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HydroPRO -HP- Mac Edition

Legal notice: All icons referencing a product or brand may not be commercially used.

6 Icons for a 6 Macintosh programs/locations.

- Hard Drive
- Monitor
- Finder
- X11
- GarageBand
- Quicktime

iTunes is located in the main pack, just incase you suggest it. Which brings me to my next point - I'm not familiar with Mac's at all, so if you have any programs you'd like to suggest, go ahead ;)

PNG format, 512x512. Again not familiar with Macs, if they need to be altered for them to work properly with the dock, just say.
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nice looking icons thanks

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real nice xD

very gool looking ;)

it's my desk

These are really impressive!
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how do i download the icons? :)
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They look good. I'll try them...
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imac and Mac Pro looking awsome !
Great Job :)
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I Love all your Hydro icons! They're perfect, unfortunately I'm still missing some icons, like user folder (vista), adobe cs3, etc...

Great Job!
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These are awesome! I have to say the Hydro Pro set got some good ratings amongst my friends as well, thnx! :D There is one program I would love to see a Hydro Pro icon for: Safari. You probably already know, but it's the internet browser for the Apple OS and they just came out with a vista compatible version of it. ^^; Once again, amazing icon work, and glad your oppen to suggestions. :)
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Thanks mate! Sorry for the late reply, I don't think your comment ever appeared in my messages..

Safari will be done in my next release, aswell as any other suggestions you'd like :)
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oh and mate i hope you dont mind about this [link]

i used ur icon but i modded it for my own use :), ask if you want it.
Great start! If I may request some icons here is a list: System Prefs, Candybar, iphoto, itunes, pages, keynote, numbers, mail, dictionary, address book, calculator, stickies, dashboard, time machine that was a ton...
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Nah that's great man! I've been on the wiki page that lists all mac programs.. but I didn't know which one's were popular to use or not. Thanks :)
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Nice icons, makes me wish there were more than six ;) :+fav:
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Thanks, there will be more than six, it's just a start ;)
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shi* man these are goood! lol your great! keep it up
i love the guitar
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Thanks man :)

Fun fact: That guitar was actually drawn around mine. I have a pretty similar guitar to the GarageBand icon.
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