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HydroPRO -HP- Hardware Set

By MediaDesign
Legal notice: All icons referencing a product or brand may not be commercially used.
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I have this keyboard and mouse :D
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I might use a couple of these icons for a school project of mine, its a magazine. If that's okay?
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Its very beautyfull icons!
Can I use it for russian game web site?
many thanks very cool
ShiroiKumo's avatar
Thank you. the HydroPRO series are my favorite right now
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Hi, I plan to use some of your icons -also from other sets- after the redesign of In fact I'd be happy for a new logo/icon for my application, that goes well in 16x16 px form as well as favicon and tray icon.
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Well thankyou for letting me know, I'm glad that you've chosen my icons to use :) As far as the logo goes, you may use whatever icon of mine for such purpose but I'm not available for free services, sorry.
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A recommendation would do nicely, didn't mean free service. :)
But in the meanwhile I have checked and downloaded almost all of your icons.
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vverryyyy sleek all the way :+fav:
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:D Thanks man, appreciate it
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u do cool PS work :D u can check my attempt to design in PS at [link]
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Actually all my icons are drawn as vectors. But that's actually very nice work of yours :)
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thanksss man for takin time out and reviewing it :D :bow:
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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Love your work its really cool.would it be possible to use your Zune player png in a new zune 4.2 theme im working on please .Obviously i will give you full credit and link you :D
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Thanks mate :) yeah sure go for it, use anything for anything, commercial or not.
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Great icons! We're using the mouse right now on Maw Video: [link]
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I wanna learn something with you

1. Either you have drawn this one from any image
2. Can show me your process in getting this design.
3. or refer me to some other resources
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Nice Icons!
I like them!
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You are the best
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