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Art Commission:

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For commission information!
You may note me on here (or email me from the post) but please read over the information and pricing there before sending a note my way okay?
Thanks guys!

Commissions: OPEN!

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:icondyemooch: [zombie Spiderman]
PRIVATE COMM [2 character, full color, full BG graveyard scene]
:iconkaitune: [2 figure, waistup, color]
:iconnameunknown: [4 figure torso inks, 1 figure full body nude inks] [1/2 paid]

Cosplay Commission: NEVER

Art trade: CLOSED

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[Cartman/Butters Halloween]
[StanXKyle rockstars]
[StanXKyle bathtub lolz]
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Collabs and Projects: Ask me~

Okay gang, I did the judging as fast as I could but jeezus you all made it hard!
In the end it came out to around 260 entries, out of which I could only pick 6 winners!
Let me just say that I appreciated every entry and there were so so so many more that I would have liked to have been able to print! But there's a page limit to how many I can use, so I had to whittle it down to the six winning contestants!

Okay, okay, so all you care about are the results so here they are!

First Place:
RE: Play by tomokii:icontomokii:
- a complete set of RE: Play vol 1-3, signed
- a one figure full body color drawing of a character of your choice (or a 1 year subscription to DA)
-your work printed in RE: Play volume 3

Second Place:
Tetris by blix-it:iconblix-it:
- a signed volume of RE: Play
- a one figure color portrait drawing of a character of your choice (or a 3 month subscription to DA)
- your work printed in RE: Play volume 3

Third Place:
- a signed volume of RE: Play
- a one figure sketch of a character of your choice
- your work printed in RE: Play volume 3

Runners Up:
Nyanko-chan contest by Aira-sakura:iconaira-sakura:
-a signed volume of RE: Play
- your work printed in RE: Play volume 3

RE: play - The Best Kind by kurohiko:iconkurohiko:

Mature Content

Re: Play FA Entry by blank-death
Char cosplay VIII by DragonElfRanger:icondragonelfranger:
These entries made me smile a whole lot so I felt they deserved their own little award section.
I can't promise I'll be able to print your entries in the book, I'll try my BEST to include them but I can't make any promises (I'll note you guys with details) but even if they don't get printed I still wanted to give you guys something.
So I'll send you a signed book with a little sketch in it of whatever RE character you like :3

I'll be contacting all the winners by note in a little bit to get files/info/prize info etc etc so expect a note from me in your inbox sometime soon~ Thanks~!

So there we go. Thanks to everyone who entered and like I said, I want to STRESS that I was under a really limited number of pages here so obviously everyone can't win, nor can I send everyone a prize who entered. That's just how contests work. If you didn't win please don't think that means I didn't appreciate your effort, there were so many amazing entries in this contest that I really did love them all!
Thank you for your support you guys! It was overwhelming!!!

Also I'd like to point out that some of the entries included in the contest were done by friends of mine and fellow professionals so if you're going "Why didn't so and so place?!They're a professional!!!" there's a good chance they weren't entering to win, they were just drawing something for me because they're awesome like that.

Click the image to buy any of my books on Amazon[dot]com!

RE: Play:
RE:Play volumes one and two are available from TokyoPop now with the third and final volume currently scheduled to come out late summer of '09. (The final date could change, I'll update as I know for certain)

Le Grand Grimoire Visuel
SOLD OUT! Thanks for the support!

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*sighs* wow i'm kinda glad i didnt enter now, i mean i wanted too but compared to the ones who one, mine looks like a piece of crap. But i can't wait for the 3rd bk to come out ^^