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EDIT: Okay I've picked my three! You can see if you're one of the winners over here--->
I won't have time to do any more, gotta get back to work!, so please don't leave any more requests here. However LOTS of my friends have picked up this journal and reposted it, so please check around to post for freebies from someone else! Thanks for all the positive support of this! And please feel free to repost this in your journal to help spread the love! ROCK ON!

There's been a lot of negativity going around this site lately, not just directed at me, but directed at friends, fellow artists and bah! It's just too much.

I wanna do something to try to counter all the bad vibes I've been encountering so here's the deal.

I'll draw a free sketch for a three randomly selected people who comment on this journal BUT in return you have to post this in your journal and do the same thing for three other people! Spread the love!

So if you'd like to get in on the free raffle, go ahead and leave a comment on this journal with a link to who you'd like me to draw (no real people, sorry only 2D) and after I have enough comments I'll use a random # generator to pick out the 3 I'll draw.

If you're just feeling nice and want to help spread some good vibes feel free to repost this in your journal if you like :3 Sometimes it's fun to just, I don't know, be nice to people.



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zerowolf021's avatar
I think this is a wonderful idea. I'm going to post this meme in my journal, too. :D
trysnook's avatar
I'll do it~ I always see too much hate here, it's just plain disgusting Dx
RedFoxKent's avatar
Hell if you're gonna draw me something, you can draw whatever you want!!!!!!
HollyChi's avatar
Im up for it. I find so much negativity on the site, and i think it would be a great thing for me to join. :)
HollyChi's avatar
Hey, could i draw somethings for anyone? :) Just PM me if you have a request. Thanks! ♥
Batwynn's avatar

All you need is love.
Hyde-and-Ziek's avatar
ohh man! ive noticed the negativity too =3= you put it into good words! i wrote a journal about it a while back but i couldnt pinpoint just what it was about this place lately that made me stressed XP
but its really true!
i would like to help counter the negativity too!! >o>//
Eli-Hinze's avatar
I'm so doing one of these journal things. XD
XLonely-Moonx's avatar
Man, finally someone is being positive around here. I was getting pretty tired of reading journals that were all "OMG, THIS PERSON FAILS HARDCORE" or "OMG DA SUX NAO" and other such variants. I'd definately be up for somethin' like this. As your requests are closed, I wont make any-but I'm just here to show mah support. YAY POSITIVITY!
dustysundays's avatar
DA needed a journal entry like this! i've seen several comments on REALLY cool and amazing art, that just are about bashing it because they didn't like the theme of it! -sigh- if people don't like someones art they should just keep it to themselves instead of writing negative comments. YEP

so thats the end of my comment-sized rant

-works on spreading the love-
Dreamyko's avatar
OH I'm all for spreading the love!

here are two of my OC bios. You can pick whichever one you like best ^^
They are in this group pic - [link]

Shun (plays the drums for ApocalypsO)
Age: 19
Race: 1/4 black 3/4 Japanese
Nationality: Canadian/Japanese
Birth Place: Windsor, Canada
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color/Style: black chin length hair
Height: 6ft
Weight: 150lbs
Body Type: very very slender and soft for a male; long legs.
Distinguishing Features: he has a mole under his right eye and has 4 piercings in his ear, 2 of which gauged to 0 and a nose piercings. His skin is mocha colored. His real life model was based loosely on Ruiza from the band D. [link] -- [link]
Style/Appearance: Shun really likes to dress fashionably; whatever is in style.
Likes/Dislikes: He likes fashion, art, writing music, and surprisingly, sports; mostly hockey. And he misses ginger ale and maple cookies which he can't find anywhere in Japan.
Personality: Shun is thought to be the most artistic or creative. Shun is extremely beautiful - he thinks before acting, and tries not to hurt anyone's feelings. Sometimes he is too sensitive for the real world and often misinterprets situations. He can also be very shy, especially in front of those he likes.

here is a pic someone drew of him [link]
here is a pic of what his skin tone is [link]

Ren (Plays guitar for ApocalypsO)(Ren is very impulsive and happy go lucky. He smiles big all the time. so if you draw him, please draw him with a big toothy smile)
Age: 19
Sexual Preference: straight
Race: Japanese
Nationality: Japanese
Birth Place: Osaka, Japan
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color/Style: black but dyes it sometimes and spikes it in a mohawk.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 160lbs
Body Type: very slender but toned.
Distinguishing Features: his hair, 3 piercings in his ear (2 in his left and 1 in the right) and an eyebrow piercing. His model is Changmin from DBSK. [link] -- [link]
Style/Appearance: likes tank tops and jeans and scarf accessories around the neck or as a belt. Wrist bands.
Likes/Dislikes: Ren likes food, excitement, anime, manga, video games, drinking with his friends; and just general fun. He hates anything boring period.
Personality: It is easy to inspire Ren by new ideas and he tends to act on them without delay, carried away by the excitement of the moment. This puts him at risk to be too impulsive. Ren is a very charming, suave person to any member of the opposite sex.
Phantom-Shadow16's avatar
I'd love to see my charachter drac drawn in your style! it'd really lift my spirits [link]
akaibelier's avatar
I didnt comment to get a sketch but still i really want to do it; i will copy&paste the 'meme' part from your journal if you dont mind C:
btw, you're very very sweet. I wanted to say that C: <3
noisybubbles's avatar
Nice idea mate :D I haven't seen your sketches just yet, but I hope the people you selected liked them :nod:

I think it'd be cool to do that for people...sketching something. But I don't know if I have the skills or the confidence to do so. I want them to feel better, not worse! Lol :laughing:

People should be nicer to each other, that's a definite. There's waaaay too much negativity in the world, not just on this site. Why do people have to be mean to each other, just for the hell of it? It's not right :|
TheLadyDragonfly's avatar
Why can't we favorite journal entries? :C
FaDemian's avatar
:hug: Great Idea !!!!
SanzoBrat's avatar
This is a really good idea! and the sketches are an insentive for people who otherwise might not come out and talk.
Nice thinking!
*runs off to do that same*
Rizafan203's avatar
I stumbled upon this concept through a friend of mine's Journal; this is a rather interesting idea. ^^ I'm doing my part to spread on the love by passing it on in a Journal via my Deviant Page.
ShadowCompass's avatar
You're a very good person, I really respect you.

Why did I say? That and make it sound creepy? Because I care.
Beefy-Kunoichi's avatar
Niceness is always good! Especially here, I know from time to time I would get caught up in silly drama and I realized its just drama--but that was a long time ago lol! I'll see about joining in on this since I'm gonna be doing hella drawing tommorow!
GhostAsylum's avatar
AngelFromTheAshes's avatar
heh, I already do this. ^w^ I like doing this for other people.
seiizuki's avatar

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