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Wow, I love it, it's beautiful ! Keep it up !! 
Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Beautiful, amazing work~!
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It's so lush and vibrant with such warm and pretty colors, wonderful work and depth to the image!
Passin's avatar
A really nice piece. The style is most impressive
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This is so gorgeous and I love your art style. Reminds me of a possible concept for Aladdin. Do you write too?
medders's avatar
Oh haha Aladdin! Yeah this was for my senior project, I chose the Arabian nights for my story. 

I don't write much...not yet at least. Do you? 
Adamantiel's avatar
Actually, I would LOVE for you to color my stuff and make it shine. Wanna? Think it over! =D
Adamantiel's avatar
Yes indeedy. I have written a graphic novel for The Fall of Babylon. It is epic. And the pictures (which I have not drawn yet) are ALSO epic. (Hahaha.) Want to team up and make something? I could send you a copy and you could look it over, steal my stuff, claim it your own and make a million dollars.

Just kidding. You can look at it though. =D
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Wow I love this piece! very nice painterly techniques! I love the roughness to this xD
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Thank you! It was fun to do the painterly stuff...hopefully I get to keep doing it haha :)
BoraDraws's avatar
Yeah, I also feel like including painterly techniques in my illustrations (I think having painterly techniques is really beneficial to an artist, like Im not tryna insult any artists who don't have painterly techniques, but I'm just saying.... LIKE CLEARLY BECAUSE YOUR ART IS JUST PHENOMENAL)

and sorry for saying "painterly techniques" so much xD.. heh.. I hope you got what I meant! ;;3;;
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I love the color scheme of this work! So exhuberant and lively. And the lighting is magical! Great piece.
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What beautiful colors and an interesting atmosphere!
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Absolutely wonderful scene, love your work as always <3
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The sunlight on the leaves is so beautiful!
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I like this.
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beautiful!  fantastic story, character and world design!
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What a unique face she has, a lovely girl in a lovely drawing!
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So beautiful!!!!!!!! 
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