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If you have any questions about my art, cosplay, dolls or anything else, please read thru the FAQs first to see if I've already answered that question.
If I haven't, feel free to note me and I'll do my best to answer it for you!


1. What do you use to draw?
Pencils- 0.3 and 0.5 2H Zebra Drafix
Inks- 0.1 Deleter NeoPiko -Line-2, 0.1 and 0.05 Sakura Pigma Microns and various brush pens
Colors- (analog) Copic markers and Deleter white ink / (digital) Photoshop CS2
Paper- Strathmore sketch and Bristol

2. What size do you work?
Comic pages are done on a template I draw out on 14X17" paper, illustrations vary depending upon their size. Color work is almost always done at 8.5"X11" or smaller to save ink.

3. What's your work schedule like?
Generally I draw and ink 2 full comic pages a day in order to finish at least 14 pages a week. Sometimes if I need to work ahead for one reason or another I'll up the quota to 20 pages a week.
Illustration and freelance work is fit into the schedule as best I can so it gets done whenever I'm ahead of schedule or have a light work load.

4. What's your working method?
First I thumbnail out the composition or page layout for whatever I'm currently working on. Then I start full size work on the sketch, working from the basic idea I lay down in the thumbnail. After the sketch is finished I light box my inks on another sheet of paper. Generally this is the step I work my backgrounds in as I tend to do those straight in ink.
After my basic inks are finished I add in spot blacks and line weight and texture wherever I feel it needs it.

5.Do you have any assistants?
Just one! My tonist, Cat. Everything else is 100% me. (I wish I had more tho!)

6. How long have you been drawing?
I started drawing comics when I was around 11 or 12 and have been doing it ever since.

7. Do you take commissions? Trades? Requests?
I do take on commissions, for a quote just contact me with what you'd be interested in commissioning.
I sometimes take on trades, but only if my schedule is pretty loose. If never hurts to ask, but I can't always take them on.
I never take on requests. I'm sorry I don't have time to spend drawing your character for free, no matter how cool they might be.

8. What's your favorite thing to draw? Least favorite?
Favorite- Hands, noses and arms on people. Guns and clothing as far as things go.
Least- Feet on people. Cars and mechs as far as things go. (I love mechs, just hate drawing them X_X)


1. How long have you been cosplaying?
My first cosplay was in 1996 (it wasn't very good), so 11 years!

2. Do you make everything yourself?
Generally speaking, yes. Wigs and costumes are always styled and sewn by myself. Some of my props have been trades with friends as they make props and I make wigs so we trade off on what we're good at :3

3. Do you use patterns?
If I can find one close to what I want to make usually I start with a real pattern and alter it to my needs. If I can't find anything close I'll end up drafting my own pattern.

4. Can I buy copies of your patterns?
Sorry, no. Drafting patterns takes a lot of time and effort so I generally don't share them with people. Also they're tailored to fit me and unless you're a tall 12 year old boy they probably wouldn't fit you anyway.

5. Do you sell your costumes? Can I commission something from you?
I do sell off my old costumes from time to time, you can find out if I am by keeping up with my LJ.
I do take on commissions but I'm not cheap so I only take on commissions if you're serious about wanting a quality costume or wig. I'm usually booked well in advance of a convention so if you're ever interested in something please contact me well before the convention you need the costume for if you want me to be able to work you in.

6. WTF is wrong with you? Are you going to cosplay as everyone from Bleach?
It's a sickness.
So there's a good chance of it.


1. How long does it take you to finish a chapter or issue?
I average about a chapter or issue a month, so a month for single issue books and 8-9 months for graphic novels depending upon how many chapters there are.

2.What's your process for making a comic?
I start by doing a rough outline of the plot for each chapter, after I have the plot lined up I'll go into scripting. As I'm working on the script I also thumbnail out each page. This gives me a rough outline of the flow of each page as well as the dialogue for each panel.
After I have the scripts and thumbnails done for the entire issue or graphic novel I send them off to my editor who reviews them and gives me any feedback he may have.
After I have the ok I start work in on pages.
I work in order so I start from page one of chapter one and move on from there.
After my inks are done for a chapter I send them in to my editor once again.
He okays them and then I send them off to my tonist, along with tone notes for the entire chapter.
After she finishes toning them she sends them back to me and I go thru and draw out word balloons (using Illustrator) and add the text and sound effects.

3. How do you do two comics at once?
I work every other month on a comic. One month on one the next on the other. Although currently my schedule is changing so I'm not sure how it will be in the future!

4. Where do you get your ideas for comics?
Everywhere. I don't know to be honest, they seem to come from everything under the sun. A song can trigger something, something someone says, and errant thought… you name it! I get a lot of ideas from dreams, tho usually the mutate so far from the original dream that you'd never know it.

5.How did you get into comics? How can I?
Just keep submitting things to publishers you'd like to work for because odds are they're not going to come to you. It's a matter of dedication and drive. If you really want to work for a specific company go to their website and find out what their submission policy is and then submit something in the method they ask.
Even if you don't get published out of it you'll probably get some feedback on your art from the company and that's never a bad thing.
I know a lot of people assume if you win the RSoM contest you'll automatically get a book but that's really not the case. It's a good stepping stone to get your foot in the door but even then you still have to keep plugging away submitting comic proposals until you hit something that everyone likes.
There's no sure thing and there's no "secret" to getting published, it's really just up to you and how much work you're willing to put into achieving your goal.


1.Do you like working with Tokyopop?
I like working for anyone who pays me.

2.How do you feel when you can look on book shelves and see your Comic series out on shelves for the public to see and drool at?
It's a nice feeling to see something you worked on actually published but at the same time it's weird to see a years worth of work boiled down into something that you know people are going to read thru real fast.

3.What would be your advice to the aspiring artist forever hoping to be published?
Don't get discouraged, art isn't an easy career and there are going to be lots and lots of bumps in the road. If you can't take them in stride and keep going then you're not going to succeed as an artist. You need to have thick skin, a drive to get your work done and the desire to really apply yourself to your career.

4.How fast do you go thru art supplies, more specifically, markers... Have any tips for prolonging the life of your markers?
Well I use Copics so it's not really a matter of prolonging the life since they're refillable. I find that if you try to use your markers sparingly to save ink you're not going to use them to your best ability so it's best to just bite the bullet and use them as you need to and worry about it later. To me its better to get 3 really nice works out of a marker than 10 really mediocre ones.
I go thru markers at varying speeds, skin colors and sky colors go first since they're the ones I use the most of and the most frequently.

5.Are you self taught?
I took one art class in high school, but didn't really get serious about art until college when I did in fact go to an art school. I went to SCAD and majored in Sequential Art, so I received instruction in comic art there. Up until then I had been completely self taught as far as comics go.

6.Who's your favorite bleach character?
Hirako Shinji.

7.Does your awesomeness glow when you turn the lights off?
No, but I'm so pale I glow in the dark.

8.Are you taller than a tree and/or not a bumblebee?
Eleventybillion, yes.

9.Are you of polish ancestry? Because, well, your last name sounds and looks polish.
My one grandfather is half Polish, half German. The rest of my family is mainly just German, so I've got a little Polish ancestry but not as much as my name implies.

10.How did you learn how to make your own patterns for costumes?
After working from real patterns for so many years I kinda got the basic logistics down of how patterns work without even realizing it. So when I did set out to draft out my own patterns it was more a case of learning to apply the logistics to a blank sheet. It just takes practice and some technical thinking to make it work.

11.So, when you sit down and just want to draw, with maybe only an inkling of inspiration.
What are your methods on just coming up with things?

If I cant come up with something I usually look thru magazines and at stock photos until something clicks and puts some inspiration in my head. Usually whatever I end up drawing looks nothing like whatever inspired it but its just to get the ball rolling in my head really.
Like, how do you get your creativity flowing?
Music tends to help, so does looking thru art books and comics of artists I admire. Seeing great art makes me want to make art too.
What do you try and do so that you can improve yourself?
Draw constantly, seriously, the more you draw the better you get. Even if I don't feel like drawing I still have to since it's what I do for a living so I don't really have a choice in that matter I guess X_X Another thing I try to do is force myself to draw things I'd rather avoid. I know a lot of people hate drawing backgrounds and I used to be like that too but then I realized if I didn't start doing it I'd never do it, so after forcing myself to draw them all the time I don't mind doing it anymore.
I still do that with other things.
The more you make yourself draw things your uncomfortable drawing the more comfortable you'll get with them.

12.-How do you feel when you finish drawing a volume?
Like I need a long break.
-What inspired you?
The current comics I draw were inspired by a dream, the X-Files and song.
-How do you feel about being published?
It's nice to know that people are reading my work, I just like sharing stories with people so that's probably the best part of it. Other people getting to know the characters that live in my head. :3
-Do you think being published would be any different if it was with a different company ?
Every publisher is different so I'm sure it would be.
-How do you feel about the other people who were/are published by Tokyopop by RSOM?
I'm friends with a lot of the other OEL artists and I really enjoy a lot of their work. It's interesting to see all the different styles and genres people work in.

13.Was it hard to get you comics published?
It had it's ups and downs.

14.Are you planning on getting your manga animated in the future?
That's really not up to me. I'd love to someday have something of mine animated but it's really up to the publishers to push that ahead, not me. It's out of my hands.

15.How do you come up with the plots for your stories?
Usually when I'm just doodling characters I get the ideas from what I draw. Like I'll draw a character and they'll tell me their story as I'm working on them. I know that sounds weird but more often than not that's how the initial idea for a story comes to me. After that I tend to think up a lot of my dialogue and plotting in the shower. (for real) That's where I do my best thinking I guess XD

16.Where do you get your beautiful dolls?
Both of my current dolls are Dollzone, so I got them from the interwebs. I still haven't decided what company or sculpt I'll be aiming for next tho.

17.How much time do you spend on traditional and digital works?
It really varies depending upon the complexity of the work. I tend to work a little faster in analog media than I do in digital simply because I enjoy working by hand more than I do by computer.

The dolls: you buy them and then make the costumes?
Yep! I'm working on a couple new outfits now :3

18.What made you want to make two mangas instead of just one?
It was more timing than anything. I had pitched to two companies at once and they both ended up wanting the stories I had pitched to them. I hadn't expected that, I figured at best one of them might pick me up, not both. So yeah, it wasn't my plan, it just sorta happened!

19.What is the ballin story of CJ's life? Not profilish more like life highlights.
Highlights? Thus far some of the highlights have been:
- Rocking out with Akira Yamaoka (composer for Silent Hill)
- Takeshi Hosomi (vocalist for Ellegarden) chatting with Cara and I(and stealing his picks after the show).
- Getting to see bis' first one man live :3
- Having Yuu Watase give me a "Hisashiburi!" after we kept running into each other at cons one season. (and getting a sketch by her helped too :3)
- Having Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenogears composer…also my favorite composer in the world) and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy composer) chat about me right in front of me thinking I didn't understand Japanese XD
Yeah…I could go on about other things like this but they're probably stupid to people who don't care or know who these people are…^_^*

19.Was your original idea for your story of Re: Play very different from your final draft up to this point? Like did characters change drastically, instances switch, the story took place in a different world, anything like that?
Well the original idea of RE: Play was a little different than it is now but the basic idea stayed the same, it was more small details that changed. Things grew as I worked, like new ideas came as I plotted out the books and I kept adding things and removing things but nothing so drastic that it changed the basic plot.
Next Exit on the other hand underwent a LOT of changes from the time I thought of it till the time I started working on it.
I think it just depends on how solid a grasp of the plot you have before you start working, if you know what you want to do it's probably not going to change a whole lot, but if you start out a little unsure about the direction it's probably going to change a lot more.

20.When you were a teenager growing up how often did you draw.sketch?
Well when I was a teenager I was really heavily into Theatre so most of my spare time went to that. I'd be at school till 10-11 in the evening working on drama related things so it didn't leave me a lot of free time.
I would sometimes sketch backstage but usually it was just on the weekends. I'd doodle on my papers in class and everything, but I didn't really draw all that much, it used to take me months to go thru a sketchbook.

21.Why you draw your OC so sexyT3T?
Ha ha ha I *heart* you Panda-san!
Um…I think I just really like looking at men so I really enjoy drawing them too XD

22.Who are your top influences? in writing style, drawing style, or manga artists...?
Fiction writers I enjoy Sharon Shinn, Neil Gaiman, and children's authors like Eoin Colfer and Jeanne DuPrau, but I'm not sure how much they directly influence my comic writing since prose is a different beast altogether.
As far as manga goes I really enjoy Ai Morinaga's sense of humor, Kubo Tite's ability to define character thru action, Yuichi Kumakura's ability to make non-sense utterly believable, Hiromu Arakawa's ability to make complex plots accessible  and Yayoi Ogawa's ability to make romance realistic while still exciting.
As far as artistic influences go I'm all over the map, The most common comparisons I get are to Minekura Kazuya and Kubo Tite, I don't see either of them in my work, but other people seem to, so maybe they're the answer to that. Altho I read so so so much manga it's hard to pinpoint any one or two people. I do admit I'm a rabid JUMP fan tho!

23.How much trouble was it to get your first printed version out? Was it independent or with a publisher? Any tips for those of us looking to print with publishers?

My very first in print comic was a fiasco. The company I worked for was unprofessional at best, criminal at worst. They had us working on false contracts and we ended up never getting paid. Ha ha ha, live and learn, right? It was with a publisher but I think I would have been better off self-publishing as at least I wouldn't have ripped myself off!
If you're looking to be published my only advice is to decide what you want to accomplish and go after it. Every publisher is different so pick one that suits your story style and your career goals and go for it!

24.Since when have you been drawing; doesn't necessarily have to be manga style.

I started drawing when I was a wee little one. Back then I drew My Little Ponies and hundreds of Disney characters. I really liked Disney characters, especially the villains. When I was about 11 or so I got into American comic books and really got into doing comic type art at that point. It wasn't until I was 13 or 14 and went to a comic book convention and picked up a bootlegged fan sub of Sailormoon that I got into anime. Manga followed shortly after.

25.A)Will you continue with Next Exit as well as your new comic? (love Markesh and Retrab ^_^)
B)Do you ever work in any other styles aside from anime and your mixed style?
C)In your Shibuya Boys timeline I didn't see a step for the background. Was it penciled then inked? Did you use a reference?

A)Yep, Next Exit will eventually be continued at a different publisher. No word yet on when or were, but I do have a continuation of it in the works.
B)Back when I had free time I used to do a lot of realistic paintings and portraits. I don't really have the spare time to do much non-comic work these days, but sometimes I'll still do a speed painting on the computer here or there for fun.
C) Neither it's a stock tone ^_^*

26.What are your favorite and least favorite things to draw? People, places, whatever, just any particular loves or hates?

And is any certain designer or series a big inspiration to you and your clothing designs?

Favorite things: People are obviously my favorite thing to draw. As far as scenery goes tho I really like drawing nature and run-down ruined buildings. I like scrap yards and graveyards too. Creepy things are fun.
Hated things: Cars, mechs…wait…didn't I already answer this up there somewhere in the FAQs? I think I did XD

I do like a lot of designers and labels, so as far as clothing goes j-street fashion is probably my biggest influence. Some labels/designers/shoppes I like being Algonquins, Hellcat Punks, Sexy Dynamite London, h.Naoto, Vivienne Westwood, Banana Fish, Sex Pot Revenge, No Future, A+LIDEL…the list could go on forever. Hellcat Punks is my favorite tho!

27.1) How many volumes of each manga will be published?
2)You manage to draw two mangas at once: how do you do it? How many pages daily/weekly/monthly are you able to do?
3) What are your favorite drawing tools; what things you need around that are no artistic supplies (eg. coffe, music)?
4) Do you manage to read manga/watch anime on normal day?
5) I guess I found you late... How did you get to TP: by submission or Rising Stars of Manga?
6) Do you prefer to work early or late?

1) RE: Play is a 3 volume series, Next Exit will probably be 4 or 5.
2) I think I answered this in the main FAQs :3
3) Again, check the main FAQs prease
4) I don't watch anime, but I do read manga. I don't read it every day but I do read it at least once a week. Need my JUMP fix!
5) Kinda both. I did place in the RSoM, so they knew my name from there, but it was my personal pitch that sold them on the project.
6) LAAAAAAAATE. Im 150% a nightowl.

28.1) Where do you come up with the awesome designs for your characters?
2) I've heard of two main ways to make a story. Writing the premise of the story and creating characters as you go to fill needs, or Creating characters and the relationships they have and forming that into the story of the characters. which do you think applies more to your style?
3) I've seen a couple of pictures of some Fighting Game you have in your head. Do you plan on working on it more (or at least drawing more characters)?
4) Even though Re: Play isn't done yet. (to my knowledge it's a three manga series) do you plan on making more series? Do you have any you're working on right now? (aside from Next Exit that is)

1) Honestly, I dunno. They just sorta come to me as I draw them. I think they already exist somewhere in my head, I just don't know it till they come out on paper.
2) I tend to work more the second way. I'll draw a character without thinking about it and then a story comes from the finished character. I do work the other way as well, but I feel that way is more natural to me.
3) Ah…maybe, if I ever have the time ^_^* It's porny and dirty tho so it's not a project that could ever go anywhere. Well, maybe a sadistic BL game.
4) Of course! I mean, if a publisher'll have my other stories of course I wanna write them! I'm always working on other ideas and characters, but never as seriously as the comics I'm currently working on or I'll get too wrapped up in the new idea to want to work on the current one.

29.Just how many bees are you made of anyway?
Suddenly bees. THOUSANDS OF THEM.

30.1. What are the steps needed to take before getting a manga published? Or any advice for people looking to make/publish a GN?
2. Next Exit and Re: Play aren't published by the same company, correct? Was it you're decision to go to Tokyo Pop or was it because you were having difficulties with SLG?

1.Oh gosh that's really hard to say. I mean, everyone works so differently that the way I put together a comic might not be the way someone else puts it together. I think it really depends upon the person's own personal working methods.
As far as advice goes, the best advice is to finish what you start and to practice actual sequential pages.
A lot of people think if they can draw pin ups they can do comics, but comics are totally different than illustrations and take a different set of skills to complete.
The "finish what you start" part is in regards to comic pages. A lot of people start comics and never finish them, they'll draw the first few pages and then lose interest. Start a short story and finish it. If you can't finish your work when you're your only boss you're never going to be able to finish things for a deadline.

2. Different companies, yep. I had no problems with SLG while I was working there, but they're a small press company so their marketing and availability isn't exactly the best. I just wanted my comic to be able to read more readers and I knew TP had a good circulation rate. Simple as that :3

31.What kind of paper do you use?

Strathmore sketch for inks, Exact Index Heavy Card Stock (smooth finish) for Copics

32.I have been curious where you get your dolls?
Do you make them?

The little ones I make, well resculpt from Obitsu or Volks parts, the big ones are resin BJDs that I buy from their respective companies. The two I've posted on DA are both DZ dolls, one is a Megi and the other a Mo.

33.Where do you go to get postcards made?

I tend to get them from various online printing companies. Just goggle around and you'll find a bunch out there.


I have high gloss professional printed postcards of the following images:
:thumb44992256: and :thumb33318110:
(the Gin is on a white BG not DA gray)

These postcards are $5 US each or 2 for $8. Shipping in the US is included in the price, outside of the US will be $2 US extra.
Shipping can be combined with the other postcards listed below.

These postcards are $4 US each or 2 of $6.Shipping in the US is included in the price, outside of the US will be $2 US extra.
Shipping can be combined with the other postcards listed above.

If you're interested in purchasing something feel free to drop me a note with what you'd like and how you'd like to pay. (Paypal or MO)

The next convetion I'll be attending this year will be Katsucon in February. I'll have art in the art show, including some exclusive images you can only get here, but I wont have an artist alley table.
This is just a cosplay con for me :3

Volume One of RE: Play is avaliable NOW.
Volume Two will be releasing in December of 07.

You can order RE: Play from
A- Amazon.com
B- Tokyopop.com (www.rightstuf.com/1-800-338-68…)

Volume One of Next Exit is avaliable now as well.

I know a lot of bookstores dont naturally carry SLG GN's, however if your bookstore doesn't carry it you can either:
A- Ask them to order it, free of charge, and they'll get it in for you
B- Order it from amazon.com (www.amazon.com/Next-Exit-1/dp/…)
C- Order if from SLG's HP (store.slavelabor.com/)

Anything you see in my gallery is avaliable as a print.
Prints are 8.5 X 11" and are printed on high grade photo gloss.
Prints are $25 each, and that includes shipping w/in the US.
If you're interested in purchasing something feel free to drop me a note with what you'd like and how you'd like to pay. (Paypal or MO)


Cafe Press Shoppe

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OMG!!! It took me forever to find out that you are the creator of Re: Play, I didn't want to assume just b/c I seen one of your pics, so I went researched. lol That's awesome though, Jen Lee Quick is also on here, so I'm really happy! I'm also glad that your last installment for Re: Play is also out, I'll have to buy the first two though. I was wondering if you have any word on other OEL manga's. Or, do you just know about yours. Especially Off*beat! Your comic and hers are the ones that I'm really looking forward to. If I had to, I would've bought at least five copies of each of ya'll's work!!! :nod: Cuz that's how much I liked it!