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Lone pack wolf
Calida lay with her head resting on her cream-tipped paws. She was right outside of the main den, enjoying the lovely weather and peaceful atmosphere. With Valda’s rein now over, Calida could finally truly relax. The sound of multiple pawsteps and the laughter of pups caught her attention and she lifted her head to see Jarl Fable with Lady Polaris and their pups. A smile was immediately plastered across her face, stretching from ear to ear. She loved pups, adored them, the sight of them made her heart swell. She watched as the four pups wrestled with their parents and with each other. Calida’s green eyes were glued onto the beautiful family. The sight caused her mind to wander back to when she was a pup and her family was alive.
“Calida, get off of me!” whined Sol as Calida stood on top of her brother’s back.
“Not until you admit that I’m a better hunter than you!” barked the young pup.
“Okay, fine, you
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Calida DotW Medallion by MediocrePotato Calida DotW Medallion :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 37 3
Why do you call me that?
“Come on, catch up daddy!” giggled Calida as she bounded forward with a bounce in each step. While her brother and mother were fast asleep in the den, Calida and her father had gone out for a little ‘adventuring’. 
“Don’t run off too far ahead of me sweetheart.” Nix had a deep voice filled with strength and power that claimed the attention of those who heard it, the voice of a leader. But whenever he spoke to his pups, he used the most gentle tone, soothing as can be. But Calida had a special talent of somehow completely ignoring her father when she was having fun. She continued to prance around, her stubby legs doing their best to keep up with the pup’s endless energy. Her contagious laughter melted her father’s heart every time he heard it. 
Through a small smile he chuckled, “Wren I’m serious.” Calida’s  prancing then slowly came to a stop. This was n
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High as a Kite
    She had been walking almost all day. Calida was up even before the sun’s rays broke over the horizon. She had decided that today was the day she would walk to the west end of Fellfang’s territory. It was the best way to clear her mind and temporarily escape all the negative energy that seemed to hang near the main den site like a thick fog. The Hunt had recently taken down a large elk bull, so she knew the pack had plenty to eat and she could leave without the worry of having an empty stomach in the pack.
Throughout the day she passed by numerous Fellfang landmarks, like Besteng, The Crystal Run, Raefnwood, Burnfeiger, and now she was in Grenmyrk Forest. The trees were so tightly packed and all the vegetation was so thick that barely any of the sunlight could penetrate through the greenery. This was going to be the last stop before the she-wolf turned and headed back. If she walked anymore towards the west, she was going to encounter Drau-Alor, and a
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Stonger | DotW MSE by MediocrePotato Stonger | DotW MSE :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 26 9 Adrian | DotW SS Gift by MediocrePotato Adrian | DotW SS Gift :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 20 14 Drunken Wonderland by MediocrePotato Drunken Wonderland :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 15 9 Those who care for us | DotW | Nov MSE by MediocrePotato Those who care for us | DotW | Nov MSE :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 13 4 Calida's Mythical Creature Meme by MediocrePotato Calida's Mythical Creature Meme :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 2 0 Adopt him..... please... by MediocrePotato Adopt him..... please... :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 5 7 Resilience | Album Cover | DotW Septemper MSE by MediocrePotato Resilience | Album Cover | DotW Septemper MSE :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 7 7
Forgetting Your Troubles (August MSE)
It was midday in Fellfang and the sun was at its strongest. Its glistening rays lit up the territory, and the unforgiving heat caused most wolves to retreat to shade. Calida, however, embraced the warmth the summer season had to give. She knew that colder weather would soon begin to appear, so she enjoyed every moment while she could.
The she-wolf was built for the scorching heat, she thrived in it. Her feathery and short summer coat allowed her to keep cool during the hottest days, and her light coloring kept her from absorbing too much sunlight. Winter was a different story. Her coat would thicken, but not enough to keep her comfortable during the bitter nights. So while the sun was still here to grant its gift, Calida took advantage of it. She had decided to take a stroll down to Aefinlight Strond and enjoy Fellfang’s sandy beach.
Calida did not have much experience with beaches prior to moving to this new territory. As a pup the only body of water she saw was a lake or river,
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Calida's Intro Meme by MediocrePotato Calida's Intro Meme :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 11 4
I don't want you to die
Months. It had been months since Calida had a proper meal or a full night's sleep. She resembled a walking corpse; fur matted all around, bones protruding under her dry skin, and eyes as dull as a rock. She could no longer hunt large game, for any activity that required her to do more than walk caused her to become lightheaded. All she could do was ambush small prey and track the herds to make sure everything was in check. Her stomach growled for meat, but just the thought of eating sent a wave of nausea through her. Deep sleep had become a distant memory, in its place stood harrowing nightmares that would cause even the bravest of wolves to shiver like a frightened pup. Her state seemed to defy nature.
However, Calida did not seem to worry about herself. Instead her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of another wolf, Ludko. She had not spoken to him for weeks, not since she snapped at him in Besteng. The guilt of her actions seemed to loom over her every second
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Saving Innocence (June MSE)
Calida lay next to the water, waiting for the tide to lower to reveal the Land Bridge so that she could make her way off of Aerandel Island. It had been about an hour since she first arrived, and now the water was finally low enough to allow her to pass. She let out a small sigh as she looked across to the land on the other side with tired eyes. She debated on whether or not to lay there for another hour, for she was so tired and weak, but that would only be a waste of time. She had to go to Besteng and make sure that the herds were alright and everything was in order. So with a deep breath and groan, she lifted her emaciated body and began to cross. The water covered her cream paws, and its cold temperature helped her wake up a bit more.
As she walked, her mind wandered. She thought about how much her body had deteriorated, how she had gone from a strong Huntress, to a skeleton covered with matted, dirty fur. It all started at the end of autumn, that’s when her disturbing nightm
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Calida's Dinosaur Meme by MediocrePotato Calida's Dinosaur Meme :iconmediocrepotato:MediocrePotato 9 15


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Calida lay with her head resting on her cream-tipped paws. She was right outside of the main den, enjoying the lovely weather and peaceful atmosphere. With Valda’s rein now over, Calida could finally truly relax. The sound of multiple pawsteps and the laughter of pups caught her attention and she lifted her head to see Jarl Fable with Lady Polaris and their pups. A smile was immediately plastered across her face, stretching from ear to ear. She loved pups, adored them, the sight of them made her heart swell. She watched as the four pups wrestled with their parents and with each other. Calida’s green eyes were glued onto the beautiful family. The sight caused her mind to wander back to when she was a pup and her family was alive.

“Calida, get off of me!” whined Sol as Calida stood on top of her brother’s back.

“Not until you admit that I’m a better hunter than you!” barked the young pup.

“Okay, fine, you’re a better hunter than me.” And with that Calida gently walked off of her sibling with her head held high and a proud smile on her face. But Solis quickly rose to his feet and tackled his sister. The two wrestled for a bit before Solis managed to pin Calida under his slightly larger body. “But you’re definitely not a better fighter than me,” he barked. Calida stuck her tiny pink tongue out at her brother and the two exchanged smirks. Then she reached up and bit onto Solis’s cheek and he let out a loud giggle before the two continued to romp around together. The barking and yelping grabbed the attention of the pup’s parents, Nix and Umbra.

“You pups are playing nice together, right?” asked Umbra. But the pups were too focused on their wrestling match to give an answer to their mother.

“Of course they are, they know each other's limits,” barked Nix as he reassuringly licked his mate’s muzzle. The two then sat next to each other in front of the den, keeping a watchful eye on thee pups.

The pup’s were a perfect combination of their parent’s when it came to their personalities and looks. Calida had her mother’s coat length type, but her father’s coloring. Nix had his father’s coat length, but his mother’s coloring. The pups didn't look like siblings, but when compared to their parents, you knew right away they were related.

Calida’s mind then shifted to the present and she all of a sudden felt lonely. She laid there alone while she watched her Jarl surrounded by his mate and pups. She lowered her head back down with a huff as she thought about where she was with her life. She couldn't be happier with her position and role in Fellfang, but she also couldn't ignore the fact that she still didn’t have a mate. Calida definitely wasn’t an old she-wolf, but she definitely wasn’t a young adult anymore. Other wolves her age had a litter of pups by now, maybe even two. But Calida didn’t even have a mate, she honestly didn’t even know if she was interested in anyone… But then again, she hasn’t really tried to get to know any of the newer packmates.

She let out another huff as she continued to watch the family, and her mind yet again wandered back to her past.

“Come on pups, let’s take a trip,” said Nix with his strong yet gentle voice. With that the pups darted forward, racing each other to a non-existent finish line. Calida held her spot in front of her brother due to her having slightly longer legs and a lighter body.

“Come on guys, catch up!” yelped Calida at the front of the small group.

“Don’t run off too far ahead sweetheart,” whined Umbra. Calida then obediently came to a complete stop, but it all happened a little too quick for Sol who went barreling into his sister.

“Are you pups alright?” asked Nix with a bit of worry in his voice. But his question was answered with the sound of the two pups giggling and laughing at the top of their lungs. Umbra lowered her head and gave both pups a quick lick before helping them up and giving them a slight push to continue forward.

Once again Calida’s mind shifted back to the present and she was alone again. With a groan she rose to her feet and decided to take  walk to try and clear her mind. But it wasn’t really helpful. All she could think about was how different her life would be of she had a mate. Would they have had pups together? Would she have been a good parent? She liked to think that she would be, just like Calida’s own parents were. She would be as caring as her mother, as supportive as her father, and as loving as the both of them combined. But the reality of the situation was that Calida had no mate and no pups to call her own.

“At least I have my pack…” she whispered to herself as she walked alone, with nothing but her thoughts to keep her company.
Lone pack wolf
later in a huge rush atm
DotW | Calida - Fellfang Bandr
07/07/18: Updated her app , app art, and a bunch of things


Basic Info

Name: Calida
Meaning: Warm in Latin; she was named after her coat color which resembles the warm rays of the sun
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Height: 34"
Weight: 103 lbs
Build: Slim, fit, agile, flexible (the human equivalent of a sprinter/hurdler)
Fur: Long, smooth, thick, soft but just a little coarse
Scent: Cool damp soil and wet grass
Voice: Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road (Charlize Theron)
Theme Song: Imagine Dragons - Believer

Territory: Fellfang (Birth Pack: Kausen)
Family: Nix (father, deceased) | Umbra (mother, deceased) | Solis (brother, unknown, assumed deceased) | Mona (adoptive mother, alive) | Wren (paternal half-sister, unknown) | Marik (paternal half-brother, unknown) | Shenandoah (half-niece, alive)
Mate: None 
Pups: None
Rank: Brandr (Beta) Hunter
Family Tree


One of Calida's most defining traits is that she is extremely loyal. She would do anything for her loved ones and her pack, even put her own life on the line. She is most loyal to Fellfang for giving her a place to call home and a purpose in life. She is also very caring; she tries her absolute best to make sure that that her pack mates are happy and well taken care of. This is why she enjoys being a hunter; because she loves providing for her pack. 

Calida is pretty realistic. She doesn't have her head up in the clouds and is very grounded in her way of thinking. She doesn't hope for the impossible to happen or have a naive mind-set like that of a young wolf. Calida is also a very determined she-wolf. When she takes on a goal, it is almost impossible to stop her from trying to achieve it. This characteristic also makes her a great hunter since it fuels her drive.

The down-side of her being so determined is that she can sometimes be a bit stubborn. Once she picks a side or position, it is very difficult to get her to change her mind. She is also forthright and sometimes even blunt, especially towards an individual she dislikes. Calida will always try to give her honest opinion on everything, even if it's not what the others want to hear. If you are on good terms with her, then she will be as gentle and sensitive with her words as she can. But if you are on her bad side then her words will be like rocks to the face. She won't hold back and won't sugar coat a single thing, she will be brutally honest.


-Hunting, especially large game
-Cuddling (with those she is comfortable with)

-Thunder and Lighting
-Purposely getting scared (she jumps easily)

Pre-Group History

Before birth
Calida's father, Nix, was the leader of a small wolf pack. Calida's mother, Umbra, was a hunter in Kausen. Prior to meeting Umbra, Nix had another mate and pups in his own pack. While roaming the borders of his pack he ran into Umbra, who explained that she had chased a young buck from Kausen and taken it down in Nix's territory. Rather than being outraged, Nix was actually quite impressed with the she-wolf's hunting ability. They exchanged a few words, which led to some small talk, and eventually a full-fledged conversation. They parted ways and went back to their own packs, but Nix could not get the she-wolf off of his mind. Over the next few days he secretly traveled to Kausen and lingered around their borders, hoping he would run into the dark she-wolf again, and it eventually paid off. For months the two would have these secret meetings, they were madly in love. However, Umbra didn't know that Nix was the alpha of his pack and that he had his own mate and family. When she did figure out the truth, she was furious. She couldn't believe that he would keep such a large secret from her. For days she tried her best to avoid the borders, but all the while she still couldn't stop thinking of him, she loved him... During these days she found out that she was pregnant, and so she gave into her heart's desires and began seeing him again. When she told Nix the news, he was ecstatic. It was his reaction to hearing about Umbra's pregnancy that gave her the peace of mind that she made the right choice in choosing him as a mate. Eventually Umbra gave birth to Nix's pups, Calida and Solis, and Nix decided to join Kausen, but he didn't give up his position as his pack's alpha. He was trying his best to balance his two lives, but in the end he spent more time in Kausen than he did in his own pack.

Early Puphood 
Calida was a boisterous little pup. It seemed like she had an infinite amount of energy and would continue to go long after her brother burned out. Her and Solis, were inseparable partners in crime, constantly wrestling and causing chaos. They provided their parent and the pack an endless amount of entertainment.

Calida admired both of her parents, and held the same amount of respect for her father when she learned of his other family. Nix would sometimes even take Calida and Solis to meet their half-siblings, Wren and Marik. However Wren and Marik had no knowledge that these two pups were so closely related, they were told that Calida and Solis were their cousins. 

This portion can also be read from Wren's viewpoint (read her history)
However these meetings soon came to an end when a fire swept through Nix's pack's territory. He tried to make sure both of his families were safe, but while he was with Calida's family, his other mate and their newborn pups perished in the fire. He was separated from Wren and Marik and pack disbanded. Nix was devastated, but he was grateful that Umbra, Solis, and Calida were alive and well.

With all of his time now spent in Kausen, Calida's relationship with her father now grew even stronger. The family of four would often take trips around the territory, and it was there that Calida's strong hunting instincts shined. She would constantly stalk and chase rodent, birds, or even a leaf blowing in the wind. Umbra couldn't be happier to see that her daughter had inherited her love of hunting. Nix taught Calida about strength, leadership, and passion, while Umbra taught her about love, caring and loyalty. 

Late Puphood/Early Adolescence
When the harsh winter made its way through the territories and brought endless blizzards along with it. Calida and Solis spent most of their day inside their den and this left them restless and itching for any chance to venture outside. One calmer morning the family woke to find that Solis had left the den. Umbra and Nix ordered Calida to stay in the den while they went on a frantic search through the territory to find their missing pup. For the first time in her life, Calida was alone, no mother, no father, no sibling. It was around midday when an unexpected, long and violent blizzard swept through the territory. After it subsided, Calida's pack mates checked through the dens to make sure everyone was alright. They were confused to find Calida all alone and curled up in a corner of the den. She told them of the situation and search party was immediately sent out to find the three wolves. Later that night she heard multiple wolves approach the den and her tail began wagging with joy as she thought her parents and brother were finally back. But she was greeted by Kausen's Alpha and a she-wolf named MonaThey delivered the heartbreaking news that Solis's body was not found, but Nix and Umbra were found huddled together under a tree, frozen alive... The news put the young pup into a state of shock, she didn't know what do do or say, so she just remained silent. Mona, a Den Mother who was also a good friend of Umbra's and had already spent plenty of time with Calida, took on the role of her caretaker and adoptive mother. 

For the first few days Calida didn't say or do much, she mostly just ate and slept. But once the shock wore off and it hit her that she was never going to see her family again, she began to cry, and she wouldn't stop. For months she would cry multiple times a day, sometimes to Mona, but sometimes alone in the territory. Calida became withdrawn and aloof, and she spent most of her time with Mona. Calida loved Mona, especially since she reminded her so much of her mother. But this also reminded her that her mother and father were in fact dead and that she was an orphan. 

Life in Kausen became dull and depressive for Calida, and so she began to think about leaving. But at the same time she didn't want to leave Mona. The she-wolf had cared for her so much and held such an important place in Calida's heart. But Kausen held too many painful memories for Calida to bear. During her final day in Kausen, she spent the whole day with Mona. That night, while Mona was asleep, Calida placed a gentle lick on Mona's forehead, silently thanking her for everything she's done. Then she quietly walked out of the den and out of Kausen and started her life as a loner. 

It was difficult at first. Tears were shed from the stress of leaving her Mona and her pack and the transition of living on her own. But she quickly became accustomed to it. She enjoyed hunting on her own and taking care of herself without the constant visual reminders of her past life. 

Young Adult
It was during this period of her life where Calida met Enzo, another young loner. Enzo played a very important role in Calida's life. He became her best friend, and they even formed a relationship. They hunted together and kept each other company, and their personalities allowed them to get along very well. 

But as time went on Calida began to miss pack life, and she decided that it was time to look for a new pack. She hoped that Enzo felt the same way, but unfortunately he did not. They both decided that it was best to go their separate ways, and leave off as good friends rather than bitter ex-mates. 

Soon she was on her own again, aimlessly searching for a new pack to call her own. Not having anyone to talk to or rely on took a toll on her. The stress of the situation caused her to have horrible nightmares that kept her from having a proper nights sleep. She couldn't focus and barley had the energy to hunt. She lost more and more weight everyday until she looked like a walking skeleton. 

The nightmares had taken such a toll on both her physical and mental state that Calida just wanted to give up. One day while she was aimlessly wandering, she encountered a she-wolf named Polaris, who informed her that she was trespassing onto Fellfang territory. Fellfang... she had heard of the pack from other loners. The pack's previous tyrannical alpha had just been overthrown by his brother. She had heard of the packs now welcoming nature and healing properties, it was the perfect pack. Calida begged for Polaris to allow her to take shelter in and become part of Fellfang. The pack took her in and within a few weeks Calida practically made a full recovery. She gained enough strength to start hunting again, and soon Calida became part of The Hunt. Her hunting skills allowed her to provide for her pack and repay them for saving her life. 

Since Joining Fellfang
Fellfang's has managed to essentially undo the years of trauma and pain Calida has endured. After living with the pack for years, it has healed her heart, mind, and soul, and Calida is finally back to being the confident wolf she once was. For this, she is forever grateful and loyal to Fellfang, the pack that welcomed her with an open heart and gave her a new family.

Group History

October 2015
+2 bones for joining
+1 bone for Reaction Meme
-3 bones for becoming a delta hunter 
+1 bone for Need Help?
November 2015
+1 bone for I'm New
+2 bones for Charity Meme
+1 bone for Nightmare
+1 bone for They're not coming back...
+1 bone for Until Dawn
-7 bones for ranking up to Gamma
December 2015
+2 bones for 'Sup
+1 bone for Stuck in the Mud
+2 bones for In Her Dreams
+1 bone for Hunting Trio
January 2016
+1 bone for The Hunt
+1 bone for Young Love
+2 bones for Dog Breed Meme
+1 bone for Gender Swap Meme
+1 bone for Looking Back
-12 bones for ranking up to Beta
February 2016
+1 bone for Care for a Walk?
+1 bone for Regrets
+1 bone for Cuddle Buddies
+2 bones for Valentines Day Meme
March 2016
+2 bones for March MSE
April 2016
+1 bone for Warm Moments
+2 bones for Sparkle Meme
May 2016
+1 bone for Too Tough For You
+2 bones for Wilting Soul
June 2016
+1 bone for Blessed Reunion
+2 bones for Abstract Abstractism
July 2016
+1 bone for Fishy Feeling
+2 bones for Calida's Body Language Meme
August 2016
+2 bones for Look Alike
September 2016
+2 bones for Calida's Siblings Meme
+1 bone for Unknown Fears
October 2016
+1 bone for Healing Wounds
+1 bone for Look Alike
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November 2016
+1 bone for Taking a Toll
+2 bones for I think he has my eyes!
December 2016
+2 bones for Dashing Through the... Woods
+2 bones for It's the Most Haunting Time of the Year
January 2017
+2 bones for a Holiday Gift
+1 bone for Strange Places, Familiar Faces
+2 bones for Day and Night Meme
February 2017
+2 bones for Kiss Meme
March 2017
+2 bones for Sickly Flowers
April 2017
+3 bones for Calida's Bonds Meme
May 2017
+2 bones for Calida's Dinosaur Meme
June 2017
+2 bones for Saving Innocence
July 2017
+1 bone for I don't want you to die
+3 bones for Calida's Intro Meme
August 2017
+2 bones for Forgetting Your Troubles
September 2017
+1 bones for Imbalance (Blood Curse Plot)
+2 bones for Resilience Album Cover
October 2017
+1 bone for Something Wicked (Blood Curse Plot)
+2 bones for Calida's Mythical Creature Meme
November 2017
+1 bone for Already Gone
+2 bones for Those who care for us
December 2017
+2 bones for Drunken Wonderland
January 2018
+2 bones for Adrian | DotW SS Gift
+2 bones for Stronger
February 2018
+1 bone for Words with the Jarl
March 2018
+2 bones for High as a Kite
April 2018
+1 bone for Meeting of the Minds
May 2018
+1 bone for Turning of the Tide (Part 1Part 2Part 3)
June 2018
+2 bones for Why do you call me that?
Total: 79 bone(s)


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

If you are part of :icondomain-of-the-wolf: and follow me, then comment with one of your characters ref's and I'll do a little headshot/bust sketch of them. I'm experimenting with trying to put a bit more style into my drawings, so only comment with your char if your alright with me 'experimenting' with the way they look.

I'll most likely end up putting a bunch of sketches into one piece, so like 6 or so characters. Now that i think about it, I'm sort of doing a second version of this:  DotW Watchers by MediocrePotato



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