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Floating Island Project

In many, many steps i created this floating island. I will show here only the 4 important steps. All done with some photomaterial, but more painted with my wacom.

Personal Fav is step 3.

For the final-version please visit the site:

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Interesting design and good use of effects. Sort of reminds me of the game Septerra Core.
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In need for this kind of concept for a game I'm developing. Great reference.
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where you got this sweet pics?
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Crazy customers , they don't know what is awesomeeee
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Hey, I really like what you've done here!! i just saw ur comment on my Art [link]
i think its a little too late now :P but thanx anyway for ur comment and i'm really glad that u've made some effort to show others how could it be done!
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almost like Terry Pratchett's World ;)
amazing job!
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Wish a place like that could've existed for real... really badass.
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awesome concept! nice steps :)
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I know that's so stupid, but this reminds me of Laputa... Have you haver seen this cartoon?
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i don't know about this cartoon - but thank you for comment. it makes me feel happy if i can create a such amazing remind-feelings you had.
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You should watch it, it's amazing :D
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Who doesn't love floating islands?! I agree with your personal fav.
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yep, kinda feeling like the childhood is back for a second, or so, hm? :) thank your for your comment!
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really amazing. It cracked me up when you had all the work done on the second step and the customer said the picture copy rights from google didnt go through, i would have been so mad haha
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it makes me mad - inside ;) but i don't show it and keep movin. the gift was the stuff i learned beyond that little wall i decided to break through! :) (hopefully my english makes it not misleading in what i want to try to say...) ;)
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Nice to read :) Thaaaaaaaank Youuuuuu! :)
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Wow, I love the clouds. you have a nice painting technique too o:
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wow .. pretty coolll ! :D:D:D
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nice work ;P keep up the good work :iconhurrhurrplz:
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Amazing work, congratulations !
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