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BLU Team Horses! Redo!



A redraw/redesign of from 2015! I really like the changes I've made! The style feels more,,,,comic book like

As for some Design Choices:
-I've covered Crystal Pone!Med before but lets just say you can see him from a mile away and his opinions on medicine are 1000 years out of date
-Yak!Heavy because big and Slavic and small legged, tho I took some liberties with the design because i didnt get on with the weird hump thing
-Spy is a changedling for obvious reasons
-Soldier is Still a pegasus but one that is unable to properly fly, let's say his bones are too dense. He can however glide very well
-Another pegasus is Scout, but he's only half pony! The little crystals on his chest might show that he's also half changeling,,,
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What's Soldier's cutie mark?