rattle something out of me, ahaa! XD

I'm a HUGE fan of Brave Police J-Decker :heart:

Feel free to drop this Medic a note if you wish, they won't bite... Unless you are being rather impolitely cruel... >_>

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Can someone give me a lastname/surname that's preferably common in Germany? It's for my chapter story TLW (The Leader Within) since I've decided on an antagonist, but unfortunately I don't know any good choices of surnames...

Please don't be upset if I don't pick yours, I'm looking for one surname also, thanks!

:ambulance: ~Mediziner
Genre: General/Action

Mediziner's Notes: I'm not the best at fighting/action scenery so this isn't good as I'd like it to be... Or for anyone else in that matter... ^^; I was also not confident in refining this until eventually I finally decided to clean things up and... Yeah...

I think out of all the chapters I've done so far, this is the worst and I even felt awkward about this one... OTL I know there's going to be some nasty inaccuracies in certain parts of this chapter to many people...

I hope you enjoy!


Chapter 10: Soar the Skies!

Fire J-Decker continued to struggle, knowing full well that he needed to try and break free or at least make a breach otherwise if he remained within the web for too long, Yuuta could suffocate due to the lack of holes that allowed air to enter. While he himself didn't need to breathe, his best friend needed air, fast.

Fear clawed at the Mech from all around. While there were not many things that could scare the Brave, losing his best friend was one of his greatest fears. This fear was far more than death, because Yuuta had given him so much over the years and the thought of losing him...

It was taking a toll on him, hard.

As he continued to struggle, he heard Yuuta scream.

"Yuuta!" He couldn't see what was going on, his face being covered didn't help as he could only speak to him. "Are you okay?"

Having struggled to stay calm, Yuuta was curled up against the seat, intimidated by a large super heated blade that was only a centimeter or two away from puncturing Fire J-Decker's armour. "Y-Yeah, b-but there's a--" He flinched as the red hot blade made the web sizzle and melt, he had expected it to hit his friend but it seemed to stop only a few centimeters from contact. With the hole it was making, fresh air was coming in. While he couldn't see what was outside, he could make out a bit of blue... Familiar blue...

The blade moved, further opening the gap as a voice called out.

"Fire J-Decker." Yuuta and Fire J-Decker knew that voice, they couldn't believe it immediately but it was real. "Super heat your body to melt this stuff off if you can. But don't super heat to the point of igniting yourself." The Prototype glanced at hearing an angered voice from the criminal then back to the Mech he's aiding. "Hurry!"

"Right... But first, get Yuuta."


"The Boss. If I super heat my body, I could badly hurt him." Fire J-Decker said, a part of his chest plating splitting away revealing Yuuta whom was insied. Immediately Kagerou was hesitant upon seeing the small child but knew that if he didn't push aside his distrust in humans just for this person in particular, he'd have no doubt the others would be very disappointed with him. Recalling Shadowmaru told him that this young boy was very special, he then reluctantly reached out with his servo, earning a frightened reaction.

"Yuuta, go with Kagerou, I'll be fine." The large combiner told his friend, having felt him shiver against the seat.

Yuuta was clearly hesitant, but knew full well that Fire J-Decker couldn't get himself free if he stuck around and being careful not to touch the web, he crawled out and onto Kagerou's servo. He was wary, because it had been so long since he last saw the rogue Prototype, he remembered last when he saw him wrecking havoc in the city and even lashing out at Shadowmaru of all Braves even though it wasn't him but instead had his Super A.I. replaced with a destructive mindless A.I. when they finally 'defeated' him. As Kagerou quickly but carefully fled the area with him in tow to keep him safe, the young boy looked into his optics, seeing not a destructive, rampaging person but seeing a gentle, though clearly hesitant person. He recalled Shadowmaru had said before that he'd never hurt anyone, and knowing it was further confirmed when he did no harm to his sister back then when he had for a short time took her hostage after attacking the A.I. exhibition.

What he did notice was that Kagerou was flying a good distance from the area.

"Kagerou! Take me back to the others!" Yuuta exclaimed.

When the Prototype slowly came to a halt, the Mech shook his helm. "No, it's too dangerous." He said sternly. "I wouldn't want Fire J-Decker or the others to be disappointed with me if I allowed you to get hurt by that criminal." In truth he was internally becoming more and more uncomfortable with keeping the child in his servo. He couldn't understand how he was very important-- No, special to the entire Brave Police. Right away he did notice that Yuuta carried a communication badge like Shadowmaru did which made him uneasy... However the web that was still present kept the signals jammed which somewhat put him at ease. However he noticed that he wasn't making a move to call for someone. Why was this?

Looking around down below, Kagerou began descending upon spotting one of the human police officers and with extreme care, set down Yuuta once he landed. "Please remain with the officer." He said, then took off.

"Wait, Kagerou!" Yuuta called out, but the Mech had flown off in an instant. Immediately his first instinct was to run back to the area to be with the Brave Police, but recalling when Kagerou had said that he didn't want Fire J-Decker and the others to be disappointed with him if he got hurt in some way, it was enough to make him stop.

Did he really worry about him? What he was confused about was recalling his Super A.I. was installed into Excellent Co.'s submarine. Everyone went on that rescue mission to recover his Super A.I. from Shinjo Ken... But that never happened, the sub had descended too deep, far beyond the Braves' depth limit and the sub's own limits until it finally imploded from the sheer pressure.

Yuuta was curious to know how did Kagerou's Super A.I. survive the implosion, he also wondered how did Shadowmaru somehow recovered his Super A.I. as he tried to figure it out 'No, that wouldn't be possible... He would be crushed if he went that deep...' He thought with a frown, crossing his arms over his chest. 'But... How did Kagerou's A.I. survive? Was he secretly recovered without any of us knowing and kept this a secret about it for a long, long time? Ah, but he does have the same equipment as Shadowmaru does...' He pondered, having reminded himself that Kagerou is Shadowmaru's prototype.

Hopefully once the others have dealt with the criminal, he could try and ask Shadowmaru questions about Kagerou. 'Hmm... The others are going to jump him for questions before I could ask mine.' He thought with a frown.

The sound of a car pulling up caught his attention, turning to see a man step out.


Angry that the strands of web were being cut down one by one, it was enough to provoke the criminal to attack the others when they destroy a strand of their bio-machine's web. They were focused on trying to puncture Fire J-Decker with it's long legs, even going as far as to try and spit the substance at him as a distraction, looking for any means of open attacks.

However despite the strands of web had been cut, it was still deemed too dangerous to use more powerful artillery, fearing that it could hit or even ignite it. Fire J-Decker had made use of his sword to defect any incoming attacks, though did heat up the sword to melt off any of the sticky goop that the criminal spat at him if he couldn't find breathing room to dodge. However the bio-machine's agility despite that there wasn't any present web for it to grab onto, was still an issue.

No matter what they did, every attack he tried to pull ended up with constantly missing the suspect.

"Even without my web, you can't defeat me that easily!" They exclaimed, attention focused towards Shadowmaru as the Ninja Detective immediately dodged and dodged each attack swiftly. The criminal had been attacking with incredible agility, intending to puncture him with one of those sharp pointed spider-like legs. He had to be on alert as while he was more agile and had more quicker reaction time than the other Braves, it gave him little room to come up with an idea due to his focus being to avoid the attacks as much as possible.

However the criminal had managed to lure him into a small dead end, and as Shadowmaru quickly dodged another incoming attack, only to see another incoming attack had been planned, he barely managed to dodge it, the blade of those legs having left a scar along his helmet and into what appeared to be a truck having been stuck to the ground by one of the cut strands of web. Right away, a cloud of mist erupted from the puncture made by the leg, causing the criminal to quickly free itself before they could be caught. More and more of the mist spewed out at an increased rate and upon examination, Shadowmaru then realised what it was.

'Liquid nitrogen...' He thought, taking note of the misty liquid spreading throughout the entire truck and onto the web it was attached to.

"Too slow, Brave Police!" Immediately, Shadowmaru dodged, the attack coming down on him just narrowly as the criminal struck the truck again. As the bio-machine's leg came into contact, the frozen parts of the goop had shattered. He immediately took notice when the criminal freed it's leg from the truck, revealing it's leg having got almost half of it's leg covered in liquid nitrogen. Deciding to try something, Shadowmaru quickly reacted by throwing a shuriken, aiming for the organic-looking joints as it shattered that joint clean.

'Metal won't shatter or break under cold temperatures compared to extreme hot temperatures temperatures would normally, but target other parts and you've found yourself weak points of the bio-machine.' He thought, now getting an idea as he briefly glimpsed at where the broken truck was.

Now there was the case of if there was still some leftover nitrogen left...

Right away he dodged the incoming attacks as his attack had been successful in drawing the criminal's attention, but with it taken back by Fire J-Decker, Super Build Tiger and at times Radiant Prism or Kagerou, he turned to see Gunmax Armour trying to take a few shots at it from above, though his ammunition seeming to do no sort of damage. Getting an idea, he addressed Gunmax Armour.

"Gunmax, I could use your help with something while the others are keeping the criminal busy."

Hovering away, Gunmax Armour made sure he was at a reasonable distance as he replied while reloading his shotgun. "What is it?"

"Using liquid nitrogen, if we can slow it's movements, we can plan a way to defeat the criminal with relative ease. It's faster than heat." He told him, cautiously making his way towards the truck. "I throw the liquid nitrogen canisters as close to the legs as possible, you shoot the canisters and then aim for the joints. The metal won't be affected as much, but other areas that keep things together will become brittle and easily break. The organic-like joints for example."

Gunmax grinned, how could he say no to an idea like that? "Okay, I'm game."

It was all Shadowmaru needed and he repeated the idea he just told Gunmax to the others but suggested they distract the criminal as much as possible while he and Gunmax, do their part. Shadowmaru then easily flew towards what remained of the destroyed truck, he was fortunate that some of the canisters were still intact but knew that he needed to carefully think out as to where the best weak spots were for the remaining seven legs to cripple the criminal and slow their movements. The one that he took out was merely the left leg on the second row, which the criminal didn't show any problem maneuvering about, he needed to keep the lost canisters to a minimum and think which places were good to target... A fair amount had been destroyed already.

Though seeing as Kagerou was nearby, he could tell that the Prototype had been listening in on the idea. "I could use your help with this too, Kagerou."

Meanwhile Fire J-Decker and Super Build Tiger were doing their best to keep the criminal from turning their attention towards Gunmax Armour and Shadowmaru. Everything seemed to go smoothly until when after they destroyed two more legs did the criminal start getting serious, quickly moving the next targeted leg out of the way of the incoming liquid nitrogen canister. "Trying to cripple me are we!?" They snapped venomously. "Enough games, let's have some real fun!" Immediately they dodged another incoming canister, narrowly avoiding the exploded canister as the sudden change of speed caught both Fire J-Decker and Super Build Tiger off guard. The criminal quickly spat at Super build Tiger, preventing him from using the Tiger Cannon attack, they then immediately spat a thick string of web at Fire J-Decker before he could fire his J-Buster.

"What!?" Fire J-Decker exclaimed upon being pulled towards Super Build Tiger, his shoulder sticking onto the web on his teammate. Radiant Prism was also targeted but with a fruitless attempt at trying to make the criminal stumble, there was no change... But to the Mech's relief, Radiant Prism had dodged, albeit narrowly.

Quickly backing off to avoid getting hit by the projectiles, Radiant Prism cursed to herself as she wasn't sure what to do. She couldn't get close fast enough without getting hit, and going at high speeds often made it hard to turn or even at times maneuver... She saw that Gunmax Armour was also caught and pulled with the others.

"No!" Training her handguns, Radiant Prism then immediately ceased when both Shadowmaru and Kagerou flew in front of her.

"Shadowmaru, Kagerou... We need to help the others. Don't any of you have combined forms like the others?" She asked them, clearly concerned for the others, lowering her handguns.

"No, we're designed to work more independently and having a combined form would not suit what I was made to be." Shadowmaru frowned, though had no idea if it would've been the same for Kagerou. The others watched as both Super Build Tiger, Fire J-Decker, and Gunmax Armour were being wrapped up. "We need to stop the criminal but neither Shadowmaru or I can get close without the criminal reacting and spitting web at us when they know we're in range. They're going to keep wrapping them until they wear themselves out from trying to melt away the stuff being reapplied to them." Kagerou said, and despite that he knew that Radiant Prism hadn't been successful, he knew there was no choice, she had to try here and now.

"Radiant Prism, you need to combine." The prototype told her, turning his attention to the German Brave.

Radiant Prism flinched as she shook her helm. "I cannot, you two have seen how many times I've failed." She said as the three of them broke away, avoiding an incoming projectile from the criminal.

"You need to try! The others need your help... We need your help!" Shadowmaru replied, fully agreeing with Kagerou. "Just because you've failed multiple times doesn't mean you can never combine. I have no doubt the others have told you that they didn't combine successfully the first time."

Hesitating, Radiant Prism looked away. "I can call for my support vehicle to offer some backup but--"

"Offering firepower won't be enough, you need to combine." Kagerou interrupted.

"While I'm aware that you never see yourself as such, you bear the crest that Deckerd has, and no doubt that you--" The three have quickly separated, dodging and incoming projectile as the criminal was focused on them now that the three combined Braves were stuck in a largely wrapped bundle of sticky web. No one could see them anywhere, the layers and layers put upon them having hidden them out of sight. Radiant Prism was still hesitant about this, but what did surprise her was that the criminal was targeting her, having no interest in either Shadowmaru or Kagerou.

"We'll need to distract them, Shadowmaru." Kagerou said.

"Agreed." Shadowmaru replied. "If we can keep the pressure off of her, she should have enough breathing room to combine."

The two worked together to try and divert the criminal's attention from Radiant Prism which was proven to be difficult than they had expected. They had to do a little extra work to fully grasp their attention until eventually it worked and with the criminal's attention directed to them, they called out for Radiant Prism to combine.

Hesitation still held Radiant Prism, she still strongly doubted that even with her completed programming to combine... She was uncomfortable with the situation she's been put in. She didn't like it, she didn't want it... It was too much for her... But seeing how Shadowmaru and Kagerou worked hard together to keep the criminal off of her... She felt bad that she had been ducking out so much. Recalling what Dumpson had told her yesterday, she had to keep trying again even if she'd fail right in front of everyone and other people watching her. With a reluctant sigh, she whistled for her support vehicle and within a few seconds, the sounds of it's roaring engines echoed upon arrival.

"Hurry Radiant Prism!" Kagerou called out, quickly shoving his Brother out of the way of an incoming projectile attack.

"Kagerou!" Shadowmaru exclaimed, then noticed the criminal changing their direction back towards Radiant Prism. "Damn it, you're not getting past me!"

Watching the scene unfold, Radiant Prism grew serious as she took to the skies with her support vehicle, knowing she'll need as much space as possible and since the bio-machine can't fly, it gave her some some advantage as she dodged incoming projectiles, then flew higher into the skies.

Initiating the transformation sequence, she knew she can't fail... Not at a time like this, she didn't want to let Deckerd and the others down and let Nanamagari City fall into ruins. She made a promise that she'd not only see any criminals thwarted, but also to ensure that the trio of criminals whom have defeated her time and again would someday come to defeat and arrested when that time comes. Radiant Prism knew very well that she couldn't let Redlight down of all Braves, someone whom she had deep respect for especially having taken upon himself to direct her to Japan to seek out Deckerd and the others so that she could avoid being captured. She wasn't going to give up on those who've given her a second chance in being a police officer again. She sensed that she was now to dock as her support vehicle finished preparing itself. Not wanting to back out and let the others down, she continued through determinedly.

Changing into her vehicle form she aligned herself carefully, ready to dock. Fortunately, she managed to dock successfully as the rest of the combination finished and found herself in control of the Aerial Striker. She was amased by having successfully combined, the new power within her overwhelming as it was nothing compared to how she was as herself.

'Okay, now to free the others and stop that criminal!' Gunning the thrusters in her legs, she dived downwards at the criminal.


Shadowmaru struggled to avoid incoming projectiles as he was completely taken by surprise at how fast the criminal had been attacking him. The speed of most bio-machines were incredible, intimidating for some even as he needed to hold on long enough. Fortunately hearing the sounds of roaring engines was enough to distract the criminal as he backed away carefully.

'She's done it!' Shadowmaru thought, relieved that she was able to combine successfully. He had no doubt the others would be just as relieved upon seeing Radiant Prism's combined form.

"Shadowmaru, help the others. We're going to need everyone if we're going to beat this criminal." She told the Ninja Detective, using her fists to beat at the criminal while displaying incredible agility and speed to avoid incoming projectiles or attacks from the bio-machine's legs.

"Understood!" Shadowmaru got to work, immediately going for Kagerou and freeing him out of the web. With his Prototype free, the two ninjas worked together in using what remained of the leftover nitrogen as they'll need to use them wisely. But with careful planning of the nitrogen spilled onto the web carefully, they successfully managed to free the others in a short time.

"This is going to take a while to get all of this out of my systems... Yuck." Gunmax frowned.

"We should aid Radiant Prism before she gets overwhelmed." Super Build Tiger spoke.

Fire J-Decker nodded. "Agreed, let's go!"

Hearing the other Braves having been freed, the criminal's attention was then towards the others, to which Aerial Radiance grabbed hold of the head of the creature.

"I don't think so!"

"Let go of me!" The criminal tried to spit web at the foreign Brave but it was no use, no matter how much they tried, there was no looking at them as Aerial Radiance was doing her job of keeping them distracted long enough, keeping the criminal from pointing their bio-machine's head at her or the others.

Upon noticing that Fire J-Decker, Super Build Tiger and Gunmax Armour were free, she contacted them. "Fire J-Decker, sever the large round part of the body from the smaller,0 primary body. I think the web is contained in the larger part of it's body, hurry!"

Knowing the criminal was struggling under Radiant Prism's's grip, Fire J-Decker had to be careful with cutting through the exact part of the body he was instructed to cut as one wrong move would lead to harming the German Brave.

"Deckerd, let's trust her." Duke said.

Readying his sword, Fire J-Decker charged at the criminal, heating the blade so that it wouldn't get stuck in the process. The criminal noticed what was going to happen and struggled even further to try and break free from Aerial Radiance's grip. They struggled to try and spit projectiles at the incoming Mech but couldn't get a good lock on due to the incredible speed. As Fire J-Decker charged, Aerial Radiance herself watched knowing she needed to dodge carefully. The moment Fire J-Decker started swinging his sword, she then quickly got out of the way as it cut cleanly severing large portion of the the bio-machine, severing the large part as instructed.

"Grrrgh! ...No matter, luckily for all of you, I've saved the best for last!" The large portion of the severed bio-machine's body then began heating up followed by the head of the bio-machine detaching itself and fly off, the criminal intending to escape and get away from the blast radius. "Have fun getting obliterated!"

"No! The criminal's getting away!" Aerial Radiance exclaimed, instinctively reverting to speaking German.

"Kagerou and I will take care of the fleeing criminal, you three should focus on moving that super heated part elsewhere, according to my sensors, it's set to explode in thirty seconds!" Shadowmaru said, taking off after the criminal with Kagerou.

Knowing there was no time, Aerial Radiance used all of her strength to hoist up the heated bio-machine part, though her servos ached at how brightly hot it was heating up, but knowing there was no time to waste, she then took off into the skies though flew oddly due to it's weight.

"Radiant Prism!" Fire J-Decker and Super Build Tiger exclaimed with concern.

"I'm bringing this over the ocean, as far away from the country as I can get it to." Aerial Radiance strained. "Once far enough, it should be safe enough for it to detonate without anyone getting hurt. I'm not letting some criminal destroy this city!"

Neither Brave liked the idea out of concern that they could both cause Radiant Prism's death, but seeing the speed she flew at, there wasn't enough time to get it as far away as possible. "I'll help her." Fire J-Decker said, taking off after Aerial Radiance.

Having caught up with her in a short time, the combiner was quick to assist Aerial Radiance in getting it far away faster. "Fire J-Decker, what are--"

"You won't be able to get it far enough away in time." He simply said. "We should hurry and ascend."


With a few seconds left on the clock, both Fire J-Decker and Aerial Radiance quickly ascended to the skies, needing to avoid the shock wave of the explosion hitting the ocean and causing a tsunami. By the time they reached a certain feet in the air, they immediately let go and flew away from the area as fast as possible, just as the bio-machine part exploded. With the explosion radius being incredibly large, they both had to keep flying away as fast as they could until it could no longer try and reach them both. Turning around to look at what remained of the explosion, parts of what remained of the bio-machine fell into the sea.

Aerial Radiance herself couldn't help but frown, when she considered the radius of the explosion, it looked like it could've engulfed the entire city into nothing but a large crater Countless lives would've been lost not perhaps just from the explosion alone, but the shock wave created by that explosion could send people nearby into anything with such force... She shook her helm, not daring to think about what would've happened.

"Radiant Prism, are you okay?" Fire J-Decker asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She replied with a nod.

"Congratulations on being able to combine." He told her. "Do you have a particular name for this form?"

Aerial Radiance thought about it for a moment, then nodded. "Aerial Radiance. Translating into this language... Would be 'Aerial Radiance'." She said. "The Commissioner never gave me a name for my form, I assumed that he intended for me to give a name to this form, I've decided on Aerial Radiance."

"Aerial Radiance, an interesting choice of name." Nodded Fire J-Decker. "Come on, let's go see to the others."


A couple hours later, everyone returned to make their reports while Shadowmaru and Kagerou had fortunately caught the fleeing criminal and had already long handed them over to the police. With Kagerou now known to the entire Brave Police, a few of the Mechs were uneasy with his return but Shadowmaru was very clearly protective and sternly told everyone that he isn't what he was before, and that he wouldn't go rogue anymore, Saejima had also confirmed it himself and told the others that he'll ensure that no one intends on repeating what happened in the past, and strictly made the decision that Kagerou would eventually become part of the Brave Police. There was no doubt that the sight of Kagerou would take a while for Deckerd and the Build Team, excluding Drill Boy to get used to him again... However Kagerou needed to go through a long progress to ensure that he truly won't be going rogue anytime soon and confirm that it's really him. The others had to stick with Shadowmaru sticking around which was understandable due to how close the two were back when they underwent training together after Shadowmaru had been first brought online, and considering Kagerou's loss greatly affected the Ninja Detective when they lost him thanks to the criminal, Shinjo Ken...

Meanwhile, Radiant Prism was back at the station finishing up her lessons with Deckerd, though she had been spacing out since having successfully combined for the first time. Her power felt a lot more than her own, and she felt like she could break the sound barrier with increased speed in that form. Though she wouldn't want to make it a habit to constantly use that form unless it was really needed.

"Radiant Prism? Everything alright?" Deckerd asked.

"Huh? Apologies... I was--"

"Thinking about the first time you've finally combined with your support vehicle? It's quite a surprise that takes a while to recover from." The Brave Detective replied with a chuckle. "I was like that myself, the same with the Build Team. I'll admit it took me nearly almost a week to get over it and get used to it, as for the others I'm not sure but Power Joe and Dumpson would've taken the longest to recover compared to McCrane. Duke... I'm not quite sure and I'm not sure about Gunmax..."

"Sir..." It gave the German Brave a bit of comfort that she wasn't the only one who was surprised to have successfully combined, and despite that Deckerd wasn't sure for Duke and Gunmax, she had no doubt that they probably also didn't successfully combine for the first time. Oh well, at least despite the mess that needed to be cleaned up and repaired, she can only hope that no other criminals would keep the others from cleaning up after the battle...

What she did notice was Deckerd seemed to be a little worn out, or was that distress?

"Deckerd, I... Don't mean to intrude but, is everything alright?" She asked hesitantly.

"Eh? Ah, of course. Why do you ask?"

Unsure if she should continue to pry further or not, Radiant Prism shook her helm. "It's nothing, I was concerned because you seemed a little worn out but I guess it's normal when dealing with more tougher criminals the human police cannot handle."

The two of them continued on with work until Radiant Prism finally finished up what remained of the given work for the day. As Deckerd gathered all of the finished paperwork, he made sure that everything was there. When he heard Radiant Prism get up from her seat, he remembered something. "Ah, Radiant Prism I almost forgot to give you this." He then grabbed the communication badge that was off to the side of his desk as he handed it over to Radiant Prism. "Since you'll be working with us, you'll need a communication badge to replace your original one."

Gently taking the new badge from Deckerd, she looked at it for a moment, admiring the country's logo and the little red sirens in place of the blue before finally back to the patrol car. "Thank you. Though I'll keep my old badge because I'd rather not have it disposed of since it's special to me, but I'll be sure to use this new badge for communication alongside you and the rest of the team."

"Having that badge means you're fully one of us, now Radiant Prism!" Yuuta beamed from his seat. "Once you finish the lessons with the others, you can finally go on patrol or write paperwork with everyone else!" He then looked to Deckerd, a little unsure. "...I think?"

"Yes, Radiant Prism will work alongside us fully once the others have their turn at teaching her what remains of the lessons divided between the others that have yet to teach her." Replied Deckerd.

"Ah! Does this mean I have to teach her something...? I don't think I'd... Help much..."

Deckerd couldn't help but chuckle at this as he shook his helm. "No, it's just me and the others so you don't have to worry about that." He then thought back about what happened before and suddenly his mood seemed to drop. Knowing that he'd need to talk with Yuuta privately, he looked to Radiant Prism.

"I'm sorry to trouble you once more, Radiant Prism, but mind if I could speak privately with Yuuta?"

Having moved the chair she was using back to where it was last, Radiant Prism gave a nod and left as she decided to see what was going on with the others down at the repair bay, knowing that the Build Team required repair after having a skyscraper from what they said fall on them while dealing with the criminal they arrested.

Once she was on the main floor, she saw the mechanics off to the side working on repairing the Build Team. Shadowmaru and Kagerou didn't seem to be anywhere in sight as from what she could see, though hoped they're not going through too much trouble. Her thoughts were interrupted upon feeling something tapping on her shoulder, turning to see Gunmax.

"Good job out there, rookie." He said, handing her the canister as the German Brave looked at it. "It's jet fuel."

"Thank you." Taking the canister, Gunmax gestured her over to the side so that they'd both be out of the way of the lift, in case anyone needed to use it.
The Leader Within Chapter 10
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The 2nd draft was where it involved Radiant Prism again doing something a little different than the original draft, but it focused way too much on her...

This is the 3rd draft that I replaced the 2nd bit of the draft with, which focuses a lot less on her and I felt much better about it.

Aerial Radiance is Radiant Prism's combined form, I have a concept but it still needs tweaking. I plan on getting it commissioned provided I manage to fix an issue I'm dealing with... OTL

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