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Pixel art with MediBang Paint by medibangadmin
Ideal and unrealistic husbando XD by medibangadmin
MediBang official character - Trace kun by medibangadmin
MediBang official character - MediBanzo by medibangadmin
Free Lineart by MediBang
Free to use base - Chibi and Ice Cream by medibangadmin
Free to use base - Another Chibi in a Yukata by medibangadmin
Free to use base - Chibi in a Yukata by medibangadmin
Free to use Chibi base - Kigurumi by medibangadmin
Used MediBang lineart
Commission cute (0/2 Slots) by fantosita
Commission completed by fantosita
Commission completed by fantosita
Sketch for today!! Mermay by marleamendez
Contest by MediBang
Draw ears on our base lineart contest by medibangadmin
Package design contest Until October 16 by medibangadmin
Believe it or not this is a MediBang mascot XD by medibangadmin
MediBang official character - MediBanko by medibangadmin
How To Get Your Art Noticed On Deviantart. by Smaylik
Princess Leia Tutorial by Starheart0202
Starheart0202's Eliza Tutorial by Starheart0202
How to draw a dog by medibangadmin
Brushes and Other Resources
Character poster - Elena by Thrillking
The new logo of The Clara Show by Thrillking
Character poster - Ren by Thrillking
SFoH character poster - Ivy Cooper by Thrillking
MediBang Users
Taisui by Xi-er
Mermaid by cleartisnalbluebird
I did the eye challenge! by EnixKalino2
Genshin Impact YanFei fanart by KawaiiDreamyPixie

MediBang & MediBangPaint

What is MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is a free digital painting and comic book creation software on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Software Details
  1. Unlimited cloud storage
  2. Customizable pens
  3. Tools for comic panel creation
  4. Guides for perspective or speed lines
  5. Pre made tones, patterns, and word balloons

The purpose of this community is to give users a place to share art and tips in tricks, give feedback. If you have any tutorials or art please feel free to share them.

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MediBang's goal is to use the internet to help people connect through art.

The birth of the internet has made it easy for people to share their art with other people.
Because of this, the gap between writers, artists, and their audience has never been smaller
than it is now.

MediBang is aiming to bridge the gap between creators and their fans even more.
On MediBang users can quickly turn their comics into ebooks that people can read in their browsers the moment they're uploaded.
Creators can also share those works on multiple social networks from MediBang.

MediBang hopes this will help bring the internet yet another step towards brings creators
and their fans closer together.






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RoseJewel21 Featured By Owner May 17, 2021  Student General Artist
Excuse me. Is there any tutorial in which I can learn to color gemstones?
07Tail Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2021  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for accepting me.
I always wanted to try to master Medibang more deeply~
RealMykalaRosestar13 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been having that problem still (literally for 2 years-)...  Waaaah! 

One thing I would recommend is using a screen shot app called "Snip It" and/or it's newer counterpart "Snip & Sketch."  I found out that if I do that, the drawing stays the same as if it were from the app.  :D (Big Grin) 

I would also suggest too as an alternative option is to download or open the art file with another pain program (examples: FireAlpaca, Krita, SketchBook, etc.) and if the painting/drawing is smaller then just do the best you can to fill in that space or edit it. I think I've fainted. 

The export thing might be a minor bug that they still haven't fixed yet or haven't had a lot of people state the issue to them (so it has been overlooked-). No, I disagree! 
KhotsoDube Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2021   Digital Artist

Just recently got the hang of using Medibang Paint Pro and I must say I'm impressed. It works on my old PC and I can manage to draw(quite good) even with a mouse.
This is a piece I'm currently working on using Medibang and so far it's looking okay. What do you think?!
Will post the final work once finished!
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