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Just found out RE: Play is available thru on-demand printing via the "new" TokyoPop/RightStuf. This would be why Stu wasn't about to give me the rights to post it up for free. Sneaky, sneaky, I even emailed him before the holidays and he made no mention of my book going up for on-demand printing.

Please don't buy them. Buying them won't help me at all, I won't see a dime from them and any sales will just make my property seem like it has some money in it which will make it ever harder to ever get my property back.

If you never bought RE: Play and wanted it, please just buy something off my online store instead. There are tonnes of comics on there too:

Or hold on to your money and help support Dire Hearts, my new project that'll be up for Kickstarter later this year.
OR if you need comics now, please support another self published comicker or pick up some lesser loved titles from publishers that may not get the mainstream support Naruto and One Piece gets.

Just ugh, don't spend a dime on an on demand comic unless the proceeds go to the artist. Anyone can make an on demand book on their own thru sites like Lulu and such, don't waste your money on a "publishing company" that doesn't actually PUBLISH a dang thing.
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So when will you have the 4th book on RE:PLAY