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hi, im back. lets rock.
Hi im really busy, Ryman ends may 1st expect a massive update around then
Well Christmas time is here woot, ok 2nd semester of the ryman program is over, and I made the cut into the last semester i go.
Very very very busy man I am!
my work over at the ryman program at USC is eating up my artistic juices, I dont expect accually doing something like flgirlcl for atleast 12 weeks (thats how long the semester is) i might post some odd ball things to keep the lovely people watching me entertianed! :D
working a SEAL inspired painting its gonna be loose n rough.

working a cleaner painting of a girl in a fur coat n kind of a gothic style of dress.. should be done sometime this week.

sorry for the lack of deviations im lazy.
Man, Highschool 1 more year, it cant be almost over not yet.. im stuff a big fuckin kid. shit just flies when your not doin a damn thing now doesnt it. man im gonna be 18 soon...shit i can be trialed as an adult...n buy cigs n porn for lil kids, I say we just sit around listen to japanese pop n smoke crack.

been doing a color study i should be posting that later today or tomarrow depends when i get to work..

also working on a evil pear thing...quite annoying though
going camping, I watched clockwork orange last night.. great movie...I'll prolly draw somethign linked to it on the camping trip. when I have time, Im getting lazy again...I am a very unfocused lazy man...not really lazy sence i workout everyday but, you know what kind of lazy I mean dont you.

:hug: to the people watching me
expect soemthing today, I found a pose I like. its not my usual style first time trying something like this..
i need to get to work.... someone wanna stand over me with a whip n make me work? I'll make ya a grilled cheese sandwich...
Still have to do some commissioned work ive put it off for like a month now, too mush party'n .    Its gonna be a inked gas station from the 30s i might post it i dunno. I also gonna do a sketch for angelic-lander of his lander character hopefully i'll do that by wensday just need to find a good pose..

Expect a series of loosely painted very war themed images from me sometime soon.

thank you to all the people who got me on their dev watch. I'd give you all mongooses but i dont have mongooses.

that is all.
I wanna start doing a little alter ego cartoon character prolly creature/animal based..trying to decide what animal to go with.. maybe a badger or someshit

Ive been lazy this summer my figure drawing skills are flopping again...i need to get back to work. damn these distractions. *reads Loomis books*
I wanna start doing a little alter ego cartoon character prolly creature/animal based..trying to decide what animal to go with.. maybe a badger or someshit
So tired. my grandma is here she hogs the tv with old 50s movies or some shit. its hell she looks like shes going to die soon, sounds like it too. I hope im not like that when im old. Im sleeping. moo
Got my car back, drives good.  im starting a very mad max inspired peice it wont be as detailed as flgirlcl cause that shit takes up so much time its not funny but it'll be up to my standards or you wont see it HA!
So I get my 03 WRX out of the shop today (thurs august someshit or another) yea I got into a wreck with my brand new car pissed as hell of course. still needs another 400 dollar part, n the mechs say it drives alright not perfect. bitches better mix it or ima kill something
as of now I will only submit peices I have tried on, and deleting my half assed work. thanks
moo contruction is gay but it pays well.