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RIP Sophie

This was the last photo taken of her. She passed away on Monday. She was a pain in the ass but we all loved her to bits, she was part of the family. It's only just now sinking in...

We'll miss you Sophie.

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God bless her! RIP Sophie! And great Pic!
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I know what its like, last year we lost our Bubi 18 years old
man ..this is....
some times i have the filing is still in the house

I'm sorry for your loss
Such a cute dog. I'm sorry for your loss. I have a German Shepherd and I love that dog and can't imagine being without him. Pets really are like family.
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I know what its like to lose a member of the family like her. My dog was 20 years old when we were forced to put him down and its always in the coming days that the grief and sadness starts to set in and the reality you'll never see them again. I feel for you and wish you to be happiness in the understanding that they're in a better place :)
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How precious... I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Pets are family.