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Positive Feature: Vol 48

@PromotingPositivity | Group Guidelines Positive Comment Contest * * * * Rules All art must contain the theme. I would prefer the theme to be part of the primary subject of the art. Only art. No posts. No NSFW allowed. This is something that should be for everyone, including and especially teens since they need the most positivity out of every one given that adolescence is such a hard time. Newer art is preferred, but older art is still applicable. Art must be positive in some way, shape, or form. If it is not, I will look for a different one that is or will ignore it. I have several phobias as do others. So please do not suggest creepy things like spiders, snakes, bugs, sharks, or other common phobias as they can trigger viewers. Suggestions that include these will be deleted immediately after the other suggestions are noted unless it is too much for me personally. Keep that in mind. No controversial content allowed. I will ignore anything political, religious, or anything that can


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Sen - Art trade with Unicornlight

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