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Hetalia T-Shirt (Make PASTA not WAR)

A hetalia t-shirt made by me! :D
I used it for a take-over~
And though it doesn't have it on here, I England-ized it later cause I'm the Iggy in our group :D The selves had UK flags on them with England's name~

The Front: "Draw a Circle, That's the Earth, I Am HETALIA"
Picture of the world with Hetalia Mochi's around them. Going Clock Wise: Italy, Germany, Romano, Austria, Hungary, Prussia, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, China, Russia, Canada, France, England (UK), America, Japan.

Pictures of Countrie's flags~
Rows before "not war" (Going DOWN)
One: America, England (UK), Russia, China, Norway, Denmark
Two: Italy, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Iceland, Lithuania
Three: Germany, Austria, Cuba, Greece, Finland, Latvia
Four: Japan, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Estonia
Rows Under the "Not War" (Going DOWN)
One: Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Sealand
Two: Netherlands, Belgium, Seychelles
Three: Korea (South), Taiwan, Vietnam
Four: Poland, Ukraine, Belarus
Five: PRUSSIA, Ireland, Egypt
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(( Awesome!!!!!!))
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Can I buy this somewhere? Seriously! I really want that shirt!
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I would totally wear that to school, I don't care if I get weird looks! I AM A PROUD HETALIAN!!!
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We need more people like you to spread the message
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The only one I didn't get was Vietnam =l
aph-fan-pl's avatar
it's fantastic <3
MechelleBelle's avatar
This. shirt.
It oozes with beauty xD
I want one now~
mecoadosporthedgehog's avatar
I'm actually selling these now :)
I'll put a link up to the website once I get it up :)
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i wish i could make one of these<3 we should make shirts like this the next time we hang out with the others.
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