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September 15, 2009
Rihanna - Speed Painting by ~mediamasteris a stunning painting. Looks absolutely photo realistic
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Rihanna - Speed Painting



This is my newest Speed Art, hope you like it!!!

I did it just for practicing, the objective was to make it the most realistic possible, just a challenge for myself.

Thanks for your comments!
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I want to kiss her beautiful legs and her luscious feet, her long legs and feet are so womanly sexy and femininely pretty.

Gaztordy's avatar
Very nice render 😀👍🏻
Stoshio's avatar
Congrats on the DD.
I also thought it was a photo. Beautiful. Great work! :)
Ryriclan's avatar
I thought that this was a photo.
boldoleyoungster's avatar
NoPitaLupita21's avatar
omfg i'm in shock. you are not human!
B4LD3R's avatar
Dam! another i thought was a picture
trinhanson's avatar
skin to perfect? get out of here! This is amazing!
LightSmoke's avatar
OK -__-' thanks for the video
Chenks-R's avatar
gorgeous, however her skin's too perfect...try using some textured brushes!!! Well done! A lot better than I can do anyway :)
arihoff's avatar
wow!!! this is so insanely amazing... incredible detail... keep it up:) enjoy
Blue-Midnight-Angel's avatar
I actually thought this was a picture taken of her! .o. 
MSzilvi95's avatar
Wonderful work, it's very realistic, especially the textures of the wood, the clothes and the pillow.
And I love to watch your speed painting videos! :D
That is just so realistic. You have to really look at at to see it's not a photo. So beautifully done and I hope Rihanna see this and approves.
yanisaran's avatar
I love that details!
Razi-Hoshiko's avatar
heh When I typed in "speed painting", I was looking for quick made art/drawings and came across this and at first thought- wow! How was this done quickly?! It's so beautiful and realistic!! I have been officially introduced to the youtube videos like yours. Simply beautiful work!
RED-ADAM's avatar
This is really awesome!!!La la la la 
megasean3000's avatar
Can someone please define speed painting?! I always think it's "Complete this subject matter in x amount of time", but there is no way a work this good was completed in mere minutes O.o
Razi-Hoshiko's avatar
Don't know if anyone ever replied to you or you found out- It's where you can record your screen of what you're doing, like working on a painting such as above, and then speed up the time so that it is a short video. A 10 hour job can be shown in 10 minutes. See? : )
megasean3000's avatar
Can't they just call it a painting process then? The way it sounds is like it was done very quickly in real time =P
Razi-Hoshiko's avatar
haha I know! I had found out the meaning only a short while ago haha
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