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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

I made this as a tribute since Avengers: EMH is probably not going to be renewed for a third season in favor of Avengers Assemble.
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Before the MCU/Disney 2012 live-action, there was 2010-2013 animated show
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Oh, man. This is SO sweet! :D

Too bad the planned third season never happened. :( Darn kids these days preferring toons with farts jokes over cool superhero shows like EMH.
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Avengers Assemble=Garbage

Avengers: EMH=Why did you have to go?!
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They are awesome! :D
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I just began watching this show, and already it's one of my favorites.
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I like this show, it's pretty cool. Too bad this show got cancelled and was never renewed for third season. :(
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Awesome job.


I've seen Avengers Assemble, its pretty good, though not AS good as this was.

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Who's the guy at the top?
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Update: Avengers Assemble SUCKS
Really colorful pic of The Avengers :Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I also wish it had lasted another season, here's hoping "Assemble" is just as good.
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Spoilers: it's not.
I know, I know it isn't.
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I just come to think about how this show managed to have up to 11 main Avengers trought out the series run and still we got enough time with each one of them plus more heroes. Marvel sure missed an opportunity. Great pic.
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A shame that a 3rd season won't happen but I loved it. Especially in the final episode and New Avengers.
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Awesome! I love it- a great tribute to an amwesome show, gone before its time.
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Guys, I think "Avengers Assemble" is a continuation of EMH...
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it will be either that or a show that's more like the movie.
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