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Grace and Tommy Shelby
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Peaky Blinders art for a friend :P 

see the process here ---> www.youtube.com/watch?v=624Pep…

Someone asked me about teachers who impose their ideas and force their students to do specific styles can be bad for your creativity, so I talk about that in this video. 
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Severusiana|Hobbyist Artist
Me gusta su expresión,amo esta imagen así como la serie.
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DamianCA|Student Digital Artist
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joelduggan|Professional General Artist
Dude... The lighting on this is awesome! I like the tension as well.
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loworks's avatar
loworks|Student Digital Artist
oh my god!!!! THIS MAKES ME FEEL SOME TYPA WAYYY (good way, but also sad cause she got killed last season but omg im crying) Waaaah! 
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EventineXVI|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it!
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Estephan922's avatar
Loved it instantly, such a warm painting.
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LhuvIk| Digital Artist
Stunning mood, gorgeous lighting!
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kengonesun|Student Traditional Artist
sexy sexy
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ChrisIwanski|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow.  Love this. 
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Trinitychan94|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Ramadan :3
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JAE-M's avatar
JAE-M|Student Digital Artist
Crazy, I just watched this video on youtube and I decided to get on deviantart, and here you are again. YOUR ART IS STALKING ME! Lol, jk bro, your work is amazing. Keep it up.
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Clannad16|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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VionaT|Student General Artist
So awesome! 
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Monstappaja|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the atmosphere you have created, and the lighting is excellent.
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kounya's avatar
That lighting is gorgeous ; a; ...I should... totally watch this show, thanks for reminding me lmao
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Variable-Edge| Digital Artist
I'm in a sort-of mixed bag when it comes to the whole aspect of teachers who focus on specific styles.  I was advised against taking up an arts-related course for college, because it was going to be filled with professors who will force students to adapt their particular style or risk facing failing grades (and this is coming from two members of the family who took such courses ahead of me).  One example was a professor who'd only give good grades to students who primarily use pastel colors in their work.  Since I drew in a comics style, and was not particularly versed in colors at the time, that would have been bad for me.  I had my own style, I was told, and should develop that independently.  Thinking back now, I would have benefited from more established instruction.  I'm like, 80% self-taught, and it took me some time to get a proper grasp of the basics, and I'm still working on that.

I think teachers should be able to insist that students learn and work with styles they are not familiar with, in order to help them work on and practice the basics.  After that, students should then be encouraged to take these basics and then apply them to their own personal style.
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W33DZO| Digital Artist
love that lighting!Huggle! 
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enolianslave|Professional Digital Artist
the lighting in this is just lovely!!
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EmyDream|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
beautiful light and colors. I just love itLlama Emoji-79 (Fabulous) [V4] 
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SteveMillersArt|Professional Digital Artist
just watched this the other day
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soulSmith1|Student General Artist
awesome work
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mrAlejoX|Student Digital Artist
the colors just blow my mind!!
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Spadecurrant's avatar
Spadecurrant|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The show is awesome (can't wait for the third season *___*) Although I dont like the love line with Grace this painting is awesome! I really love the way you use light and colors!
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iANAR|Professional Digital Artist
Nice rendering.
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