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Art Commission:

Please go here:………
For commission information!
You may note me on here (or email me from the post) but please read over the information and pricing there before sending a note my way okay?
Thanks guys!

Commissions: OPEN!

Current Queue
PRIVATE COMM (Tina) [1 character super!gore color]
:icondyemooch: [zombie Spiderman]
PRIVATE COMM [2 character, full color, full BG graveyard scene]
:iconkaitune: [2 figure, waistup, color]

Cosplay Commission: NEVER

Art trade: CLOSED

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[Cartman/Butters Halloween]
[StanXKyle rockstars]
[StanXKyle bathtub lolz]
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Okay guys, it’s that time of year again!
I’ll be finishing up the last volume of RE: Play soon and I’m looking to you all to add some fanart into the gallery in the book!
Last volume the gallery was huge, ha ha ha, this time it’ll be a lot smaller so the amount of entries that’ll make it into the book will be far less, but for those who do make it your image will be printed full bleed (with full credits) in the back of the final volume of RE: Play later this summer!

UPDATEEEEEE!!! REMINDER! TWO DAYS LEFT! I'll be accepting entries until 11:59pm on the 31st of March. When April Fool's starts, the contest is closed, so if you're going to enter, lol, you have 2 days! GOOD LUCK :D

What to enter

-Fanart featuring any of the characters from my TokyoPop series, RE: Play!
Any of the characters from the comic, wearing anything you want, doing anything you want! Canon or not, go for it, have fun!
- Fanart can be in black and white, or color, but the final image will be printed in B&W since the comic is grayscale
- Ideal size would be 5X7” or any size that keeps the same ratio. You can enter any size you like, but if you want to fill an entire page with your image that ratio is going to get the job done. Other sizes will be resized for print.
- Ideal DPI would be at least 300dpi, no larger than 600dpi. I can resize smaller images, but if they’re a tiny res (say 72dpi or so) they’re going to pixelate and blur so much they’re be unusable. So please keep that in mind and keep a 300dpi version on your HD in case you’re a winner :3
- You can enter as many times as you like, but realistically I'd much rather you spend a lot of time on one really awesome entry than on a whole lot of doodles :3
- Sketches are find if they're rendered or tight but I'm not going to be able to print any loose sketches, anything on lined paper or anything that doesn't have a real composition, it just won't reproduce well or work well since the winning images get a full page to themselves. Please keep this in mind.

How to enter
When you’ve finished your drawing please upload it to your gallery and send me a note with a link to it! I’ll be keeping all entries in a folder in my notes so I can go thru them all at the same time at the deadline~

What happens if I win?
If you win your artwork will be printed in the end gallery of RE: Play volume three, the final volume. If you’re one of the winners I’ll contact you via note and ask for the larger res version of the image for print.

Wait so all I win is getting my work printed? That’s kind of a crappy contest…
But wait there’s more!
There are actual prizes too!

1st place winner
- a complete set of RE: Play vol 1-3, signed
- a one figure full body color drawing of a character of your choice  (or a 1 year subscription to DA)
-your work printed in RE: Play volume 3

2nd place winner
- a signed volume of RE: Play
- a one figure color portrait drawing of a character of your choice (or a 3 month subscription to DA)
- your work printed in RE: Play volume 3

3rd place winner
- a signed volume of RE: Play
- a one figure sketch of a character of your choice
- your work printed in RE: Play volume 3

Runners up
-a signed volume of RE: Play
- your work printed in RE: Play volume 3

All winners will be printed and will have their images featured in my journal after the contest is over, so there’s some free pimping in it for you too lol.

Okay great, I like winning stuff, but I have no idea what your characters look like. Help a brother out?
Okay dudes, no problem!
Here’s a nice little character design lineup for the main cast:…
Also you can check out the “RE: Play” folder in my gallery for some color images.
Or you could always pick up a copy of my comic out there in the stores, that works too!

I think I got it all down…interesting but…when do I have to have these in by?

The deadline for all images to be in an eligible for publication is MARCH 31st 2009
I’d like to make the deadline later but in order for the book to go to print on time, that’s the latest I can accept any entries!
So please, if you’re interested, don’t wait till the last minute :D

Alrighty, feel free to note me on DA with anything not answered here!
EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS! I'd like to keep all questions sent thru the DA notes system please!

I look forward to seeing any entries that come my way!

Click the image to buy any of my books on Amazon[dot]com!

RE: Play:
RE:Play volumes one and two are available from TokyoPop now with the third and final volume currently scheduled to come out late summer of '09. (The final date could change, I'll update as I know for certain)

Le Grand Grimoire Visuel
SOLD OUT! Thanks for the support!

The full FAQs can be found here:…

Cafe Press Shoppe

Art LJ:
Sketch, In-Progress, Finished work journal:…
Cosplay dot Com Gallery-……

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I've already submitted my entry via your LJ

But here it is on DA as well, cuz I'm lame like that.

(I also noticed....after I submitted, and it's the same here cuz I'm lame like that......that the "©" that I had put at the bottom before your a [] instead....cuz my PS is gay....but it is supposed to be a "©" *sigh*)

Woot. Here it is yay

I chose Laurent, cuz he's wicked awesome.