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This show has captured my heart...and most of my free time.

I recently got the Seasons 1 and 2 DVD box set (it was pretty cheap, actually, for six disks) and I was like: O_o "Where have you been all my life?"

SO GOOD. SO VERY GOOD. :dead: This was the first time I watched a DVD set all the way through in every ounce of free time I had. Which ended up being a few hours a day, but still. :crazy:

I actually remember watching it when I was little, but I didn't really understand it all that much except the premise about sliding from world to world and stuff. I remembered the dinosaur episode the most. Cause I guess...dinosaurs are pretty memorable?

Anyway I can't stop watching it and I'm disappointed to hear what happened to the rest of the series. What I like about this show is that it's got an excellent story and characters, not only just sci-fi-random-shiny-hardcore-adventure. I mean it is hardcore adventure sometimes but you really come to care about the characters and what they have to go through. That, and I absolutely adore the premise of alternate universes. My favorite character is Quinn, but they're all so awesome anyway.

So there's my rant. GO BUY IT AND WATCH IT! :XD:

Background is time efficency courtesy of me. (In other words, it was due for class. :XD:) Clouds from [link] .
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Quinn hit the ground first unfortunately face fist this time. That was the trouble with Sliding, they had no control of the exit end of the Portal so they could end up fall a few metres above the ground.

Wade fell next her new red hair shinning as she fell she turned so she could hit the ground side on.

Wade fell next her new red hair shinning as she fell she turned so she could hit the ground side .

The Professor came out of the vortex next hitting the ground on his behind. He was the best of all of them for know how to land after a slide.

Then came Rembrandt Brown. He to had his own kind of landing pad. The Professor. He always tried to land on him and it annoyed the Professor no end.

How long are we here this time Q-ball said Rembrandt picking himself up of the Professor.

8 days 40 minutes and 12 seconds said Quinn.

Let's find the Hotel and then explore said wade

MR Brown shouted The Professor Do you have to land on me every time. next time you slide before

Sorry Prof said Remmy I promise I won't land on you again he said smiling at Quinn. He really had no intention of not landing on the prof.

The group walked off to explore a whole new world.

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I watched this show when I was a kid. Been watching through the show again. I'm part way through season 2. Those first two seasons still hold up. The only annoying thing is I have to keep swapping the discs to watch it in chronological order and not in Broadcast order. I wish this show got the same treatment that Firefly got when it was put on DVD where they put the episodes in chronological order.

I remember even as a kid hating some of the episodes of season 3. They weren't all bad. Double Cross, Rules of the Game, Deadman Sliding and The Guardian were all really good episodes. But episodes like The Exodus and Slither were terrible.

Really the only thing I like about season 4 was the character of Colin. Out of all the new characters they introduced in Sliders, he was my favourite, but that is a low bar.
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When-Worlds-Collide2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't watch anything after series 2. It only goes downhill from there.
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WolFkId27Hobbyist General Artist
I plan on getting the first couple of seasons on DVD for Christmas so I can introduce my sister to it at Christmas break. XD

Also, I guess I'm an oddity, but I rather liked the 4th season (Character reasons rather than the bizarre change of plot they implemented; I'm obsessed with characters)... 5th season, however, not sure if I want to finish it. The plots all seem a bit, um... bland in that season. And they kinda killed my two remaining favorite characters. They'd already killed off two of my other favorites... At least we still have Remy. XD

Season 1 of any show is magical. It's fresh, it's original... but unfortunately, shows tend to die when all the original ideas are used up. Then the plots get too bizarre or too unimaginative, which is what happened in Sliders' case.

I'll stop rambling now... XD I'll just slide on out of here now...

Quinn Mallory DanceWade Welles DanceProfessor Arturo DanceRembrandt Brown Dance
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yellowroseartHobbyist Digital Artist
i loved sliders once. i like crossovers so would be cool if u could do a buffy vamp slayer/sliders cross-over art piece :)
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CosmicGroundsProfessional Writer
It's not the falling on the hard ground that's the problem, it's the professor falling on you.
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WolFkId27Hobbyist General Artist
If DA had a like button, I would like your comment.
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CosmicGroundsProfessional Writer
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Jax1776Hobbyist Artist
Very good series, got seasons 1 & 2 on dvd. :D
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1FanfanatickHobbyist Artist
I'm actually new to the show....but its so cool I just find many other earths cool.....

and the poor guy and his friends.....I guess you can call them friends....cause

from where i started I think last seasons.....well don't want to spoil but their

not getting along too well....but ya the poor guys can't get back too their home.....yet!
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Just finished my Sliders marathon!
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JustLynnWeavHobbyist General Artist
Your work has Been Featured :) [link]
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JustLynnWeavHobbyist General Artist
o wow, I remember this show, I always like the Professor, he's hilarious. :P
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Jax1776Hobbyist Artist
At least someone knows the show.. :D
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DiannaPhantom27Hobbyist General Artist
great piece of fan art for one of my favortive shows. man, I miss the Professor...
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nopinkyHobbyist Digital Artist
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AoutValour General Artist
Love that show.
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nopinkyHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, this is my second favorite show. Second only to Star Trek. Quinn's face is epic.
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SelubHobbyist Traditional Artist
" I'm disappointed to hear what happened to the rest of the series." What! I just started watching the show and love it so far (though I am only four episodes in from the beginning). Does the show take a turn for the worst in the later seasons? Or are you just disappointed that it was cancelled or something? Or am I completely off track you said series, not seasons so...????
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pinkbluebibliofreakHobbyist Writer
rambrant looks like a superhero XD
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Love the show! Great job!
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Awesome. My favorite show by a long shot. I watch season 1-5 at least twice a year.
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Wow, this is great. You really captured the personality of each character. My girlfriend recently introduced me to the show and I am so hooked. It's an amazing show.
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