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Jinx Candy Clown Doll

Here's my tribute to my favorite time of year~ Halloween. I re-imagined Jinx as a creepy circus doll clown girl. I introduced the reddish pink hair instead of the blue. I might go in and make some changes later on :P 
And yes that voodoo doll is Vi 

Watch the whole process on YouTube -…

What other costumes would be cool for her?
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My goodness.  Even though Jinx definitely looks creepy, she does it in a cute way.  This is the sort of creepy clown I'd actually like to look at.
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I love it!! 😀☺
You are a huge inspiration, if not my main inspiration for art. Its awesome to see your channel on youtube grow, and have more people being able to appreciate your art. Keep sharing all of this awesome work!!
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I really like that you added so much to her costume. This is so fun! Can't wait to watch the video.

as far as other costumes... What about a sci-fi armour costume? I'm thinking along the lines of a Stormtrooper or Mandalorian armour. Maybe without the helmet. Or cyborg? Steam Punk Jinx or maybe Super Spy Jinx?

ive never played the game so I'm purely going off visuals.
uuuu yesss i agree with this suggestion. Also i think it would be cool seeing her cosplaying some disney princess like mulan or the little mermaid. The contrast would be very interesting! 
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I love your videos thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us! May I ask what makes a good portfolio? And how do I know when to start fill it? I feel like I'm not good enough to start filling out my portfolio but I really want to start, my main goal is to improve as much as I can. 

Thanks! <3
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this is awesome. what a great idea implementing her in Halloween. love the candy corn too lol
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Roguewing's avatar
Okay, this is just frighteneing
Excellent work
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I watched and liked all your youtube video, great job :D!
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She reminds me a bit of Natalie Dormer in the face :)
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Awesome experimental process, love your YouTube channel.
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wow cool af :D 
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Damn the clothing is awesome.
Okuubokuu's avatar
For Halloween themed, not really original but a witch or a demon Jinx?
What about a shot on Vi? 
zimatrix's avatar
Love your take on Jinx :D she's an awesome character (the tattoo modification is a very nice touch)
DanteStrife4's avatar
I freaking LOVE this!
Jamup's avatar
Wauw. That's both extremely cool and extremely scary at the same time! :O
Amaniwolf's avatar
Beautiful work, love the colors!
witjah's avatar
crazy color combination! but it works great , like it!
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Crazy fun character!
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Cool!!! Love the way you sketch 
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